Akisikanbe Ayukanbe, Chief of Kadema

My Life-Story

(Note: The following text was spoken by Chief Akisikanbe on a cassette-recorder on March 3, 2001)

I was born in Kumasi, Mansia, in 1965, so I am 36 years old.

After attending school at the primary level I proceeded to the Junior Secondary School. My father was a Civil Servant, so he was often transferred here and there, from region to region. He had to carry me along too, because leaving me alone could have caused more harm. So I had to move along with him to wherever he was transferred to. After completing Junior Secondary School I proceeded to the Senior Secondary School at Bawku, where I completed my G.C.E. (General Certificate of Examination), O-Level, of course. That was in 1986, after that I came down. I applied for pupil-teaching and taught as a pupil teacher from 1988 to 1996. Then there was an embargo for pupil teaching. I would have gone to a Training College, but due to unforeseen circumstances and being the senior son I had to stay by the old man to help him in one way or the other. So from there on, after the embargo, I had to go on with farming activities. So I was self-employed till this time. I think that is probably what I did before I was enstooled as a chief. I did not have that in mind, but due to the efforts of my fathers who are around me, they did everything [to persuade me for a contestancy], because they saw that probably I might be the best person to take up the position.