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Obituary of Danlardy Leander Amoak

From Danlardy’s official biography

Danlardy Amoak, whose traditional, but little-used name is Anamboro, was born in Wiaga on 21 November 1958, as the eldest son of teacher Leander Amoak (see BULUK 3, p. 18ff.) and Adaminyini Ayalegong (daughter of the late Sandemnab Azantinlow). In 1971 he was baptized by the catholic priest Fr. Marneffe.


After completing his JHS (Junior High School) he worked as a messenger and later typist with the Ministry of Agriculture. From 1980-82 he was a pupil teacher and after passing the examination of the National Teacher Training College he was admitted to Bimbila E/R Traning College (1983-84) and later to St. John Bosco’s Training College (1985-86), where he completed as certificate ‘A’ teacher by profession. He taught at several primary schools and was promoted to the grade of Assistant Superintendent in 1996. From 2009-2014 he was headteacher at Marakez English/Arabic Primary School in Wiaga and retired on 16 July, 2018.
Through a classroom visit, I (F.K.) observed that he addressed his classes effectively, could explain problems well and had a friendly relationship with his school children. In 1998 Danlardy received a prize from the District Education Office as the second best teacher of the district.
Apart from teaching, he devoted his free time to agricultural cultivation.
In December 1988 he married Fidelia Kenkenni Akanligpare from Wiaga-Guuta who bore him three children: Cynthia (*1989), Ruth (*1992) and Dennis (*2002).
After the death of my first main informant and dedicated co-worker, Mr. Leander Amoak (cf. BULUK 3, p. 18-20) in 1983, I (F.K.) was at a loss for how to continue my hitherto very intensive work in his compound, Asik Yeri (Wiaga-Badomsa). Leander’s eldest son, Danlardy, had not shown much interest in the traditional life of his family at that point. Nevertheless, I asked him to continue his father’s work for me.

Ruth, Dennis and Cynthia

After some initial difficulties, he stepped into his father’s role as one of my main collaborators, i.e. he worked as a translator during interviews and transcribed and translated texts from tape. He usually chose the night hours for this. During the time of my absence, he even wrote complete reports on ritual and secular events.
Danlardy earned his merits by contributing to the BULUK magazine. From1999-2012 (BULUK 2 – 6), for example, he wrote about important events in Bulsaland in the “Events” section.
In the years after my last stay in Bulsaland (2011), I used his help only occasionally as other informants had internet access and communications with them were thus easier. But even in 2022 Dan wrote the obituary of his cousin, Abaala (see above).
His achievements in recording Bulsa culture are undeniable.
He died on October 24, 2022 in Tamale Teaching Hospital and was buried at the cemetery of the Wiaga Catholic Church.


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