2 (theft); 107: headmen, palaver, votes for paramount chief (1910?); 149, 193, 196f, 198, 201, 205f, 211, 216, 231-236, 318, 328; 360f; 375; 475: Boania: River to Wiesi; 477; 503; 504: 3-day trek to Kunbugu market for yams; 505, 506: Fulani; 507f,

chiefs: 5; 6f: Ankanaba elected (1912); 8-11: Adachuro; 32 Ampoba deposed (1926) and  elected; 34: Ayamkom destooled; 78: Babatu, Adachuro elected (1906);  82 list; 90 list; 148: Adachuro died on 27-6-14; had been deposed in April 1913; 176; 180; 183; 185; 187; 189; 224: Adachuro (1905), 225-227; 228: Ankanab should become chief and Adachuro to be deposed (1911); 229: Akanaba elected: 24-4-1913; 230?, 231: Ankanaba old (1922), dies 1922,  Anatiw elected (July 1922); 232f; 234: chief Anatiu died 21-1-1934; election; 235: Ampanta elected: 22-24 Feb 1934; 329; 348, 349: fined; 357, 359, 378, 495f, 508, 521;

544: 27 (?) July 1926: Ampoba removed from Chiefship for failing to assist the Government over Rinderpest + telling lies…  Whittall AgCNP

20th August 1926 Ayakom Kanjarga elected chief. He has a following over 200 compound owners and 350 men as against his rival Azambadi Kanjarga who had a following of 51 compound owners and 79 men (No boys and youth were counted. Ayamkom is a middle aged man and looks strong though a bit curly. Azambodi Kanjaga was a very old man in the doting stage. There were no other competitors.

Ayamkom Kanjarga in the presence of the Head Chief Awe of Navrongo was told that he was elected Chief on 3 years probation. Head chief Awe assured me that Ayamkom would be of great assistance to him.

history: 55: new market; 345;
sections and headmen: 107, 110; 184: 14 sections; 225, 227: headmen, 220, 228 (1913); 231-233; 234 + number of compounds; 235
recruiting: 168 Sgt. Soalla in Kanjaga; 227: discharged
t.n,+tanggbain.: 232



In 2012, my assistant, Yaw Akumasi Williams, and I made the copies shown below by photographing the originals at the National Archives of Ghana (Accra). For technical reasons they are published here in two parts. More than 70  of the 551 reproduced sources  (in part I and II) are still unusable or are very difficult to read, because, in WordPress, they lack the clearness needed for reading, although all of the original copies are clear and easily readable.

As an aid to reading the largely handwritten sources, I have begun to include transcriptions, explanations, and/or comments in blue printed letters below the sources (with preference to the unclear copies).


NAG 1 new

(NAG 1) F.K.: (14.5.15) Approvement of  Ampusuba, elected chief of Fumbisi, by Chief Commissioner N.P., Armitage



(NAG 2) 13.11.1914, trial: man convicted of stealing money, Kanjaga (Wheeler), theft of 22/13/0  lb in Kanjaga; one year imprisonment with hard labour; the sum of…. brought up by the accused’s compound and handed over  (Nov. 1914), H. Wheeler Acting Commissioner NE Provinces, N.T.

text will be continued in NAG 3-5.


F.K.:  NAG 3 – 4: ctd.


1914. Cattle bought at Kangarga



F.K.:  27.5.13: small medallion for new chief of Kanjaga



(NAG 6-11) 7.5.1912: Prov, Comm. Warden in Kanjaga; old Kanjaga chief Addachuro is deposed; 25. April  1912: Ankanab (Ankanaba) unanimously elected new chief;  27. April: small medallion for new chief




7th May, 1913

Ms: 15 May


I have the honour to inform you that I proceeded to KANJARGA, and on the 25th ultimo superintended the election of the new Chief.

2: All headmen of sections together with compound  holders and followers were present and ANKANABA was unanimously elected Chief.

Every one, including all the late Chief’s  own section, took oaths of Allegiance. I should be obliged iF a small medallion be forwarded for the new Chief.

I have the honour  to be,


your obedient Servant,

 [Ms] Warden







1907 (26 April). Ankanab appointed chier of Kangarga, Adachure deposed. 


1913 (April 9) Chief Adachuro, Kanjarga… Babatu

NAG 9 (contiunation of NAG 8)

1913: Adachuro, Kanjaga, majority wish Ankanaba to be appointed

NAG 10 (continues 8 and 9)

1913 chief  of Kanjaga

NAG 11 (continues 8-10)1913. Ankanaba temporarily appointed. — signed  Ev Wardem


NAG 12

F.K.:  (1912) Trade routes in Gambaga District; including Yagaba – Kintampo – Kumasi


NAG 13 new

 F.K.:  NAG 13-15: cattle kraals, water for cattle, dams, cattle-routes (Bulsa not included)


NAG 14 (continuation of 13)

1915. supply of water, dams; cattle


NAG 15 new  (cont. from no 13 and 14)

1915. Signed Commissioner of the North Eastern   Provinces, Gambaga


NAG 16

F.K.: Cattle-route from Navrongo via Tamale to Kumasi     


NAG 17

 F.K.: … the present chiefs of these villages (Wia, Sandema, Senissi and Kalarsi) are descendants of the grandson of Wurume; 27.5.1919: There are three canoes at the Passinkwia – Kunkwa crossing of the Volta run by Passinkwia


NAG 18

  F.K.:  Census and sections of Navrongo


NAG 19

1910-1913 Navrongo

NAG 20

  F.K.: NAG 20-29     Navrongo, Census, Sections… (1901- 1921)


NAG 21 (=22)

1909 Navrongo, headmen…

NAG 23=25 new

1909,- 1916,  chiefs


NAG 26

1915-16,  chiefs in Chuchuliga?

NAG 27

1917-21, Chuchuliga: Census and sections


NAG 28= 29

1922-23:  Section Nanga, Chiana

NAG 31-30 new

F.K.:  16.9.24:  Visited – no palavers –  met head chief of Sandema Afoko and told him to get all his people busy cleaning the roads, especially the Navoro – Sandema road partly under him. R.H. now in better condition since repairs have been made, but the walls of the cpd (?) like all the R.H.s still need replastering. Road from Navoro + Chuchuliga very sodden swamping. People were at work weeding it. 


NAG 32

 F.K.: 17 July 1926, Kanjaga, Ampoba removed from  Chiefship for failing to assist the Government over Rinderpest and telling lies re the movement of cattle. His uncle Ageyiri is to stop in Navrongo for 6 months for same offence.  The messenger Angesoba received a sentence of 6 months … H.L. for same offence. The new chief should be a strong man. —  Whittall

20 August 1926:   Ayamkom Kanjaga elected Chief.   He had a following over 200 compound owners and 380 men as against his rival Azambadi Kanjaga who had a following of 51 compound owners and 79 men… Ayamkom is a middle-aged man and looks strong though a bit curly. Azambadi  Kanjaga was a very old man in its doting stages. There were not other competitors.  — Akymkom Kanjaga in the presence of Head Chief Awe of Navrongo was told that he was elected Chief on 3 years probation. Head Chief Awe assured me that Ayamkom would be of great assistance to him. — signed…      

NAG 34

(F.K. Ed.) 19.1.27 Ayamkom destooled: 6 months I.H.L for failing to report an outbreak of Rinderpest; also headman Adaambe deposed

1.2.27: From this date Chuchuliga (less Nyangania Section) will be under Sandema as all the people so concerned are Builsas.
The Section of Nangania, now partly under Chana, will entirely pass to that Town as it is all Kassena. signed … AgCNP [Acting Commissioner of the Northern Province]
23.2.27 Confirmed by Chief Commissioner letter No 158/57/19;
1.3.27 [Chuchuliga] Election of new chief held in presence of P.C. and Ag. P.C. Chiefs of Sandema, Siniasi, Chana and Kadema present. Achangalsa elected on one year probation.
6.3.27 Nyangania Section officially handed over to the Chief of Chana -no dissentients
18.7.27 Visited [Chuchuliga] R.H. [?] in good order but full of mosquitoes. Chief suffering from Guinea worm.
4.8.27 …people complain that they do not get fair play in the Chief Sandema’s court….
545: (Navrongo? Chuchuliga?)) 10 August 1928 This town is a den of thieves. They have stolen a lot of sawn timber being brought to Navrongo. The town is fined 500 bundles of firewood (which is for brickburning) and the chief will remain in the H.Q. until this is brought in
Achangalsa the chief is “suspect” of is warned that if anything else goes wrong he will be removed. Whittall, CNP
27.1.30 Agalaga headman of Nawalsa complained that some compounds failed to follow him. Warned. The headmanship of the Nawalsa section is doubtful. The chief is to report on my next visit.

NAG 37

F.K.: 23/24-3-25  Cattle sickness reported- Jatia  section. — Akanjabo Hman- Chondem section has a private grudge against one Akukumaka and family, warned not to bring false palavers against them.


NAG 38

1906-1908: Kaiyaro? 

NAG 39


NAG 40 (cont from 39)

1935-1943:  Biuk? Kolugu


NAG 41

1944: Kologu: candidates for new chief

NAG 42

(NAG 42) Navrongo: 1-12: names and locality of headmen

20.6.44: 9.  My name is Atinansi Nankanni. I live at Kologu. I am headman of Biu. I wish Akanvure second born son to electedd chief of Kologu except those who are in disagreement.    ….

Decion: The second son  Akanvure  Nankanni of Kologu is the new chief of Kologu being a son of the late chief.

 Asobayire.   — Awe, Navro pio (21st June, 1944)

NAG 44

List of mileages in the Navrongo area


NAG 45

Sirigu, Sandema, Siniersa

NAG 46

Tiana, Masi

NAG 47

Uwa, Vare, Uwasi


NAG 48


Wia or Wiaga p. 326, 

Wiasi p. 346

NAG 49

1936: Mileage Navrongo area

NAG 50

List  with Biuk

NAG 51

Chuchuliga, Ddoninga (page)


NAG 52

NAG 53

NAG 54

NAG 55

(NAG 55, continued on NAG 56)  Trade IV: From my previoius experiences of this district I am able to report that the number of petty traders who visist the Navrongo market, though still small in number, are steadily on the increase. Very few traders visit the outlying portions of the district.  There is a fair demand in the local markets for European manufactured goods. Most of the cloth exposed is of English manufacture. There is also a large trade in Moshi Cloth which is brought down by caravans… from the north  and who sell the cloth for money, so as to enable them to pay the taxes in this station. 

Markets have been opened in several Kanjarga and Kassena Grunshi towns  with a view to attracting traders to these districts and opening up the country. 

NAG 56

(NAG 56, continuation of NAG 55) 1907; V. Currency: British silver has greatly increased in circulation during the  year under review and the natives of this town who some short time ago were reluctant to take silver in payment are now both anxious and eager to obtain some. There is also an increasing demand in Kanjaga [Bulsa] and Kassena Grunshi towns, though cowries in these districts still remain the chief medium of exchange.

VI. Products and Resources: The chief vegetable product of the country are guinea corn, millet and ground nuts which are widely cultivated. Yams, maize, rice, okros and native beans are also cultivared but in smaller quantities.  These products are only grown for local consumption. The dawa-dawa and shea butter tree


NAG 57

NAG 58

NAG 59

NAG 60

NAG 62

NAG 63 new


NAG 64




NAG 66

NAG 67

(NAG 67)  Navrongo District Report, 31.3.1907; the  Acting Chief Commissioner Gambaga; Foreign Relations: he asks for horses from Ouagadougou; Father Chollet the new superior of the Roman Catholic Mission arrived. State of District: troubles with people of the triangle Bolga- Tong- Nabrigo; people meet the constables with bows and arrows. 



March 1907. To the Acting Chief Commissioner, N. T., Gambaga

Navrongo – District – Report – March [1907]


In the early part of this month, Father Chollet, the new superior of the R.C. Mission here, arrived and gave me a note from their new superior in WAGADUGU, Father Joseph Brun, who informed me of his appointment and briefly gave the rules by which he wished the missionaries here, to be governed, in their relations with the administration at Navaro and also wished to know when Colonel Watherston would be in Navaaro.  I replied to this by a letter which Mons. Gourmelen promised to deliveer, at his arrival at WAGADUGU, to Father Brun for me. 


I understand it is well known that, in the FRA FRA hilly country (about the triangle BOLGATANGA; TONG, NABRUGI on the map) our writs don’t run and that the people turn out to meet the constables with bows and arrows. In the previoius months I have had to ignore several complaints of robberies in this part of the district…  




NAG 69


NAG 70

NAG 71

(NAG 71)  Chief Commissioner (Gambaga): District Report September 1907;

(2) State of District: The Separi  Hills and neighbourhoud were visited from 19th to 28th instants by Doctor  Le Janus and myself. The people were quiet and assured me they only desired to keep quiet and be allowed to live quietly in their villages. I anticipate no further trouble from this part of the Country. 

6. Revenue: Cassava tax: lb 53-14-6 (more than Sept. 1906)


NAG 72

NAG 73

(NAG 73) [by the Chief Commissioner?] Addressed  to the Commissioner of Navrongo, who had written in  his monthly report February 1907 that  he had supplied  200-250 free labourers for 7 days to the catholic Mission of Navrongo. “This is very irregular as the late Lieut. Partridge had no authority for making such a promise; and in order that it may not form a precedent, please have a note made in District  records, for future guidance of Commissioners that free labourers  are not to be supplied in future to the White Fathers or  Constables detailed to supervise labourers working for them without special sanction of the Chief Commissioner.”

(2) State of country: people near Sapari hills giving troubles “…I am afraid drastic measures will soon have to be taken to bring those people to their senses, and in the meantime I shall be obliged if you will kindly let me have your views as to how this could best be effected. 

(3) In the circustances you mention I approve of your not visiting the District for the present. 

(4) I am glad to notice an increase in the receipts from the Caravan tolls, no doubt in part of the action you have taken to prevent their evasion. 

NAG 74

NAG 75

NAG 76 new


NAG 77


NAG 78-new (thin)


NAG 79


NAG 80 new

(NAG 80) Navarro 19th July, 1912; questions about tolls and trade routes; signed Nash, Acting Commissioner, NE Provinces





Navrongo N.T. 

19th July. 1912


With regard to your remarks under heading “trade” in your quarterly paper (June 1912) I think it would be as well if in future comparative statistics with reference to the same quarter of the two or three previous years were also given so that we could have a larger outlook as to whether trade was much on the more… or not.

Do you find that traders come in to register now  that it is not actually necessary to be in possession of a ticket and the tolls have been done away with, and are there many trade routes passing through your district besides that through Bawku and even and if so do the traders make any effort to converge to Bawku to get tickets?

3. In this (NAVARRO) District there are many subsidiary trade routes and, although in the old days when tolls were collected we made the traders come to NAVARRO, we do not insist on them converging here now nor is it at present proposed to do so. The consequence is that I do not think that 50% oft the trade is registered, and this fact of course ought to be noted when comparisons are made with times when elaborate efforts were made to register all trade.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient Servant

Sgd  S.O. Nash

Acting Commissioner-North Eastern Provinces



NAG 81


NAG 82

NAG 83

NAG 84

NAG 85


NAG 86

NAG 87

NAG 88

NAG 89

NAG 90

NAG 91


NAG 92


NAG 93 (thin)



NAG 94 new



NAG 95 new


NAG 96

NAG 97

NAG 98

NAG 99

NAG 100

NAG 101

NAG 102

(NAG 102) 26 Oct. 1908. Biu [Biuk], a small town on the main road Tong to Samori. Chief (Na) says he was made chief by the Mamprusi chief of Korugu (South of Volta).  He is paramount to no other town. Probably 220-30 carriers would be raised. Biu is responsible for the main road north of the river … The people have worked well.  signed Nash D.C.


Source 102

[Biuk 26th Oct., 1908]

Biu (Bastard Mamprusi)

A small town on the main Road Tong to Samore. Chief – Na  says he was made chief by the Mamprussi  chief of Korugu (south of Volta). He is paramount to no other town.

Probably 22- 30 carriers could be raised. Biu is responsible for the main Road north of the river 40 minutes from Biu and south to within a mile of  Nunga. The people have worked well on this road.

Frequently visited by white officials.

S.D. Nash D.C.

Navorro 26/10/08


NAG 103

NAG 104

NAG 105

NAG 105
April 1916 – March 1917: Constant complaints against Agabu, who is brought in to stay in Navarro until further order… 15.4.: visited; Chief made a false accusation against one Aiyama [?]  …chief warned
29/XII/16 Aiyama complained that the chief had taken some of his fowls and had caught his father KANKOWENI… to the chief’s comp (camp?) saying that they would [not] let him go until he had paid a cow. Told that this is positively the last chance he will have and that the next time this matter comes up he will be sent to Gambaga. sgd
19/3/17 The Chiefs son Adachaba requires watching, as also does the Messenger Asalawasi. They frequently take things by force from people and when these people object, they bring fictitious charges to the D.C. about them.
Louis Castellan, D.C.
April 1917 Rest Houses are renewed
May 1917 An ex constable Kazare Grunshi and some of his Chuchulliga confederates have been arrested for cattle lifting – I believe that the Chuchulliga people knew all about this gang and probably the Chief also. The place requires to be watched.
Again a trader was murdered in May 1917 on the main road between Kologu and Naga. I suspect the Chuchuliga people of this murder but could get no evidence. S.D.N.
May 20, 1917 Visited by… for recruiting purposes. Chiefs of Tiana and Nakon are also present.
Chuchulliga promises to and obtain two boys each from the 20 sections = 40. This amount was not obtained. The chief I think is a weak man and the hill people… are truculent and very independent. sgd
20 May 1917 Later: As there was great difficulty in getting carriers here this morning (They evidently thought we might seize them as recruits)
fined over 100 complaints 1/- each to be increased to 5/- on next offence. S.D.N.

NAG 106


NAG 107

NAG 107

Dec. 3rd, 1909: visited by Capt. Wheeler
Elder palaver, Present:
The Chief, his sons (Attab), (Musa)
Headmen: Angaui, Kambre, Adongwa, Angko, Atumusi, Abisu, Andaba, Aliakome, Akombe, Angigolobisi, Amoni, Aporro.
The chief says these headmen obey him.


NAG 108

NAG 109

NAG 109
Kanjaga: Atabila his linguist and not his son is a rascal and has to be carefully … in interpretation
The people were also warned about the taking of a census shortly  (1911?) … Berkely

Big palaver held. Seniority of chiefs explained (Sept. 1911).

The following chiefs present. 1. Kanjaga, 2. Siniessi, 3. Wiaga, 4. Kardima, 5. Sandema, 6. Fambiesie, 7. Wiassie (Mamprusi), 8. Doninga, 8. Uassi
After Babatu raided the land, all towns were broken [?] up with the … of Sandema, who repulsed him. 
Most of the people of the  other Kanjaga towns fled to Sandema. No one followed the Chief of Kanjaga after. 

The following chiefs vote for Sandema: Sandema, Kardema, Siniessie, Wiaga. [for Kanjaga:] Kanjarga, Fambussi; neutral: Doninga, Bedema, Uassie, follow anyone appointed  (23.9.11)

Chief complains that a headman  Ankanan does not follow him. Ankanan has a large following of his own. 


NAG 110

NAG 111

NAG 112



NAG 113 new


NAG 114 new


NAG 115

NAG 116

NAG 117 new

(NAG 117) 30.12.17 (?)…recruits + said the Govt wanted all that they could get..For decision as to why Sandema should … command, Awl

18.2.1918: Kunkwa: L. Castellain D.C. visited;  two complaints. 

Dec. 1922: Afawko has been of my great assistance to government in recreating labour for the… (?). He really willingly does everything he is called to do, he is not assessed (?) by the chiefs but notwithstanding worked hard to get Builsa country in good well (?)…


NAG 118

NAG 119 new (parts are difficult to read)

NAG 119 (1926-27)
20.3.27: The Chief Afawko died this day
His third medallion was returned to the Ag. C.N.P. 31.3.27
8th April 1927: Election of new Chief … Afawko die
Election: chiefs: Wiaga, Siniessi, Doninga, Kanjaga, Kadema, Bedema, Uasi, Fambisi, Wiasi, Bachonsa, Chuchulliga and Gbedemblisa, 11 in all
Headmen of all Sections of Sandema, except Pungsa
Candidates: Adong [and] Akwonawu, sons of Nakon, last chief but…
Akansugaasa, brother of Afawko, the late [chief]
[Akansugaasa] was unanimously elected…

NAG 120

NAG 121

NAG 122

NAG 123

NAG 124 (difficult to read)

26.10.30, 27.10.30, 28.10.30 Visited for purpose of killing hippos + warning chief about the forthcoming census….
17.11.30 Resthouse excellent + roads very good to this connection
A huge concourse of people came to meet me in the afternoon. warned people of the impending Census. discussed sleeping sickness which is happily very rare. one man died last year
but it is practically unknown here for many years.
Chief of Chana rode over to see me. …
P.S. People report very small damages by hippos + and best crop
for 3 years. No shortge of food / other than usual

NAG 125 new

20.6.31 Stayed two nights. RH excellent. Spoke to Sandema about food and told him that if he chose to give an order that no corn is sold in the market’s, Govt. would back him up. He was pleased at this and said he would …this order at once.
21.6. Big market day- Swarms of people. …S’s observation above (14?.11.30) is very true. The chief has cleared a deviation round the market, but has not joined up the ends of it over the gutters. To be done at the end … rains, when roads are remade. … to ride a bike to the market without mangling anyone – no mean feat!
Spoke to Sandema about … Bechansi. also Doninga. I asked him to send his representative to the first two places, + this he promised to do. As to Doninga – he says that that chief has been a thorn in his side he plans and have him removed. I know a little about the man, So I can merely … the Chief of Sandema’s wish + report it elsewhere. —- signed              Continued on page 427

NAG 126

126: 26.9.1908: The Chief of Bechawnsi came in to Navoro + complained that hardly any of his Headmen obeyed him. A Constable was sent out + the following headmen brought in + detained in goal for sometime at Navaro to learn sense.

  Headmen   Section
Attubugee Yambissi
Addaboya (Awuduwo is dead) Gangosobols
Abellini Vari
Ayaraga (son of Akunsa who is too old)  Vari
Akumbena Yambissi
Aiyallua Ailidem
Achum Tibassi + Awuchandem
Avizakum (Chief Headman) Yambissi
Attinkpi Achangdey
Anam Aijedem

sgd. S. Nash, D.C

126-132, 465, 480, 481: dawa-dawa

chiefs: 92 Liste, 90 Liste, 101: Ajiunulla (blind, 1917), his sons, 126 dto, 138, 138, 204, 216; 335: chief feeble, but not old; 380, 480: blind, young

history: 335: people came from Wiaga

sections 126 +hm, 127 +hm, 128? 130 # hm, 190

visits DC: 65, 192, 199, 200, 204, 211, 333

teng-nyono and tanggbain: 128


NAG 127

NAG 128

NAG 129

NAG 130

NAG 131

NAG 132

NAG 133 new


NAG 134

NAG 135 new

NAG 135
Kadema: 31.1.20, visited…
Chief name ATIGUIRA: He has been chief for many years ago. He is very old.
The following are the Sections and Headmen in Kadema.

Section        Chief’s Headman
Bayansa       Asiaka
Gadem        Angiabe
Pukwalugo  Aljasimo (?)
Chansa         Amangabe (8.11.28)
Zer(in)ga     Amole
Gobsa          Ajato

27.11.20 visited
Nov. (?) 19, 1925: Visited …
Awang Headman of Zaringa states that he wants to give up the headmanship… his father who old. The Chief of Sandema (present) was told to elect another.
Jan. 1926: Brought in all grass labours asked for without any trouble.
7-3-26 Breakfasted here. They complained abt Awang… for not following the new Leadman but of coming to him the … Awang states …
19.10.26 AKANYASAWRI – who gave trouble before (in 1918) has made false statements against his chief’s sons. – to stop and work… for three months. Whittall, AgCNP


NAG 136

NAG 137 new

Jan. 1913 a new road has been made from Sandema – Wiaga – Bedema – Kamjaga. The road has been completed + renewed, but no bridges (?) this month. Chief of Sandema made … in providing labour … from his subchiefs

April 13 +14, 1915: …New chief elected for Fambisie. Spoke with the people about re-licensing their guns.
1916 … Guns brought in for registration, Chief told that he is responsible for this + the payment of the annual licenses. Castellain
11.4.16 … Chief presented with the small medallion…

NAG 138

NAG 139

NAG 140

NAG 141



NAG 142 new


NAG 143a


NAG 144

NAG 145

NAG 147

NAG 148

NAG 149 new (not quite clear in the original))

May 17th, 1919:
… for recruiting purposes.
…The undermentioned chiefs were present and promised to try and obtain …
Kanjarga 30
Weassie 17
Euwasie (?) 10
Doninga 8
Kardem 12
Fambessie 24
Bedemma 8
Godembisa 6
Kategri 6
In many cases They were unable to carry out these promises but, taken as a whole, the Kangarga chiefs did their very best to help us, with the exception of Kunkwor and Bachonsi, who did nothing. S.D.N


NAG 150

NAG 151 new


NAG 152

NAG 153

NAG 154

NAG 155


NAG 156 new


NAG 157

NAG 158

NAG 159

NAG 160

1913 Not much about Bulsa.

NAG 161

NAG 162

3/1913 a team of Wiaga brought in by Chief of Wiaga and charged with stealing cattle property of Alkanda (?). 1 cow and one calf and 1 bull. The cow and the bull have been returned to him, but the young calf not.
Chief of Sandema reports that he has been to Godembissi and finds that Akarnumana is the eldest son of the late chief – but all the people want his younger brother Attiguru to be the chief. He recommends the appointment…

Tiana: …

NAG 163 new


NAG 164

NAG 165 new


NAG 166

NAG 166 or 178 new


NAG 167

NAG 168

NAG 169

NAG 170 new

NAG 171 new


NAG 172

In accordance with instructions received from Commissioner Adoko and Awe (Court Interpreter and Caravan Agent) left for Zouaragu as representatives of the Chief of Navarro who could not ride, at 8.30 p.m., and a runner despatched to Sandema to call in the Chief who will proceed on to Zouaragu with all possible speed.
9/8/14: Navarro: …
Monday 10/8/14 Chief of Sandema came in to hear the call of Commissioner at 4 a.m. He is instructed to proceed to Zouaraga where he can see the Commissioner.
Mail for the South closed and despatched.
Carpenter left for Sissilli Riveer to make a canoe for Nakon crossing.
Adeko and Awe the representatives of the Chief of Navarro returned to Station.
11/8/14 Varioius Chiefs came in to hear from Chief of Navarro the order made by Commissioner that no one should cross English-German boundaries to cause trouble or riot…

[F.Kröger: World  War I started on July 28, 1914]

NAG 173

NAG 174 new


NAG 175

NAG 176

NAG 177

NAG 178

19 January 1917
all correct with the villages
1. Interviewed to the old soldiers. They were not at all enthusiastic and I was only able to get 6 voluntiers for active Service and 7 others said they would join the N.T.C. to replace any who volunteered. Only 5 of the N.T.C. volunteered for active services. I sent off my reply to the C.C.’s telegram on the subject to the C.N.S.P. at Gambaga by special runner.
2. …
20th January 1917
1. English Mail arrived.
2. …
3. Chief of Sandema came in to see me and complained that the chief of Kunkwa and Akampita were trying to make the peole of Katigri follow Kunkwa. I told him I was coming down his way again I would go into the case. The Chief of Kunkwa is an old and useless person and unless a constable is sent to superintend his people will do nothing he tells him. Akampita is a .. in Katigris side + has given troubles frequently. He was sent to Gambaga last year for a short time as a political prisoner. His idea is to get the Katigri people alienated from Sandema and … be made Chief of Kunkwa.
4. I also had in a headman named Akaameri of Samb… who also refused to do as the chief tells him. I have spoken to him several times + warned him if he was reported again he would be sent to Gambaga. This time he is reported for refusing to send his people to help in repairing a bridge of the 8 mile stream on the Navarro – Zuaruga road. I am therefore sending him to Gambaga for 3 months.
5. Mail arrived from Gambaga.

NAG 179

Monday, 22nd, January 1917
Proceeded to Sandema to hear several Civil Cases + to try + get some recruits.
Wednesday, 24th, January 1917
1. Left Sandema forKadema visiting Wiaga on route, the Chief of Sandema accompanying me.
2. The Chief of Wiaga had no complaints neither had any of his people.
3. On arrival at Kadema I found the Chiefs of Kunkwa + Katigiri waiting to see me. I had sent a message for them to meet me here, to settle whether Katigri followed Kunkwa or Sandema. After every one had said what they wanted, I decided that Katigri should follow Sandema not only because he himself said he did, but because his people are Kanjagas + the Kunkwa people are Mamprussis.
4. I sent Akampita a headman of one of Katigri sections to Gambaga as a political prisoner. (continued in NAG 180)

NAG 180

(Continuation of NAG 179)

[Akampita] is continually giving troubles + there are frequent s. against him in the District Book. … that he be ordered to leave Katigiri + go + settle at Kunkwa.
5. I then heard a couple of complaints + in the evening heard a case of assault.
Thursday 25th Jany, 1917
1. Left Kadema for Bedemma, where I found all correct + and the rest house recently rethatched and done under supervision of a Constable.
2. The chief said he had no complaints and that none of his people had either, which was satisfactory.
Friday 26th Jany, 1917
1. Passed on to Fambisa visiting Kanjarga en route.
2. The Chief of Kanjarga had no complaints but said he could not build a new stable at the R.H. withouit the help of a Constable. Told him I would mark our … for him tomorrow when I passed through again.
3. Chief of Fumbisi came out to meet me on arrival. I found that the R.H. + the camp had been thoroughly clean up.
4. I sent for the Chief of Wiasi to come + see me as I was unable to spare time to visit his town this trip. He came and reported all correct + I gave him the medallion I had promised him, in the presence of the chiefs of Sandema and Fumbisi.
5. Heard civil case in the afternoon.
Saturday 27th Jany, 1917
1. Left for Doninga, passing through Kanjaga again.
2. I pegged out the stbles at Kanjarga after Chief said he could now get on with the building of it.
3. Just after 4 left Kanjaga. …
4. Today is Doninga market + I overtook a lot of the people from Kanjaga going to it. It is the biggest market I have seen up here next to Bare in Zuaruga District. I should say there were between 1500 and 1800 people present. I saw no one carrying … weapons. Bows and arrows are never brought to market but one occasionally sees a Moshi walking around with a sword swung over his shoulder or carrying a spear.

NAG 181 new

…trouble in the Doninga market… there is no doubt that Anganssi, who died about a year ago and was Market Naaba, was responsible for all the quarrels that frequently took place there. I saw a certain amount of … coinage…
5. The chief had no complaints, but I heard a case of assault
Sunday, 28th January
1. Left Doninga and proceeded to Seniessa when I found them busy … to R.H. The Chief had no complaints.
2. I then proceeded to Sandema when I heard… complaint.

Monday 29th January 1917
1. Arrived back in Navarro + found all correct.

2. … escape of the prisoner on the 23rd. The person was one Agazan of Navrongo who was recently sentenced by the council… for cattle theft
…He was the only prisoner there [at Navarro] at the time.The prison of Navarro is a room about 24 ft long by 12 ft … with a beaten soil. There are no windows but about 10 ft from the ground there are a hole of … about 5 to 6 inches and about a foot apart. There are two mor rows above this …In the evening the prisoner asked for some water to drink + this was brought to him + he said he would keep it to save calling again later on. He was permitted to do this. He then proceeded to damp the spaces between the rows / holes + the material being only … dried thick became soft + and he picked his way through. He then got a space about 6′ wide and 2 ft high and he got…

NAG 182 new


NAG 183

NAG 184

NAG 185

NAG 185
March 1917 Proceeded to Bedema, passing through Fambisa and Kanjanga… The Chief of Bedema was sick and unable to leave his comp. I hit his son came to see me and reported all correct.
15th March 1917 Passed on to Sandema. The Chief handed over 6 recruits which was all he could raise in his town.

17 March, 1917
1. The Chief of Sambrueri came in to report the death of his father, which occurred on the 15th. I saw the old man last time I was at Sambrueri and he was very feeble.
2. Heard rumours… and also one of the Chief of Paga who said his messenger h ad been fired on by arrows by people of ZENGA section when sent to tell young men to take sticks into Navrongo. They said it was a plan to get recruits… I fined the headman of the section
3. Awe Chief of Navarro complained that he and all chief of Navarro… had tried their best to get labourers for the Manganese mines but without success.
4. I have now got 21 recruits from Navarro and K. district.
5. Dr. Goodbrand left for Zuarago…

NAG 186

NAG 187

Wednesday 19.12.17
1. C.N.E.P. + D.C. left for Chana, where P.C. again spoke about recruites.
2. Heavy rainstorm at about 9 pm …
Friday 21.12.17
1. To Sandema, where P.C. met all the Kanjarga Chiefs + again spoke about recruiting.
2. Busy hearing a civil case.
Sunday, 23.13.17
To Doninga, + another recruiting meeting
Monday 24.13.17
1. To Kanjaga, where I heard a civil case + several small complaints.
2. P.C. spoke abouit recruiting.

Thursday 27.13.17
1. To Kunkwa via Fambisi + Suivase.
2. As usual I found the R.H. is [in] disgraceful condition + the Chief’s excuse was that his people refused to do as he told them


NAG 188


NAG 189 new (difficult to read)


NAG 190

1. From Navarro to Chuchuliga where I talked about recruiting.
2. Partly heard a case of goat theft.
1. The accussed in the goat theft excaped in the night…
2. To Sandema where a large recruiting took place. I talked of recruiting + the chief found new twelve youth who will accompany him to Tamale.
3. Gave the chief instruction to be in Tamale by the 13th…
6. The Chief also complained that Chiana people were farming on his land. Told the chief I would see into the complaint on his return to Tamale.


1. To Wiaga and Bedemma where I talked again about recruiting.
2. By my arrival at Bedemma there youth from Wiaga presented themselves as voluntiers, saying they did not like to come forward at Wiaga + preferred to go Tamale from Zuaragu … with the chief of Sandema.
… the youth of Kanjaga…

NAG 191

NAG 192

NAG 193

NAG 194

NAG 195 (difficult to read(

From Katigra to Kunkwa
To Kademma
To Kolugu, via Wiaga + myself via the Naga path + Koma area. If the area… this route is not practicable
To Navarro

NAG 196 new

8.1.19 …
To Chuchuliga
10.1.192 (?) complaints at Sandema. Attended the market (?), when there was a fair number of people.
At Siniensa in the absence of the chief, there was not complaint. I told his son, who has acted for him… to carry on and I should come next month with the chief of Sandema to hold the election of a new…
At Doninga on market dady. The largest market I have seen in this district, whose cattle…
2. At Angaasa (?)
3. Lions I am informed are becoming a real …
In Kanjaga, were I heard…

NAG 197

NAG 198 new


NAG 199 new


NAG 200

Fulani in Burkina
14.5.19 – 17.5.19: Visits to Paga, Chiana, Nakon,
To Vari, This is the first time I have slept here. People seemed pleased.

Through the bush to Bachonsi, which enabled me to pass through the hills…
Crops are well advanced here.
20.5.19: To Doninga…
21.5.19 The chief of Siniensi has had an advantage…


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NAG 203

NAG 204

NAG 205

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NAG 207

NAG 208

NAG 209 new

NAG 208 new

NAG 209 new



NAG 210

NAG 211


NAG 212 new


NAG 213 new

19.5.1920 ff
visits to Sirigu, Kandiga, Miregu (?),
The Chief of Sandema came … D.C.
I went in the complaint of the Siniensi man Aweni against the chief of Siniense see diary 5.5.)
The chief of Sandema and all the Siniensi headmen gave evidence. There was no truth in Awenni’s statement. I warned him that if he brought f. complaints against the chief again, he would be imprisoned. Theere is no doubt one of many men looking for an … to be made chief. 
Many minor complaints in Court.. the Siniensi case took all morning. …
To Chana…


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NAG 218

NAG 219 = NAG 135

NAG 220

NAG 143

NAG 221

NAG 222

NAG 222

1925: Five Sections
Section Compounds Headman
Kazensa (chief’s section) 40-50 Apasube
Zuaza 30 Abaleba?
Gowon 10 Atim
Eadem 10 Amel
Twedem 15 Ajesoro

cont. on p. 293 Uasi

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NAG 225

NAG 226

NAG 227 new


NAG 228 new


NAG 229

NAG 230

NAG 231

NAG 232

NAG 233

NAG 234

NAG 236

NAG 237

NAG 238

NAG 239

NAG 240 new

NAG 240
Anapansa elected headman of Kassa section on 26/12/33 (?)
Election of councillors:
Binat (chief… – Abuing
Nansunab (Chief of Compound Gate) Apunayia
Namara (Chief’s helper) – Agona

NAG 241

NAG 242

NAG 243

NAG 244

NAG 245

NAG 246

NAG 247

NAG 248 new

NAG 248
Wiase [Wiesi]
[cf. also Buluk 6 (1912), p. 76]
26.VI. 1906 Chief’s name APASUBE; no flag, no locket
He has been chief of Wiasi for about 14 years, he is a son of AYERAWE who was the last chief and who died a long time ago.
Apasube in affluent circumstances, powerful, and has control over his people. He is not paramount over any other town. The town is thickly populated + could supply about 100 labourers. I could not gather any information as to a possible successor. No old soldiers reside in the town. There are some local traders from Yagaba who bring supplies to the Market for sale. There is a market every 6 days.
The name of the chief fetish man is Apuun (dead) ANGALABA. The name of the chief fetish is TINUNO + is of the usual description + consists of the slaughtering of cattle which are offered to it.
Main trade route to Yagaba from Po. Paga.Tumu.
The Town is divided into the following sections.
Section Headman
Attoidom Jimuway (?)
Go Samadey
Sunadom Apoun
Gianiasi Accaw (= Akow?)
Sgd A.M. Henry, Capt., D.C.
26.5.09 Visited by Capt. Wheeler acting P.C. of the Province…
16.X.11: Akow comes in and states that he is the Chief and that he was made by the Chief of Wuluga. Wiasi used to follow Wuluga. Apasube, who has been Chief for about 20 years, will continue as such. Sgd. S. O. Warden.
17.VI. 1912 This town is on the caravan route to Yagaba + has one canoe on the Sisili River, which is … there.
Section Headmen
Atongyiridem (chiefs) Addagie
Epala Adinga (dead) A.W.A
Go Ayimgasupo 3/7, Angyabadi (d) …
Ginnieni Akow (d), Abio
The Chief’s son Abutempo is young and has sense.
Two men AKOW, headman of Ginnieni section and his friend Aiyemluma are giving troubles to the Chief. They evidently went to Passankwire and Wulungu…


NAG 249

NAG 250 new


NAG 251 new


NAG 252

NAG 253

NAG 254

Visited. No headman, Awom’mayue, son of the late headman elected for the Ipala Section — signed Jaa
Visited R.H. good, chief asked to spilt [split?] IPALA section into two. As there are only 39 compounds in this section I could not see the advantage more specially as the people do not want it + are now quite contented. I did not agree but asked the chief of Sandema to find out why it was suggested + report — sgd

The Chief of Sandema said he now wanted to split the IPALA section (see above). The two hedman to be Akenyawo the … headman with 20 compoundss. ATADORO with 11. Approved.
Some damage by locusts here but no scarcity of food is feared,
Visited, Resthouse good and roads clean
Yet another complaint – the usual one, of refusing work – against the IPALA section.
The Chief of Sandema…
At any rate, the complaint is too vague and rambling to be regarded as proven. The Chief here does not strike one with his personality – I should put him down as weak and fussy.
Warned the IPALA Headman (Ati Boko?) that the next complaint would be regarded as serious and read … No appreciable damage by locusts and no shortage of food anticipated. sgnd G.


NAG 255a

NAG 256

NAG 257

NAG 258

NAG 259 new


NAG 260

NAG 261

NAG 262

NAG 263 new

Visited. The Chief of Sandema complained that these people did not follow him. I warned the chief’s son to go + pay his respect to Sandema forthwith. The Chief of Sandema is trying to make much out of nothing, they agree but perhaps the old chief not willingly.
25. Nov. 1920
Visited. with chief of Sandema held an election for a new chief  Akwabil was elected with a majority 55. Natoma (?), the chief’s son being the onls opponent who had a following large enough to be considered. sgd
July 1922
The chief makes silly vague complaints that his people do not obey his orders, repect him + put sheep in the rest house, he is unable to … any individuals. He appears to have little control over his people and I consider … to his own lack of intitiative.

Sections —-     Headman
Kumsesa  —– Arkuabil (Chief of Kunkwa)
Yokbilinsa —– Aagambe
Gurwisiensa — Ampambil
Gandema —– Aganaab
Section of Yobilinsa fined Lb 3 for not finding consensus when ordered on necessitating the services of a constable to … him.
Ayorma and Latorma (?), sons of the Chief of Kunkwa are a nuisance (?) to the present chief made Political P. [Pioneers??] for…
The chief had no palavers + there were no complaints. There I met the chief of Doli (?) on a visit to the chief of Kunkwa + reported the Chief of Naga. Complaint about the Doli people misusing the canoe – ferry on the W. Volta. The Chief of Doli promised to investigate the matter. … There was a fair … market on, which ended about 2.30 pm. — sgd


NAG 264

NAG 265

NAG 266 new


NAG 267

NAG 268

NAG 269

NAG 270

NAG 271 new


NAG 272

NAG 273

NAG 274

NAG 275

NAG 276

NAG 276
Sandema, 13.8.33
The members of the proposed TRIBUNAL for the Builsa division are:
SANDENAB – The Chief of Sandema
KPALANGKANAB – The Peacemaker (stopper of war)
NGANGDITANAB – Who makes s. for food of crops before planting
TUGURUNAB – Head or Army
GWO NAB – Chief Hunter
NUSOMNAB – Who calls together the Old Men
NAPIENAB – Chief Headman
TUGUROMARO – Second in Command of the Army

NAG 277 new

NAG 278

NAG 279 new


NAG 280

Visited one night. Wurunia Sec. headman Adalewe, an old man + a leper does not come in + sends us representative. Chief wishes to get rid of him + his family. Have warned him that next time there is cause for complaint he will go…
Ketiu has its own R.H. + does not keeep up Chiana stables. Chief informed.
In dispute between Chief of Chiana + Chuchuliga re Nyanganya Lec.. land see under Chuchuliga, page 423,
Leave granted the chief to make new R.H. …
29. Jan. 35
Visited. KUTISIM elected headman of Kalino (?)…
Atuwu elected head of AIENIA section of BUNTUGU, his son, his helper…

NAG 281 new


NAG 282

NAG 283

NAG 284

NAG 285

NAG 286 new


NAG 287

NAG 288

NAG 289

NAG 290 new


NAG 291

NAG 292

NAG 293 new

NAG 293
Biu(k) 2.9.46 (?) (Cf. no 103, clear)
…visited on 28th August…
On 29th I visited Biu again and addressed all compound owners…
I then turned to the question of ownership of land, and I think that it is here that the root of the troubles lies. The Tendana of Biu is the Landowner of almost half of the K.N.N.A. area. His boundary in the North is Paga and Paga-Bru, going east to Kandiga including Mirigu including Doba, but as far as I could make out excluding Sambrune including the whole of Kologo. On the south he goes half way to Naga, and extends Westward across the Tono river towards Kadema and Wiaga. He claims that the boundary of his land passes through the Chief of Sandema’s compound, and he owns the whole of Chuchuliga. I have checked up on much of this, and believe he is speaking no more than the truth, though no doubt many people will ignore him now, especially on the outskirts. But it is noteworthy that Chuchuliga has not hesitation in admitting his claim and for that reason they are on good terms. I have spoken to the Kologonaba about the ownership of the Kologo land the night before and had been able to get nothing satisfactory out of him, except that he maintained that the land owner of Kologo lived in Kologo. When I taxed the next day with what I had learned at Biu, he replied that what the Tendana had said might well be true, but it was of no importance whatever!
I do not know enough about this people to be certain, but I think it extremely likely that the whole trouble between Kologo and Biu is that the Tendana and chief neither think the other pays them the sufficient respect.
I do not know either how the chief of Kologo was originally chosen – whether he was the first man that the English found willing to take the job, or if he had indeed made himself chief before we came, but I have a strong suspicion that in some way or other he or his ancestors usurped the power from the Tendana of Biu, who must have settled on the land before the chief of Kologo, otherwise he wouldn’t be Tendana. It is at least a plausible theory, as Biu lies off the cattle track, and wouldn’t be visited by strangers, while Kologo being on the cattle track probably got rich out of the…

NAG 294a

NAG 295

NAG 296 new

Simpson, the vet, was here when I arrived. He says the cattle here, especially the progeny of the Zebu Bulls given by Govt., are extraordinaryly weak (?), as they are also at Wiaga and Chuchuliga.
Reid, the M.O., is one day ahead of me, being at Wiaga today. Simpson had seen him + says the people are turning out to him very well.
Simpson left for Chuchuliga.
A note from Muir who went to Zuarungu yesterday to ask me to recall Reid, who is somewhere in the S. end of this district, as when he reached Z’gu he found Syme sick. “He fears blackwater” is what he actually says.
…Reid, who will be at Bedema tonight – some 12 miles away.
An returning to Chuchuliga myself tomorrow + curtailing my trek, as the station is empty + I have already had an urgent message from the C.N.P.
Held a palaver in the evening with the chief of Sandema and all his Tindanas, to try to fix the boundaries for my map of Tindanaships. Did so reasonably accurately.
The chief asks to allowed to mend his own roads with his own labour under his own supervision.


NAG 297a

NAG 298

NAG 299

NAG 300








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