Robert Asekabta 

(March 29, 1979)


Note: This poem, filled with the anger of a young man, was written when Ghana suffered from military dictatorship, misgovernment and corruption.

Peasant Farmers, Workers and People of Ghana
Continue with Revolution!
Take your wives’ pestles, your sticks and stones,
And whatever is with you!
Chase away the elements of Neo-colonialism.
The Generals of the Armed Forces and top civil servants
Have formed a common truce to exploit Ghana.
Their selfish decrees and general attitude,
Depicts what intentions they have down their sleeves.

Organise ! Revenge ! Strike ! Kill to get free!
Continue with Revolution!
A final overthrow of the oppressor is our goal,
For we suffering ones are in the majority.
Let’s take a vow to die in the battle front,
To be told after death that Ghana is totally free.
We won’t sit down, we cannot succumb to injustice.
Ours is a Revolution, Young, Certain and Strange.
For we hang over the Oppressor like Damocles’ sword
Only to cease power, destroy the enemy
And build the People’s state – CLASSLESS!

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