Main Feature: Bulsa History


EDITORIAL: History, our Main Feature, and New Tendencies


Ghanatta Ayaric and Franz Kröger: Events

Ghanatta Ayaric: The Beautiful Canopies of Trees in Sandema

Franz Kröger: Remarks on the 2000 Ghana Population and Housing Census

Evans Akangyelewon Atuick: Football and Youth Development in Buluk: The Case of Wiaga United Football Club

Evans Akangyelewon Atuick (Interviewer):  Up and Close with Jane Ayieyam, the Foremost Black Maidens’ Striker, who hails from Bulsaland

Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY): Initiation, Aims, Challenges and Future. Interview with Winston Atigsi-Badek Afoko

Results of the Elections 2012 in the two Bulsa Constituencies

Marcus D. Watson: African American and His Bulsa Wife Come Home

Evans Akangyelewon Atuick: Are Final Funeral Rites in Buluk Really Expensive?

Franz Kröger: Prof.Dr. Rüdiger Schott. An Expert and Friend of the Bulsa Has Died


Ghanatta Ayaric: Eric Akanpaanab Ayaric recalls his school days in the 1930s and 1940s

Ghanatta Ayaric: Our First Formal Schools

Linus Angabe: Our Forgotten Heroine – Lydia Azuelie Akanbodiipo

Franz Kröger: Who was this Atuga?  Facts and Theories on the Origin of the Bulsa

Franz Kröger: Colonial Officers and Bulsa Chiefs (with special consideration of elections) 

Franz Kröger: Two Early Plays on Bulsa History (L. Amoak and R. Asekabta)

Franz Kröger: Red Tape under Military Government (1988)

Franz Kröger: Means of Transport in Colonial Times and Today (with special reference to Ghana)

Franz Kröger: Vanishing Libraries (Asage Adum from Wiaga-Sinyangsa)

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