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                                                                          EVENTS 2016


December 29, 2015

Chief of Wiesi celebrates 10th anniversary of kingship

Wiesi-chief Akanab Apoom-ween

The Chief and people of the Wiesi Community in the Bulsa South District have celebrated the 10th anniversary of the noble kingship of the Chief of Wiesi.

The main aim of the celebration was to highlight the numerous achievements, challenges and the way forward in strengthening peace, unity and stability among the people in the area for total development.

Delivering his key note address, the Chief of Wiesi, Nab Akanab Apoom-ween, said his 10 year reign has experienced tremendous transformation in terms of material, and in the human and spiritual domains.

He noted that during his ten-year rule as chief of Wiesi his biggest achievement, and which he treasures most, is the tree planting initiave on the main road in the Wiesi community where he attributed it to the collective efforts of all. According to him, his kingship will continue to give credit to the youth in the area for their total commitment in ensuring the success of the tree planting project.

Nab Akanab Apoom-ween said the challenges facing the community are enormous, paramount among them is bush burning which poses a serious threat to every member of the community. He urged every member of the community to be vigilant in order to crack down the perpetrators of this unacceptable practice which hinders development.

Touching on the progress of education in the Wiesi Community, Nab Akanab Apoom-ween lamented that dropping out of school continues to be a serious problem associated with the youth in the area, adding that this has resulted in early and forced marriages as well as child labour. He therefore called on parents and community leaders to help fight the practice in the their communities.

Nab Akanab Apoom-ween urged the village community to continue their hard work in the area of agriculture which is the main source of income and livehohood in the community, adding that farmers in the area should channel much of their energy into more cash crops cultivation in order to alleviate poverty in the area.


December 29, 2015

DHMT (District Health Managing Teams) organize a one-day orientation workshop.

The Bulsa North District Health Directorate has organized a one day orientation workshop for some health personnel on the registration and distribution of long-lasting-insecticide-treated-nets.

Speaking to Radio Bulsa News on the sidelines of the workshop, the district health director, Mr Edward Nellic Nyawura, said the training aims at helping the volunteers ensure that every household in the district receives the treated net.

He added that through the distribution of the long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in the district for the past three years, malaria cases have been reduced drastically.

Mr Edward Nyawura noted that in order to reach every household in this year's mass distribution exercise, pragmatic measures have been taken to issue coupons to registered members for identification during the collection period.

Madam Aba Baffoe Wilmot, a principal medical entomologist and a representative from the national office of the Ghana health service used the platform to admonish the trainees to put in their best during the distribution exercise to avoid wrong data submission to the national office.

She added that the nets would not be given to people who intentionally fail to register their names with volunteers that would be visiting their communities and homes during the period.

Madam Baffoe stressed that all registrants are assured of receiving their nets when the time for distribution comes.

She used the opportunity to call on households, sub-chiefs, family heads and all well meaning citizens of Buluk to ensure that their families are duly registered.


December 29, 2015

PNC targets 20 parliamentary seats in 2016 elections

The People's National Convention (PNC) is targeting 20 out of the 275 parliamentary seats in the 2016 general elections as it prepares to select candidates.

It currently holds one seat in the Upper East region, the Bulsa seat represented by Alhassan Azong.


February 1, 2016

Christ-the-King Catholic Church in Sandema inaugurated as a parish

At a colourful ceremony to inaugurate the parish on Sunday 31st January, 2016, the Bishop of the Navrongo – Bolgatanga diocese, His Excellence Right Reverend Dr. Alfred Agyenta commenced the ceremony by handing over the keys of the church to the first Parish priest, Father Sebastian Aduko, as symbol of authority entrusted onto him to shepherd the congregation.

In a sermon the Right Reverend bishop Alfred Agyenta said the parish is for the entire membership and not only for the parish priest. He added that, before the parish continues to grow, the parish priest needs to serve the people with diligence, hence the entire members of the church have a role to play to sustain the parish.

The Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional area, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, who also graced the occasion together with the chiefs of Siniensi and Wiaga in a brief statement, commended Bishop Alfred Agyenta and the Catholic faithful for the impact the church has made in the lives of people in Bulsa. He said as Father of the land, his doors were opened to work with everyone without discrimination.

The parish priest, Fr. Sebastian Aduko, thanked the people of the Bulsa land for the warm reception he has been enjoying since he was posted to head the church in Sandema. He thanked Bishop Alfred Agyenta for installing him as the first parish priest and promised to serve diligently in the work of God.


February17, 2016

Uwasa gets a new chief

Mr Anmanya Abiako was elected as the new chief of Uwasa in the Bulsa Traditional area on Wednesday 17th February, 2016. Mr. Anmanya Abiako, an Accra based mechanic, is 52 years old and a son of the late chief of Uwasa.

The event which was generally described as peaceful, saw a younger brother of the 52 year old mechanic merging votes with him to beat their two other contenders.

Mr. Anmanya Abiako polled 138 votes to beat Mr. Banasco Atinang, a security officer at the Methodist University who polled 131 votes. Mr. Apasugbey Akumasi, a 37 year old teacher by profession also went home with 8 votes.

The chief-elect expressed gratitude to the people of Uwasa for the confidence reposed in him to continue the good works of his predecessor. He promised to rule the community with an open heart and therefore urged his other contenders to synergize with him to develop the community.


February 23, 2016 [see Buluk 9: Petition...]

Three vehicles loaded with red wood impounded at Fumbisi Police Station



Some Assembly Members in the Bulsa South District in collaboration with the District Police Command have impounded three vehicles fully loaded with red wood by timber loggers. The wood was illegally felled in some communities in the Bulsa South District.

Speaking to Radio Bulsa news during a visit to the area, the presiding member of the Bulsa South District Assembly and Assembly man for the Wiesi electoral area, Hon. Ajuik Richard, expressed disdain for the attitude of some sub-chiefs and Assembly men who he accused of collaborating with the illegal loggers to degrade the forest.

Ajuik Richard said that he, together with some few Assembly men who are committed to fighting the problem, will not relent in their fight till the illegal activities of the loggers are stopped.

The presiding member spoke to Radio Bulsa on 23rd of February, 2016, three weeks after the vehicles were impounded.


March 22, 2016

Minister of Chieftaincy, Culture and Traditional Affairs paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Bulsa

On 22nd March, 2016, the Minister of Chieftaincy, Culture and Traditional Affairs, Dr Henry Seidu Danaa, paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azaksuk Azantilow II at his palace.

The purpose of the minister’s visits was to congratulate the Paramount Chief on his enskinment and also to brief him on some of the measures and plans put in place by the ministry to address the rising number of chieftaincy conflicts in the region and the country at large.

Dr Henry Seidu Danaa said the traditional council is the core of the Chieftaincy institution, therefore empowering the councils will help solve all Chieftaincy conflicts in the country.

He added that the ministry has rolled out plans to organized sensitization programmes and workshops that will foster unity and to also enlighten the general public on the councils’ operations in the districts.

Welcoming the minister to his palace, the paramount chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, said that the Bulsa Traditional Council for the past years has not been given the needed attention by the leadership of the country, adding that he was optimistic that his visit will go a long way to address the minor challenges affecting the smooth running of the council.

The paramount chief promised the minister his continued commitment in ensuring peace, unity and harmony in the traditional area.


March 27, 2016

Chuchuliga marks third edition of Achula Home Coming

The Chuchuliga Development Association, the chief and people of the Chuchuliga community in the Bulsa North District have marked the third edition of the Achula home coming celebration. The celebration took place on 27th March at the Chuchuliga Old Primary School.

The Achula home coming is an initiative by the people of Chuchuliga to bring all sons, daughters and friends of the village together so as to reinvigorate the spirit of unity, solidarity and togetherness that appears to have been lost amongst the people over the past years.

Over the past years the leadership of the community has observed that Chuchuliga as a community had no common platform which could be used to bring all natives and friends of the area together for the purposes of planning for the development of the community.

The celebration was under the theme; ‘Chuchuliga Community Senior High School, the concern of all’.

Speaking during the celebration, the Chairman of the Association, Mr Edmond Alagpulinsa, said since the inception of the Association the construction of the Community Senior High/Technical School is in progress with the support of the community in terms of labour.

He said the foundation of the six-class-room-block has been completed and work is progressing steadily.


April 27, 2016

Wiaga-Kpandema Youth Association construct a wooden bridge



The bridge which is constructed behind the Wiaga Health Centre is to ensure easy accessibility to the health facility especially during the rainy season by the people of the area.

The construction was initiated by the Kpandema Youth in collaboration with Radio Bulsa.

In a speech the Chairman of the Kpandem Youth Association, Mr Jacob Ayombil, said that the Association, since its formation in the year 2005, has been engaged in activities that are geared towards improving the quality of life in the community. Some of these activities include preaching against the high consumption of the locally manufactured gin "Akpeteshie" among the youth and residents in the community and the payment of school fees for brilliant but needy students..

He added that the initiative taken by Radio Bulsa and the youth in the Kpandema community to construct the wooden bridge will bring a great relief to the people in the area because the Wiaga Clinic is just a stone throw from the community but they used to circumvent a long distance to get to it.


May 28 - June 6, 2016

Final Funeral Rites of Nab Dr Ayieta Azantilow, the Late Paramount Chief



June 17, 2016

Bulsa Union in USA donate books to District Library

District Library

Photo: F. Kröger

The Bulsa Union in the United States of America (USA) has donated more than 500 books of all kinds to the Bulsa North District Library.

The donation forms part of a request made by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, to the Bulsa Union in the United States of America during an official visit to that country.

Presenting the books to the leadership of the Bulsa North District Assembly, Mr Philip Akumkperik, a member of the union in the United States of America, said the donation of the books will complement the efforts of the Assembly in its quest to improving education in the district, which is a collective responsibility. Therefore the union in its small way will continue to contribute its quota in that context.

He added that apart from donating books to the library, the union also intends to support all sectors of the local economy to help improve the lives of the people in the district.

Mr Philip Akumkperik urged students and parents to encourage their wards to visit the library and make use of the books.


June 17, 2016

NDC donates to Muslims in Sandema


July 1, 2016

Senior citizens honoured in the Bulsa South District

The Bulsa South District Assembly as part of the Republic Day Celebration has honoured some senior citizens in the area for their hard work and immense contributions toward the nation-building process.

Delivering her key note, the District Chief Executive for the Bulsa South District Assembly, Hon. Jane Elizabeth Afiuc, expressed gratitude to all the senior citizens who contributed diversely in that regard.

She said in order to make life comfortable for the senior citizens, Government has taken measures to register them free on to the National Health Insurance Scheme to enable them to have access to free health care any time the need arises.

Madam Jane Elizabeth Afiuc urged them to impart their knowledge on to the youth for a better generation.

Some of the senior citizens who spoke to Radio Bulsa News after the presentations called on their fellow senior citizens residing outside the district to return home and support the development of the area.

They also used the opportunity to advise their colleagues who are engaged in drinking to desist from the act and channel their little energy and resources into farming activities to ensure a better local economy.


July 21, 2016

DCE and Regional Highways Director tour some feeder roads in Bulsa North


July 21, 2016

Newly Posted Bulsa District Police Commander cautioned motorist to make crash helmet wearing a habit.


July 21, 2016

Parts of Sandema township submerged after a heavy downpour on Wednesday

Following a heavy downpour on Wednesday 20th July, some parts of the Sandema Township and other communities in Buluk submerged in water.

The downpour saw some flooding in homes and farm lands. Vehicular and pedestrian movements were curtailed on some major roads in the district including the Sandema- Navrongo road.

Notable road networks which suffered most during the 11-hour torrential rain are the Sandema Town-Nyansa Road, the Kori Alabiyeri road, the Sandema-Navrongo Road, the Sandema-Siniensi-Doninga-Santijan Road and the Sanwaasa Road. The rest are: the Kanjarga-Fumbisi Road, the Fumbisi-Uwasa Road, the Wiaga-Kadema Road. The banks of the Siniensi Kaasa dam also got broken and all the water got spilled out.


Sources: left and middle: C. Adumpo, right: Ayamboliba (Buluk Kaniak, July 2016)


July 25, 2016

Source: Godwin Abonaampo et al. in Buluk Kaniak

Donations for the victims of the flood

Hon. James Agalga, MP for Builsa North constituency and Mr Colbert Yansah from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) sympathised with the disaster victims of the recent flood in Sandema. The MP James Agalga personally donated some relief in the form of blankets, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, mats etc. to the affected area. He assured the victims of his continued support.


July 28, 2016

Bulsa North NADMO Coordinator gave account on last week’s torrential rains

The Bulsa North District Coordinator for the National Disaster Management Organization, Mr Colbert Yangsa on 28th July, 2016 disclosed that two hundred and eighty four (284) houses were affected with a victim population of nine hundred and twenty four (924) during the heavy torrential rains in the previous week.

He said about eight hundred and eighty six (886) farm lands were also affected in the process.

Speaking on the states of roads after the data collection, Mr Colbert Yangsa noted that about twelve feeder roads (12) in the district were partially washed away while two are severely affected. These are the Kori and Nyansa Roads in Sandema.

The District Disaster Management Coordinator added that three (3) major dams were damaged. The most affected is the Siniensi Kaasa dam which is virtually empty. He said most of the livestock farmers who tethered their animals along river banks also lost their animals to the torrential rains.


July 30, 2016

Bulsa South MP donates generator to Radio Bulsa

The Member of Parliament for the Bulsa South Constituency and a Presidential Staffer Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Azong has donated a KIPOR 50Hz diesel generator to Bulsa Community Radio. The donation should enable the radio station to continue its transmission during the rampant power outages.

The Member of Parliament Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Azong, said his leadership has underscored the important contribution of the radio station to the socio-economic development of the two Bulsa districts.


August 1, 2016

Regional Health Directorate presents Certificate of Recognition to Radio Bulsa.

The Upper East Regional Health Directorate through the Bulsa North District Health Directorate has presented a certificate of recognition to the Management of Radio Bulsa for providing invaluable support to health care services in the Bulsa North District.

The certificate of recognition was also aimed at encouraging and strengthening the relationship that has existed between the health sector and the community radio till today.

The District Health Director was accompanied by the District Disease Control Officer and District Health Promotion Officer to make the presentation.

The Bulsa North District Director of Health, Mr Samuel Yaw Angyogdem, said the station over the years through its health programmes has contributed immensely to health care delivery and awareness creation not only in Bulsa but in the Region at large.

He said the certificate of recognition was also to appreciate the station’s dedication and sacrifices it has made over the years in providing a three-hour-free-airtime every week to enable health workers from the various health facilities educate the people of Buluk on health issues.

Receiving the certificate on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of Radio Bulsa, the Executive Director of the station, Mr Richard Alando, thanked both the Regional and District Health Directorates for recognising the role of the station in the health care delivery system in the region.

He said the recognition will boost the morale of the staff to continue to put in their best to improve the lives of the people of Buluk.

According to Mr Alando, the health of the people of Buluk is paramount. Therefore the station in its small way will continue to use the medium to partner the health institutions within its catchment areas to discuss more pertinent health issues to enable people to live healthy lives.


20th August 2016

Buluk gets two new priests

Two sons of Buluk together with colleagues from other parts of the Upper East Region were on Saturday, 20th August 2016 ordained priests at the Christ the King Parish in Sandema. The ceremony which was the first of its kind in the history of the parish attracted thousands of both Catholic and Non-Catholic faithful from within and outside the Upper East Region.

The five newly ordained priests are: Rev. Fr. Vitus A. Adiita from Sandema, Rev. Fr. Ebenezer A. Atongdem from Wiaga, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asiyuure Apalle from Brungu-Kolgo, a suburb of Bolgatanga, Rev. Fr. Richard Awosagajong Abingya from Vunania-Navrongo and Rev. Fr. Mathew Wedamdaga Banseh from Navrongo.

The ordaining Bishop was the Apostolic Nuncio to Ghana His Excellency, Archbishop Jean Marie Speich while the Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, Most Rev. Alfred Agyenta played the role of a host Bishop. Over one hundred and fifty reverend Catholic priests, brothers and sisters took part in the ceremony.

Also, present were some traditional leaders, notably the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow. A government delegation was led by the Upper East Regional Minister Hon Albert Abongo.

From left to right: The archbishop with two deacons; the five deacons; extreme left: prostration as part of the ordination


16 September, 2016

Bulsa Traditional Council Outdoors Queen Mothers

The Bulsa Traditional Council has outdoored eleven queen mothers to help steer the affairs of the council. The women were selected by the various communities to have oversight responsibilities over women issues. The outdooring ceremony, which was held at the conference room of the Traditional Council, took place on September 16, 2016.

Each queen mother is addressed with the title ‘Poknab.’

The Paramount Chief of the Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, in a speech before their introduction, said having queen mothers as part of the chieftaincy system was a novelty in Buluk. He appealed to the queen mothers to work diligently and contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities. Speaking on behalf of the queen mothers, the Paramount Queen Mother, Atebalie Azantilow, pledged their fullest commitment to working with the chiefs in the various communities to bring about development.

The eleven queen mothers together with the divisional chiefs later swore oaths of allegiance and secrecy to the Paramount Chief and the Traditional Council.

The queen mothers include:

• Atebalie Azantilow (Paramount queen mother and queen mother of Sandema),

• Awaapok Anankansa (Bachonsa),

• Paulina Atenglie Azenab (Wiaga),

• Akumasilie Atong (Doninga),

• Afulanglie Ayaric (Gbedema),

• Awonalim Amoak (Fumbisi),

• Comfort Akantoa (Uwasa),

• Atamaro Adangabey (Kadema),

• Lariba Asadiok (Wiesa), Awon-nyoglie Marama Braimah (Gbedembilisa),

• Felicia Akanjambudai (Kanjarga).


October 1, 2016

MP for Bulsa North launches 2016 campaign


Hon. James Agalga

(Source: Buluk Kaniak Mai 2016)

The incumbent Member of Parliament for the Bulsa North Constituency and Deputy Interior Minister, Hon. Lawyer James Agalga, launched his campaign on Saturday, 1st October, 2016 ahead of the December polls.

Speaking during the launching, Hon. James Agalga said victory always belongs to the NDC due to the level of unity within the party.

He said since he was voted to power in the year 2012, the Bulsa North Constituency has had its share of the national cake.

He said the Kori and Zuedema/Tankansa dams which have been constructed in the Bulsa North Constituency by the NDC government are aimed at affording farmers the opportunity to venture into dry season farming to improve livelihoods.

The people of the Bulsa North and South constituencies of the Upper East Region on Friday 30th September, 2016 took their turn in the Joy Ballot Box program.

The Joy Ballot Box program is sponsored by Star Ghana and has been carried out by the Multimedia Group Limited owners of Joy News and their subsidiary media outlets.

The program which took place at the Rawlings Park in Fumbisi near the district fire service office brought together Chiefs, Assembly members, Party's sympathizers and candidates vying for the various parliamentary positions in the two constituencies.

Giving his impression about the program, Joy news Editor, Head of political Desk and Host of the Joy Ballot Box, Evans Mensah said the parliamentary candidates of the various political parties have shown maturity and their willingness to develop the area if given the nod in the December 7th elections.

He said the platform was created to discuss various issues raised by the people which they say will influence their votes in this year's elections.

He said three days before the programme a team from Joy News Desk had gone round the Bulsa North and South constituencies to collect views on key issues that will determine their votes in the general polls

He added that after the views were collected about 285 participated, with the most top issues being roads and bridges with 86 votes, potable drinking water with 20, jobs and employment with 30.

Three parliamentary candidates and one DCE participated in the program. They were: the PNC candidate, incumbent Member of Parliament for Bulsa South and Minister of state in charge of public sector reforms Hon. Alhaji Azong, the National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Bulsa South and Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Abasinab Apaak, the District Chief Executive for Bulsa South, Hon. Jane Elizabeth Afuik, Mr. Daniel Gariba and Hon. Thomas Kofi Alonsi, the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary candidate for the Bulsa South and North respectively.

The Chief of Fumbisi, Nab Anyatuik Akanko, expressed gratitude on behalf of the people to the Joy News crew for giving the electorates in the area the opportunity to interact with the aspirants.

He urged politicians to eschew politics of insults and deal with real issues that will improve the living conditions of the people in the area.

He also appealed to the candidates to fix the road network in the area especially the Chuchuliga-Sandema-Wiesi road irrespective of who wins.


October 3, 2016

New Maaka Projects in Gbedema (e.g. establishing a new shea-butter-machine): see article by Christine Arnheim in Buluk 10


October 13, 2017

The Gutter Guys (see October 22, 2017) as part of their contribution to the education of the Bulsa North District organized a quiz competition for five Junior High Schools in Sandema. The competitors answered questions ranging from Mathematics, English to Integrated Science. The schools which took part were: Ayieta JHS, Anaamkum JHS, Sandema JHS, Sandema Preparatory JHS and Afoko JHS. The group’s branded exercise books as well as other prizes were awarded to the participating students.


October 15, 2016

Paul Afoko donates books to SANTECH


Hon. Paul Afoko

Source: Buluk Kaniak 16th Ocober 2016

A native of Buluk, Mr Paul Afoko, donated some books to the Sandema Senior High Technical School. The donation took place on 15th October, 2016 at the school's premises.

Speaking during the donation, Mr Paul Afoko said education was the key to every human development; therefore the donation of the books marks the beginning of his efforts to contribute to the educational growth of the school.

He added that the future of Buluk lies in the hands of education; hence he urged students to take their studies very seriously in order to become responsible citizens in future.

Mr Paul Afoko charged the management of the school to submit a list of some of the challenges affecting the day-to-day running of the institution to him for his assistance.


October 18, 2016

GES (Ghana Education Service) organized reading festival at the Preparatory School in Sandema

The Ghana Education Service in the Bulsa North and South Districts of the Upper East Region in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on Tuesday 18th October 2016 organized a Reading Festival at the preparatory school in Sandema.

The main objective of the Reading Festival is to encourage and stimulate children's interest in reading to enhance their learning abilities and boost parents', guardians' and communities' interests in early grade reading.

It is also to showcase supplementary reading materials procured for learning and creating awareness among children on how to use or read the supplementary materials to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

The theme for the festival was "Learn to read, read to learn".


October 22, (Bulsa North) and November, 12 (Bulsa South), 2016.

Gutter Guys march for peace

As the country is approaching the December, 2016 presidential and parliamentary polls, the Gutter Guys in Sandema have added their voice to the many calls for violence-free polls by undertaking multi-party peace marches in the Bulsa North and South Districts.

The Gutter Guys whose slogan is ‘We Worry’, is a group of young men and women based in Sandema. Their core motive is to promote the interest of their members and Bulsaland at large. Their cardinal values are: love, loyalty, mutual respect, unity, care and equality for all.

The "Walk" in the Bulsa North was undertaken on 22th October, 2016. The group walked from Wiaga to Sandema amidst Brass Band Music provided by the Sandema Senior High School’s Brass Band while the march of the Bulsa South District took place on 12th November, 2016. It started in Kanjarga central and ended in Fumbisi town where they held a mini durbar to preach peace.

The theme of the peace campaigns was: "No! To Electoral Violence". On both occasions, the marchers held placards with various peace messages scripted on them.



October 29, 2016

NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Bulsa South Constituency launches 2016 campaign

Source: Buluk Kaniak

The Parliamentary Candidate for the ruling National Democratic Congress for the Bulsa South Constituency and Presidential Staffer at the Presidency Dr. Clement Abasinab Apaak has launched his campaign ahead of the December polls.

Speaking during the campaign launch at the Rawlings Park in Fumbisi Dr Clement Apaak stated that the NDC will win both the presidential and parliamentary elections in the constituency come December 7th.

He refused claims that he had no good relationship with the party's flagbeareer President John Dramani Mahama saying the president was fully in support of his candidature.

He said the unprecedented developmental projects undertaken by the governing National Democratic Congress in the last four years would propel the party to victory come December 7.

Recounting some of the development projects he has brought to the Constituency, Dr Clement Abasinab Apaak said the construction of some feeder roads, the building of schools and health facilities in the constituency were some of the numerous projects that the constituency has benefited through his lobbying.

He said apart from lobbying to execute the numerous projects mentioned above, a lot of brilliant but needy students have also been sponsored to further their education in order to achieve their educational ambitions.

He said the ongoing rehabilitation of the Sandema-Chuchuliga-Wiaga Wiesi road is one of the examples of roads being constructed in the area by the ruling governing NDC Party.

The Presidential Staffer entreated all members of his campaign team and all party supporters to work tirelessly to ensure a resounding victory for the party come 7th December.


 9th - 25th November, 2016

Free Medical Surgeries at the Sandema Hospital by Dr. B. A. Akinkang



Dr. Benjamin Adabasue Akinkang, a medical officer at the Nandom Hospital, organized a three-week free medical surgery program in the Bulsa North District.

The program, which saw over 120 people with different surgical needs receive help at no cost was supported by staff of the Sandema District hospital.

Dr. Benjamin Adabasue Akinkang explained that the surgeries are a way of showing appreciation to the people of Buluk for their support during his father's final funeral rites, which took place on 22nd October, 2016 in Fumbisi. He went further to disclose that this is the first of an initiative he intends to run every year in honor of his father to whom he owes his current status.

The program started on 9th of November and ended on 25th November, 2016.

Some of the cases handled included Hydroceles, Hernia, Vasectomy and Fibroid. Dr. Benjamin Akinkang Adabasue has, prior to this initiative, played an instrumental role as a medical officer and surgeon at the Tamale Teaching Hospital Outreach department and BMY-Network’s free medical outreach programs in Buluk.


November 16, 2016

Hon. M Amidu



Hon. Martin Amidu, a Bulsa native, cleared to examine Alfred Agbeshi Woyome on GHC 51 million cash saga.




November 16, 2016

NCCE in collaboration with IPDC organized a parliamentary debate in Sandema

The Bulsa North District Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the District Inter-Party Dialogue Committee with support from the European Union has organized a parliamentary debate in the Bulsa North Constituency.

The debate which took place on the 16th November, 2016 at the Azenero Social Centre in Sandema, forms part of the NCCE and its supporting partners' efforts to promote issue based election campaigns.

The platform also aims at streamlining the campaign messages of all aspirants so as to make them focus on policy issues that affect the lives of the people in the constituency, more importantly the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Two candidates showed up for the dialogue session, they are the NDC Parliamentary Candidate and incumbent member of parliament Hon. James Agalga and the Convention People's Party Parliamentary Candidate Mr. William Abaayiak.

The candidates answered questions ranging from Education, Health, Agric and Economy.

The Chairman of the Bulsa North District Inter-Party Dialogue Committee and Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church, Rev. Father Sebastian Aduku said there was the need to maintain peace in Ghana during and after the elections, therefore political parties and politicians must be decorous in their utterances during their campaigns to avoid chaos during and after the elections.

Rev. Father Sebastian Aduku also cautioned political parties and politicians to desist from vote buying and personal attacks and campaign on real issues to improve the lives of the people if elected.


November 22, 2016

President John Dramani Mahama pays courtesy call on the paramount chief of Buluk.

Paramount Chief Azagsuk (left) and President Mahama (right)

(Photo taken on another occasion)

Source: Angaaba Atesiuk Peter Buluk Kaniak 7/8/16 and


John Dramani Mahama, the President of the Republic of Ghana and Flag-bearer of the ruling governing National Democratic Congress, paid a curtsey call on the Overlord of the Bulsa traditional area as part of his campaign tour of the Upper East Region.

In his welcome address, Nab Azaksuk Azantilow II informed the president that the traditional council resolved the outstanding Chuchuliga chieftaincy conflict amicably.

He said the Bulsa are known to be peaceful; therefore the resolution of the matter will further enhance the peace and unity among the people even as the country gears towards the presidential and parliamentary polls come December 7th.

He reminded the president of his earlier request to seek for a UDS (University of Development Studies) campus in the area.

He urged the president to continue to preach peace wherever he goes to ensure peaceful elections.

Addressing the Chiefs and people of the Bulsa traditional area during a mini rally at the palace, President Mahama thanked the traditional authority in the area for their support and words of encouragement to his presidency since he assumed the office four years back.

He added that since he kick started his campaign many Ghanaians have expressed gratitude to his leadership in view of the massive development spread across the ten regions of Ghana by his administration.

Speaking on his administration's contribution to the growth of education in the country, President Mahama indicated that apart from the community day, all the existing Senior High Schools across the country have seen massive infrastructural development.

He added that his four-year term in office has increased water accessibility to 76% adding that many Ghanaian households now have access to potable drinking water, while electricity expansion to communities have also increased.

Touching on the Youth Employment Agency, President John Mahama said he had directed the Youth and Employment Agency (YEA) to recruit 400,000 young people between 2017 and 2021. He said the recruits will help manage the Farmers' Service Centres which are set to start operation next year.

He said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) indicated in their 2016 manifesto that through the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), Farmers Service Centres would be established all over the country.

According to him the first 50 of these centres are ready to take off.

The President further indicated that the centres are set to provide farmers with mechanization support, agriculture extension advice, subsidized fertilizers, micro credit, and operate a buy-back scheme for the farmers produce. The NDC's 2016 Presidential Candidate also urged farmers among the supporters to register and benefit from the initiative.


November 22, 2016

Newly constructed Kanjaga Community Day SHS commissioned  (Photo: Facebook 11th and 22nd November)

Kanjaga SHS

Source: Buluk Kaniak 11th Nov. 2016

President John Mahama commissioned the Kanjaga Community Day Senior High School as he continued his 3-day campaign tour of the Upper East Region.

He said the school would give an opportunity to several students who otherwise would not have got placement upon completion of their basic schools.

The President reiterated government's commitments to ensuring that the remaining schools were completed.

The Kanjaga Community Day Senior High School is one of the Community Day Senior High Schools being constructed by government in the Upper East Region as part of the 200 Community Day Senior High Schools across [the country]. It is the first to be commissioned in the region. The edifice is situated a few kilometres away from the Kanjaga Township.


November 27, 2016

One hundred and ten girls sensitized on early and forced marriage in Bulsa North.


November 27, 2016

Bulsa North and South honoured gallant farmers at this year`s farmers day

The Bulsa North District Assembly in collaboration with the District Agric Department has organized this year`s district farmer's day to honour gallant farmers who in diverse ways contributed to the growth of the country.

The ceremony brought together chiefs, heads of departments, farmers, the district security service as well as the district agric staff.

The programme according to the organizers was mainly to say Aye Koo to farmers in feeding the nation with their produce and contributing their quote to the nation's development.

Delivering his key note address, the district chief executive, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, said agriculture had become the bed rock of Ghana's economy as the majority of Ghanaians, especially the rural folks, are engaged in the sector for their livelihood.

He added that in order to achieve accelerated growth and development as envisioned in the transformational agenda being pursued by the president John Mahama, there must be deliberate and conscious efforts to increase investment in the agric sector.

District Director of Agriculture, Mr Michael Amaliba, said the northern rural growth programme is helping build formidable FBOs and strengthening the agricultural value chain actors.

Mr Micheal Amaliba further noted that this year forty two groups were profiled out of which twenty eight FBOs (Farmer Based Organisations) were submitted to the Bulsa community bank for credit support, out of this number twenty one FBOs were supported with an amount of GHC 125,640.00.

A total number of 309 farmers benefited from the loan out of which 201 were males and 108 females. These beneficiaries were able to cultivate 427 acres which he said are very commendable.

He thanked the management of the Bulsa Community Bank and the Assembly for their immense contribution towards the agric sector in the district.

At the Bulsa North District the overall the title of the best farmer of the year went to Mr Abombisa Adung from the Kandema community. He took home a Houjin motor cycle.


November 28, 2016

Award handed over to national best livestock farmer

The award of the national best livestock farmer of the 32nd edition of the national farmers' day has been handed over to him at a ceremony at the Bulsa North District MOFA office in Sandema.

Mr Samuel Abiayega who was adjudged the national best livestock farmer received an amatrac tractor and its ancillary inputs. He was also given a certificate of honour.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony, the District Chief Executive of the Bulsa North District, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, who handed the award to him, expressed his satisfaction towards the selfless contributions of farmers in the district.

He said, the NDC Government was ever ready to support hardworking farmers in the district in their trade.


November 28, 2016 (Photo: Facebook 6th December)

Sandema Local Council of Churches organize peace march ahead of general polls.

The Bulsa North District Local Council of Churches on Sunday 28th November, 2016 organized a peace march through the principal streets of Sandema to proclaim the message of peace ahead of the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Addressing participants after the peace march at the durbar grounds, The Head Pastor of the Sandema branch of the Church of Pentecost Church, Pastor Wallase Konjah, said peace is a valuable tool in every nation's development and should not be undermined.

He said Ghanaians are known to be peaceful; therefore the need to continue preaching peace ahead of the elections is important.

The pastor urged the congregants in the various churches not to allow themselves to be used by political parties and politicians to foment troubles before, during and after the polls.


December 16, 2016

2016 Feok Festival celebration

The Chiefs and people of the Bulsa Traditional area have climaxed their annual Feok Festival celebration on the 15th of December, 2016. The festival is celebrated every year to offer thanks to the almighty God and the gods of the land for their protection over the year and also to commemorate the attacks of the 19th centuries slave raider Babatu and his armed men.

Delivering his key note address, the overlord of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, said the wide spread of HIV/AIDS, not only in Buluk but in Ghana at large, is very alarming. For that matter it needs a collective effort to support the health institutions and professionals to curb the menace.

He also urged the people to get themselves tested of the disease in order to know their status.

Speaking on the sale of the locally manufactured gin "Akpeteshie", Nab Azagsuk Azantilow said the health of the people is paramount and appealed to the district Assemblies to support the traditional council in its quest to stop the sale of Akpeteshie in the area.

The Upper East Regional Minister, Hon. Albert Abongo, who represented the President expressed gratitude to the chiefs and people of the traditional area for their commitment in ensuring peace and unity, the resolution of chieftaincy disputes and the unwavering efforts at minimizing alcohol abuse in the land.

At this year's festival celebration he emphasized that preserving our cultural heritage for prosperity, was timely and appropriate. Hence he called on everyone to embrace the rich culture and tradition that has been passed on to the current generation by the ancestors.

Hon. Albert Abongo said many social vices have visited our society and beyond owing to the breakdown of the moral fabric of society, leading to teenage pregnancy and school drop-out, incidence of HIV and AIDS, violence and crime.

He also said that excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco has become fashionable leading to the loss of many lives.

Hon. Albert Abongo indicated that in order to preserve the culture from the seeming invasion, there is the urgent need for a re-orientation of people; especially the youth, to enable them to appreciate the wealth of tradition instead of looking up beyond the shores of their environment for acceptance and direction.

He called on the political parties and their supporters to bury their political difference and rally round the new government and stop bickering and divisions that has the potential of hampering the country's democracy and development.


December 20, 2016

Joseph Whittal new CHRAJ Commissioner

Sources: (20/12/2016) and (20/12/2016)

President John Dramani Mahama has confirmed Joseph Whittal (from Sandema) as the new Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), which had been without a substantive Commissioner for almost a year.

Mr. Whittal, who had been acting as the head for the human rights body before, was sworn-in at a short ceremony at the Flagstaff House.


Commissioner Joseph Whittall

signing the document

Commissioner Whittal and President Mahama


January 4, 2017

Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood displaying the citation presented to Justice Joseph Akamba (Ghanaweb, 5/1/17 / Graphic Online)

(Source: Ghanaweb January 5, 2017; original source:

One of Ghana’s legal luminaries, Mr Justice Joseph Bawa Akamba, was honoured by the Judicial Service at a ceremony at the Supreme Court in Accra. Mr Justice Akamba served as a justice of the apex court from November 2012 until his retirement last year.

In attendance at the ceremony were the Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, some justices of the superior courts, the President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Mr Benson Nutsupkui, lawyers and some officials of the Judicial Service.

Amidst rousing applause, Mr Justice Akamba was presented with a citation of honour by the Chief Justice. The citation lauded the retired judge for his immense contribution to the country’s justice delivery system.....

Mr Justice Akamba entered the Judiciary as a magistrate in 1977.

Through hard work and diligence, he rose through the ranks and gained promotion to the Circuit Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

He reached the top of his career when he was appointed a justice of the Supreme Court by President John Dramani Mahama in November 2012.

Apart from his service, Mr Justice Akamba served in The Gambia as the Director of Public Prosecutions in 1994.

He was later appointed a Justice of the Court of Appeal in The Gambia.

Mr Justice Akamba also served as the Director of the Judicial Training Institute, a position he still holds.

He also served as the President of the Association of Magistrates and Judges, Ghana (AMJG).

In 2012, as a member of the AMJG and the Judicial Council, he was instrumental in the negotiations that led to the improvement in the conditions of service of judges.


March 27, 2017

According to ghanaweb (original source.: the police at Sandema [market] exchanged gunfire with some armed robbers. They quote an eyewitness that about five armed men shot everyone they came across and that the police were able to curtail the incident. "One of the robbers has been taken to the police station and people have stormed the police station chanting that man should be released for them to kill him".

This report has been contradicted by many other eyewitnesses who state that no robber had been taken prisoner and that the police did not demonstrate any resistance.

Robert Asekabta describes more details about the incident:

There was sporadic shooting by 4 armed robbers who actually attacked Adabiak's shop [opposite Buco Bank] and made a way with some unspecified amount of money. They also attempted robbing the Builsa Community Bank but they never had access to the Bank. It was later reported that all the workers were safe. However people ran for their dear lives as the armed robbers gave warning shots as they escaped [on their motor-bikes] through the Balansa and Nyaansa roads to save their dear lives. It all lasted between 10 to 20 minutes. Later some youth wanted to attack the police but reinforcement of police arrived from Chana and Navrongo. But the angry mob threw stones at them. Some of the screens of the police cars were broken. Some shots were later heard from the police to protect themselves from the angry mob.

Angaaba Atesiuk Peter, another eyewitness, disclosed that three innocent people were wounded seriously.