Sandema Chiefs and Paramount Chiefs

Anaankum: Though he was not a paramount chief, he united the Bulsa when they had to fight against Babatu and his slave-raiding warriors. In the battle of Sandema (between the market and Old Primary?) the Bulsa army under the command of the Sandemnaab resisted Babatu's mercenaries. Anaankum died around 1900.

Ayieta: In November 1905 Ayieta, the father of the present chief Azantinlow, was appointed to the office of Paramount Chief of the Bulsa by the British. Ayieta died on May 18th, 1911.

Afoko: In an election on December 11th, 1912 Afoko, the son of Ayieta, was elected the new Paramount Chief. His contestant was Ayieparo.

Agaasa: Like Afoko and Azantinlow, the present chief, Agaasa was a son of Ayieta and reigned until 1931.

Azantinlow: The present Paramount Chief, a younger son of Ayieta, was elected and installed on November 16, 1931. So the year 2001 will be his 70th anniversary of his assumption of office and with his extraordinarily long reign he will perhaps be the crowned head of our earth with the longest tenure of office. Congratulations!