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Enskinment of the Chuchuliganab in Sandema


Robert Asekabta

Prehistory according to Albert Awedoba (An Ethnographic Study of Northern Ghanaian Conflicts… Accra 2009, p. 115).

[The late chief] Alang Asangalisa’s son Francis Asangelisa, one of the contestants, refused to go to Sandema to present himself for the voting; in his absence, Adakula Amaachana was voted for and enskinned in Sandema. This created problems of recognition for him in Chuchuliga. Francis Asangalisa continued to pursue his claim and was duly enskinned by the kingmakers in Chuchuliga in August, 1995.

Thus, from 1995 until recently, Chuchuliga was ruled by two chiefs. However, Adakula Amaachana honourably abdicated and made peace with Francis Asangelisa in July, 2006.


On October 22nd, 2016, the Chuchuliga chieftaincy issue was revisited by the Sandemnab, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, in his bid to bring peace and harmony between the Bulsa Traditional Council and its people. This negotiation was stepped up by the Sandemnab when Chuchuliga Nab and his subchiefs asked once more to be recognized as members of the Bulsa Traditional Council.

At this preparatory meeting, an agreement was reached for the enskinment of the Chuchuliga Nab on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, in Sandema. Before this day a cow was sent to the Sandemnab to be sacrificed to the gods as tradition demands.

The following people witnessed this agreement [of the preparatory event]:

The Chuchuliga Nab Francis Asangelisa on November 9, 2016

1) Hon. Bonaventure Adangabe, Bulsa North District Chief Executive

2) Hon. James Agalga, MP for Bulsa North Constituency

3) His Excellency David Adeenze Kanga, Council of State member of the Upper East Region

4) Mrs. Vida Akanbobnab, Assembly member (Nawaasa Electoral Area)


On November 9th, 2016, all house owners, subchiefs and elders of Chuchuliga arrived in Sandema at the usual place where chiefs are enskinned (the space of the old traditional council).

The master of ceremonies then announced that the Overlord of the Bulsa Traditional Area, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, would like all interested candidates to fall out before the enskinment. Nobody except Francis Asangalisa stepped forward.

November 9, 2016

House owners, elders and sympathizers of the Chuchuliga Nab

After a short speech addressing peace and development in the Bulsa State, he then asked the house owners to file behind Francis Asangalisa if they so wished. All of them filed behind him. It was a unanimous decision since there was no other contestant.

The Overlord then crowned Francis Asangalisa as Chuchuliga Nab with a red cap as a symbol of authority since he was the ultimate choice of the people of Chuchuliga. After the enskinment, the Chuchuliga Nab was asked to stay overnight in Sandema as custom demands. The Chuchuliga Nab was then carried shoulder high amidst drumming and dancing till the next day. The chief was then congratulated and permitted to go to Chuchuliga.

The merry making, however, continued in Chuchuliga as the people have had their choice.

The officials who witnessed the great event were:

1) Hon. Bonaventure Adangabe, Bulsa North District Chief Executive

2) Hon. James Agalga MP for Bulsa North Constituency

3) Mr. Agoala Avaripo (Bulsa North Constituency NDC Chairman)

The Gbedema Nab Nkrumah Apagrimchang, too, witnessed the enskinment.

The Paramount Chief (centre), elders and the Gbedema Nab Nkrumah (with red cap)

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