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GILLBT has assisted the Buli Bible Translation Project to produce two tapes of scripture songs in Buli. One is general and is made up of songs sung by choirs from all the individual churches in Sandema. The second tape is made up of songs from the book of Revelation sung by a united choir from all the churches in Sandema. I believe that copies of both of these are still available.


If you would like to purchase a Buli New Testament, send an email to:

telling us:

1) the address to which we should send the NT

2) whether we should send it

by sea (Euro or $ 5)

by air (Euro or $ 10).

Payment should be made "to Bob and Nancy Schaefer for purchase of Buli NT" through Wycliff-Bibelübersetzer, Siegenweg 32, D57299 Burbach, Germany.

But let us know by email where and how to send the NT before sending any payment.