Materialien / Materials Ghana: ( Website under construction. In its present state it contains, for example, a list of towns and villages of Northern and Southern Ghana; early literature of the Gold Coast /Ghana; the historical chronology of the Bulsa; individual Bulsa names; Bulsa material in archives; sacrifice to a Bulsa Earth Shrine (procedure); divination; burials and funerals, Sections of the Bulsa District; Elections in the Bulsa District (1997-2008); Buli language guide.

Ghana Homepage: (Ghanaweb) This site provides you with much information on Ghana (country, tourism, politics, ethnic groups, latest news etc.). In the latest news you can occasionally find information on events inthe Bulsa District or of Bulsa people.

Ghana Districts: Bulsa District: Go to Upper East > Builsa District 

Ein Ethnologe in Ghana: Website of Franz Kröger (most of it in German) with short stories and his experiences in Ghana, particularly among the Bulsa (It is advised not to open this website via BULUK, but through its proper address via the user's provider:  

Buli: a language of Ghana: Website based on data of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL): classification and comments

GILLBT (Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation), Tamale; cf. also B. and N. Schaefer: History of GILLBT's work with the Bulsa people (BULUK 2, p. 32-33) and GILLBT publications about the Bulsa area or in Buli (BULUK 2, p. 34)

Komaland: The Koma are a small neighbouring group of the Bulsa. The homepage is still under construction. Presently there is a bibliography about the present Koma people, articles about the Saaring-ritual, tge rotation of shrines etc. In the section on the old Komaland terracottas you will find a bibliography, an essay on "Komaland Culture at Tando" by Jobila Zakari, a review of the Komaland exhibition at Manchester (2013) and others.

Horizons Children Centre in Sandema Cf. also BULUK 6 (Interview with Heather Menezes, the founder)    Anne Schwarz (2005): Aspekte der Morphosyntax und Tonologie im Buli - Mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Buli von Wiaga. PHD Thesis, Philosophische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität Berlin (334 pp.)File cannot be opened automatically (Copy address!)

Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY): accessible via Facebook. 

Forum:  John Agandin's blogspot, containing many Bulsa stories, Buli proverbs and poems on Bulsa culture written by him.  This website brings everyday news from all regions of Northern Ghana (including the Bulsa Districts)

Note: Some of the websites cannot be opened directly and automatically (Copy the address!)