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Michael Abaala

The late Mr. Michael Abaala was born on August 1, 1954 to the late Mr. Atiim and Madam Achimpoari at Asik-yeri in Sinyansa Badomsa. He started primary education at Abuluk Primary from 1958-1964 with the help of the late Mr. Leander Amoak. After class 6 he continued his education at the Sandema middle Boarding School from 1964-1968 and was later transferred to St. Martin’s Middle School where he completed and obtained his middle school leaving certificate. He was appointed as pupil teacher and went for the Pupil Teachers In-service Course at Zebilla from April 1, 1970 – May 28, 1970 and taught in the following schools Abuluk Primary, Kanjarga Primary, Chuchuliga Primary and Chiana Primary.
The late Michael attended the Bawku Nursing Training School from 1974 – 1976 and after completion was posted to the Wiaga Clinic in 1977 where he he was enrolled as a senior nurse in 1996. He was promoted to Senior Staff in 1998, to Superintendent Nurse in 2006 and to Principal Nurse before he went on retirement in 2014. He liked his work as a nurse and was happy to help sick people.
Michael Abaala and his wife Magdalene Atta were good parents to four children, namely Paulina Abaala (deceased), Romanus Abaala, Mavis Abaala (Ghana Police Service) and Boniface Abaala (Nurse).
Michael Abaala fell sick and was rushed to the St. Lucas Hospital in Wiaga for only a short time and hardly did we know this, he passed on to glory, on April 24, 2021.

Michael Abaala, Rest in perfect peace.
Michael Abaala, Duak Nalim Nyini Avuusi.


Michael Abaala’s family

Note F. Kröger: Michael Abaala wrote an article for the Buluk journal (no 4, 2005, pp. 48-49): “History of the Wiaga Clinic” and was one main informant of the article “List of Plants for Medicine and other Purposes” (Buluk no 11, 2019, pp. 89-107).

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