In January 2005, the author (Franz Kröger) visited the archive (near the new Regional Office) with his assistant Yaw Akumasi. Three files can be ordered from each of the registers at one time. After returning these three files, new orders can be placed with 20-30 minutes waiting time). 105 visitors had posted in the Guestbook (between November 2002 and January 2005).

Most documents and reports on the Bulsa District are in Register 6 (Navrongo). Sources on the dispute over the affiliation of Kunkwa, Kategra and Jadema, as well as on the issue of “slavery” are in Register 8.

As there was no possibility to make photocopies in the archive in 2005, copies with one’s own camera were not allowed and making copies in an external commercial photoshop was very cumbersome, the author and Yaw Akumasi could only make short handwritten notes of many documents.



[Note F.K.: Some of the following sources and a coherent representation, were published in: F. Kröger: Kunkwa, Kategra and Jadema: The Sandemnaab’s Lawsuit, BULUK 6 (2012), pp. 51-58]


FK: List of sources  (FK, Fig. 1-15)

FK Fig. 1 

NRG 8/16/16: 1951-55

10th April, 1951 (2636/0776 SF 3) [F.K.: Cop. 7:].

Handwritten letter from the Sandemnaab [F.K.: written probably by his secretary] to the C.C. Tamale, through the Asst. D.C. Navrongo.F.K.: The Sandemnaab starts taking action against chiefs of Kategra, Kunkwa… White Volta is the boundary…


FK Fig 2

Copy without date (1951?) heading and signatures summarizing the Sandemnaab’s declaritons and demands]

FK Fig. 3

26th May,1906: Report of Capt. A.M. Henry, D.C., Kunkwa

19th September, 1911, Kunkwa follows Passankwa

15th June, 1912, Katigri

23rd April, 1915, chief of Katigiri (?) does not wish to follow Sandema

FK Fig. 4

23rd April, 1915 (contd.), Katigiri; his people do not follow him

27th December, 1917, visits of D.C…. and Sandemnab in Kunkwa

30th December, 1917, chief of Passankwere appointed Bulsa chiefs

FK Fig. 5

5th June, 1920, visit of the Sandemnaab

25th November, 1920, Freeman: election in Sandema

9th November, 1926, Sandemnaab complains: 9 more compounds moved to South-Mamprussi

FK  Fig. 6

4th March, 1920: Claims of Kayare chief… are baseless

FK  Fig. 7-10

27.2.52 Judgement: 4 pages, at Chief Commissionary’s Court, plaintiff Sandemnaab failed

FK  Fig. 11-15

7th May 1952 Notice of Appeal by Sandemnaab’s solicitor J.R. Danquah



FK-T- Fig.1


FK-T- Fig. 2


FK -T- Fig. 3


FK -T- Fig.4


FK -T- Fig. 5


FK-T- Fig. 6


FK -T-Fig. 7




FK -T- Fig. 9


FK-T- Fig. 10




FK-T- Fig.11


FK-T- Fig. 11a


FK-T-Fig. 12


FK-T- Fig.13


FK-T- Fig. 14


FK-T- Fig. 15



[The Sandema Market Rules were adopted from the GONJA NATIVE AUTHORITY MARKET RULES]





BD 0067
28th Januay 1961:  letter approved centre to be awarded to a contractor
Description of land situate at Sandema in the Builsa District of the Upper Region of the Republic of Ghana required for Health Centre
9th June, 1961, Regional Commissioner Upper Region of the Rep. of Ghana sealed document in A3 format: exact description of the property with geographical longitude and latitude;
…it is hereby certified that the piece of land… was taken and appropriated for the Public Service on the 15th day of October 1959 and that on that day a Notice to that effect was posted on the said piece of land…
Map [see above]: Sandema Site for Health Centre, Shewn Edged Pink;
Area: 10.945 acres; Chief Survey Office
2nd February 1961: Regional No. N 40/59, Reference No. Z 3726; Scale: 1:2500
NRG 6/21/1, File no 55/1934, N.A. Markets, Builsa

Older source:
7th November 1933: Market boundaries Sandema (p. 24?)
pillar S.M. 1 at the SW corner, thence in a northerly direction: 151 ft, pillar SM2,
thence due east: 152 ft, pillar SM3
from there in southern direction: 123 ft, pillar SM4
thence in a westerly direction: 172 ft., pillar SM5
from there in south-west direction 164, > beginning
if no pillars exist, provide wooden ones
NRG 6/12/1; File no 55/1934, p. 25 (F.K. Kop. 13)



(development projects, dams, Bulsa District Council, Bulsa Local Court Council, court cases)

[Interpolations of the editor F.K. in square brackets]

NRG 6/1/1 (119) Wiaga Land Planning Committee: 1954
Navrongo: …
Asiuk Wiaga-naab
J.P. Awogta, Wiaga
H.P. Ayoma, Wiaga
J.K. Kanjambudai, Gbedema
E.K. Kodjo, Gbedema
T.A. Amaasaba
later also (p. 11): Ajanvaare Builsa aus Bedema

Longsa rice scheme, p.. 89: Committee present:
Sandemnaab [Azantilow]
Asiuk [chief of Wiaga]
Mr. R. Aniateba, Wiaga
Peter Apium [Apiung, son of Afoko]
Mr. Ateng, Chuchuliga
Mr Alerebisa, Sandema
Mr. Achiisa, Fumbisi

After page 101: Future Work
4th June, 1959:
10 dams completed:
Bedema L.C. Rebuilt

14 dams planned:
Doninga: Wupensa
Wiaga: Zamsa
Wiaga: Tandem
Sandema: Kori
Sandema: Bilinsa
Yalabili no. 2

Reconstructed or improved dams:
Sandema: former L.C. dam
Kanjaga: L.C. dam
Balansa: L.C. dam
Longsa: L.C. dam

Bulsa District Council
24th January, 1958
Nd, 0147 (24/1/1958): The first meeting of the Interim Bulsa District Council held on the 20/12/1957; Votes, Sandemnab was elected as the chairman of the Council, with 23 votes and A.B. Anaab elected the chairman with 12 votes.

C185: Builsa District Headquarters Sandem: Letters to and from Schools: 7.6.63 – 7.11.65
[FK: summary:]Almost the only topic seems to be the young pioneers, e.g. indication asks for new uniforms…; salutations to teachers and headmasters: Dear comrade; fellow comrade, my dear headteacher; yours in the service of Ghana and Africa

965 Young Pioneers Sandema
District Organizer to all Headteachers:
15.2.65: Issue of African Personality Uniform (Sandema)
…choose 4 neat children (2 boys, 2 girls) from each school (4-7 years of age)
[existing schools]: 1963: 7 primary schools [in the Bulsa area]; in Sandema:
L.A. Old Primary
Ayieta Primary
Afoko Primary
Anaankum Primary
Apoateba Primary, Sandema

21.5.62: Opening Ghana Young Pioneers in Wiaga; 25.5.62: meeting;
Letter to “all headteachers”;
Middle Day School, Wiaga
Primary School Wiaga
Primary Day School Sinyansa, Wiaga

NRG 6/11/3 – 0198; Builsa Local District Council
26th April, 1958:
Establishing the Builsa Local Council
after 25.5.58: there shall be a council; offices at Sandema; first meeting 3.6.1958: members elected; letter from Ofori Atta, Minister of Local Government
List: Representatives
Sandema: Balansa 1
Nyansa, Kandem Fissa, Kalebisa (together): 1
Tankunsa, Belensobsa: 1
Abilyeri, Awusuiyeri, Achoiri: 1
Korri, Kanansa, Sennarugsa: 1
Wiaga Senyansa: 1
remainder: 1
Wiaga Chiok: 1
Yesobsa 1+1
Farinsa, Wabilinsa: 1
(Kadema?) Gangsansa, Kepallalk, Gaadem, Zaren: 1
Gbaansa, Gobsa, Yipaala: 1
Gbedema: Janksa, Kunkuak, Golluk, Dabomsa: 1
Kanjarga, Jiningsa, Vundeni, Piisa, Gobsa: 1
Nyaakpansa, Logrosa, Laisa, Kunyingsa, Musidem: 1
Samsa, Zogsa, Kikuabsa, Dauriosa [Danwarisa?], Nyindem, Kalaasa: 1
Wiasi, Atungyeri, Logozaansa, Goa, Jiniensa, Yipaala: 1
Fumbisi, Kaseasa, Tinsingsa, Choik, Longmissa: 1
Naadom, Batuisa, Shiuk, Luisa: 1
Yarensa, Pentengsa, Baasa, Bacheasa, Gbedemblissi, Nayeri, Kadeng, Delaasa, Bacheesa, Nakpansa: together 1
Uasi, Tuadem, Kazengsa, Zuasa, Gollok, Yaadem: 1
Chuchuliga, Nawassa, Awulansai: 1
Azugyiri, Yipaala: 1
Tiedem, Achanyeri: 1
Kyondem, Akoteyiri: 1
Namonsa, Agueyiri, Daunsa, Jaata: 1
Doninga-Bayangsa, D-Dorensa, D-Farensa, D.Wupiensa: 1
Siniensi Apiokyeri: 1
Bachaunsi, Siniensi-Jaansa, S-Yikpieni, S.-Zogsa, S.-Kaasa, S.Katuensa, S.-Zungdem: 1
The Regional Commissioner, Navrongo

NRG 6/11/5; C302
Establishment of the Builsa Local Council
Letter 5.7.62: all Local Councils in the Region desolved [dissolved] (from 1.7.62) (inclusively Builsa Local Council) — The District Commissioner
p. 4: Reorganisation of LCs
Builsa LC, Frafra, Kusasi, Wala, Tumu, Kassena-Nankanni, Lawra Confed. LC
p. 11: E.A. Adaaminyini, Agric Instructor, members list
NRG 6/11/2
Chuchullga Local Council 27.2. 1954 – 28.10.55
Establishment of LC 21st August 1952, common seal
A lion rampant with the word “Chuchullig” written below
p. 4: President of the council: Chuchuliganab
p 21: Petition, conflict between Mr Agalga und and his followers with the Chuchuliga-Chief
p.32: Ch-LC Office an den Governor, Accra: … unrest… Agalga; Sandemnab aids Mr Ayogsumwie Agalga

NRG 6/16/2
(C61) Builsa A Court [Cases]
27.12.56 – 3.8.59: [FK:] Individual court cases, often women’s issues
e.g. Fabia Anapeesa Wiaga vs Atiim Daning
Present: Azantinlow, Ajumogri Gandintanab, Adanbiik Tankalentanab, Amoak Binbansnab, Atuik Napeenab;

p. 15: Azantinlow Sandemnab: President of “A” Court
p. 17: Builsa “B” Court
p. 19: Kanjaga, Gbedema and Wiasi “B” Court
p. 21: Chuchuliga “B” Court
p. 32: June 1956 – July 1957: 243 civil cases
p. 39: Sandema B Court, 22.12.57


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