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The sources for the following chronology were mainly numerous unpublished works, e.g. the History of the Bulsa by Francis Afoko (1970, F.Af) and since the 1990s, Danlardy Leander Amoak (Wiaga. abbreviation D) who has collected important data from the Bu(i)lsa District. I am grateful to the Sandemnaab Azantilow for an insight into the files kept at the Sandema Chief’s homestead (abbreviation Sa-Arch.). The Tamale Regional Archives, especially Register 6 (Navrongo) and the National Archives of Ghana (NAG) in Accra, supplied further data from the colonial period and the early days of the Republic of Ghana. The Internet, especially the Home Page/NewsArchive provided valuable data since the same time.
The present list of chronological data on the history of the Bulsa is intended, on the one hand, to provide material for an overall history of the Bulsa to be written at a later date, and, on the other, to provide (amateur) researchers with a numerical framework for the individual topics or periods they are investigating.
The current version is a crude form with some shortcomings in terms of content and form. If different year dates appear for an event, this is because contradictory information appears in the sources used (archives, secondary literature, oral statements by informants). Formally, it is noticeable that both the present tense and the past tense were used for the entries. Here, too, I adopted the tense of the written sources. Proper names was partly written in the form in which they appeared in the sources and the spelling is therefore not always consistent.
Finally, it must be said that a chronological list (just like a dictionary) is never complete, but constantly requires corrections and additions (for example, for the latest time).


AD: Anno domini (after Christ)
Ag.: Acting (e.g. Ag. CC: acting Chief Commissioner)
Ag.: Chron. 20.5.08
BC: Before Christ
BECE: Basic Education Certificate Examination
BMY: Bulubisa Meina Yeri (Facebook Group)
CC: Chief Commissioner
CCNT: Chief Commissioner of the Northern TerritoriesD: Danlardy Leander Amoak (Diary)
DC: District Commissioner;
F.Af: Francis Afoko (Asianab)
FISTRAD: Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (Sandema)
NAG: National Archives of Ghana (Accra)
JHS: Junior High School
Ltn: Lieutenant
NDC: National Democratic Congress
NPP, N.P.P: National Peoples’ Party
NT or N.T.: Northern Territories (of the Gold Coast)
oi: oral information
PC: Provincial Commissioner
PNC: People’s National Convention (party)
PTA: Parent Teacher Association
Sa-Arch.: Sandema Archive (Sandemnaab’s compound)
Sgt.: sergeant
SHS: Senior High School
UER: Upper East Region
PTA: Parents-Teacher-Association
WASSCE: West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination


4000-2000 BC (sources: 2000-1000 BC)
Cattle herders (forerunners of the Fulani?) from the Tassili Mountains (Sahara) move south because of the drying up of the Sahara

3000 BC (around)
First evidence of the Kintampo culture (?), discovered in 1960, see also 1500 (beginning)

2000-500 BC
First villagers in what is now Ghana: herders and gatherers; houses made of “wattle and daub”; stone tools, pottery (first pottery between 2000 and 1500 BC), beads; excavations at Ntereso

1630-1240 BC
Ntereso settlement near Tamale; millet cultivation? (Anquandah 3-4); Flight 1967: settled around 1300 BC (see also 1500 and 1100)

1600 BC-1000 AD
Horses to West Africa; probably in the 1st millennium BC

1500 BC
Beginning of Kintampo culture: Neolithic culture between late Stone Age and Iron Age, rudimentary clay figures; clay pots with “impressed designs” and “comb stamping”; “terracotta cigars”; small polished axes; palm kernels; incisors of dead people removed; in Ntereso square houses
Other sources: first evidence 3000 BC); other source: Kintampo culture traceable from 1400 BC, but by 1500 fully developed
Flight, 1967: 512: stone bangles (as later in Bulsaland, FK) in the Punpun phase (1450-1400 BC);

1100 BC
Iron finds in Ntereso (Kintampo culture): doubted by science (radiocarbon) to be the earliest iron finds in Africa

1005-515 BC
Oldest grave with skeleton excavated in Daboya; since then permanent settlement there (2nd oldest grave: 490-290 BC); burial sites like today, i.e. dead are buried in the homestead; culture similar to Kintampo, “terracotta cigars”, absence of worked lithic material suggests iron

1000 BC-300 AD
Paleo-Sudanese culture from Abessynia to Dakar; also in northern Ghana; south of Paleo-Sudanese culture: West African culture (Kintampo). Culture: West African culture (map in H. Baumann 1940,Völkerkunde von Afrika, p. 42)

900/800 BC
Beginning of agriculture in Northern Ghana (Songsoore, Dagaba)

5th century BC
Beginning of long-distance-trade from the Sahara: salt and copper (until 500 AD?)

500 BC-500 AD
Nok culture in northern Nigeria; agriculture, iron and pottery also in Ghana

250 BC (around)
First settlement of Jenne-jeno: fully developed iron technology

150 BC-1000 AD
First iron industry centres on Ghanaian soil: 5 in Brong-Ahafo, 2 in Northern Ghana

300 AD -1500 AD
Neo-Sudanese culture (H. Baumann et al. 1940, Völkerkunde von Afrika, p. 61, P. Perrault 1954, p. 15, map: p. 17), includes the large Sudanese empires (Gana, Mali…); brass casting, cotton weaving, double iron bells, xylophone

1000, from approx.
Cowries (Cyprea moneta) in Mali, see 1352

1000, from approx.
Horizontal narrow band loom in West Africa

“Ghanaian Middle Ages” (Ozanne), near Accra homesteads as today in Tallensi area, iron centres: Akpafu, Dagomba, South Gonja

Venetian merchants bring Kauris in Tuareg caravans from Persia to Niger for the first time; end of 15th c. Kauris in Benin; s. 17th century.

1382 (1383?)
French merchants from Dieppe found La Mina (Elmina); gold trade,

14th century
Horse saddles introduced by Arabs at the Niger Arc (Beyer 1998, p. 89, Law)

House of King Abdullahi Burja of Kano: beginning of trade from Bornu to Northern Ghana (Gonja only in the 16th century), trade of kola and others (Der 1998: 3)

1450 (around)
Northern Ghana connected to cola trade; 1438-52

16th century (around)
Firearms spread from North Africa through the Sahara into West Africa

16th-19th century
Peak of iron production in northern Togo (Tunis 1990: 397)

(Ozanne 1971) Tobacco imported into the area of present-day Ghana; between 1600 and 1625 tobacco pipes among the Gonja (archaeological dating), smoking habit penetrates Ghana from the north (from Senegambia); different types of pipes from the beginning; around 1640 tobacco introduced in Accra, there European types of pipes

1600-1625 (between)
Introduction of tobacco pipes at Gonja (archaeological dating)

17th century
Cyprea annulus (cowrie) appears in West Africa (other source: around 1000 AD), 1703-31 in Hausaland.

17th century
In Northern Ghana almond trade (gold, salt) is displaced by house trade (kola)

(Wilks, p. 89, cop. 913) Na Atabia of Mampurugu moves through “Northern Ghana” and founds new chiefdoms in Wala, Sisala and Grunchi.

18th century
(Der 1998: 11) In Wasipe [N.R.], the Wasipewura organized raids against the Builsa, Kasena und possibly the Sisala villages.

17th-18th centuries
(Iliasu 1975: 6): Parts of Bulsaland are taken (overrun) by Mamprussi in the 17th/18th century (overrun);

1700-1750 (between)
(Der 1998: 1) Northern Ghana is included in the slave trade.

Cowrie introduced to Hausaland as a measure of value.

Dagomba Na Gariba captured by Ashanti; released in return for annual tribute payments (until 1874), including 200 slaves annually; Dagomba have slaves captured from the non-centralised groups of Northern Ghana (Grunchi)

1750 (around)
Northern Ghana included in slave trade (Der), other source: since 1732

1760-1775 (according to Perrault 1954: 74)
Mamprusi chief Na Atabia; he might have been Atuga’s father or grandfather; as Atuga, according all versions of the Atuga-legend, left Nalerigu (and not Gambaga), which had become the Mamprusi capital around 1760 (?), Atuga must have entered the Bulsa country after 1760 (See BULUK 7, 2013: 77).

Dagomba pay 200 (?) slaves annually to Ashanti

1800 around
(Habig 1996: 56) First raids of the Zabarima (Alfa Gazar) in the Dagara area.

Islam establishes itself in the urban centres of Northern Ghana

Ban on slave trade by the British government; trade abolished in all British colonies in 1833 (in the USA only in 1863)

1830 – June 2, 1900
Samori Turé

Na Abdullai of Dagomba: the first Zabarima come to Dagbon (see 1860);

1850 (approx.)
Accession of Sandemnaab Anaankum to power (until 1900 or 1901)

1850 (before)
Chief Jugon of Uwasi

1850 (approx.)
Babatu born (?)

1860s (1856?)
First Zabarima arrive in Dagomba as traders, malams or mercenaries, speak Songhai, are said to catch slaves for Dagomba who are to be paid to Ashanti.

1870 (Tauxier: 1872; Tamakloe: 1856, Holden: much later)
Army of Zerma mercenaries is ordered by Adama, King of Karaga (Dagomba), to join a slave raid in Gurunsi country (Beyer 1998: 105; Levtzion 1968: 153, Tauxier 1912: 183)

1870, 1872?
Alfa Hano, the first leader of the Zabarima, dies after a move to Gurunsi country (Wilks, p. 103); he had previously devoted himself to religious studies in Salaga; he is succeeded by Alfa Gazare, who establishes his headquarters in Kassana (15miles NE of Tumu); death (according to Pilaszewicz 1992, p. 20): 1872

Zabarima are lords of Bulsaland

Death of Alfa Gazari of Kara (according to Tamakloe and Pilaszewicz 1992), succeeded by Babatu

Travels of the German linguist and explorer Gottlob Krause (1850-1938) in Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso. As Krause had an anti-colonial attitude, he was not funded by official authorities. He travelled on foot without any weapons and servants. On his way back from Timbuktu, he visited many Northern Ghanaian villages that had never been visited by Europeans before. He did not enter Bulsaland.

1884? 1885?
Babatu (born approx 1850, died 1907), successor to Alfa Gazari, begins campaigns against Sisala; first town sacked was perhaps Sakulo

Marriage Ordinance by colonial government of the South; obligation for single marriage; traditional marriage still possible, encouraged by churches

British annex the northern territories of Ghana because of the advance of Samori and the French

Babatu destroys Wa

(Habig 1996: 56) Babatu destroys Wa

G.E. Ferguson (Fanti-British) negotiates on behalf of Governor Maxwell with the chiefs of the Eastern Northern Territories (NT)


Babatu again in Bulsaland (according to Pilaszewicz 1992: 83 and Holden’s interviews)

1891? 1896?
Sandemnaab leads Bulsa army against Zabarima

(Lentz p. 652) Ferguson concludes 20 treaties of friendship and protection in NT (Habig: 1892 and 1894)

1893 (1894?)
Grusi followers of Babatu under Hamaria (a Bulsa?) rebel because Grusi women were sold as slaves; Hamaria (Ameria, Amariya), who calls himself the ‟King of the Grunchi‟, leads army from Leo against Babatu (Der p. 23: 1894, Pilaszewicz 1992, p. 90: 1895 Battle of Nwandanwuo, no victory)

Gonjaland and Abron overrun by Samory; battle of Janitlipe (Gonja); Bole destroyed

1896 (approx.)
(Perrault 1954) Ababatu (Babatu) attacks villages of South Bulsa; people run to Sandema where a battle takes place between the market and Old Primary; Bulsa kill many Zamberima in the loading break .

September 19, 1896
The French Voulet and Chanoine move from Ouagadougou to Sati; there they concluded a treaty with Amariya; Babatu driven out of Sati

Kanjaga headman Kangmanate has quarrel with his people; he calls the Zabarima for help; for some months there are raids in the Bulsa area.

November, 1896 – June 14, 1897
Military expedition under Ltn. Henderson to Bole (2.1.97) and Buna, which had been occupied by the Mandingo “privateer” Samori; British defeated, Ferguson beheaded 6.4.1897; Henderson falls into captivity with Sankemory (Samori’s son), but is back in Accra on 14.6.97.



The Northern Territories are occupied entirely by the British.

February 14, 1897
Henderson meets Babatu in Kanjaga.

March 14, 1897
Ltn Chanoine, with the help of Gurunsi under Hamaria, defeats Babatu at Kanjaga; in June Cpt Hugot defeats Babatu at Ducie; Babatu flees via Yagaba to Yendi, dies there in 1907; end of slave raids (since 1732) in Northern Ghana; (Holden 1965: 85, Habig, p. 56, Duperray 1984)

April 6, 1897
Ferguson killed (executed) by Samori’s people

September / October, 1897
Babatu leaves British protection with a few hundred warriors and goes to the Dagomba area

December 3, 1897
Protectorate NT divided into 3 districts with military commands: Gambaga, Wa and Kintampo


NT divided into the districts: Black Volta (previously Wa military district), White Volta and Kintampo, existing until July 1902

Lieut. Henderson publishes an essay in the journal “The Idler” about his expedition to the Ashanti hinterland. In it appears a small map in which, probably for the first time, Bulsa places are marked: Bachonsa appears in the form Bechongsi and for Kanjaga it says “Barbatu’s Camp”.

June, 1898
(Habig 1996: 56) Anglo-French Convention; start of the ‟pacification‟ of the ‟Hinterland‟

November 19, 1899
Anglo-German Convention: Zaberma join British army or return to Zaberma.

1899-1908 (other source: 1902-1908)
“Caravan tax”, paid by merchants; most important source of income in the NT; abolished again after pressure from Gold Coast merchants


Military government in NT, planned by Northcott since 1898, 1907 Civil administration

1900 (around)
(Bening 1973: 24) After the Ashanti Rising of 1900… [there was the] necessity… of defining the boundaries of Ashanti; … natives north of the 8th parallel of latitude… [became the northern] boundary… It was virtually regarded as the limit of mine-rally-rich and the barren rocks.

Gold Coast Regiment founded; many Bulsa join it

(NAG) Chief Abili of Kunkwa, who lived in the time Babatu, died a few years after 1900 )

1900 or 1901
Death of Sandemnaab Anaankum, shortly after his confirmation by the British (1900); Ayieta succeeds him only in 1905.

Maintenance Tax in NT collected by chiefs

1900-1920 (approx.)
Kantussi settle in Sandema and Siniensi; 1905 report: There are no Mohammedans residing in Sandema.

Chief Agigsa of Biuk reigned after 1901

1901 – December 30, 1907
(NAG) Chief Amachenna of Chuchuliga


January 1, 1901
(Arbour to Arhin) Protectorate NT established

September 26, 1901
Northern Territories placed under the Governor of the Gold Coast as a protectorate; previously they were directly subordinated to the Commissioner and Commander-in-chief

Northcott’s ban: import and sale of spirits banned in NT (1898 ban comes into force); spirits allowed in other regions; pito manufacture to be encouraged


Administration Ordinance for NT: chiefs retain power and jurisdiction (in courts);

March 11 – 24, 1902
Punitive expedition of the British against the Bulsa (Tiansi) by Lieutenant-Colonel A. Morris; from Navrongo via Paga, Chana to Sandema (21.+ 22.3.); all inhabitants of Sandema had disappeared in the bush; they destroy “King’s house” and move to the “King” of Chuchuliga, who is friendly to them.

June, 1902
NT: Three districts replaced by four districts: new: Gonja District with Salaga as capital (later Yeji)

(According to Der,  2001: 56f) Cpt Fleury toured Bulsa and met the chiefs at Sandema, Chuchuliga, Wiaga, Kadema, Siniensi.

(Bening 1973: 26) New boundaries of the Northern Territories

Caravan tax on Kola and livestock in the NT; paid by traders

“Direct rule” in Ghana


(Bening 1973: 30) Extension of the railway line from Sekondi to Kumasi enhanced the importance of the land route from Ashanti to the north.


Chief’s Ordinance: Governor must confirm election of a chief; even before that he had the right of removal


(Williamson 2000: 396) A.E.G. Watherston CCNT

Death of chief Adogo of Kadema

until March, 1905
Slave raider Bagao: raids in Navrongo and surroundings; executed by Navrongo District Commissioner

May 26, 1905 (date in archive)
(Tamale Regional Archives, Register 6: Navrongo) A.M. Henry (DC): “The last Chief of Kunkwa was Abili, who died several years ago. It is reported that he died of wounds received whilst fighting with Babatur and his raiders. The population of Kunkwa consist of a large proportion of Mamprusis… The town is under the chief of Passinkwia. The town is on the main caravan route from Moshi Country to Salaga and Kintampo. The chief fetish man is Atombi. The fetish is called ‘Wallsi’. The fetish place is some rocks to the North side of the town. The following are Sections and Headmen.
Yalbilinsa (Chief) Headman Adubina
Kunsesa Atubili
Twisiensa Tindana
Gandema Atumbi

October 25, 1905
(According to Bening, p. 18: 2001) headquarters transferred to Navrongo; the “administrative unit is bounded by the Sissili, White and Red Volta” (i.e. Bulsa area included), first District Commisioner in Navrongo (5th District of N.T.), cf. Der, 01:18

December 20, 1905
Ltn. P.T. Partridge in Sandema

November 1905
Ayieta officially confirmed as chief by Major Irvine, appointed under Major Twiner, installed; 7-day ceremony; Ayieta dies 18.5.1912 (F.Af. 6+7); after Anaankum’s death (approx. 1900) there was no official chief;

December 20, 1905
(Sa-Arch. p. 220:) Report P.T. Partridge: Ieta (Ayieta) appointed Chief by Irvine; recognised by the people in November; 7-day ceremony: …being locked up in a dark room without being allowed to come out for seven days…. There are no towns under the Chief of Sandema except Wia (Wiaga) and Saniesse (Siniensi). No discharged soldiers live in this town


January, 1906,
Adachoruk / Adachuro was elected chief of Kanjaga in January of 1906, deposed March 1913; died July 7,1914

April 23, 1906
(Howell 1997: 114) …Fathers Chollet, Morin (*1878) and Brother Eugène arrived at the Navrongo Post and founded the Mission of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows.

1906 or 1908?
Atigbiiro/ Atugwieru was elected chief of Kadema (still reigning in 1917)

1906-27 (1934)
Adult men recruited by chiefs for forced labour in mines until 1927, for road construction until 1934.

May 24, 1906
(Sa-Arch:) Capt. A.M. Henry, D.C. in Sandema; correction: Chief of Sania is not paramount over the towns of Wiaga and Siniensi; estimated labour… expected: 100 (corrected to 300-400): in Sandema no soldiers… and permanent traders; chief manufactures: iron and potmaking; chief fetish place is a clump of trees close to the Chief’s Compound. There are no Mohammedans residing in the Town. No big trade routes pass through the town; sections (new spelling): Awusuyeri, Goluk, Fiisa, Nyansa, Balansa, Suerinsa, Kandem, Abilyeri, Bilinsa, Kalibisa, Achiokyeri.

Start of labour migration from the NT


Meningitis epidemic in Northern Ghana, 10 000 dead

NT semi-military administration (since 1900; 2nd battalion) abandoned; in its place: constabulary and civilian base; Bulsa area in Navrongo District (together with Gambaga District) to become North-Eastern Province with Gambaga as its capital

April 14, 1907
(Sa-Arch. 221) Captain O’Kinealy in Sandema; reprimand for Chief Ayieta (“seemed unwilling”), the big Fetish Man Attanta lives at Fisi (Fiisa)

1907 (?)
Babatu dies in Yendi (Neutral Zone) from the bite of a poisonous spider; his grave is later turned into a memorial

Conflict between Ayieta and Amelizi of Wiaga-Chiok over livestock; Amelizi’s son Adem allegedly stole 69 cows from Ayieta’s kraal in Suarinsa; no verdict is reached in Navrongo Court (F.Af. 6)

December 30, 1907
(A. Awedoba) Atuchiga/Altecheg Amaachana, son of Amaachana was made chief of Chuchuliga; dismissed by the British


Road development plan; “Great North Road” for motor vehicles from Kumasi to the north started, completed by 1921.

June 28, 1908
(NAG) Akaachie/Akachiri was “enstooled” as chief of Doninga

March 26, 1908
(NAG) Attechey, Chief of Chuchuliga elected; in other sources: December 30th,1907); suspended on November 7th, 1913, deposed on January 1st,1914 , CHUCHULIGA Accra)

October 24, 1908
(Sa-Arch. 221) Meeting held in Navrongo; S.D. Nash (D.C.), gives copper money to the Sandemnaab and explains it.


(NAG) death of Ateng, chief of Wiaga; his rival had been Abasing from Yimonsa

(NAG) Aparinga (= Apanga?), elected chief of Kunkwa, reigned until 1920

Azenaab (Azinab), (1909 [1910?] -) elected chief of Wiaga; contestants: Abasing (Afichoa’s son) of Yimonsa et al.; Azenab died September 17th, 1947

1909 – September 1947
Chief Azenaab of Wiaga.

May 10, 1909
Berkeley, D.C., visits Sandema: no complaints

June 19, 1909
A.W. Atkinson, M.O., sentences chief (Sandema or Siniensi?) to 7 cows fine for insubordination

December 18, 1909
Captain Whealer visits Sandema

Experiments with cotton growing in Northern Territories; ginneries in Tamale, Wa and Gambaga


(Williamson 2000: 385) Cecil Hamilton Armitage (1869-1933) CCNT (until 1914?); in 1921 he became Governor of The Gambia.

April, 1910??
Navrongo District created from Frafra, Tallensi and Nabdam; capital Zuarungu

1910 (approx.)
Captain Armitage (CCNT) subordinates Chuchuliga to Navrongo; at that time Nayagania partly belongs to Chana (F.Af.12); cf. continuation 1923

Birth fever epidemic in Gold Coast and hinterland

(According to Bening, 2001:22), a new “administrative unit” consisting of Frafra, Tallensi and Nabdam is detached from the old Navrongo District (see 1905)

Start of the mission in Navrongo by the White Fathers (from Ouagadougou)


1911, 1921 and 1931
Population and Housing Census (Weiss 2004: 19): All the three census reports can be regarded as colonial ‘fiction’.

May, 1911
Capt. Whealer, ag. P.C., visits Sandema

August- October, 1911
Chief Commissioner Armitage establishes North-Eastern Province as Kingdom of Mamprusi: 5 subdivisions: Mamprugu, Kusasi, Frafra, Gurensi, Builsa; each subdivision has head-chief who were under the Nayiri (Iliasu, Cop. 1018, p. 7); 14.4.12: Nayiri Wubka appointed Paramount Chief in Navrongo.

September 12, 1911
British in Sandema: new recruitments

September 19, 1911
(Tamale Regional Archives, Register 6: Navrongo) Kunkwa: “…fines imposed for not clearing roads. Kunkwa follows Passankwa [Kpesingkpe?]- Nalerigu. Chief Aparanga very old and [not?] likely to live many days. The fetish man is Adju and he receives a fowl after a good harvest from all landowners.

September 23, 1911
Ayieta elected (?) Paramount Chief, counter-candidate: Kanjaga chief; Iliasu 1975 7; his source: Capt. E.O. Warden;

October 2, 1911
(F. Af. 6): diary of J.O. Kinealy of 2 October: the Bulsa must have a head-chief! The Sandemnaab Ayieta Ananguna or Kanjaga-chief is foreseen; Wiaga, Siniensi and Kadema vote for Sandema; Fumbisi for Kanjaga; Doninga, Uasi and Bachonsi neutral; the Sandema-chief Ayieta is elected (F.Af. 6); (Iliasu, 1975: 7f): election probably on 23.9.1911

October 15, 1911
C.H. Armitage, Ag. Chief Commissioner of the NT, approves Ayieta’s election; confirmed on 1.5.1912.

October 24, 1911
Mr. Nash (DC Zuarungu) explains copper money in Navrongo to chiefs; Ayieta receives coins: 3d, 1d, ½ d, 1/4 d (F.Af.7)


1912 around
Anchar/ Ancheh, chief of Kategra; perhaps until 1925

1912 (since)
Gun-licenses and taxes for guns in NT

Plan to process and export shea butter and kernels in NT later abandoned.

Atibiro (Atigiro?) chief of Kadema; appointed by Ayieta

April 14, 1912
Durbar of Chiefs at Navrongo; Na Wubka (Nayiri, Mamprusi) appointed paramount chief of North Eastern Province; meeting held in 4 languages: Mampruli, Frafra, Buli and Hausa (Iliasu 1975: 10).

April 15, 1912
Armitage confirms Sandemnaab’s election as paramount chief in Sandema [again?] (see 23.9.1911)

Sandemnaab claims suzerainty over Kategra, Kunkwa, Cheeb, Bulbia and Kassidema (the last two now extinct), which were under the Wulugu-nab (Apt. 37f.)

May 12, 1912
The chief of Kpesingkpe holds a meeting in Kpesinkpe; the chiefs of Fumbisi, Kanjaga and Katigra also appear; Kpesingkpe supports the detachment [of Fumbisi and Kanjaga?] from Sandema; after a British enquiry, a fine is imposed on Kpesingkpe on 4.6.1912.

May, 1912
Meeting in Nalerigu with MPs from Sandema, Doninga, Fumbisi, Siniensi, Wiaga (gap in copy); Nayiri gives everyone “a red fez cap…. as a symbol of chieftaincy”; but the MPs present were the losers of the traditional chieftaincy elections

May 18, 1912
Death of Ayieta; death reported to NT Chief Commissioner by Nash (DC) on 24.5.1912; Ayiparo and Afoko want to succeed him (F.Af.10)

June 15, 1912
(Tamale Regional Archives, Register 6: Navrongo) Nalansa or Katigri: “…Kunkwa and (Bedema), Godemblisi follow Kunkwa. The whole country between these two places is a lake in the rainy season”.

June 27, 1912
(Sa-Arch. 221f.) Meeting in Sandema after the death of Ayieta under Nash (DC); all section chiefs present; Afoko and Ayieparo confirmed as new candidates by Nash (DC), Ayieparo finds no sympathy among British; he is allegedly not related to old chief and has elephantiasis; Nash (DC): I am in favour of Affoka [Afoko] being elected. Head fetish Man is Allafeesa in Feesa Section. Attanta is dead.

December 11, 1912
(Sa-Arch. 222, F.Af. 10) Afoko is elected chief in Sandema by the 16 Sandema headmen in the presence of Whealer: 12 for Afoko, 4 for Ayi(e)paro; Ayiparo protests, Afoko dies 20.3.1927

December 26, 1912
Whealer in Sandema: Ayiparo continues to make trouble

December 29, 1912
(Sa-Arch. 222) Meeting in Navrongo: Ayiparo claims he is the rightful chief; CCNT Armitage rebukes him

Bulsa Native Authority Area under Mamprusi Naa


April 25, 1913
Akinkangnaab/ Ankanaba/Anankabil (?): elected chief of Kanjaga, abdicated July 1922; Anankabil died August 17th,1922

January 13, 1913
(Sa-Arch. 223; F.Af. 11) the new road (dirt track) from Sandema to Kanjaga via Wiaga and Gbedema is completed with side ditches; it had been started right after Afoko’s accession to power; Ayiparo boycotted the construction; chief supervision: Cpt. Trawaley

February, 1913
Nayiri (Nalerigu King) is enthusiastically received by Kanjaga chiefs on his round trip

March 25, 1913
(Sa-Arch. 223) Ayiparo arrested by O. Warden (DCE) for boycotting road construction; 3 months imprisonment as political prisoner (F.Af.12)

March 27, 1913
‟Palaver‟ in Kanjaga should explore the proportion of the followers of the suspended chief Adachuro and his challenger Anankaba (ten to one against Adachuro). (See BULUK no 7, 2013: 90.

(Bening 1990: 27) Seven Bulsa boys attend Navrongo Boarding School (mission school)

1913 (diary from Dec. 14, 1913- Feb. 10, 1914)
(Williamson 2000: 310-312) H.M. Berkeley Ag. PC of Navarro (Navrongo), North Eastern Province (including Bulsa)


Malam Abu writes historical report on Babatu and Samori for Dr. J.F. Corson (translation by Pilaszewicz 1992), 1926 Corson gives it to Migeod

Aperiga / Periag/ Perrigah becomes chief of Chuchuliga; he died December 22nd, 1922,

January 27, 1914
(Berkeley, Ag. PC, Navrongo in Diaries, p. 311) Chief of Sandema interviewed about the 25 recruits wanted for the constabulary. He is told to produce two from each of his ten towns.

April 13, 1914
Ag. PC. Berkeley visits Sandema; order to repair the Resthouse; 13.2.1916: well repaired.

April 19, 1914
Whealer (?) at Sandema, 4 headmen fined for not providing porters

May 2, 1914
Akannuemiena, chief of Gbedembilisi installed; he was still reigning in 1917. According to Francis Afoko (p. 7-8), he was Gbedembilisi Chief when the first resistance against the colonial rule arose. If this is true, his reign must have been extraordinarily long.

1914 (diary May 7 – July 16)
(Williamson 2000: 312-313) Capt. H.T.C. Wheeler Ag. PC of Navarro (Navrongo), North Eastern Province (including Bulsa)

May 14, 1914
Whealer (?) in Sandema: 4 headmen punished for not providing porters

July 7, 1914
Whealer (?) in Sandema: talks about wax trade with Kumasi

July 16, 1914
Capt. Wheeler, Ag. PC, in his diary, p.313: Dr. Beal left the station of Chuchuliga. From there… throughout Kanjarga country to investigate the anthrax….

1914 (diary Dec. 15, 1914 – May 14, 1915)
(Williamson 2000: 313-314) T.W. Breckenridge Ag. PC of Navarro (Navrongo), North Eastern Province (including Bulsa)


(Williamson 2000: 358) B. Mountray Read Ag. CCNT

April 13, 1915
Breckenridge in Sandema; he cautions people for not wanting to accept British currency; new Chief elected for Fumbisi; guns need to be licensed but on 12.2.1916 only 4 guns are presented for registration

April 23, 1915
(Tamale Regional Archives, Register 6: Navrongo) Kunkwa: …chief says… that he does not wish to follow Sandema. I can find not record of his being told to do so and a note of September, 1911 says he follows Passinkwere, and I do not see why this should be upset. Orders in future will be sent through the Chief of Navaro.
Katila, chief of Katigri, a small place under Kunkwa and who was made by Kunkwa, complains that his people have never follwed him since his appointment…

May 14, 1915
Ampusiba’s election as chief of Fumbisi was approved May 14,1915

1915 (diary August 6, 1915 – Nov. 5, 1916)
(Williamson 2000: 314-317) A.L. Castellain, DC of Navarro (Navrongo, including Bulsa)


Amariya (Hamaria, Amaria), who resided in Leo as “King”, is deposed; British had proven his claim to Grunshi to be unfounded by material.

April 14, 1916
(Williamson, p. 316) Castellain (DC of Navrongo District): Left Sandema for Chuchuliga. The old chief … came out to meet me (15.4. Again in Navrongo)

April 1916
Smallpox epidemic in northern Ghana; Tumu (Diaries p. 296)

November 1916
(Sa-Arch.) Chief Afoko receives the “King’s Medal for African Chiefs”, 1917 another medal (F.Af.12); In 1927 he was earmarked for a 4th order (F.Af.12), but dies before that

December 11, 1916
(Sa-Arch. 223) L. Castellain (DC Navrongo) in Sandema; 2 ex-soldiers from Wiaga and Kadema warned; small medallion and fabric for a “gown” on Afoko; only 4 rifles were registered with the chief


1917,  around
Amboru (documented 1912, 1917) chief of Gbedema

1917 (documented)
Abadin Akpiok (Akpiokyeri), chief of Siniensi

1917 (documented for this year)
Ambowen (= Anbiwa?) installed by the British as chief of Uwasi

January 23 (?), 1917
(Sa-Arch. 223) Castellain (DC Navrongo) in Sandema: civil trials

March 15, 1917
(Sa-Arch. 223) Castellain (DC Navrongo) in Sandema: 7 recruits; Diaries p. 362: Government demands a quota of recruits from all chiefs; Method is close to “compulsory conscription”; leads to riots

1917 (diary April 1, 1917 – Sept. 25, 1917)
(Williamson 2000: 317-319) Capt. S.D. Nash, DC of Navarro (Navrongo, including Bulsa)

April 1, 1917
(Williamson, p. 317) Capt. Nash (DC Navrongo and Zuarungu): Arrived Kanjarga 10.30 am (coming from Zoko) … only chief’s section present, the people of the other two sections were told to salute me at Navarro in proper numbers; … fear of being seized as recruits

May 19, 1917
(Sa-Arch. 223) Breckenridge, Nash (DC), Dale and Johnstone in Sandema: recruits! The 38 sections promise 2 recruits each.

July 25, 1917
(Sa-Arch. 223) Afoko receives medallion from Chief Commissioner, NT in Navrongo; he gives back the smaller

December 27, 1917
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) Kunkwa: “CNEP [Commissioner of the North-Eastern Province?] and DC visited here and found the Rest House and compound in a very bad condition. The Chief complains that his people will not follow him. The Chief of Sandema followed us her and is anxious that Kunkwa should be put under him. The majority of the people speak Kanjarga, but say that they are Mamprusis. The CNEP says before taking any steps into the matter he will consult with the chief of Passankwere [Kpesingkpe], who appoints the chiefs of Kunkwa. Sgd. L.C. (D.C.)

December 21, 1917
(Sa-Arch. 223) Meeting with D.C. in Sandema; almost all the chiefs present

December 30, 1917
(Sa-Arch. 224) L. Castellain (DC Navrongo) in Sandema: Sandema should not command Kunkwa

December 30, 1917
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) B. Moutry Read (CNEP): A letter is received from the CNEP at Passankwere [Kpesingkpe] in which he states that “before our occupation of the country and before the raids of Babatu, the Chief of Passankwere [Kpesingkpe], with the authority of the Na of Mamprusi had power to appoint Chiefs in the following villages: Kunkwa, Iuwase [Uwasi], Fambisi [Fumbisi], Kanjarga, Kadema, Seniessa [Siniensi ], Wiaga, Sandema, Doninga and other villages in Mamprusi country. When one Wurume was Chief of Passnekwere he appointed one of his sons Chief of Kunkwa, whose sons were made chiefs of Kanjarga, Wiaga, Sandema and Seniessa [allusion to Atuga?]. This was previous to Babatu’s raids. These men were of course Mamprusis and were the ancestors of the present Chiefs of those villages who now call themselves Kanjargas. ‘Some of these people have now affected the Kanjarga markings and language from residence in the country and intermarrying with Kanjargas, but the present Chief of Sandema (Afawko) himself is an example of Mamprusi markings, showing his Mamprusi descent.
The Chiefs of the above mentioned … villages up to the coming of Babatu, were not only appointed by the Chief of Passankwere [Kpesingkpe], but approached him through the Chief of Kunkwa for confirmation in their appointments as chiefs; consequently, if this statement is correct, to appoint Sandema now over Kunkwa would be an upheaval of all native traditions and customs.

July 25, 1917
Afoko receives medallion of medium size from CCNT in Navrongo, he returns the small one;

December 21, 1917
Meeting with D.C. in Sandema, almost all the chiefs appear,

Swarms of locusts in the Northern Territories


Visit of the British in Sandema: February 18; March 20; April 2, and July 2, 1918

West African Currency Notes introduced

A.W. Cardinall (Ag DC Navrongo) visits Vare (Bulsa village, now extinct)

1918 – January, 1919
Influenza epidemic in N.T. with 20,000 deaths


Construction of Navrongo Cathedral begins.

1919 or 1920
(F. Af.) Ayuenala, chief of Bachonsa died, documented for 1912

1919 (diary March 10, 1919 – November 11, 1919)
(Williamson 2000: 319-323), A.W. Cardinall DC of Navarro (Navrongo, including Bulsa)

March 16, 1919
Anisomyansa, elected chief of Siniensi

December 12, 1919
(Williamson p. 319) Cardinall (Ag. DC Navrongo): To Kanjarga, yesterday’s cow case … 13.3.1919: asked to kill lions … they have not burnt the grass … owing to general laziness … influenza


Peter Wedjong (inf.): the first bicycle appears in Navrongo

January 29, May 31 and September 9, 1920
British officers in Sandema

March 4, 1920
(Regional Archives Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo): C.H. Armitage (CCNT), Gambaga: Judgment:
1. The claims of Kayare, chief [of] Passankwire [Kpesingkpe] and of Petadina, styled Chief of Aba to the overlordship of certain villages situated on land lying to the West of the Right Bank of the white Volta River are baseless
2. The boundary between the Passankwaire [Kpesingkpe] land and those under the Chief of Sandema is the White Volta River, with equal fishing and other rights to the inhabitants of both districts.
3. The title “Chief of Aba” ceases to be borne by any Passankwaire [Kpesingkpe] chief.
The impudence of Kayare to deceive the chief Commisioner and I may add his paramount chief who was visiting Passankwaire [Kpesingkpe] for the first time and was in no way to blame in the matter, cannot be overlooked and I have decided to destool him, but have referred the matter to era and his sub-chiefs in order to ascertain their opinion of Kayare’s conduct etc. etc.

1920 (around)
Sandema, Wiaga, Kanjaga, Fumbisi runway laid out

September 9, 1920
(Sa-Arch. 224) Freeman, (D.C. Navrongo) in Sandema, recruiting labor and census; asked when a new chief of Bachonsa would be elected

September 15, 1920
(Sa-Arch. 224) Freeman (DC Navrongo) in Kanjaga: recruited 25 labor

November 25, 1920
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) George B. Feeman (DC): “Visited [Kunkwa] with Chief of Sandema; held an election for a new Chief and Akwabil was elected with a majority of 55; Natorma, the chief’s son, being the only opponent who had a following large enough to be considered.
suspended by D.C. November 14, 1926

November 29, 1920
(Sa-Arch. 224) Freeman (D.C. Navrongo), in Sandema: increasing insubordination among people; Resthouse repair (on the road from Sandema via Wiaga to Fumbisi and Kanjarga) see 1913


January 1, 1921
Three provinces merged into Western and Eastern Province with Wa and Tamale as capitals

Census in Sandema (completed in 1926). N.T .: 530,000 inhabitants; H. Weiss (2004: 19) calls it a ‟good guess‟.

May 16, 1921
Anankansa enskinned chief of Bachonsa


DC for North Mamprussi speaks to Bulsa-chiefs: he wants workers for the railway construction, otherwise compulsion; Sandemnaab supports him (Thomas, Forced Labor)

(Diaries 1922): Plan to build a railway to the north (to Navrongo) abandoned due to the Great Depression


First constitution of Ghana, see also 1925

Chuchuliga is said to fall to Bulsa, Nayagania to Kasen-Nankani; Afoko and Chief Awe of Navrongo agree; in 1927 the Chief Commissioner NT confirmed the recommendation from 1923 (F.Af.13)

May 18, 1923
(NAG) Amboa, second son of Aperigane elected chief of Chuchuliga

after 1923
People from Chuchuliga, which is now part of Bulsa, have to upgrade the road from Chuchuliga to Sandema (surface + beat), (F.Af.13)


(Williamson 2000: 387) Alfred Louis Castellain (*1870) became CCNT

Colonel Whittall became DC in Navrongo (for about 10 years). He helped the missionaries build the first St. Paul’s Primary School, which opened in 1926 with 85 children.

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) First road constructed from Navrongo to Sandema

June 9, 1924
(Sa-Arch. 225) Visit of a British man in Sandema for 2 days: complaint about Doninga chief.

June 24, 1924
(Sa-Arch. 224) Nainfais (?) In Sandema: 4 lb. Punishment because cow vaccinations were not carried out; Resthouse in good condition, but disturbing “white ants”; should one look for a new location?

November 14, 1924
Aburin Akambonnaab (Akambong) installed chief of Fumbisi

A.H.C. Walker-Leigh Chief Commissioner of the N.T .


Constitution established under Guggisberg, Executive, Legislative and Provincial Councils, Legislative Council: 15 colonial officials, 5 Europeans, 9 Africans; chiefs are only dependent on the British governor

Princess Marie Louise, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, tours ‟Ghana‟ including Northern Ghana with 16 lorries (trucks). On her way from Navrongo to Tumu she does not enter Bulsaland (See BULUK 7, 2013: 112-113)

January, 1925
(NAG) Apasungbe/Apasube, chief of Wiesi; according to Francis Afoko he reigned around 1912

April 20, 1925
Aninlik /Anilig: elected chief of Kunkwa; he resided in Jadema until 1933

November 17, 1925
Anankwen, a son of the late chief, was elected chief of Wiesi. He received 225, his contestant Abotempo received 81. Chief Anankwen died in the beginning of December of 1933.


(Sa-Arch. 225) Results of the 1921 census: 17 sections of Sandema have a total of 906 compounds with 10911 inhabitants; largest section: Balansa with 2156 inhabitants, then Bilinsa (1125 E)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Opening of the first Catholic Church

January 10, 1926
Asangalisa Alang is appointed Chief of Chuchuliga by Afoko

March 9 and 30, 1926
British in Sandema: Praise for Afoko

July 21, 1926
Ampoba, chief of Kanjaga, was deposed by the British

August 20, 1926
Ayamkom elected chief of Kanjaga; destooled January 1, 1927

November 9, 1926
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo): Chief (of Sandema) complains that 9 more compounds have moved over to South Mamprusi. Sipriani says that this was reported about April last. Chief says others are preparing to go – reason – too much work in Navaro, which is nonsense. Given a talking to and orders reiterated that people must not move from one district to another without first obtaining permission. Took list of names of the migrants for reference.

White Fathers open station in Wiaga (Barker, p. 40 other source: 75th anniversary Wiaga Mission, May 2002)

after 1926
cattle tax in NT for cattle owners


Native Administration Ordinance: rights of the state council increased; Position of Paramount Chief, Divisional Chief and Headman established

Land and Native Rights Ordinance: all land in Northern Ghana is “public land”; 1979 Constitution: Land back to traditional owners

Colonel Whittall introduced the telephone to Navrongo

Chuchuliga to Bulsa; Nayagania to Kasena-Nankani; Recommendation of 1923 comes into force (F.Af.13)

February 9, 1927
(NAG) Achangalsa (Asangalisa) enstooled chief of Chuchuliga; in another context: elected March 1st,1927
(F.Af.13) Afoko goes to Chuchuliga and enskins Asangaksa
According to the Sandema administration, Asangaksa’s reign started 10.1.1926
Awedoba: Allan Asangalisa appointed in March 1927

February 9, 1927 – 1970
Ayaric (Gbinaansa), chief of Gbedema (See BULUK no 6, 2012: 59-63)

February (April?), 1927
The White Fathers Dagenais and Champagne as well as Brother Albert found the Catholic mission station Wiaga (3rd Catholic station in Northern Ghana after Navrongo and Bolgatanga). Mission school: see 1930; 75th anniversary: May 5th, 2002

March 20, 1927
Afoko dies after 7-8 days of illness in Sandema (probably pneumonia); burial on March 22nd, 1927 in his mother’s room (courtyard?);
under Afoko, Bulsa became an independent district, the Sandema Health Center and a water pipe were built (F.Af.15)

April 8, 1927
Akansugaasa (Agaasa) elected chief in Sandema; first there were 5 candidates, then 3; for the first time, other Bulsa chiefs take part in the election together with the [Sandema] headmen: 28 electors; 12 chiefs present; Agaasa unanimously (?) elected for one year on probation (F.Af.16); Akansugaasa died in in 1931

May 1, 1927
(based on Bening 2001, p. 25): North Mamprusi District is divided into Navrongo and Zuarungu districts; supervised from Navrongo

November, 1927
Recruitment of NT workers for southern mines abandoned; Tax system should replace “forced labor” (see also 1931)


(Williamson 2000: 397) Lieutenant-Colonel Percival Frederick Whittall Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Territories

October 24, 1928
P.A. Whittall (Provincial Commissioner of the N.T.) issues new regulations on the bride price and children in the event of a new marriage


April 28, 1929
Ada enthroned as successor of his father in Kadema by Agaasa, Sandema (F.Af.16), rules until 1974
other source: Adaangabe / Anangabe / Amangabe (Atigbiiro’s son): “enstooled” April 29th,1929 as chief of Kadema


1930 (or 1931?)
(Bening 1990: 58) The White Fathers were granted permission to open a school… at Wiaga. However, it made little impression on the Builsa and was closed down in 1933 owing to lock of local support.
(Inf. R. Anyik) Mission (Primary) School opened in Wiaga in 1930, first as a minor seminary for training priests (See BULUK 7, 2013: 64-66).

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Burkina migrants built a mosque (Chansa, later addition)

Dagbani is taught in all schools of the NT (except Gonja)

Northern chiefs are invited to preparatory conferences on Indirect Rule.

Teams of animals were introduced in Northern Ghana for agricultural production


Census (Gold Coast)

Yellow fever epidemic in NT

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) First activities of the Presby church in the area

November 16, 1931
Azantilow enthroned as Paramount Chief, dies November 14, 2006 [after Francis Afoko, Azantilow was elected on December 19, 1932]

Land and Native Rights Ordinance (valid until 1960)

1931 (end of)
The British colonial government begins talks with Agaasa about the Native Administration System (F.Af.)


(Williamson 2000: 394) Eustice Opherts Rake CCNT

System of “native authorities” (indirect rule) with tribunals, treasuries and native authority schools introduced into the NT; Kasena-Nankanni and Bulsa Narive Authority oppose incorporation into the Mamprusi District (see 1940); the Native Tribunals Ordinance gives chiefs judicial power in the NT (see 1935); other source: indirect rule since 1933. This means that the provincial borders are no longer applicable

Rattray, R.S.: 1932 The Tribes of the Ashanti Hinterland, 2 vols., Oxford
This is one of the first publications (after Cardinall and Tauxier) with one chapter on the Bulsa and many references within the text of his book.

(F.Af. 16) Beginning of the system of native treasurers among the Bulsa under Agaasa; Market huts built on the market. At the end of a month chief receives ½ of all income from the “court fines” and all market taxes; Agaasa becomes treasurer, not yet Clark

July 5, 1932
Two lions kill Afoko’s horse, which was standing in a stable between two others who were completely unharmed; Asekabta cannot track lions; internal reason for this event: the late Afoko was angry that everyone was using his horse.

July 27, 1932
Native Council: List of first councilors presented to the DC; first payments to taxes for “Treasury”

Shortly before Agaasa’s death (November 21, 1932), Kunkwa and Kategra become part of Mamprussi district (Nalerigu)

November 21, 1932
Death of Akansugaasas (Agaasa)

Kasena-Nankani and Bulsa protest against incorporation into the Mamprusi district; 1940 their own district

December 19, 1932
According to Francis Afoko: Election of Azantilow as successor to Agaasa by Bulsa chiefs and Sandema headmen; Mr. Oliver (DC) from Navrongo oversees the election (F.Af.18); “Enskinment” on the same day.
According to information from the Traditional Council, Sandema, Azantilow’s enstoolment took place on November 16, 1931

December 28, 1932
Dispute between Atowe and Akanjilemu with Angusi (all brothers) is reported to the DC; Angusi had protested against Azantilov’s election.


Approx. 200 bulls of another breed are given out by Pong Tamale to Bulsa chiefs and farmers

January 1, 1933
Azantilow is appointed Chief; agricultural show in Pong Tamale

Fr. Morin becomes Bishop of Navrongo, but it does not become a full diocese until 1956

March 7, 1933
Meeting of all Bulsa chiefs under their President Azenaab (Wiaga), subject: local administration; all but Kanjaga are voting for Sandemnaab as Paramount Chief; the Kasena-Nankani model of a “federation” is rejected (see also Nov. 16, 1931 and Dec. 19, 1932; contradiction?)

May, 1933
Locust invasion; Sandema, Wiaga, Chuchuliga and Siniensi are particularly affected (F.Af.)

August, 1933
Chief Commissioner of the NT visits Sandema (F.Af.21)

November 7, 1933
The boundaries of the Sandema market are defined by boundary stones (SM1 – SM5)


(Diary of Sir Shenton Thomas, Governor of the Gold Coast) Meyer Fortes (1906-83), the famous anthropologist, visited Sandema (See BULUK 8, 2015: 90-91)

First airplane to the Northern Territories

Lawra Confederacy: Native Authority marks the beginning of the ‟Indirect Rule‟

Navrongo becomes Apostolic Vicariate under the direction of Msgr. O. Morin (+ 1947); Successor is Monsignor Bertrand (Bishop); In 1934 the new cathedral is inaugurated.

January 21, 1934
Anatiu / Anatwi, chief of Kanjaga died

January 22, 1934
Apimpanta / Ampanta: elected January. 22nd, 1934; enstooled February 21st, 1934 as chief of Kanjaga

September 1, 1934
Bulsa area becomes its own native authority under Sandemnaab (previously to Mamprussi), previously native authorities had been created as administrative units with greater responsibility of the chiefs (until 1951)


Native Courts Ordinance: Grade A, B, C for Northern Territories


Direct tax / head tax introduced in NT; previously forced labor; “Flat rate on each adult male according to the economic condition of his section”, maximum rate: 7 s .; Confiscated by Native Authority

Bulsa Native Treasury established in Sandema under the Native Treasury Ordinance

Kasena-Nankanni District founded; 10 confederated chieftaincies: 1. Navrongo, 2. Kologo, 3. Naga, 4. Mirigu, 5. Sirigu (Kasena), 6. Paga (K), 7. Chana, 8. Kayoro, 9. Katiu, 10. Nakon; all 10 chiefs equal (1957: Navrongo becomes paramountcy), president elected every year.

May 12, 1936
The Bulsa Native Authority opens the first (secular) school in Sandema until 1954 as a boarding school: Old Primary (A mission school opened in Wiaga in 1930). The Old Primary had 6 classes (class I, II, III, standard I, II, III). After completing standard III, the pupils could sit for an examination at Tamale Middle Boarding School, the only middle boarding school in the Northern Territories at that time. First students of the Old Primary: Chief of Siniensi, Mr Atiim (later director of the Sandema Boarding School) (See BULUK 7, 2013: 55-66)

St. John Bosco’s Training College in Navrongo begins teaching.


Senior Secondary School opened in Navrongo; objective: teacher training

Native Dispensary opened by Native Administrative in Sandema

December 16, 1937
Abotempo was installed as chief of Wiesi. He died in 1937


All chiefs and many sub-chiefs of the Protectorate and N-Togoland meet for the first time in a conference.

March (?) 1938
Atong became chief of Doninga as a young man “on the death of his very ancient father”


March 12, 1939
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, NRG 6/21/1, File no 55/1934) Letter Azantilows to District Commisioner: ‟My good friend … Wiaga market needs 4 bundles of iron sheets and septic tank latrine; Sandema: … 24 sheets .. I am your good friend Azantilow

July 22, 1939
Abuntoari, regent for the preceding 15 months, was elected Chief of Wiesi in the presence of the D.C. and the Chief of Sandema. Ayedana, youngest son of Apasube (who died in 1926) had 30 votes to Abuntoari’s 33. Abazerimi also stood but had no following. Aywenkegli of Ipala Section wished to stand but was ruled out, because he wasn’t part of the chief’s family.


White fathers open dispensary in Wiaga

since 1940s
(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Cattle tax

Meningitis epidemic in Northern Ghana

1940 (approx.)
(After Bening 2001: 26): Kasena-Nankanni and Builsa Native Authorities virtually autonomous administrative unit (residents had been against their inclusion in the Mamprusi District since 1932)

July 31, 1940
(Based on Bening 2001: 27): Kasena-Nankanni and Builsa Native Authority form the Navrongo District (Kasena, Nankani and Bulsa)


Paramount Chief Azantinlow, invited by the governor in Kumasi, delivers a speech to the regiment that moves out to serve in Abyssinia.


1944 or 1945
Income Tax in the NT (Income Tax Ordinance) for “traders, employees and professionals”


December, 1946
Northern Territories Territorial Council of Chiefs established as advisory body in Tamale


Death of Msgr. Morin (Navrongo)

Mr. Hughes visits Vare (Bulsa)

1947 (or 1942?)
(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Construction of the first dam: Biaga

March 3, 1947
Awenbolemi Adebugu chief of Vare

September 17, 1947
Death of Azenaab, chief of Wiaga


April 4, 1948 – February 7, 1984
Asiuk chief of Wiaga; contestants at his election Akanpaginaab (Awumi’s son, Yimonsa) et al.

(Bening 2001: 28): Kasena-Nankanni, Builsa and Mamprusi in the Northeastern District summarized


Bulsa Youth Association founded under the name “Bulsa Literary Association”; dissolved again twice; The organization was refounded in 1966

June, 1949
Kauri currency abandoned in Northern Ghana; 200-250 Kauri = 3d


May 17, 1950
Chana-pio Ayagitam II installed in his office,

St. Francis Xavier Primary School opened in Wiaga

1950 (around)
Bullock farming and yam cultivation introduced to the Buluk


Local Government Ordinance creates “district councils”; 2/3 members elected, 1/3 appointed (chiefs); Responsibilities: schools, water, health, roads; thereby ousting the chiefs from the administration; Bulsa administration passes from Bulsa Native Authority (1934) to District Local Council

White Fathers found a seminar in Wiaga; move to Tamale in 1953; converted into a secondary school in Wiaga, which was also relocated to Tamale in 1955 (1953?)

Northern Territories merged with Gold Coast

Afoko’s son Akantigsi is nominated a member of the National Assembly of the Gold Coast; re-elected until Nkrumah’s fall (F.Af. 14)

April 10, 1951
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) Letter (handwritten) from Sandemnaab Azantilow to CC (Chief Commissioner) in Tamale by the DC of Navrongo: CC may take action against the following chiefs and headmen:
1. Aninlik, chief of Kategra
2. Anabil, chief of Kunkuaga
3. Ajuik, chief of Jaadema
4. Headman of Buiyeng
5. Headman of Ngaaba
6. Headman of Gyambaliik
The chiefs and headmen are living on the Builsa land which lie on the Westside of the White Volta River and are Builsas and do not pay their tribute tax to the Builsa Native Authority. … the White Volta was the boundary before the coming of the white man.
Plaintiff: Sandemnaab Azantilow; Defendants: Nayeri, Mamprusina, in his capacity as the Headchief … of the Mamprusi …; Ajuik … (see above)
Excerpts from files from 1906, 1911, 1912, 1915 and 1917 follow as attachments in the archive
Judgment of the court proceedings: see 27.2.52 (See BULUK no 6, 2012: 51-58)


February 27, 1952
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) Minutes of the CC court: Long discussion about land rights “feudal type of land tenure”; previous decisions are used; Promises of loyalty to a chief or speaking a certain language says nothing about land rights; Witnesses to Sandemnaab do not turn out to be reliable; the dispute between Sandema and the southern villages arose because the latter did not want to work in Navrongo and therefore did not want to remain under Sandema; Wuruguna: the border was the Vari or Besyu River and not the White Volta; plaintiff: language, circumcision, tribal scars, and funeral rites used as evidence. However, they are not recognized by the court.
Result: Plaintiff cannot prove his arguments. On the other hand, the villages have strong ties to the Wuruguna and through him with the Nayiri. “The plaintiff’s claim, therefore, fails”; signed: P.W.C. Dennis, President, Chief commissioner’s Court.

May 7, 1952
(Regional Archives Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) Hearing in the West African Court of Appeal, Accra – Sandemnaab appealed; the reason given is that Sandema pursued Babatu as far as the river; Result: appeal denied

School reform (in force until independence): compulsory schooling and exemption from tuition fees for elementary school; taught in mother tongue.

Administrative reform: introduction of local and district councils.


June 2, 1953
Paramount Chief Azantilow, accompanied by Abu Gariba (former head of the Sandema Boarding School), takes part in the coronation celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II in London as a representative of the Gold Coast (see also newspaper clipping of the Daily Sketch of May 25th 1953). Azantinlow receives the King George V Medal and the Queen Elizabeth II Medal

Secondary School of the White Fathers in Wiaga is relocated to Tamale (according to another source: 1955)

Middle Boarding School Sandema founded as the first Bulsa Middle School, moved to Tamale in 1955.

Chuchuliga-naab wants to break away from Sandema

Church of the Lord in Ghana; 1972 Split from the Church of the Lord Mission, from this group Rebecca Kawuru comes to Sandema in 1977

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Opening of the first Presby Church and health activities


(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) The Wiaga Land Planning Committee meets to advise on the planning of agricultural projects (e.g. rice scheme) and the construction of further reservoirs

(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo; NRG 6/11/2) Chuchuliga affairs, Chairman of the Local Council: Chuchuliganab; p. 21: Petition, dispute Agalga – chief; p. 32: Letter to the district governor; Sandemnab (like Agalga) supports Mr. Ayogsum

February, 1954
Northern People’s Party (N.P.P.) founded as an opposition party in Accra; Party wants independence from the south, supporters especially with Mamprussi and Kusasi


Secondary School Wiaga relocated to Tamale (or 1953?)


(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, NRG 6/16/2; C61): Trials at Builsa A Court: mostly women’s affairs

May 30, 1956
Irrevocable agreement of the Northern Territories to join the rest of the Gold Coast for Self-Government; the Sandemnab Azantilow was a leading signatory.



1957 (early)
Rev. and Mrs. Paton open Presbyterian mission in Sandema; in March 1957, Rev. and Mrs. Duncan join (See BULUK 4, 2005: 50-51)

December 20, 1957
First meeting of the Interim Builsa Council; chairman: Sandemnab (23 votes; Anaab: 12 votes)

St. Martin’s Middle School (today Junior Secondary School) opened in Wiaga


Pamphlet costume for women banned

June 3, 1958
(Regional Archives Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, NRG 6/11 / 3.0198) First meeting of the Builsa Local District Council; Preparations since 4/26/58; Consultation with Ofori Atta, Minister of Local Government; Members: 30? from all over Bulsaland by sections; reorganization: see 5.7.1962


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) State farms in Chuchiliga area and Chiana and Tono Workers Brigades

January 16, 1959
Abiako Apasukpe becomes chief of Uwasi

April 1, 1959
Five Year Development Plan (until 1964); English is also used as the language of instruction in primary schools

June 4, 1959
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo) Wiaga Land Planning Committee: So far 10 dams have been completed: Yalabeli, Bedema, Bedema L.C. rebuilt, Kanjaga,


Rev. Byers becomes pastor and head of the Presbyterian Mission. He had the church built to the east of the Sandema Center, which was consecrated in July 1963.

Nkrumah government law prohibits scarification

around 1960
(Gh. Ayaric) When Peter Akajepung Afoko (Lawyer Amoak Afoko’s father) was chairman of the Bulsa Local Authority Council, many dams in the Bulsa area were constructed

July 1, 1960
(Bening 1973: 48+49) …the Northern Region was divided into the Northern and Upper Region, the latter with the headquarters at Bolgatanga.

The Sandemnab Azantilow becomes the Vice-President of the Regional House of Chiefs in Bolgatanga; 1966-72 President of the U.R. House of Chiefs

Father Marneffe pastor of the catholic Bulsa Parish (Wiaga). He is also the founder of the mission clinic (See BULUK 4, 2005: 48-49).


Education Act: Compulsory education for ages 6-16 Year of life declared

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Opening of Namonsa School and Presby church

January, 1961
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, NRG 6/15/3 RAT / 8 / 97n No BD. 0065/1) Contract to build Sandema Health Center; signed DC Adochims


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Hand dug dam by community
Government health clinic opened in Sandema
Introduction of new crop varieties (a.o. Naga White)

May 21, 1962
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, C 185) Opening Ghana Young Pioneers in Wiaga; First meeting: May 25th, 1962 in Middle Day School, Wiaga, Primary School Wiaga, Primary Day School Sinyansa

July 5, 1962
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, NRG 6/11/5, C302) Letter of July 5th: all previous Local Councils dissolved


(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, C 185) Existing schools in Sandema: L.A. Old Primary, Ayieta Primary, Afoko Primary, Anaankum Primary

July 4, 1963 – 1994 (?)
Afulang Anisomyansa (teacher) Chief of Siniensi

June 7 – November 7, 1963
(Regional Archive Tamale, Register 6: Navrongo, C185): Builsa District Headquarter Sandem: Letters to and from Schools: Main topics relate to the young pioneers, e.g. uniforms, prices etc. 15.2.65: …choose 4 neat children (2boys, 2 girls) from each school (4-7 years of age); Salutations to teachers and directors: Dear comrade, fellow comrade, my dear headteacher; yours in the service of Ghana and Africa

July Presbyterian Church of Sandema inaugurated


Holden collects information on Babatu in Northern Ghana; his helper with the Bulsa was James Agalic


Introduction of the Cedi-Pesewa currency (previously British pound), 1 lb = 2 Cedis


Taxes in Sandema: 5s. for each woman, 1 lb for 1 cow, 10 p. for bicycle

Prof. Rüdiger Schott’s first research stay with the Bulsa; first book publications on the Bulsa : 1970 (Aus Leben und Dichtung eines westafrikanischen Bauernvolkes), it contains a general introduction to Bulsa culture (the earth, the Bulsa compound, social organisation etc.) and the publication of Bulsa stories. Essays on the culture of the Bulsa follow in the next years.

Paramount Chief Azantinlow (Sandema) is -President of the Upper Region House of Chiefs; there are no conflicts during his tenure  (1960-66 Vice President)


February 17, 1967
Currency reform; 1 New Cedi = 10s. (1 old Cedi was 8/4 s.), see also 1965

The Sandemnab Azantilow becomes Chairman of the Upper Region Agricultural Council


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Introduction bullock plough (EM);
Aliens compliance order (EM);
District under Navrongo (EM).
URADEP started with small rural development projects (officials: since 1969; EM: since 1975); emphasis on animal traction.
Start of the first Presbyterian Agricultural Station.

Mrs. Lydia Azuelie Akanbodiipo was elected member of parliament in the Bulsa District. She was one of the first women in a Ghanaian parliament (cf. article in BULUK 7, 2013: 67-69.)

Paramount Chief Azantinlow (Sandema) receives the Grand Medal of Ghana

1969 (until August 1970)
Aliens Compliance Order (under Busia); Expulsion of all foreigners without a Ghanaian residence permit; Nigerian weavers have to give up their work with the Bulsa (no more weavers with the Bulsa since then)

September 27, 1969 – April 11, 2000
Roland Leo Nabamoabil Chief of Wiesi. He was a primary school teacher, speaks good English, motorcyclist, converted to Christianity at an early age as one of the first Bulsa chiefs; In his last years he was a member of the Bible Church of Africa. Died in Sandema hospital.


before 1970
(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) No banking services (EM);
Vehicular transport not common; people used local material to ‘beat’ roads (road construction)
Barter trading common; only one commercial Market at Dorninga (EM);
No hospital / health centre/clinic but Presby station ran a mobile clinic; Father Manev treated people with local herbs (EM);
Only one Middle Boarding School in Sandema (EM);
Only Catholic and Presby Churches in Builsa (EM);
Had to send animals to Biu (near Navrongo) for vaccination (EM);
Law passed against women wearing leaves to cover private parts (EM);
Women not allowed to partake in discussions and decision making. They could only discuss issues with husband in-doors (EM);
FGM rampant (until about 1985) (EM);
Women were more mature early; they could marry young (EM);

Azenaab Girl’s Primary School opened in Wiaga

In his manuscript ‟The Ayietas‟ Francis Asianab Afoko describes the time between Anaankum and Azantilow

The first monograph on the Bulsa: Schott, Rüdiger: Aus Leben und Dichtung eines westafrikanischen Bauernvolkes. Ergebnisse völkerkundlicher Forschungen bei den Bulsa in Nord-Ghana 1966/67.
After this R. Schott published a great number of books and papers on the Bulsa. His latest publications include the editions of Bulsa stories (3 vols.)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Acheampong regime did appropriate things for the area; Spirit of voluntarism and self-help (EM);
Enough food to eat and farm (EW);
In dry seasons (wells dried up) animals would go to the bush and easily be stolen by thieves (EW);
Start immunization by government (yellow fever, measles in primary schools and communities (till ‘80s)
Introduction of boreholes in area (CIDA) (EW);
Start of rivers drying up in dry season (EW);
The Cotton Development Board introduced cotton growing
FASCOM depot built

September 1, 1970
Akufo Addo (sen.) becomes President

The plow is introduced to the Bulsa by the Ghana-German Project and Catholic Agricultural Project; also “commercial farming” with artificial fertilizer etc.


July 10, 1971 – September 6, 2001
Apagrimchang Ayaric Chief of Gbedema, eldest son of chief Ayaric (See BULUK no 6, 2012: 59-63)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Building of Tono Irrigation dam (EW);
CIDA boreholes (officials, later addition)

January 13, 1972
Overthrow of the Busia government in a military coup by Colonel Akyeampong; NRC

March 27, 1972
Awuudum (Awodo) Atong (* 1943), Atong’s son, elected Chief of Doninga

December, 1972 (until 1974)
Franz Kröger begins his lectorship at the University of Cape Coast. At the same time he starts collecting material about Bulsa culture and words for a planned Buli-English Dictionary. His main informant in Cape Coast is Godfrey Achaw (from Sandema Kalijiisa), then a nurse at the Cape Coast University Hospital. During the university trimester breaks he travels to the Bulsaland to conduct field research (at that time mainly in Sandema-Kalijiisa).


June 23, 1973
After the chiefs have regained the privilege of jurisdiction, they are introduced to their new duties and sworn in by lawyers in Sandema (see BULUK no 6, 2012: 43-44).
Present were the chiefs: Leo Amoabil (Wiesi, swore by a cross), Azantilow (Sandema, swore by the bible), Asiuk (Wiaga, swore by the bible), all the other chiefs swore with outstrechted arms, e.g. Abiako Apsukbe (Uwasi), Asangelisa (Chuchuliga), None swore by the Koran.
The state attorney told the listeners that a month ago the chiefs had been thoroughly instructed about their new rights and duties and that the low jurisdiction comprised problems of land tenure, marriage and divorce. All judgements should be passed according to the customary law.

July 16, 1973
A US group (CROP) builds a house in the Presbyterian parish. The Paramount Chief and his entourage appear for the inauguration (see BULUK….).

While hunting a Sisaala blacksmith discovers that the Fumbisi Valley is well suited for growing rice.

F. Kröger visits Akanfela, the chief of Kanjaga.

Robert Asekabta edited the Bulsa journal ‟Builsa Herald‟ (published by the Catholic Mission Wiaga) – (See BULUK 8, 2015: 104)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) New Builsa District created (EM);
Father Nayang became 1st African Catholic priest (EM);
Stadium built (EM);
Rural housing project (EM);
Area was forested (EM);

Beginning of the Gbedembilisi rice project by four Sisaala farmers, peak in 1977

‟Ghana drives right!‟ (Change-over to right-hand traffic on the roads)

September 16, 1974 – September 21, 1995
Edward Ayuekanbe Chief of Kadema


1975       (Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009)
1st African Presby Pastor (James Ayalic) (EM);
Tono irrigation dam, near Chuchiliga (EM, MM); at the time the largest irrigation scheme in Ghana (officials;
later addition)
Drilling of boreholes started in the district (MM);
Introduction of chemical fertilizer (EM);
Operation Feed Yourself (OFY) (EM);
Introduction of composting methods by MOFA (Farinsa, later addition)
Good and ready market for rice (Fumbisi Valley for rice production 1975 – 1980) (EM);
Group farming in Kenaf to supply to Inte factory in Kumasi (EM);
Financial institutions gave loans to women (EM);
1st Magister Court in Builsa (EM);
Council (DA) offices built (EM);
Start of mobile outreach clinics by the Government Clinic (officials; later addition)

November 18, 1975 – 2000 or 2001 (?)
Akansianaab Chief of Kanjaga


March 3, 1976
Amoabil Atirikpie elected Chief of Gbedembilisi


March 25, 1977
Atuebey becomes Chief of Bachonsa

Rebecca Kawuru (Akawuruk) comes to Sandema-Kalijiisa where she starts her healing practice (see BULUK no 4, 2005: 59-60) see also 1978


Ian and Claire Gray (GILLBT) begin translating the New Testament in the Presbyterian Parish (Sandema-Kobdem); Helpers: Samson Amoak, Peter Wangara and Collins Abagmi

1978 (1979?)
Akanko, chief of Fumbisi, died

A religious movement under Mrs. Akawuruk, a woman from Sandema-Kalijiisa, becomes very popular. She is a member of the Church of the Lord Mission (COLM). Later Mrs. Assibi continued her work in Wiaga-Bachinsa, where she built a small chapel and a clinic. (see BULUK no 4, 2005: 59-60 and 61)

June 29 – September 9, 1978
F. Kröger stays for nearly three months in Buluk; his research is concentrated on completing the Buli Dictionary and on ‟Ancestor Worship‟. His assistants at the work on the dictionary are Augustine Akanbe (Sandema-Balansa), Peter Anab (Kanjaga-Kunyingsa), Abasiyam Ajamsiak (Siniensi-Chansa), Edwin Anyigmidu (Doninga-Dorinsa), Emmanuel Atuiri (Sandema Kobdem), Pau Ayeng (Fumbisi-Yerinsa), Peter Wangara (Sandema-Kobdem), Robert Asekabta (Sandema-Abilyeri), Samson Amoak (Sandema), Sebastian Adanur (Sandema-Kalijiisa), later in Germany also James Agalic (Sandema-Kalijiisa), Ghanatta Ayaric (Gbedema) and above all Margaret Lariba Bawa (Gbedema).
His research on ‟Ancestor Worship‟ was carried out in Wiaga-Sinyangsa-Badomsa with Leander Amoak as his main assistant and informant.

1978, autumn
Measles epidemic in Bulsaland; many children die or go blind

July, 1978
Acheampong is deposed by Fred Akuffo in a military coup,


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) First Secondary (Senior High) School (EM, MM); expanded in 1994

Foundation of the Sandema Secondary Technical School; first Director: Mr. Emmanuel Kugri Daaran

February 20, 1979
Anyatuik Akanko becomes chief of Fumbisi (predecessor: Akanko)

June 4, 1979
Rawlings’ military coup; Afrifa, Akuffo, Utuka, Acheampong and others executed

June 18, 1979
Parliamentary elections

June 24 – August 1, 1979
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa

July 9, 1979
Elections in Bulsa District

July 22 – September 5, 1979
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009)Many boreholes constructed in Builsa District (EM);
Presby Station closed down temporarily (because of mismanagement)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Start improving harvests (EW);
Introduction of soybeans (to prevent malnutrition) (EW);
CRS school feeding programme
Start of women groups

Paul and Jean Dancy continue the Grays’ bible translation in Sandema and produce additional teaching material on literacy. Helper: Collins Abagmi (from Chuchuliga)



(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) The military drill boreholes in Farinsa (Farinsa, later addition)

Years of drought

July 29, 1981
Vice-President de Graft Johnson visits Sandema

December 31, 1981
Second military coup by Rawlings, PNDC; January 7, 1993 Rawlings military Head of state


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Army Worms infestation (EM);
Severe Drought (MM, YM);

Drought with losses for agriculture, 1983 driest year for 48 years, bushfires, food shortages and hunger

Todd and Karla Poulter (from the USA) work on behalf of GILLBT in Sandema on the linguistic research of Buli, which should serve as the basis for Bible translations.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Severe drought and famine (EM); Big famine; there was only sun and no rains; Food Aid given (government): wheat; rice and barley, sorghum and yellow corn (EW); Severe hunger in Sandema, surrounding communities and the nation as a whole. (Group members indicated they were told about it by parents; YW);
Wildfires (MM);
Increased destruction of forest for charcoal and pito brewing (EM);

August 30, 1983
Mr Leander Amoak, a teacher and elder in Wiaga-Sinyangsa died. He had been a supporter of President Busia’s Progress Party. In the time of the second republic he was chairman of the Bulsa Traditional Council (Sandema). Since 1973 until his death, he had been a main assistant, informant and friend of F. Kröger.



(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Severe dust (March). Drivers drive through the dust with lights (MM); Strange dust for two days, which gave a very strange light in the dark (YM)

(after Schaefer and Ghan. Evangelism Statistics) In the Sandema District there are 18 primary schools, 5 middle schools, 5 junior secondary schools.

April 19, 1984
Death of Fr. van den Hoven, pastor of the Catholic Mission (Wiaga) in Wiaga. His grave is in front of the catholic Church.

June 30 – August 10, 1984
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa; first short stay in Anyenangdu Yeri (Wiaga-Badomsa); first contacts to the Koma of Yikpabongo

van den Hoven’s successor: Fr. Hugo van den Haute, who, together with Gerald Atayaaba, is the founder of the “Shepherd Schools”.

BULREP: Bulsa Resettlement Program established as part of the National Rehabilitation Program; 1986/87 Renaming: Bulsa Rehabilitation Program


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Full implementation of ICOUR (EM);
Chuchiliga irrigation canals constructed, with water from Tono Dam (Chuchiliga; later addition)

PNDC: Customary Marriage and Divorce (Registration) Law (traditional and Christian marriages and divorces must be registered). Failure to register such a marriage does not affect its validity, as has been confirmed by the Customary Marriage and Divorce (Registration) (Amendment) Law of 1991.

Start of the construction of a high-voltage line to Northern Ghana

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Declared oncho – free zone (black flies controlled)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Start of community school at Farinsa (Farinsa, later addition)
UNICEF school support programme (idem)Presby Station re-opened (Director: Joseph Mahama Salifu) (EM);
Lost harvest; famine (EW);

July 7 – August 4, 1986
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa; his residence was in Anyenangdu Yeri (Wiaga-Badomsa); his main subject: divination


Catholic church in Bulsaland starts “Rural Education Program” with literary component


Bob and Nancy Schaefer continue the translation work of the Grays, Dancys and Poulters (see 1995)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) First District Assembly (EM);
Floods that destroyed property (EM);

Several ethnologists from the University of Münster conduct field research in Bulsaland: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schott is primarily dedicated to collecting and researching the oral literature of the Bulsa. He is supported in this by Barbara Meier, who also collects material for her doctoral thesis on foster care (doglientiri), by Margaret Arnheim, who partly collects and translates stories in Gbedema independently, and Martin Striewisch. During this year (July 27, 1988 – June 7, 1989), Franz Kröger lives and works in Wiaga-Badomsa (Anyenangdu Yeri), where he mainly collects material on the material culture of the Bulsa and makes final corrections to the manuscript of the Buli-English dictionary (published in 1992).

December 1988 and January/February 1989
Assemblies elected in three zones in 110 districts; first elections since 1979; Parties not admitted


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Rural Bank opened (BuCo) (EM; YM: early 1990s).
UNDP and ICOUR started tree planting projects
The 1990s
Start ‘shepherds’ schools (under the trees) -> have developed into community schools now (EW)

Sandemnab Azantilow assisted the former Head of State, Ft. Lt. J.J. Rawlings, to commission the National Electrification Grid to the Upper East Region in Bolgatanga.

March 13, 1989
Assibi Asiuk Aloysius is elected Chief of Wiaga by the homesteaders (yie-nyam) with 287 votes in Sandema (Akantoganya: 93 votes, Angmeenbil from Yimonsa: 66 votes, Kwame Atongdem approx. 20 votes) (see BULUK no 6, 2012: 74-75)

July 1989 – July 2006
(Awedoba) Adakula Amaachana rival chief of Francis Asangalisa in Chuchuliga, abdicated in July 2006

March 13, 1989
Aloysius Akanfebanyueta Asiuk elected chief of Wiaga in Sandema; contestants: Angmeenbil (Yimonsa) and others from the Yisobsa Chief’s House.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Presby Healthcare started (EM);

January? 1990
The Presbyterian Church plans “health care training program for the Bulsa area” with a German nurse for 1990

February 26, 1990
Foundation of the “Restoration Power Chapel” by Rev. Oscar Arthur (See BULUK 4, 2005: 52-53)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Sandema connected to Electricity grid (EM, MM; YM and officials: 1993) by Volta River Authority
Presby Rehabilitation Centre opened for Community-Based Rehabilitation (EM);


The first Buli-English dictionary was published by Franz Kröger: Buli-English Dictionary. With an Introduction into Buli Grammar and an Index English-Buli. Münster and Hamburg.
(Cf. also BULUK 4, 2004: 38)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Floods (EM);
FOSADEP programme started: introduction of soybeans
IFAD funded LACOSREP programme started: farmer credit
The Presbyterian Agricultural Station introduced new maize varieties
Start of Community Livestock Workers
Primary Health Care established outreach at Chuchiliga and Siniensi (EM); Start working of health volunteers
(EW); Start immunization campaigns five killer diseases (health centres, schools) (EW); clinic becomes a District Hospital
Start of non-formal education
Constitutional rule District Assembly established (EM); start of a DA Poverty Alleviation Fund
Solar panels for non-formal education buildings
Feeder road Sandema-Farinsa

April 28, 1992
Referendum on the draft constitution adopted by a large majority, parties approved again in May

Electrical masts in Chana

November 4, 1992
Presidential elections for the 4th republic; Rawlings (N.D.C.) wins against Prof. Boahen (N.P.P.); on November 5th Republic proclaimed, in effect from 7.1.93, Rawlings President


1993 (or 1995?)
(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Fumbisi Secondary School (YM)
Tarring of Navrongo-Sandema and Sandema town roads (officials; later addition)

University of Development Studies in Tamale founded

1993-1996 (?)
Sampana, a Bulsa journal appeared in newspaper format with black-and-white photos (See BULUK 8, 2015: 105)


Electricity for Sandema

March 22, 1994
District Assembly elections in Sandema District, 8 members from Wiaga; 1. Sinyangsa: Mr. Aneateby Silvester, 2. Wiaga Central (Yisobsa, Guuta, Kpaandem, Dogbilinsa and Kom): Apek Jerome; 3. Wabilinsa: Mr. Azong, 4. Chiok: Mr. Ananggbeung, 5. Farinsa: Mr. Dominic Amoasa, 6. Longsa: Mr. Gerard Atayaaba, 7. Yimonsa: Mr. Abachingsa, 8. Baandema: Mr. Azong

June 1, 1994
Bulsa teachers go on strike for two weeks for higher salaries

June 26 – August 1, 1994
Franz Kröger (Germany) conducts field research on the ‟Material Culture of the Bulsa‟ and other subjects

September 16, 1994
Bees invade Wiaga market and everybody has to ‘enjoy’ the market at Gonsa lorry park. Farmers are mercilessly stung by bees in Sinyangsa-Badomsa.

July 7 – 10, 1994
Second funeral (juka) of the late Wiaga-naab

October 8, 1994
Second meeting of Wiaga Community members to discuss the coming of the Akosombo electric supply (Sandema has been supplied with electric power for some time); meeting organised by the Wiaga Town Council Committee.

October 15, 1994
Wiaga Youth Association and Executive Leaders meet to discuss the development of the area. the following leaders are present: 1. Wiaga Town Council Executives, 2. All Wiaga Assemblymen, 3. Wiaga N.D.C. Executives, 4. WIYA (Wiaga Youth Association), 5. Wiag-naab, 6. Women-leaders, 7. Wiaga Youngsters Association Executives.

November, 30, 1994
Death of Mr Gerard A. Atayaba (teacher / NFED), District Officer for Bulsa District

December 2, 1994
National Farmers’ Day (of the Upper East Region) at Sandema

December 12, 1994
A talk delivered by the Ministry of health on AIDS in Wiaga. The Chief, sub-chiefs and many people attend. The Chief-house-drummers and Anamogsi’s band entertain people.

December 14, 1994
Fiok Festival at Sandema Community Park. Participants: Rt. Hon. Sir Azantilow Sandem-Naab, all Bulsa-chiefs, Bolgatanga-Chief, Navro-Pio, Chana-Pio, the Regional Secretary and many other opinion leaders as well as heads of department etc.

December 1994 – March 1995
Dr. Barbara Meier and Dr. Ulrike Blanc conduct ethnological field research among the Bulsa

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Introduction soybeans and cowpeas (EW);
Introduction of hand wells (EW);


The first complete Buli edition of the New Testament appears as a bound book with colored pictures. In addition to numerous Bulsa helpers, the following people took part in the translation organized by GILLBT: Ian and Claire Gray (see 1978), Paul and Jean Dancy (see 1980), Todd and Karla Poulter (see 1982) and Bob and Nancy Schaefer (see 1988). The latter were responsible for the publication.

The Good News Churches of Ghana change their name to “Bible Church of Africa. Association of Autonomous Churches”

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009)
Floods (EM); Flooding in the whole district. The state transport corporation (bus to Accra) tried to cross, but was swept from a bridge (YM);
Youth Leadership Training Institute opened (EM; YM);
Rural Aid started (EW);
Sandema Secondary School (YM);
Road surfacing (tarring) in Sandema (YM);
ADRA started school woodlot programme
Start of grafted mango project by PAS

February 8, 1995
Prize giving day at Fumbisi: A crown and an amount of Cedis 250, 000.00 are offered to Chiok Primary School. Present at the durbar are U.S. delegates, the District Chief Executive, Director of Education, the Fumbisi and Wiesi Chiefs and other invited guests.

February 28, 1995
Gilbert A. Afulaang is elected Siniensi-chief; other candidates: Daniel Syme (District Secretary from Ajingboruk Yeri) and Robert Anisomyaasa (chief’s house)
The new Siniensi-Chief, Mr. Gilbert A. Afulaang, is installed at Sandema Old Law Court.

March 3, 1995
By-election campaign starts in Wiaga (after the death of the former assemblyman Gerard Atayaba, see November 30, 1994).

March 1995
A professional camera-team with Mrs Monika Kovacsics (author and producer), one cameraman and one sound-engineer from the German Television Company “Südwestfunk” (SWF) arrive in the Bulsa-area to produce a film about the Tallensi visiting the Bulsa at the beginning of the rainy season. The sacrifices are filmed at Akanguli Yeri (Wiaga). Bulsa assistants are Owen Agoldem, Danlardy Leander and others. The second film, titled “Die Regenmacher” (The rain-makers) was broadcast on German Television (SWF) on November 15, 1995. Later the films were broadcast by many other television stations.

April 18, 1995
Three girls from Sinyangsa-Kubelinsa drown in Abambula Dam. All were school children at Abuluk Primary / JSS

May 29, 1995
Agric Office of the Ministry of Agriculture moves from Wiaga to Sandema

July 29, 1995
Emmanuel Adeboa from Sinyangsa-Sichaasa ordained as a catholic priest

September 20 (21?), 1995
Death of the Kadema chief Edward Felix Ayuekanbe Adaamgabey (chief since September 16, 1974)

October 1, 1995
Voters’ new registration in Ghana


Amendment to the Constitution: Chiefs may actively participate in party politics.

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Start of Village Infrastructure Programme, with small-scale irrigation dams across the district (officials; later
Start of activities of Buco Bank in the district (officials, later addition)
Sandema and Fumbisi Senior Secondary School (EM);
Outbreak of anthrax (MM);
Meningitis outbreak (YM)
PAS introduced improved cockerels and guinea fowls (officials, later addition)

March-April, 1996
Dr. Ulrike Blanc and Dr. Christiana Lüttkes carry out field research among the Bulsa.

July 18, 1996
The German Ambassador (Accra) presents Mr Daniel A. Syme, District Chief Executive of the Bulsa District, 30 Buli-English dictionaries. They will be distributed to 30 selected Bulsa schools.
(see BULUK 4, 2005: 43)

December 7, 1996
Presidential election: Rawlings (NDC) wins against J.A. Kufuor (NPP); Parliamentary elections: Norbert Awulley (NDC, Bulsa South) and Theodore Anurka Basil (NDC, Bulsa North) were elected in the Bulsa District.

December 16, 1996
Mr. and Mrs. Rulinski from Celle (Germany) produce a video film about the Fiok Festival (Sandema). The film is shown several times on Ghanaian television.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) CSM outbreak (killed people) (EM, MM, YM: 1996);
Cholera outbreak (MM);
PS in Sandema/Balansa (YM)
VUM Trees started woodlot projects (officials, later addition)
PAS credit programme for disabled people (officials, later addition)

March, 1997
400 people die in a meningitis epidemic in northern Ghana.

A small Islamic community under Baba Tanko is created in Wiaga and builds its first mosque in 2004.

June 24, 1997
(ghw) Workshop on “guidance and counselling in schools” organised by the Ghana Education Service in Sandema; introductory address by Mr Jacob Ibn Asigiri (district director of education); 75 participants (teachers of the Bulsa District)

July 4 – August 11, 1997
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa
At the instance of F. Kröger some experienced blacksmiths of Apie Yeri (Wiaga-Chiok) smelt old hoe-blades to produce new iron tools. As this procedure has almost been extinct for decades, the oldest blacksmiths of Chiok had to give instructions (documentation by colour slides: F. Kröger)

August 13, 1997
(ghw) The Community-Based Development Programme (sponsored by UNICEF) is making the desired impact…. 10 hand-pumps have been repaired in Sandema and a number of improved latrines constructed.

August 14, 1997
(ghw) The Catholic Relief Services are to provide feeding for the pupils of St. Francis and Azenab primary schools in Wiaga. The Parent Teacher Association agrees to build two kitchens and provide fuel wood. – Madame Melaney Akankyalabey, Builsa district manager of Catholic schools, appealed to the parents at a meeting to desist from subjecting their daughters to female genital mutilation.

August 8, 1997
(ghw) Inauguration of the District Education oversight Committee at Sandema; Mr Daniel Syme, Builsa District Chief Executive, appeals to the teachers in the district.

August 21, 1997
(ghw) Wiaga-Naab Asiuk Akanfeba-Nyota appeals to the government and non-governmental organisations for food aid during the extended lean season.

September 1, 1997
(ghw) Workshops have been organized for teachers of English Language in Fumbisi, Wiaga, Chuchuliga and Sandema by the Ghana Educational Service (Sandema); 217 English Language teachers are introduced to the techniques of teaching children how to read and write good English after 12 weeks teaching. Mr Jacob Ibn Asigiri, District Director of Education, announces that 73 newly trained teachers have been posted to the district.

November 13, 1997
Death of Akpiedem, Sinyangsa sub-headman

December 12, 1997
School children, teachers and headmasters of various schools attend the first Rawlings Party at Sandema.

December 16, 1997
Bulsa annual Fiok festival celebration in Sandema: war dances, shooting-competition, drumming and dancing

December 24, 1997
Recently ordained Fr. Caesar Atuire (Sandema) celebrates his first mass in the Catholic Church of Sandema.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) The Government named an armoured car after Sandem Naab (EM);
Insects ate whole crop; no sorghum harvest (EW);
Introduction use of fertilizer (EW);
PAS introduced Sahelian breeds of sheep and goats
Kobdema and Farinsa connected to the electricity grid
WFP Food rations and scholarships
Start of health surveillance workers

www.ghanadistricts (tourism): Fiisa was visited by over 200 blacks from the Diaspora in 1998.

January 23, 1998
Death of the President of the 3rd Republic of Ghana – Dr. Hilla Liman, the leader of the Peoples National Party (PNP)

March, 1998
Dr. Barbara Meier conducts field research among the Bulsa. At the same time, (Dr.) Anne Schwarz (Humboldt University Berlin) starts her linguistic research among the Bulsa

March 23, 1998
Death of Ex Sgt. Jack Mahoney, Militia Commander in the Bulsa District; buried at Wiaga Cemetery.

May 16, 1998
Introducing candidates for Assembly men and Unit Committee leaders of Wiaga sections

July 14, 1998
Church of Pentecost offers free treatment to sick people in Wiaga and shows a film in the night.

July 31 – August 1, 1998
Girl Child Education workshop with sectional community leaders, teachers, headteachers and two Canadian ladies in Wiaga. Main topics of discussion: “Why girls normally drop out of school without going further or completing”. Main points raised: 1. Maid-servancy, 2. teenage pregnancies, 3. early marriage, 4. poverty, 5. peer groups, 6. lack of teachers etc.

August 12 – 13, 1998
Inauguration and swearing in of newly elected Assemblymen and Unit Committee leaders for the various sections of Wiaga

August, 12. – 13, 1998
Swearing in of the newly elected assemblymen

August 14, 1998
The NPP (New Patriotic Party) elects its new board to lead the local chapters into the upcoming election campaign: Chairman: Atiinka Abakisi, Sandema; Secretary: Andrew Alakawon, Sandema, Treasurer: Atupoak Akinla, Wiaga


The first issue of “Buluk, Journal of Bulsa Culture and Society” appears in Germany. Editor is Franz Kröger, co-editor (until 2017) Ghanatta Ayaric from Gbedema (Hamburg).

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Cholera outbreak (killed people) (EM, MM);
Improvement of sanitation (introduction of household latrines) (EW);
Army worms infestation (EM, MM);
Severe floods in Sandema area (MM);
UNICEF Freedom from Hunger project: credit to women groups through Buco Bank (officials, later addition)
New crops: soybean and sorghum (for Guinness) (YM);
Village Infrastructure Project introduced donkey carts on a massive scale (officials, later addition)
More shops in Sandema (EW)
Njasa PS 1999 (started in wood structure, 2005: building) (YM).

January 5, 1999
Outdooring of Wiaga-Naab with an open-air mass service by Fr. J. Grosskinsky at the Wiaga Chief’s palace. Opening of the Wiaga Community Center is commissioned by Wiaga-Naab and officers of the District Assembly; it is the first time of introducing Wiaga-Naab to the entire people of Wiaga.

February 2, 1999
First rain-showers in Buluk from 1.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m. the following morning. Most areas are completely wet.

March 6, 1999
Winners of the “Best Teacher’s Award” are given prizes at Sandema by the District Director of Education, District Chief Executive and other officers.

March 31, 1999
(ghw) Approval has been given for the maintenance of feeder roads… (e.g.) the 25 km Sandema-Doninga-Bechuasi road, the 7.4 km Chuchuliga-Awolasi-Zone “T” road … the programme includes the construction of culverts, refilling of bad spots and creation of drainage systems.

June 9, 1999
(ghw) Sandema: workshop on the exemption of vulnerable groups from payment of hospital fees; Dr Jonathan Adda, district director of health services, said that… pregnant women are to receive ante-natal services for the first four visits, while people above 70 years, children under five years, and victims of snake and dog bites will also receive free medical treatment.

June 15, 1999
(ghw) Mr Samuel Nuamah Donkor (Ministry of Health) delivers a speech on “Good eyesight for active ageing” in Sandema

June 27, 1999
(ghw) caterpillar plague (army worms with a life span of two weeks) in the Upper East Region: “They spread to all the six districts and caused considerable harm to the Bulsa District”.

July 12, 1999
(ghw) Sandema Water and Sanitation Development Board increases tariffs on potable water by 50 per cent

July, 1999
Government granted 18.2 billion cedis for the rehabilitation of roads in the UER. Roads that benefited from this scheme include… Chuchuliga-Sandema, Chuchuliga-Chiana…, Wiasi-Gbedembilisi… roads.

July 19, 1999
(Ghana Homepage): Number of pupils in the Bu(i)lsa District: Day Care Centers: 1211 girls, 1171 boys; Primary Schools: 6,121 girls, 5,355 boys; junior secondary schools: approx. 1200 girls, a little over 9000 boys

August, 1999
Cholera epidemic in Bulsaland leads to many deaths

August 20, 1999
Heavy rains caused a lot of destruction in Buluk.

September 1, 1999
Death of the first popularly known teacher, Mr Robert Ayoma from Wiaga-Yisobsa. He was also the first Christian in Wiaga. Burial took place at Wiaga Cemetery.

September 9, 1999 (?)
The Institute of Adult Education (IAE) launched a community newspaper in Buli at Sandema for the benefit of local adult literacy learners. (see BULUK no 8, 2015: 104-106)

September 28, 1999
Swarms of bees attack the Wiaga market; the market is temporarily relocated

November 21, 1999
Nana Agyeman Rawlings visited Bulsa District and Aygba, Yisiesa, Mankuruk and other villages.

December 18, 1999
Annual Fiok Festival of the Bulsa at Sandema’s new play park near Sandema traditional law court. Archery shooting competition among competitors of the Bulsa war dancers took place on December, 19. Winner was a warrior from Siniensi.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Start of Saint Agnes Vocational School at Chuchiliga
School feeding programme by CRS
MoH starts providing mosquito nets with repellents
Restructuring of Presby Agric Projects (EM); IFAD-funded LACOSREP credit project now through PAS
Agric. Extension services (MOFA) since approximately 2000 (YM); a.o. introduction of improved sweet potatoes
Feeder roads construction started (EM); stimulated by Builsa North MP
Cholera outbreak (YM);
Start of expansion of pig breeding
Small Town Water Systems in Sandema
District Administration Buildings in Sandema; establishment of area councils and unit committees

January 15, 2000
Country-wide vaccination against polio disease. Children between 0-5 years are immunized; second immunization 19th February.

January, 2000
Heather Menezes from Canada founded the “Horizon Children’s Center” (for orphans) at Sandema. (see BULUK no 6, 2012: 79-85 and BULUK no 8, 2015: 32)

January 21, 2000
Farmers’ Day Celebration in Sandema; Objectives: “… to improve food production … and stop the practice of setting fire to bushland …” Three prizes are given to the best farmers in Bulsaland.

January 26, 2000
A sit-down strike (school attendance without teaching) is carried out by teachers in Ghana including the Bulsa District.

March 2 – 6, 2000
Training Course for the 2000 Population and Housing Census at Sandema Secondary Technical School. A selected group of Bulsa take part. After a break it is continued 6th-18th March.

March 26, 2000
Population Census conducted in Bulsa District; Result: over 100,000 Bulsa in Ghana; www.ghanadistricts: Sandema has the largest population of 4,459 followed by Fumbisi with 1,884 inhabitants. The remaining communities have less than 1,500 inhabitants each.
(See BULUK 2, 2001: 30 and BULUK 7, 2013: 17)

March 31, 2000
Catholics from Bulsa parishes travel to Kongo (part of Bolgatanga) for their annual yearly fasting prayer.

April 11, 2000
Death of Wiesi Chief Roland Leo Amoabil in Sandema Hospital, he ruled since September, 27th, 1969.

April 13, 2000
Anamogsi (Wiaga-Badomsa) and his drummers attended a ground display at Sandema (New Play Park) in preparation for the competition at the annual Art and Cultural Festival at Ho (Volta Region). Anamogsi’s drummers won a prize in Ho.

April 26, 2000
Launching of World Leprosy Week in Wiaga. The main agenda was: How to eliminate leprosy in the UER.

May, 2000
www.ghanadistricts: up to the end of 1999 there was no telephone facility in the Bulsa District. In May 2000 UNICEF donated cordless radio phone; …two lines to the assembly

June 1, 2000
Launching of ‟Environmental Awareness‟ in Wiaga (market square)

June 7, 2000
J.A. Kufuor, the chairman of the NPP, is making an election tour in the Bulsa District to introduce himself as a candidate contesting for the December 2000 presidential election.

July 8, 2000
Danlardy Leander (Wiaga) assigned by research people (e.g. George Akanlig-pare from Wiaga and Akosua Ayyidoku) of the University of Ghana (Legon) to collect and transcribe stories, funeral dirges, nanzuk-yiila, circumcision songs, wa-togma etc. in Buli for three months. He paid visits to compounds in Chiok, Sinyansa, Yisobsa etc.

July 25, 2000
NCCE (National Commission on Civic Education) Human Right, Appeal Court and District Administration organised a durbar with officers from the Regional Office of UER, District Office, chiefs, assemblymen, opinion leaders, drummers etc. Main ideas: 1) women’s participation in every activity, 2) ways of solving husband’s and wife’s problems, 3) uniting husbands, wives and children.

August, 2000
In co-operation with the PTA (Parents-Teacher-Association) two Canadian ladies worked for a Girl Child Education Programme at some schools in Buluk.

August 3, 2000
Prof. John E. Attah Mills, Chairman of the NDC, makes an election tour of the Bulsa District to introduce himself as the contesting candidate for the Presidency Elections in December 2000.

August 8, 2000
First meeting of Wiaga youths to form a Fun Club Association; name of the club to be given on the next meeting scheduled for August 27th, 2000.

August 23, 2000
International Day in memory of the slave trade

September 5, 2000
With the help of the Wiaga Youth Organization, the last masts for the electrification of the village are erected in Wiaga and nearby areas.

September 25, 2000
The running mate of Hon. J.A. Akufuo visited the Sandem-naab and the Bulsa people.

September 26, 2000
Immunization of school-children against Tetanus Texoid at Azenab Girl’s Primary.

October 8, 2000
Goosie Tanoh, the flag-bearer of the National Reform Party (NRP) toured the Bulsa country (candidate for the December 2000 election)

October 20, 2000
Immunization of children (0-5 years) against polio in a house-to-house procedure; second round: November 24 -26, 2000.

November 1, 2000
Rally organised in Wiaga to meet the NPP contesting candidate Hon. Azagsuk Azantilow at Goansa. Drummers of Anamogsi and of Ankisi-yeri took part.

November 10, 2000
The 16th annual regional celebration of Farmers Day took place at Wa (UWR); the district celebration took place at Kanjaga. Prizes won in Bulsa were 1. Ateng (Kadema): 1 bicycle and other things, 2. Mme Akperibadek-Sulley: 8-battery tape-recorder and other things, 3. Wiaga-naab: 1 bag of fertilizer, a pair of Wellington boots and other things.

November 26, 2000
The contesting PNC candidate for the December 7th parliamentary elections, Mr. J.B.S. Agbaadem (Bulsa North) organised a rally in Wiaga to meet the Hon. Dr. Edward Mahama, the contesting candidate for the presidential seat.

November 18, 2000
The first 10 km cycle race is organized by Mr Sylvester Azantilow (Deputy Minister) and the Builsa District Assembly.

November 21, 2000
Mass polio workshop for supporters of Wiag/Kadema communities at the Catholic Mission Parish (Wiaga)

November 22, 2000
Wiaga is connected to the power grid (according to other information on December 11, 2001).

December 4, 2000
Last rally of the NDCV in Wiaga (Goansa). The contesting M.P., Mr. Basil Anurka, organised all drummers of the various sections to brief them for the support on the voting procedures.

December 7, 2000
Presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana. In the general election, Anurka T. Basil (NDC) is elected for the constituency of Bulsa North with 42.17% of the votes, Norbert G. Awulley (NDC) for the constituency of Bulsa South with 52.36% (see 2 no 4, pp. 25-26)
(See BULUK no 2, 2001: 25-26)

December 18, 2000
Fiok Festival in Sandema. Because of conflicts, some groups of Sandema and Wiaga did not participate in the traditional war dances.

December 19, 2000
Archery shooting competition among competitors of the Bulsa war dancers. A Siniensi warrior won the competition.

December 24, 2000
Opposition parties (NPP, PNC, UGM, GCRP, CPP) favouring a change of government, organised a rally at Sandema to vote for J.A. Kufuor at the presidential elections on 28th December.

December 28, 2000
In a runoff to the presidential election, Kufuor (NPP) is elected with 56.9%; the opposition parties NPP, PNC, UGM, GCRP and CPP had chosen the NPP candidate Kufuor; John Atta Mills (NDC) is the loser of the election (for more details see BULUK 2, p. 26)


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Girl child education initiative by Unicef (EM; according to officials this already started in 1993; provision of
bicycles and uniforms to girls); Unicef: Community Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Establishment of Traditional Healers Association

January 18 – April 21, 2001
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa (divination, earth-cult and funerals); together with Anne Schwarz he visits Yikpabongo (Koma) again.

February 2, 2001
Akisikanbe Ayuekanbe (* 1965 in Manisa) elected chief of Kadema in Sandema; further contestants were: Anbangpurinaab (the late chief’s son) and Anangaasa (from Kadema Kpikpaluk); the elected chief was 36 years old and had been a teacher from 1988 to 1996 (See BULUK no 2, 2001: 19-20)

February 14, 2001
Akanjievari Akanfela elected chief of Kanjaga

February 10 – April 16, 2001
F. Kröger visited the Bulsa District for conducting research on the earth-cult and the status of the teng-nyono. As before, he lived in the traditional compound Anyenangdu Yeri (Wiaga-Badomsa) with his friend Anamogsi.

February 24, 2001
Akangyievari Akanfela becomes Chief of Kanjaga.

February 28 – April 3, 2001
Anne Schwarz (University Berlin) conducts linguistic field research in Bulsaland, especially in Wiaga and Fumbisi; she is helped by her assistant Norbert, son of Charles Amoabil (Wiaga).

March 12 – 15, 2001
Dr. Jon Kirby (SVD) conducts research in Bulsaland and Yagba on the subject of “peacemaking” and the yaba-nyono (market ruler). He is accompanied by F. Kröger on some of his visits.

April 19, 2001
Death of the Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Abangdin Percy (see obituary in BULUK 2, p. 14-15)

May 15, 2001
Rev. James Agalic of Sandema Kalijiisa is elected Bulsa District Chief Executive (DCE). See BULUK 2, p. 9.

August 5, 2001
Death of the catholic pastor of Wiaga, Rev. Fr. Heinrich Kirschner, in the Regional Hospital of Bolgatanga (See obituary in BULUK 3, p. 17).

August 1, 2001
NPP delegates from Bulsa North and Bulsa South and other delegates met at Accra (Legon Hall) for a congress to elect the Party’s National Executives: chairman, vice- chairman, 2nd vice- chairman, youth organiser, treasurer, women organizer.

September 6, 2001
Death of Gbedema Chief Apaarinchang Ayaric (ruled since July 10, 1971)

Nkrumah Apagrimchang Ayaric, son of the preceding chief Apagrimchang was elected chief of Gbedema (See BULUK no 6, 2012: 59-63)

September 7, 2001
General meeting on child survival at the Wiaga Community Centre; trainees sent out to educate people in the communities about how to keep their children safe from diseases and to offer the right nutrition to their children.

September 15, 2001
Ordination of Fr. David Akanbang from Sandema Balansa at Bolgatanga catholic church. People and church choirs from various villages in Bulsa attended. On the following day he celebrated his first mass at Sandema Catholic Church.

November 7 – 10, 2001
Training of Health Teachers on HIV and other diseases at Sandema.

December 7, 2001
National Farmers’ Day celebration all over the country. Holiday for workers and school children.

December 11, 2001
Electricity starts in Wiaga at the Community Centre.

December 14, 2001
D.C.E. commissioned a new ward for the Wiaga clinic. Present were Wiaga-Naab, elders, headmen, Bishop representative, Sandema-Naab representatives etc. Two new quarters were also built for the hospital staff.

December 19, 2001
Bulsa chiefs and their subjects celebrate the annual year’s Fiok festival at Sandema.

December 19, 2001
Sandema-Naab Azantinlow celebrates his 70th year of chieftaincy in Sandema (See BULUK no 2, 2001: 16-18).

December 27 – 29, 2001
Wiaga convention (with a durbar) began, lasting 3 days. Present were: Wiaganaab, elders, headmen, M.O., D.C.E. etc.,


Bulsa Wapala (Bulsa News), a new journal, was initiated by the DCE, Pastor James Agalic (BULUK 8, 2015: 105)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) A private company, GCCL started to buy cotton from farmers
Introduction of seeds to grow animal fodder (EW);
Insect infestation, which destroyed crops (YW);
Road to Namansa (YM)
Start of private schools (‘Joy and Success Primary Schools)

January 8, 2002
Ministers from Accra and the UE Regional Minister visited Sandema to meet the DCE, Sandema-Naab, other chiefs and elders, headmen, assemblymen etc. to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the NPP.

March 14 – 21, 2002
Voluntary workers began house to house treatment against elephantiasis.

March 22, 2002
Beginning of registration for voters’ registers from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily for 10 days (for the December election); persons above 18 years are qualified to register. A one-day training course for registration officers and assistants had taken place on March 3, 2002.

April 12, 2002
First rainfall of the year 2002, second rainfall on the following day. Many farmers already started planting their early millet.

April 23 – 29, 2002
Exhibition of the Voters’ Register exercise and a check-up with the identity cards.

May, 5, 2002
75th anniversary of the Catholic Mission to the Bulsa (celebrations on September 29th in Wiaga)

May 7, 2002
Radio announces “outbreak of army worms” (caterpillars, Spodoptere Exempta), a large part of the harvest is destroyed; especially in Doninga, Wiaga, Sandema and Siniensi; www.ghanadistricts: … a total area of 790 Ha (314 Ha cropped) was affected.

May 23 – 24, 2002
Vitamin A supplementary exercises carried out by Health Workers and voluntary workers from house to house in the district (each person was given a drop into the mouth).

May 5, 2002
Public holiday for school children; postponement of the African Day celebration which was on a weekend (25/05/02) (the African Day was resumed under Kuffuor).
“African Day” should be celebrated again as an official holiday in the future.

June 2, 2002
JSS students re-writing the BGE again, due to a leakage which resulted to the
cancellation of their first BGE between 22nd – 25th April, 2002

June 11, 2002
A group of health workers organised a talk on HIV / AIDS at St. Martin’s for school children in Wiaga.

July 30, 2002
Unit Committee Elections in Bulsaland

August 6, 2002
Assembly elections in Bulsaland, 9 MPs elected for Wiaga; on September 16, 2002, the new assembly meets: Joseph Henry Akanpatulsi (Siniensi) becomes chairman.
Voting began to elect one Assemblyman each for the various sections and ten Unit Committee members in some parts of the country. 94 people contested for the
seats, among them 7 women, (A list of the elected assemblymen can be seen in Builsa Wapaala, page 5).

September 29, 2002
Diamond Jubilee (75 years) of the catholic Parish of Wiaga; Celebration in Wiaga on April 20, 2003; Theme: “75 Years of Evangelisation in ‘Buluk’, the Way forward”. (See BULUK no 4, 2002: 50-53)

October 9, 2002
As part of his three-day tour of the Upper East Region, President John Agyekum Kuffour, accompanied by ten Ministers of State, visited the Bulsa District, paid a courtesy call on the Sandem-Naab and announced that the remaining untarred portion of the Chuchuliga – Sandema road has been given out on contract for completion.

October 10, 2002
President Kufuor releases the Bolga Sandema telephone connection with now 60 connections.

November 21, 2002 – January 17, 2003
Dr. Franz Kröger stayed in Wiaga to continue his fieldwork on divination and Bulsa earth cult. On January 7, 2003 he was visited by Dr. Hans Peter Hahn (University of Bayreuth, Germany) who returned on the same day to Kollo (Burkina Faso), where he conducted fieldwork among the Kasena.

December 6, 2002
UE Regional Farmers’ Day celebration took place in Sandema marking the 18th anniversary of farmers in Ghana. Present were: Regional Minister; District Chief Executive, chiefs, farmers etc. Winners: 1st prize: James A. (Navrongo), 2nd: Enorse A. (Chuchuliga).

December 9, 2002
Introduction of Ghana’s new currency (10,000 and 20,000 Cedi-notes) to the public of Wiaga (television show at Goansa).

December 20, 2002
First Day of Fiok Festival in Sandema; present were the chiefs of Sandema, Wiaga, Kadema, Siniensi … at about 3 p.m the Vice-President, Mt Alhaji Aliu Mahama, the Regional Minister, Mr. Mahami Saalifu, and several other ministers and high officers arrived; men of Sandema-Abilyeri performed a short drama about Babatu, his being captured by the Bulsa and his successful escape. On the second day (December 21), the traditional archery competition took place.


After Fr. Joseph Grosskinsky (pastor from 2001-2003) retired, Fr. James Tachuah took over the management of the mission station in Wiaga as the first Ghanaian pastor.
(see BULUK no 4, 2005: 44-47)

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Heavy rains washed away all the crops => famine
Illegal mining at Kandema (EM);
Introduction of composting (EW);
Improvement main feeder roads in surroundings of Sandema (EW);
African Development Bank Livestock Development Project

(Ethnologue Report 2003) 250-350 Kantusi are living in the Bulsa District.

February 2003
Public holiday for workers and school children to enjoy the Muslim Idin Ida festival.

April 20, 2003
Wiaga (Easter Sunday): Begin of the Seven Day Diamond Jubilee activities at the Catholic church of Wiaga (see also paper by Melanie Akankyalabey and others) (see BULUK no….)

May 11, 2003
Film show in Wiaga (Goansa) to inform people about Family Planning

June 17, 2003
The World Desertification and Drought Day was held in Sandema (national level). Theme: “Protect your water basins – time to act”. Speakers were the U.E. Regional Minister, Mr Mahami Salifu, The Bulsa District Chief Executive (DCE), Rev. James Agalic and Naab Ayieta Azantinlow, the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area.

July 7, 2003
Marathon Athletic Competition from Kasiesa to Wiaga for Bulsa boys and girls (under 14).

September 30, 2003
(ghw) Two teachers from the Sandema Senior Secondary / Technical School were placed in police custody over the death of a student of the school.

October, 2003
A new book with several chapters on the Bulsa (migration, ancestors, death in Bulsa folktales) appeared on the book-market: Ghana’s North. Research on Culture, Religion, and Politics of Societies in Transition (ed. Franz Kröger and Barbara Meier), Frankfurt et al.: Peter Lang Verlag. – Seventeen Ghanaian, American, British and German authors contributed articles on various subjects and ethnic groups (reviewed in BULUK 4, 2005: 36-37 by Andrea Herbert).

October 11, 2003
Margaret Lariba Arnheim from Gbedema, living in Münster, presents medicine worth approx. 6000 Euros to the Christian Medical Missions Resource Foundation (CMMRF). The medicine was made available to her by the Social Democrats in Burgsteinfurt.

November 30, 2003
The Protestant congregation “Restoration Power” celebrates the dedication of their newly built church.

December 8, 2003
(ghw) Inauguration of a 768-line telephone exchange at Navrongo. …”Kanjaga in the Bulsa District would be connected to the system by radio”.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) District Hospital established (EM);
All primary schools have day care centres now (EW);
Outbreak of cholera, resulting in the death of many people, especially children (YW);
Cowpeas introduced (EM);
FAO project for Wealth Creation (Sahelian goats) (officials, later addition)
Anti-bushfire campaign and anti-tree cutting campaign by Government (NatMO) (Farinsa, later addition)

January – March, 2004
Jay Moon (USA) spent 8 weeks in the Bulsa area (mainly in Fumbisi).

January, 2004
According to an article in the Daily Graphic (January 17), Mrs Margaret Lariba Arnheim presented three sewing machines to Madam Anbaganya of the Ministry for Employment and Manpower Development. The machines are a donation from ‟Women Helping Women‟, an NGO within the Catholic Diocese of Münster. This German Diocese cherishes a partnership with the Tamale Ecclesiastical Province, comprising the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions. The sewing machines have been given to the Sandema Secondary Technical School, Sandema Youth Leadership Institute and Fumbisi Secondary School.

January 21, 2004
(ghw) The Bulsa District Assembly last year collected a total of 250 million cedis from its local revenue sources, exceeding the target by 81 million cedis. Part of this was spent on social infrastructure in the areas of health, education and local government. Rev. James Agalic, the District Chief Executive, said… in addition to the renovation of some schools 45 additional classrooms were built in selected schools providing 2,250 pupils with decent classrooms…. Rev. Agalic expressed concern at the poor state of telephone services in the district and appealed to Ghana Telecom (GT) to give some attention to the district.

January 30, 2004
(ghw) UNICEF presented learning materials and 10 million cedis to 50 brilliant but needy girls at Sandema to continue their education. The beneficiaries, who were selected from some junior secondary schools in the district, received books, a mathematical set, pens, a school uniform, footwear, a school bag and 60,000 cedis each.

May 21, 2004
(ghw) Sandema. The Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mahami Salifu, on Wednesday advised the youth of Builsa to emulate the shining examples of their forefathers by being disciplined and hardworking. Mr Salifu gave the advice at the 92nd memorial service of the late Nab Ayieta Apoeteba, father of Nab Ayieta Azantilow, Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional area at Sandema.

May 24, 2004
(ghw) Bolgatanga. Payment of school fees at the basic level has been abolished in forty deprived districts throughout the country… Mr Nayembil [the acting Bolgatanga Municipal Director of Education] said most of the beneficiary districts are in the three Northern Regions, including the Bolgatanga, Bong, and Builsa Districts in the Upper East Regions…

June 4, 2004
On the occasion of a flea-market organised by the Social Democrats of Burgsteinfurt (Germany), Margaret Arnheim was handed again four cartons of medicine and glasses worth several thousands of Euros. Also the net profits of the flea-market were donated for the Ghana project (see October 11, 2003)

June 6, 2004
(ghw) Fumbisi. Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama at the weekend announced 3.9 billion cedis credit facility to be sourced by farmers in The Builsa and Kassena-Nankana Districts to improve food production. Other incentives accompanying the facility are the construction of four irrigation dams and the rehabilitation of existing ones in the Builsa District to encourage dry-season farming and also check the migration of the youth to southern Ghana in search of menial jobs. The road networks in the area would also be rehabilitated to ensure smooth transportation of food crops from the farms to the market centres.
He [the Vice President] charged the DCE to ensure the speedy completion of the Traditional Council buildings and also pledged to “call to order” the contractor working on the Chuchuliga-Wiaga road to speed up work. Vice President Mahama said the Government was considering the upgrading of the Sandema Health Centre into a District Hospital status, adding that the Sandema Secondary Technical School would be among the next batch of schools to be upgrade to a well-endowed status, which would have a computer resource laboratory.

June 6, 2004
Teachers demonstrate against the retirement system with posters and in red shirts.

June 14, 2004
(ghw) Fumbisi. The Fumbisi Senior Secondary School… is saddled by numerous problems and requires immediate government support. The school, which is agricultural science bias in view of the high agricultural potentials of the area, has been recording low enrolment in recent years because of inadequate qualified teachers, low morale of staff and the lack of infrastructure.
The Headmaster of the school, Mr Roger Regis Abapol said this in an interview with the GNA at Fumbisi at the weekend. He said the science laboratory that was awarded on contract for furnishing to Benburto Enterprise Limited, an Accra-based construction, has come to a standstill.
He also said work on two staff quarters that had reached roofing level have also been abandoned since 1999, [moreover] the school lacked a reliable means of transport…

July 1, 2004
(ghw) Ghana Telecom (GT) is to expand its services to cover Bongo, Sandema and Bawku West Districts in the Upper East Region. By December this year, the three Districts would be hooked to a Broad Band Access Network (BBAN) with 256 lines each. Alhaji Musah Awudu, Upper East Region Head of GT… announced this… at a press conference in Bolgatanga.

August, 2004
A household survey is carried out in the Bulsa District by the Center for Policy Analysis; Results in the “District Human Development Report 2004”
Numerous institutions and individuals contributed to its creation, e.g. Dr. Joe Abbey (Executive Director), Ms. Abena D. Oduro, Dr. Charles D. Jebuni (CEPA), Dr. Daniel Bagah and Rev. James Agalic (DCE of the Bulsa District). The report contains a lot of data on demographics, infrastructure, local government, education, health, development, etc.
(See BULUK no 5, 2009: 18-19)

August 21, 2004
The Muslim group of Wiaga broke down the mud walls of their mosque and began building a new one. Joined to the mosque will be an Islamic School with three classrooms. (See also article on the Bulsa Muslim Community in BULUK 4, 2005: 57-59).

September – December, 2004
Exhibition of “Rituals of Health” in Bremen, Germany (See BULUK no 4, 2005: 38)

October – November, 2004
As part of the election campaign for the December 7th parliamentary and presidential election, several politicians of high rank visited the Bulsa area (see article on the election in BULUK no 4, 2005: 10-11)

October, 2004
Anne Schwarz (Berlin) submitted her doctoral thesis ‟Aspects of Morphosyntax and Tonology in Buli…‟ After that she published numerous articles on the Buli language. (See BULUK 5, 2009: 16-17.

December, 2004
Sandema connected to the television network

December 7, 2004
Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Ghana. Ms Agnes Chigabatia (NPP) from Chuchuliga is elected as MP for the constituency of Builsa North and Mr Abolimbisa Akantagriwen (NDC) for the constituency of Builsa South. In the presidential elections, John Atta Mills (NDC) won a majority in both Bulsa constituencies (44.1% and 48.2% respectively) – (See BULUK no 4, 2005: 10-11.)

December 18, 2004
Fiok-Festival at Sandema

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Chansa dam rehabilitated; Siniensi dam (Kaassa) built (EM);
Many people died of HIV/ AIDS though some started dying from 1995 (MM); An outbreak of strange disease, locally referred to as ‘acute malaria’. Both the cause and cure was unknown (YW);


(Sandema District Educational Office). In the Sandema District there are 63 Primary Schools with 14,368 pupils (6,351 girls, 8017 boys), 23 Junior Secondary Schools with 2885 pupils (1319 girls, 1566 boys), three Senior Secondary Schools (in Fumbisi and Sandema) and one Youth Leadership Training Institute (in Sandema-Suarinsa).

(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009)Kandema dam built (EM);
Road to Kori built (YM);
Five guesthouses started since 2005 (YM);
Every primary school now has a kindergarten attached to it
Start of so-called capitation grants to schools by MoE
PAS credit programme for farmer groups
SFMC loans for soybeans and sorghum
2005 and 2006 Good harvests (EW);
2005-2008: Boreholes: 60+ in last 3 years (YM)

January 14 – March 8, 2005
Franz Kröger (University of Münster, Germany) spent two months among the Bulsa (Anyenangdu Yeri, Wiaga-Sinyangsa) doing research on various subjects (earth-cult, funerals, history). On February 27 he was joined by Miriam Grabenheinrich and Oliver Kampman (see below)

February, 2005
A television team led by Miriam Grabenheinrich (University of Münster and WDR-Television Bielefeld), cameraman Oliver Kampann (WDR-Television Bielefeld) and Franz Kröger (scientific adviser) is shooting several films in Bulsaland, three of which (until 2007) were broadcast by various German television stations (See BULUK no 4, 2005: 22)

February, 2005
The University for Development Studies (Tamale) honoured Sir Ayieta Azantilow, Paramount Chief of Bulsa Traditional Area with a Doctorate Degree.

May 4, 2005
A film on the Bulsa (Kulturwandel in Afrika – Die Bulsa in Ghana; Cultural Change in Africa – The Bulsa of Ghana) was shown on the German TV (Hessischer Rundfunk). Producers were Miriam Grabenheinrich (author) and Oliver Kampmann (camera). A second film on the Bulsa (also as an introduction to the Bulsa exhibition) was shown on June 29 (see also “January 14th”, “June 30th” and the article in BULUK 4. p. 22).

June 31 to December 31, 2005
Bulsa exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Münster (see also “January 14th”, “June 30th” and the article in BULUK, pp. 21-22).


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Very good harvest (YW);
Rural Enterprise guineafowl project NBSSI (officials; later addition)
Eclipse of the sun (March) (MM);
Introduction of the National Health Insurance System (MM);
Death of Sanama Naa (November 14th) (MM);
Outbreak of PPR, killing livestock (MM);
Bigger sheep and goats introduced by PAS-Sandema (YM);
New dam (CBRD) Siniensi-Kaasa and Namosa (YM);
CARE/PAS community-based extension agents (officials; later addition)

In the series “Research on Languages and Cultures of Africa” (ed. R. Schott), Rüdiger Schott has published the third volume of the Bulsa Sunsuelima, a publication on “Erotic Folktales of the Bulsa …” Before, two volumes of the Bulsa Sunsuelima appeared with the subtitle “Tales of the Sky-God Wen, Naawen” (1993 and 1999).

January 17 – March 14, 2006
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa and Koma

March, 2006
(D:) Mr. Hilary Atuik, a candidate for the parliamentary election in 1981 (Third Force Party) and a keen promoter of development in the Bulsa District, died in Bolgatanga Regional Hospital.

March 27, 2006
(D) A bicycle race took place between Wiaga and Sandema as part of the Wiaga Easter Convention.

July 31, 2006
(ghw) After informing the Sandem-naab, Mr Joseph Adakula… at the weekend renounced his claim to the Chuchuliga skin. [The new] ‘Chief Francis Asangalisa II thanked Mr Joseph Adakula for his decision and urged him to work closely with him to ensure peace and development in the area’.

August 24 – 25, 2006
A heavy rainstorm hit the Bulsa District. It submerged large areas of food crops, destroyed houses and claimed the lives of at least three persons. About 500 people were displaced and accommodated in Sandema Preparatory School and the Youth Leadership Institute. The embankment of the main road from Sandema to Navrongo, only recently constructed, was washed away.

November 14, 2006
The Chief of Sandema (Sandemnaab) and Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, Dr. Ayieta Azantilow, died in the Chief’s Palace at Sandema. He was approximately 106 years old and had been in office for 75 years, which means that he was the longest reigning traditional ruler in Ghana.
(An appreciation of his outstanding personality, his achievements in the field of development, environment, education and the promotion of tourism can be found in BULUK 6, 2012: 26-37; (cf. also Buluk no. 3, which was dedicated to Naab Azantilow).

(www.ghanadistricts) Rangold Ltd. of U.K. acquired a license to prospect for gold in the Bulsa District.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Floods (August) (MM); 2007 Severe flooding (Aug 24/25, 2007) two days continuous heavy rains (YM); Floods through heavy rainfall: all crops washed away, houses partly under water (EW); Floods which destroyed crops
(YW); Dam on the way to Kandema broken (built long ago) (YM); GTZ, ISODEC and Africa Online funded water treatment of all water points after the floods, and some borehole rehabilitation + rehabilitation of boreholes and dams by CARE-PAS (officials; later addition); MOFA gave flood support loans (maize seed and fertilizers)
Late start crop season because of heavy rains (EW);
CODI Disaster Risk Reduction Project
Greening Ghana project
CARE-PAS mango project
Introduction of Metro: mass transport to the district (MM);
Communication: 3 telecom networks (all started in 2007), at least one reaches all communities present in the district (YM)
Introduction of Mutual Health Insurance (late 2008 over 70% of people registered; according to Chansa group it already started in 2004)
MASLOC loans

January 24, 2007
The Regional Security Council (REGSEC) decides that, for security reasons, Azantinlow’s body must not be given to relatives without the council’s permission.

January 26, 2007
Azantinlow’s sons and relatives bring the body from Bolgatanga to Sandema.

January 27, 2007
The mortal remains of the Sandemnaab, Dr Ayieta Azantilow, which had been kept at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital mortuary, were laid to rest in the Palace at Sandema. Hundreds of mourners were present, among them several Members of Parliament, former ministers and a representative of the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Until a new chief was elected, Nansiung-naab Alex Tampuri Azantilow was the regent.
The next morning Azantilow’s death was officially announced and committed in Sandema with gunfire, etc. President Kufuor regretted that he was secretly buried. He actually deserved a state funeral.

August 7, 2007
(ghw) President J.A. Kufuor swore in Mrs Agnes A. Chigabatia from Chuchuliga as the Upper East Deputy Regional Minister. She was elected a Member of Parliament for the Bulsa North Constituency in December 2004.
(Cf. also Buluk 5, Social and Cultural Change – Emancipation, and Buluk 4, The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections… p. 11)

August 24 – 25, 2007
Large parts of northern Ghana are hit by a flood disaster, particularly the Bulsa. Three people die (see Daily Graphic of August 27, 2007: Tragedy in Sandema), hundreds are made homeless and a large part of the harvest is destroyed.

September 15, 2007
(D) Malam Tanco died and was buried at his father’s house in Wiaga Chiok (cf. Buluk no. 4, p. 61)

December 18, 2007
(D) The annual Fiok Festival was celebrated with only Sandema people attending it.


(Dietz…initiatives in Sandema, 2009) Builsa Community Radio started (MM; YM);
Balansa Junior Secondary School opened (YM).
Moringa and Mango Project by PRONET North
Red Cross Housing project for flood victims
Start of screening on HIV/Aids by mobile clinic Sandema

January 8 – March 4, 2008
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa and Koma; visit and interviews in Biuk together with Fr. Isaac Akapata (See BULUK 5, 2009: 34-41)

April 1, 2008
(ghd): ‘Mrs Agnes Chigabatia, Deputy Upper East Regional Minister, inaugurated Builsa Community Radio at Sandema… to use it as a rallying point for unity, trust, harmony and progress in all human endeavours…’ She was joined by Dr Marius Haas, German Ambassador to Ghana and Mrs Evelyn Decorps, Deputy Head of Mission of the French Embassy, to unveil a plaque. Radio Builsa was established by the Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (FISTRAD), an NGO, and jointly financed by the German and French Embassies in Ghana at a cost of 14,000 Ghana cedis.

May 20, 2008
(Ag) During heavy showers of rain a gold mine collapsed in Kadema. Several miners were killed. Only on May 23rd could their bodies be retrieved.

July 15 – August 27, 2008
Dr. Alfred Agyenta, born in Wiaga and working as a lecturer at St Augustine Seminary in Tamale, paid another visit to Germany. During this time he took charge of the Maria Himmelfahrt parish at Füchtorf in the diocese of Münster. He had occasion to meet many of his German friends to share ideas about new publications, new tendencies in anthropology and theology and revised the second edition of the Buli dictionary.

October 13, 2008
Kofi Anan, the former UN General Secretary, visited Münster (Germany) to receive the Westphalian Peace Prize. He was enthusiastically welcomed by thousands of Germans and Ghanaians living in Germany. Mrs. Margaret Lariba Arnheim from Gbedema greeted her countryman and had a personal talk with him.

November 10, 2008
The 2008 National Farmers’ Day was celebrated at Sandema. After a speech held by Mr Alhassan Samari, Regional Minister of the UER, Mr Thomas Alonzi, Builsa District Chief Executive, announced that the District Assembly “had acquired eight tractors which were hired out to farmers” and also ten water-pumping machines “which would be given out to farmers’ groups to enable them to undertake dry-season agricultural production”. Mr Awonkawon Atimbila from Kanjaga won the “District Best Farmer” award.

December 7, 2008
Parliamentary and Presidential Elections (See BULUK 5, 2009: 9-10)


February, 2009
(Ghana District Website, Bulsa District) President John Atta Mills nominated Mr Alhassan Azong, Member of Parliament for Bulsa South, as a Minister of State, Office of the President.

April 23, 2009
(ghd): A two-day workshop jointly organized by TEPPCON (Tamale Ecclesiastical Provincial Pastoral Conference) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), a German organization, took place at Sandema. Ms Agnes Aganda, the coordinator, explained that if DCEs were elected, it would reflect public opinion. She said it was not proper to insist that a DCE must come from the district that he or she is supposed to lead since it could result in the selection of incompetent leaders.

May 26, 2009
(D): Students from the University of Development Studies (UDS), Wa campus, did some research work in villages in the Builsa District.

May 26, 2009
After overcoming a heavy bout of malaria, the Rev. Fr. Joseph Grosskinski, a priest of the Wiaga Catholic Parish for many years, was admitted to the Bolgatanga Hospital, where he died around midnight. His burial at Navrongo took place on June 12th.

June 5, 2009

It was announced in the Bulsa area that the Hon. Norbert G. Awulley, a former teacher and member of parliament (2000-2004, had been appointed District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Bulsa District.

June 7, 2009
(D): The operator of an agricultural machine in use as part of an Italian Project, established in Wiaga, was crashed into by a heavy duty tractor while he was tightening a loose nut in the harrows.

June 7, 2009
(D): Wiaga-Naab chaired a meeting of Water Board members and the people of Wiaga at the community centre to discuss the new pipes which will soon be opened to supply water to some communities and the mode of payments. Everybody agreed to pay if the time comes.

June 10, 2009
(D): Death of Pastor Arthur, founder of the Restoration Power Chapel in Wiaga. His body was laid out prior to funeral arrangements.

July 18, 2009
(ghd): At a meeting organized by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in Chuchuliga, teachers called for sex education to be intensified.

July 21, 2009
(ghd): The Builsa District Assembly, after a four hour election, failed to elect a member to preside over its first ordinary session at Sandema because none of the contestants was able to secure the mandated two thirds majority to become the PM of the 60-member assembly. The electoral officer who supervised the elections, Mr Edifor Victor Padiwho, asked the assembly to go into consultations and come back within 10 days for fresh elections.

August 14, 2009
(D): Catholics from Wiaga and other places were in Kongo for their annual prayers and thanksgiving. They returned on 16/08/09.

August 14, 2009
(ghd): The European Union commissioned six projects under its sixth Micro-Projects Programme in the Upper East Region. The projects include a day care centre, two three-unit classroom blocks in Navrongo and three other projects at Yemonsa in the Builsa district.

August 19 -22, 2009
(D): Young Muslims from Accra came to Wiaga to preach to the people about Islam. They were accommodated in the Wiaga mosque.

September 4, 2009
(ghd) Floods ravaged the district. Many homes, farmlands, business centres and schools were hit by floods following a persistent heavy downpour in the early hours of that fateful day.

September 5, 2009
(D): The late Kadema Chief’s son opened a new school called Crystal Academy for nursery, kindergarten and primary education in the Wiaga Community Centre.

September 6, 2009
(D): A swarm of bees at Wiaga-Goansa and market square stung people and animals. One cow died from stings. Drivers and cyclists all ran leaving their vehicles.

September 9, 2009
(D): A passenger truck hit and killed one of the Zoom Lion workers when he was on work at Fumbisi.

September 15, 2009
(D): The Wiaga-Naab, DCE [District Chief Executive] and others settled a conflict between Wiaga and Sandema football supporters during a league match played on 12/09/09 at St. Martin’s football field in Wiaga.

September 29, 2009
(D): St. Francis’ new 8-unit classroom block was commissioned for use by the District Assembly, Wiaga Chief, DCE, District Director and others.


January 9, 2010
(ghd) A student mentorship programme was launched in the Builsa district by the Builsa student union. The mission of the programme was to give educational support to students in the Builsa district through a one-to-one relationship between a student and an adult. The idea of the mentorship programme was developed five years ago by the Builsa Students’ Union of the University of Ghana and was first launched in Accra last year at the university. The president of the Builsa Student’s Union, Adiita Patrick, called on the students to also take the mantle of mentorship when they achieve their educational dreams so as to sustain the programme.

January 20, 2010
Mrs Agnes Chigabatia was elected as the new Upper East Regional Chairperson of the NPP.

January 20, 2010
(ghd)) The Builsa North Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has congratulated Mrs Agnes Asangalisah Chigabatia for her successful election into office as the new Upper East Regional Chairperson of the Party. Mrs Chigabatia stood with the former District Chief Executive for Kassena-Nankana East, Mr Emmanuel Achegeweh, and Mr Thomas Alonsi, former District Chief Executive for the Builsa Northern Constituency, and won.

February 6, 2010
(ghd) The Builsa District in the Upper East Region was selected for the demarcation and survey of “allodia” boundaries of its customary lands. The project was under the supervision of the Ghana Land Administration Project (LAP). As a first step, the Regional Lands Office met with paramount and divisional chiefs, landowners (Tendana), elders and opinion leaders, as well as local government officials from the district.

February 16, 2010
(ghd) Solar energy systems for remote health facilities at Doninga were inaugurated by the Upper East Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. John Koku Awoonor-Williams. The Energy Minister, Dr. Oteng Adjei, indicated in an address that 29 communities in 8 districts of the Upper East Region are currently beneficiaries of the solar energy systems.

March 3, 2010
(ghw): The Northern Star Tomato Factory at Pwalugu started the processing of raw tomatoes into puree. The region around Pwalugu was zoned into three areas. The area comprising Navrongo, the Bulsa village of Chuchuliga and some other locations will sell their produce to the factory on Thursdays.

April 4, 2010
(ghw): The Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mrs. Agnes Asangalisah Chigabatia, presented items worth GHC 600.00 to the Saint Agnes Vocational Training Institute at Chuchuliga. The items include sewing machines, plastic bowls and money for self-establishment. Presenting the items at the fifth graduation of the institute, Mrs. Chigabatia said that the institution, her brainchild, was part of her contribution to the development of young ladies in the area… She said her vision for founding the institute was to extend the vocational facility to all the major towns of the Builsa north constituency, which include Sandema, Wiaga, Kadema and Siniensi. The Builsa North Constituency NPP Chairman, Mr. David Afoko, noted that the youth were very instrumental to the development of the country…

April 21, 2010
(ghd) The Overcomers International Bible Church planned to provide 50 boreholes for some selected communities in the Upper East and the Upper West regions. According to Right Reverend Ben Arko Harrison, the church had already provided five boreholes for the people of Kadema at a cost of 70,000 Ghana cedis.

April 22, 2010
(ghd) A severe rainstorm at Sandema destroyed 23 high-tension electricity poles that supply power to three quarters of the Builsa District. As a result, community water systems, which rely on a power supply to pump water, ground to a halt. Health centres, clinics, and Community-based Health Planning Services (CHPS) compounds were without electricity. The situation affected small-scale businesses which cannot operate without electricity. The storm also ripped off the roofs of the Sandema Senior High School, the Chiok Primary School, a day care centre and the Fumbisi Senior High School science laboratory.

April 24, 2010
(ghd): Hon. Joe Gidisu, the Minister of Roads and Highways, addressed journalists at Kadema during an inspection tour… On his way to Builsa, the minister inspected construction works between Chuchuliga and Sandema, which is going at a very slow pace. Other roads the minister inspected at Builsa were the Sandema-Wiesi-Doninga and Sandema-Wiaga-Kadema roads. He said a bridge would also be constructed over the river between Kadema and Naga to provide easy access to people from Kassena-Nankana and Bolgatanga to the Fumbisi valley for farming.

May 21, 2010
(ghw): The HFC Bank has supported five brilliant but needy girls who excelled at their BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) last year with GHC 2,000 to support them in senior high school. Each of the girls received GHC 400 from the bank and this is the second of such donations the HFC bank has made to brilliant but needy girls from the northern part of the country.
Mr. Glenn Bakari, Northern Regional Credit and Relationship Officer, presented the cheque to the girls at Wiaga… Eleven other girls also received scholarships from different organizations… The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Builsa, Mr. Norbert Awulley, commended the HFC bank for the presentation…

June 6, 2010
(ghw) Nana Akufo-Addo toured various constituencies (Zebila, Nabdam and Sandema) in the Upper East Region in his bid to win the NPP’s August 4th nomination to lead the party into the 2010 general election… In Sandema the speakers, including former DCEs, implored the delegates to vote overwhelmingly for Nana Akufo-Addo. The crowd of people, which was almost impossible to control, hijacked the meeting with delegates for nearly an hour…

June 6, 2010
(ghd) About 200 final year students of Sandema Senior High Technical School protested against the decision of the school authorities to put their academic results on the school’s notice board. They said their junior colleagues might mock some of them for their performance. They vandalized school property and staff bungalows after their attempt to get the results removed failed. The school authorities sent all the final-year students home pending a report from a committee set up to investigate the situation.

June 6, 2010
(ghd): The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is supporting 100 households, the victims of rain and a windstorm, in the Builsa District to go into maize farming by funding the purchase of tractors, seeds and fertilizers.

July 2010
First Notes on Koma Culture…, a book written by F. Kröger and B. Baluri, was published by the LIT publishing house, Münster (Germany). The book is not exclusively concerned with the Koma in the southeast of the Buluk but tries to compare the culture and language of the Bulsa and Koma as well.

July 15, 2010
(oi): Anamogsi Anyenangdu (born around 1930 in Wiaga-Sinyangsa-Badomsa), earth-priest (teng nyono), elder (kpagi), native healer (tiim-nyono) and politician (NPP) died in Sandema Hospital (cf. obituaries by his son Agoabey and F. Kröger in BULUK 6, 2012: 38-42).

July 25, 2010
(ghw): Three second cycle schools in the Builsa District are to get additional school infrastructure valued at GHC 8,533,677.27 to smoothly commence the four-year programme… The projects include additional dining halls, dormitories, classroom blocks and assembly halls for the Fumbisi Senior High, Sandema Senior High and Sandema Secondary Technical Schools. This was made known when heads of the schools accompanied the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mark Woyongo, to inspect the various projects… Headmaster Ababu Afelibik of Sandema Senior High expressed dissatisfaction at the pace of work by some of the contractors and called on the regional minister to intervene. He lamented that the school was facing accommodation problems and this was affecting the academic performance of the school.

August 24, 2010
(ghw): Youth Link Ghana, a health based non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the Builsa District, has embarked on a campaign to eradicate malaria and create a healthy environment for the vulnerable youth in the area.
The campaign [UNICEF Ghana and Italy] attracted school children who marched through the streets of Sandema with placards that read, “Malaria a killer disease”, “Sleep under treated mosquito nets”, “Malaria is a threat to national development”, “Let’s keep our environment clean” and “Ghana needs you to stay alive”.

August 24, 2010
(ghw): A non-governmental organisation based in Denmark called 91Ms Action Aid has donated health and educational facilities worth 3,000 dollars to the Builsa South constituency. The items include hospital beds, computers, tables, chairs, and theatre equipment. Mr Alhassan Azong, the Member of Parliament to the area and Minister of State responsible for Public Sector Reform, presented the items to the communities. Mrs Margaret Pwaberi, Medical Assistant of the Fumbisi Health Centre, complained that the centre was understaffed and called on the Regional Health Directorate to post qualified health personnel there. The Chief of Wiesi who received the items on behalf of the communities, Nab Akanab Apoom-Ween, commended the NGO for showing concern for the people.

October 29, 2010
(ghd): The Builsa District Directorate of Education distributed 8,000 school uniforms and 49,000 exercise books to schools in the district, while another 175,000 were expected to be received from Accra. Mr Avonsighe said this in Sandema when the Minister of Information, Mr John Tia, toured the district. He was grateful to the government for the infrastructural support given to schools but expressed worry that only 45 per cent of teachers working in the district were trained teachers.

November 6, 2010
(oi): Mrs Margaret Lariba Arnheim (from Gbedema, now residing in Münster) and six other Bulsa and Germans founded a new NGO called Maaka (help). This organization is based in Münster and is specialised in promoting development and help in urgent cases of the Bulsa area. Cf. Theresia Junker’s article in of BULUK 6, 2012: 25 and Events, June 6th, 2011).


January 10 – February 16, 2011
F. Kröger conducts field research among the Bulsa and Koma; he also visits the villages of Kategra, Kunkwa and Jadema and by interviewing the chiefs takes surveys on the ethnic composition of the inhabitants.

April 5, 2011
Fr. Alfred Agyenta, born in Wiaga (Bulsa District), was appointed Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese by Pope Benedict XVI (see articles in BULUK 6, 2012: 2019-22)

Early April, 2011
A large metal statue of the late Paramount Chief Azantilov is erected in front of the Chief’s Compound.

April 11, 2011
Eva Azengapo Akanchalabey arrived in Germany to study “Städteplanung” (town planning). She sent us the following account about her academic career and her future plans:
I come from Wiaga in the Builsa district of the Upper East Region of Ghana. I received my basic education in Wiaga. In 1989, I gained admission into Bolgatanga Girls Secondary School (BOGISS) for my secondary education. After BOGISS, I attended St. John Bosco’s Teacher Training College. After two years of teaching in Tamale, I gained admission into the University of Education, Winneba, and finished with a B.Ed. in Social Studies Education…
In 2009 I started working as an intern with the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly in the Metropolitan Planning and Coordinating Unit (MPCU) as a Planning Officer. Working with the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly and other Assemblies in the region gave me adequate knowledge and practical experience in the field of programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I also developed further interest in research-related activities, and it was then that I decided to pursue a doctorate. I worked diligently and obtained a scholarship from the Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer Dienst (KAAD) to pursue a Doctoral Programme in International Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Dortmund…
I am currently learning German at the “Kreuzberg” Language Institute in Bonn under the support package of KAAD. Learning German has been very challenging but interesting to me. I am, however, assessing and evaluating two foreign languages and cultures. Life is interesting, and I hope to have gained more and more experiences by the end of my studies here in 2014.

April 27 – 30, 2011
Funeral of the late Sandemnaab and Paramount Chief of the Bulsa traditional area, Dr. Ayieta Azantilow. Guests of Honor: J.H. Rawlings, President Atta Mills et al. (see special articles in BULUK, no 6, 2012)

April 29, 2011
In a departure from the general date of primaries, the Bulsa North Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) held its parliamentary primary on April 29th to enable members to attend the Sandemnaab’s funeral on April 30th. Three candidates were contesting for the parliamentary seat which has been occupied by Mr Timothy Awontiirim Ataboadey since the 2008 elections:
1. Mrs Agnes Chigabatia, the Upper East Chairwoman of the party and former Member of Parliament and Upper East Deputy Regional Minister under President Akufuor
2. Mr Thomas Alonsi, former District Chief Executive of the Bulsa District
3. Mr James Abakisi, a former manager of the Bulsa District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme.
Mrs Agnes Chigabatia, the winner of the election, had 170 votes, Mr Thomas Alonsi 116 votes and Mr James Abakisi 70 votes.

May 4, 2011
The final statutes of Maaka e.V. , the new NGO were accepted on May 4th, 2011, by the General Assembly. The following people were elected as members of the Board:
1. Margaret Lariba Arnheim (neé Bawa) from Gbedema, currently living in Münster: Chairwoman
2. Evelyn Ackers (Dortmund): Deputy Chairwoman
3. Dr. Franz Kröger: Treasurer
4. Theresia Junker: Secretary
BULUK will report in detail about the objectives of the association, which lie mainly in the implementation of projects in the Bulsa area and in other parts of Ghana.
(Cf. also Events: June 6, 2011 and Theresia Junker: “Maaka e.V.” in BULUK 6, 2012: 25, and May 4, 2011)

June 2, 2011
The Rev. Father Alfred Agyenta, designated bishop for the Bolgatanga/Navrongo diocese, stayed in Münster (Germany) from May 28th to June 5th, 2011. On Ascension Day (June 2nd), he received delegates from Westphalian parishes which maintain a partnership with parishes that are part of his future diocese (e.g. St. Marien in Hiltrup with Martyrs of Uganda in Sirigu, St. Martinus in Greven with St. Anne in Bongo and Anna-Katharin in Coesfeld with Our Lady of Seven Sorrows at Navrongo). Fr. Alfred’s welcoming speech and the following discussion were conducted completely in German. After his stay in Münster, Fr. Alfred left for Rome and from there flew back to his future diocese in Northern Ghana.

June 6, 2011
The new NGO, Maaka e.V. (cf. Events November 6, 2010 and May 4, 2011), was recognized by the Amtsgericht (District Court) of Münster as a registered association.
(Cf. also Theresia Junker: “Maaka e.V.” (See BULUK 6. 2012: 25)

June 29, 2011
Fr. Alfred Agyenta was ordained and installed Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese in Bolgatanga (see articles in BULUK 6, 2012: 19-22)

July 2, 2011
Most Rev. Bishop Alfred Agyenta, ordained bishop, celebrated his first Pontifical Thanksgiving Mass in Bolgatanga.

July 4, 2011
Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY), the oldest Bulsa Facebook group, was founded by Winston Atigsi-Badek Afoko (a.k.a. Slim Badek)  as the first Bulsa Facebook Group (See BULUK 7, 2013: 29-32)

July 19, 2011
(Fr. Isaac Akapata) The Sandema Senior High Technical School, a premier school, established by the late Colonel Acheampong and Naab Dr. Ayieta Azantilow, then paramount chief of Buluk, had its fair share of infrastructure development in 2011. These include:
one new classroom complex,
one new boys’ dormitory complex that can accommodate 340 students,
one new girls’ dormitory, also capable of accommodating 340 students,
one new science laboratory and administrative complex with an ultra-modern library inside it. On Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, the headmaster and some of his staff witnessed the Rev. Fr. Isaac Akapata (Wiaga) as he blessed these facilities before the students and staff could occupy them.

August 6, 2011
Most Rev. Alfred Agyenta’s first solemn priestly ordination in the Cathedral of Navrongo (see article in this number of BULUK), cf. June 2 and 29, 2011 and July 2, 2011

September 11, 2011, 4 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.
GBC Clubhouse, Accra: First meeting of Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY), a social networking group on Facebook: The session focussed on fundamental issues and a range of topics (….). As these will be discussed in detail and take shape during the second meeting (October 30), they will be reviewed for this date.

September 2011
(Slim Badek Exet et al., 20th Sept.) Adaawen Anamya on behalf of the Bulubisa Meina Yeri presented some books and other items to the Bachonsa Primary School. The items were received with great gratitude.

October 14, 2011
The former Builsa District was one of nine districts of the Upper East Region. With a total area of 2,220 square kilometres, it was the region’s largest. In October 2011, the Ghanaian government created 42 new districts bringing the total number of districts in the country to 212. The old Builsa District was divided into two: the Builsa North District with Sandema as its capital and the Builsa South District with Fumbisi as its capital.
The comments and reactions with regard to this event in Bulubisa Meina Yeri, a Facebook chat-group, are very wide-ranging as the following examples prove:
Clement Apaak:
Builsa South District has been created by the government with its capital as Fumbisi. This was stated by the Minister for Local Govt. and Rural Development yesterday. Let us hope this will enhance development in Buluk.
Angabe Linus:
Another gimmick by the politician to divert the attention of the people and misrule. I am from Bulsa south, but as a matter of fact, this [new district] is not necessary. Another new luxury house for a DCE, cars to drive about, offices with people sitting and playing lotto and, and…… Do we need a district just for the name of it? Fumbisi, Wiesi and Gbedembilsa have rich fertile lands that, if developed, can provide the whole nation with lots of food. Feasibility studies have shown that the area has so much water deep down that can be used for irrigation purposes. If the government can not afford to drill wells and provide electricity to pump up this water all year round, what is the use of a new district? I think we need to remain a united Buluk and push for real development.
Ghanatta Ayaric:
News of suitable infrastructure being provided to boost economic activity would have been better: for instance, a good asphalt road from Navrongo through Fumbisi to Kunkuak and across the White Volta to Walewale (a distance less than 100 kilometres, flat landscape, neither rocky nor hilly). I’m afraid the new district is yet another bureaucratic bottleneck, a diversion from the real need!
Analimbey Chris:
Then we thank God for this gesture. This will certainly bring development to the Builsa district.

October 30, 2011
Second BMY meeting in Accra. Subjects under discussion:
1. Mentorship program (as proposed in the first meeting): Members of BMY and Bulsa students are invited to assist pupils in their school education, provide school materials (e.g. exercise books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets) and replace blackboards with Formica boards.
2. Alcoholism: Members are encouraged to stop giving alcohol as gifts.
3. An alliance with the Bulsa Students’ Union should be formed.
4. A bank account should be opened for donations. [Note: in the meantime this bank account has been established]
5. Before a BMY website is established, videos, pictures and articles should be gathered.
6. Formation of an interim co-ordinating team. They should lead the regional organization of BMY and co-ordinate Bulsa around the world. The following names came up as possible interim members of the team: Adaawen Anamya, Lucy Abunkum, Slim Badek Exet, Cornelius Adumpo, Eric Ayienaab, Evans Akangyelewon Atuick and Juliana Ampaawari.
7. BMY seeks to work towards improving the living standards of the entire Bulsa country, especially in the following areas:
education / culture / language
health / sanitation / environmental protection
industry / investment
8. The role of BMY in the 2011 Fiok Festival: cf. BULUK …. December 16th-21st, 2011.
9. Starting a new project: Niaka Bisa (Children of Blessing) / Ateng Jaraba (Preparing the Land) / the 5000 Game
Environmental cleanliness and protection should be placed in the hands of pupils of primary and junior high school. They and their schools will be rewarded by gifts from BMY (books, pencils, pens, footballs). The “game” has begun already, and BMY has already raised 300 exercise-books and 288 pencils.

November 12, 2011, 2 p.m.

(Third?) Meeting of Bulubisa Meina Yeri at Azenero Social Centre in Sandema.

November 27, 2011, 2:30 p.m.
Meeting of BMY at the GBC Clubhouse, Accra.
The main issue of this meeting was the forthcoming Fiok Festival in Sandema, the role BMY will play in it and how funds can be raised for their activities.

December 2011
(Fr. Isaac in Facebook) The Bulsa District Assembly acquired a new CAT double-blade grader. Its maiden works were on the Goansa-Mission road.

December 16 – 21, 2011
Activities initiated by BMY in connection with the Fiok Festival:
• A seminar with the following topics discussed on Bulsa Radio: Alcoholism/drug addiction; teenage pregnancies and abortions; power in unity.
Topics treated at Azenero Social Centre were: Falling standards of education; significance of our traditions in today’s world; BMY’s vision, objectives and goals; power in unity.
• December17th: Cleanup campaign (comprising the office of the DCE, hospital, district court, the chief’s palace and market).
• December 18th: Route march from the Presbyterian Church through the principal streets of Sandema to the Azenero Social Centre.
• December 18th: Food bazaar at Azenero Social Centre.
• December 21st, 7 p.m.: Election of Miss Fiok at Azenero Social Centre.
“The election of Miss Fiok, though originally organized by Bulsa radio, is said not to be transparent, especially since a non-Bulsa was declared winner recently. BMY was therefore given the opportunity to take over and rebrand it to make it an awesome competition.”
• Musical concert with Abolik Kwame and Apolinya.

December 21, 2011: Fiok Festival in Sandema

December 27, 2011
(GNA) Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY), a social networking group on Facebook, in collaboration with Nallem Clothing, donated items worth GHC 1,000.00 to the Horizon Children’s Centre at Sandema (See Ghanatta Ayaric’s article in BULUK 6, 2012: 79-85). The items included a 21-inch flat screen television set, a microwave, a standing fan and five crates of assorted drinks. Mr. Evans Akangyelewon Atuik, a Research Fellow at the University of Development Studies, noted that the group had embarked on other charitable works which included a food bazaar for over 500 children. Mr Abobtey Joseph, Manager of the Centre, expressed delight for the gesture and said the items would be used for the intended purpose.

December 30 – 31, 2011
Home-coming and thanksgiving mass of the Most. Rev. Alfred Agyenta, Bishop of Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese.
(From a brochure, CEDEC): Friday, 30th December:
1. The people of Chuchuliga meet the Bishop amidst drumming and dancing to the Chuchuliga chief’s palace.
2. The Bishop stops at the Paramountcy of Buluk at Sandema with a rousing welcome.
3. …the Bishop continues his stopover to pay a courtesy call on the Bulsa North District Chief Executive.
4. The Bishop arrives at Wiaga and the crowds meet him at the outskirts and escort him to the Wiaga chief’s palace.
5. Reception in St. Francis Xavier Parish.
Saturday 31st December 2011: Thanksgiving mass.

December 2011 – January 2012
Dr. Ulrike Blanc, the anthropologist, Michael, her husband, and Leonard, their son (9), visit the Bulsa District again.


February 2012
Akisikame Francis: A lot of CSM (cerebral spinal meningitis) cases (W 135) in our District… the Builsa Nurses Association in collaboration with the district health administration is moving around identifying affected communities and helping out. There were about 14 death cases in the UER, 4 in Buluk.

February, 2012
(Ghana District Website, Bulsa District) President John Atta Mills nominated Mr Alhassan Azong, Member of Parliament for Bulsa South, as a Minister of State, Office of the President.

April 19 – May 11, 2012
Franz Kröger visited Accra, Ghana, in the company of Margaret Arnheim, her daughter Christine Adelesui Sam, and their nine-month old grand-daughter and daughter respectively, Emilia Sam. The main aim of his visit was research at the National Archives of Ghana in the capital. Together with Yaw Akumasi Williams (Wiaga-Yisobsa) Franz went through dozens of files in search of notes and reports on Bulsa history and old maps including the Bulsa area.

April 26 – 30, 2012
During a brief visit to Ghana, Margaret Arnheim was in her home village, Gbedema, in the new Bulsa South District of North Ghana, where, on behalf of the Münster-based (Germany) charity group, Maaka e.V., of which she is a founding member, she distributed medical items, medications and also shared and exchanged ideas and information on health issues with members of the village development committee and volunteer community midwife, Lamisi Ayaric. Margaret also presented items to Gbedema Primary School, deepening the existing friendship between Maaka e.V., Peter Vischer Primary School (Dortmund) and Gbedema Primary school.

May 5, 2012
Franz Kröger and Yaw Akumasi interviewed Winston Atigsi-badek Afoko, also known as Slim Badek Exet, on the Facebook social group Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY) at the Coco Beach Hotel in Accra. Among other pieces of information, Slim talked about the decision by the core active BMY members to register the group as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). – (Cf. BULUK 8, 2015: 52-62; see also interview in BULUK no 6, 2012: 86-90; and BULUK 8, 2015: 52-62)

May – June 2012
Bature Adamu, a Bulsa, and civil engineer based in the USA, offered service in Bulsa South on a voluntary basis, putting his professional experience and knowledge to use in the area of road and bridge repair and construction.

June, 2012
Mr. Joseph Akanjolenur Whittal (Sandema-Abilyeri), a lawyer by profession, was appointed Deputy Commissioner in charge of Operations at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

June – September 2012
Under the “Students for Development Programme”, sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and through the Association of ‟All Universities and Colleges‟ in Canada (AUCC), six students of Calgary University, Canada, and their supervisor, Dr. Rowland Caesar Apeentiik (cf. BULUK 4), worked and researched in Bulsa. Aimed at providing human resource and technical support in many areas, the work and research of the students focused on the following:
1. Securing the future for youth and children
2. Food security
3. Economic growth and development.
Marisa Lee and Sean Christopher worked in ‟Community Based Rehabilitation‟ (CBR), a local initiative coordinated by Maxwell Akandem, an agriculturalist and 2nd best Ghana farmer of the year 2011. The two students developed guidelines for teachers of students with intellectual disabilities. Understanding the students’ level of intellectual impairment, having patience for their slow pace of learning, encouraging them to ask questions as well as ask for assistance, and building up and maintaining their self-confidence are useful teaching and learning methods in such situations. The guidelines stress that even more important than academic training are the confidence, social integration, and life skills that students with intellectual disabilities learn through attending school. Students with intellectual disabilities should ALWAYS be encouraged to keep attending school and to participate in all classroom activities.
Paula Johnson and Colin Minor were attached to the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) headed by Aloysius Anyiam, while Monika Ladosz and Jennilyn worked in collaboration with Richard Alandu at FISTRAD.
The University of Calgary also runs an exchange programme with the University of Development Studies (with campuses in Wa, Navrongo and Tamale). Selected students of both universities take courses together and interact on development issues for four months (in Ghana and Canada). Conceived as a training programme for young academicians, the exchange programme helps sensitize both Canadians and Ghanaians on issues relating to rural development and knowledge exchange. Last but not least, it offers Ghanaian students access to materials required for the completion of their theses.

June 15, 2012
Slim Badek published a first draft of the proposed constitution of BMY on the group’s Facebook wall for comments and further suggestions.

June 24, 2012
Mr. Mathew Akunkolubiik Kambonaba died in Accra after a protracted illness. The late Kambonaba attended Fumbisi Local Authority Primary School, Sandema Middle Boarding School and Tamale Secondary School. He was holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast (1972). After his national service, he joined the Ghana Civil Service in 1977 and worked as an administrative officer in both Bolgatanga and Wa. In 1980 he was posted from Wa to the Office of the Secretary to President Hilla Limann. When the young Flight Lieutenant Rawlings toppled the regime of President Limann in his second coup on 31st December1981, Mr. Kambonaba left for Cameroon where he worked as a teacher in Bamenda until 1989. Back in Ghana he rejoined the Civil Service working as a director of education and a senior administrative officer in the Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Health respectively before retiring in 2009. He was buried in his hometown, Fumbisi, on the 24th July. Among the chief mourners was his younger sister, Cecilia Azumato Kambonaba, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is survived by two daughters, Sally and Saha Kambonaba. May He Rest in Peace.
Franz Kröger remembers him as one of his very eager students who attended his German courses at the University of Cape Coast in 1973.

June 29, 2012
(Ghanaweb 29-6-2012) …Hon. Mark Woyongo, Upper East Regional Minister, had this to say when he inaugurated the new district, “the new district would benefit from massive infrastructural development as the construction of an integrated millennium village to include schools, health facilities, agriculture and roads…”.
After the general election in December 2012 new D.C.E.s for both districts will be nominated (Cf. also BULUK 6, Events, October 14th, 2011).

July 3, 2012
On behalf of “Read More Books”, a Ghana/Denver, USA initiative working to promote literacy and education, started by Martin Anbegwon Atuire, lecturer at the University of Colorado, and Eric Ayienaab, an intercultural learning consultant, Ghanatta Ayaric visited the library of Sandema Senior Secondary School to update himself and assess the library’s contribution to educational effort in Bulsa.
In the summer of 2011, he had been there with Martin Atuire himself, his wife, Vicky Putsche, and their ten-year old daughter, Maddie Atuire, as well as Victoria Atuire, Eric Ayienaab, Rüdiger Kahlert (German pedagogue and hobby film-maker) and his 17-year old daughter, Lotta Kahlert (both friends of Ghanatta). It was Martin Atuire’s first visit to the library after “Read More Books” and Regis University students and faculty completed a project to start, equip and stock the library in 2010. On that second occasion, students and teachers of the Sandema Senior Secondary School talked about the many ways the library has been useful to the school and students in the district in general. The event was documented on video by Mr. Kahlert. The German hobby film-maker also made a short video clip of work at Radio Bulsa and other clips on everyday life and scenes in Bulsa. Ghanatta has copies of the clips. With the opening of the library at the Senior Secondary School, North Bulsa has four libraries altogether, the others being the FISTRAD’s Africa Unity library, the Sandema Secondary Technical School (SanTech) library (also established by Read More Books in collaboration with Regis University in 2008), the District library and the Wiaga Catholic Parish library. This calls for the opening of a library in Bulsa South, at Fumbisi Senior Secondary School, for example.

July 14, 2012
On behalf of BMY, Winston Atigsi-badek Afoko (a.k.a. Slim Badek), Stephen Anamnya Adaawen (doctoral candidate at the University of Bonn in Germany), Mandela Achumboro (Radio Bulsa) and Ghanatta Ayaric presented books and other school materials to Fumbisi Senior Secondary School.
Charles Atibil, a member of staff (himself a member of BMY) and Mrs Faustina Kanbonaba, Senior House Mistress of the school, received the items on behalf of the students, many of whom were present at the ceremony.
Charles Atibil organized the school cadet corps in a match parade before and after the donation ceremony.

July 15, 2012
In another development, the BMY representatives, Slim, Anamnya Adaawen and Ghanatta Ayaric paid a visit to FISTRAD’s (Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development) Sandema Educational Resource Centre located in Sandema Kobdem. An NGO and sponsor of Radio Bulsa, the Centre works “in partnership with communities, other agencies and government using participatory approaches to contribute to poverty reduction, respect for human rights and environmental protection and preservation.” The BMY representatives were shown round the Centre by the NGO’s Initiator and Executive Director, Richard Alandu, a friend of Ghanatta’s during their secondary school days in the 1970s. FISTRAD’s impressive community work includes vocational training programmes for young people. They are assisted to acquire knowledge and working skills in tailoring, audio and radio broadcasting, handicrafts, gardening, carpentry and building among others. The Centre also offers pupils and students extra classes in English, Mathematics and the Integrated Sciences.

July 17, 2012
Election of a new Sandemnaab and Bulsa Paramount Chief in Sandema. The event took place in the uncompleted sports stadium of the town.
There were 12 contestants (listed here in the official order):
1) Amobitima Abakisi, Clement (Father: Abakisi Ayieta)
2) Adungbasisi, Thomas (Father: Akakaroa Anaanku)
3) Akanjagnaab Adiita, Albert (Father: Adiita Atuik)
4) Amoak Afoko, “Lawyer” (Father: Peter Apung)
5) Aweiniwie (Aweiliwei) Awobsa, Steven (Father: Anguuni)
6) Anaamtoa Abakisi (Father: Abakisi Ayieta)
7) Azagsuk Azantinlow (Father: Azantilow Ayieta)
8) Akankoalim, Moses (Father: Asekabta Ayieta)
9) Awiaknab Adiabiik, (Father: Ayeparo)
10) Ateteng Azantilow, Sylvester (Father: Azantilow Ayieta)
11) Akanyatalika Agaampi (Father: Agebtechaab Agaampi)
12) Assibil Azantilow, Geoffrey (Father: Azantilow Ayieta)
Azagsuk Azantilow received most votes and has since been functioning as successor of late Sir Azantilow Ayieta who died in 2006 after seventy-five years as Sandemnaab and Paramount Chief of the Bulsa.

July 19, 2012
Slim Badek, Adaawen, Evans Akangyelewon and Ghanatta (all of BMY) visited the District Chief Executive and ex-MP for Bulsa North in the 3rd Republic, Hon. Norbert Awulley, in his office.
The BMY members were there to brief the DCE on the mission and objectives of the group and seek ways of possible collaboration on development issues in Bulsa. On his part, Mr. Awulley explained his role as DCE and the working apparatus of the District Administration and District Assembly to the group. He also listed development projects (on-going and completed) in Bulsa since he took office. Most of the projects include school building, teachers’ quarters, health posts and nursing quarters. The District engineer, Moses Avariko, gave the BMY representatives a soft copy of pictures of the projects, with details on their costs and duration of construction.

July-August, 2012
Dr Marcus Watson, African-American professor at the University of Wyoming, USA, and his wife, Sadia (Sarah) Akambasi-Watson, a native of Sandema, visited Bulsa.
Marcus also interviewed people on the effect of mobile phones, television sets and the internet on the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.
(See article in BULUK 7, 2013: 33-34)

September 2, 2012
The Kumasi branch of Gbedema Mabrimtom (a rough translation would be “the spirit of brotherhood”) launches an Education Support Fund (GESUF) in Kumasi to give financial assistance to brilliant students in Gbedema. Thanks to its dynamic coordinators, Chris Analimbey and Richard Abilimdjo Andii, not forgetting the active members as a whole, the Kumasi branch of the group has been very active, linking up and meeting with the home group in Gbedema on various issues relating to tree planting/growing and construction work on the community centre.

November 22 – 24, 2012
In line with the group’s promise to help provide healthcare to the less privileged, Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY) embarked on a free medical outreach in some of the remote villages in the two Bulsa districts. This was done in collaboration with the Tamale Teaching Hospital’s outreach department. With support from Nallem Clothing Ltd, Radio Bulsa, The Good shepherd Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in North-Legon, Accra and a number of well-meaning members of Bulsa, BMY took a twenty-one member medical team to four Bulsa villages, namely Uwasi, Kanjarga, Dogninga and Siniensi. The team screened and treated a total of 587 people with various ailments in a three-day exercise.
The medical team arrived in the Upper East region in the evening of 21st of November but had to stay over in Navrongo due to the poor nature of the road linking Buluk and Navrongo. They however left Navrongo on the morning of November 22nd and arrived in Sandema at 7am. After breakfast they proceeded to the first community, Siniensi. The turnout being massive the team worked till 6pm.
Day 2 saw the team in Doninga where the turnout was equally big. The team originally planned proceeding to Kanjarga after its work in Doninga. However, this was hampered by an accident involving the vehicle of the team’s leader, Dr. Akis Afoko. This notwithstanding, the team managed to work there till 4pm. BMY also distributed used clothes to people in the village.
Day 3 was the most challenging day with work planned in two villages, Uwasi and Kanjarga. As early as 8am, people had converged at the primary school in Uwasi awaiting the medical team. Work in Uwasi started work at exactly 9am and after about 5 hours of intensive consultations and administering of drugs the team paused for lunch. BMY team members also distributed used clothes and shoes in Uwasi. From Uwasi the team proceeded to Kanjarga where it worked till 8pm, ensuring that all the people who turned out there were attended to. At the end of the three-day outreach programme, two patients were referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for intensive care and a major surgery.
The challenges were quite enormous, but the medical team did the best within its power to make an impact.
It was discovered that many children suffered from malnutrition, had an iodine deficiency and lacked vital minerals in their diets. In this connection, BMY is making efforts to return to Buluk in April 2013 with a second medical outreach programme during which it will distribute iodine tablets as well as educate people on the sources of iodine in local foods and the importance of minerals to our health.
BMY wishes to thank Dr. Akis & Hamza of the Tamale Teaching Hospital for their swift attitude in putting together a great team for the exercise. Our gratitude also goes to Radio Bulsa for providing a platform for publicity. Nallem Clothing Ltd. is highly praised for their financial support and donation of clothes and shoes to our rural folks. We are also grateful to the Presbyterian churches for their contribution towards the realization of the outreach programme. To the various individuals who contributed in diverse ways to make this exercise a reality, we say a big thank you and pray God’s blessings on each person.
Long Live BMY, Long live Buluk!

December 7, 2012
Prof. em. Dr. Rüdiger Schott, the anthropologist specialized in Bulsa oral literature, religion and law, died in Bonn, Germany (see obituary in BULUK 7, 2013, p. 43-44).

December 7, 2012
Parliamentary and presidential elections took place in Ghana. James Agalga (NDC) was elected MP for the Bulsa North Constituency, and Alhassan Azong (PNC) for the Bulsa South Constituency for a second term (See article in BULUK 7, 2013: 35).
Alhassan Azong, Minister of State in charge of Public Sector Reform in the Presidency under the late President Mills, was nominated the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament on January 5th, 2013. James Agalga was nominated Deputy Minister for the Interior. (See BULUK 7, 2013: 35)


January 2013
Founding the Life Project in Sandema (See BULUK 9, 2016: 29)

January 2013
(From Evans Akangyelewon Atuick’s comment in the BMY internet group) The independence monument at Wiaga-Goansa, which is some hours older than Ghana and was completed at midnight, 6th March, 1957 by the Wiaga-Kadema Local Council was repainted not long ago by the youth of Wiaga.
Before the late Sandemnaab’s statue had been erected in Sandema, the Wiaga Independence Monument was, to the knowledge of the editors, unique in Buluk. Its inscription “Naawon neak Ghana” means “God bless Ghana”.

January 5, 2013
Alhassan Azong, PNC, elected MP for Bulsa South and Minister of State in charge of Public Sector Reform at the Presidency under the late President Mills, has been nominated the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

March, 2013
Daniel Awenyue Syme, who served as Bulsa District Chief Executive from 1992-2000, was appointed Deputy Upper East Regional Minister.

May 10, 2013
(Bulsa District Homepage) SADA Millennium Village Project (MVP) supports schools with furniture.
The SADA – MVP has supplied at least two primary schools in the Uwasi electoral area in the Builsa district with some 155 pieces of dual desks to help improve the conditions of teaching and learning in classrooms.

April 2013
President John Mahama directed all Chief Executives and the District Assemblies to name the streets of their settlements. The deadline was set for September 2014 (See BULUK 9, 2016: 30-32)

June, 2013
Several meetings of the Bulsa Traditional Council took place to discuss the chieftaincy crisis after the election of July, 2012.
June 8, 2013: Meeting with Mr Sylvester Azantilow and part of his followers. His objection to the election is that the counting of Azagsuk’s followers was conducted only by his supporters.
June 13, 2013: Meeting with Mr. Azagsuk’s group. He reports that the Bolgatanga court allowed him to continue with his reign as substantive chief.

July 21, 2013
(Bulsa District Homepage) Anthrax outbreak in Builsa North. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) placed a ban on the slaughter and movement of livestock in the Builsa North District due to an outbreak of Anthrax.

September 16, 2013
(Ghana Homepage and The Accra Times) After his first nominee had been rejected by the assembly, President Mahama nominated Mad. Afiuc Elizabeth Jane as the new District Chief Executive (DCE) for Builsa South and she was endorsed by all the 27 members of the Builsa South District Assembly. Prior to her appointment Madam Afiuc served as a government appointee in the assembly. Out of the 13 districts in the Upper East Region, only two are headed by female chief executives. The other one is the DCE of Nabdam District.
The newly confirmed DCE was immediately sworn into office by her Ladyship, Mrs. Comfort Adimoyaza Apalayine giving her immediate power of authority. In her acceptance speech Hon. Mrs. Afiuc assured the people that, in her activities, she would be guided by no other principles than those of the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’, the Bible and the Constitution. Among the people who congratulated her were the Minister for Public Sector Reform, Hon. Alhassan Azong, the Deputy Minister for Upper East, Hon. Daniel Syme, a Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak, the Presiding Member, Hon. Simon Conrad Seidu and Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, the DCE for Builsa North.

September 22, 2013
(Posted by Abaksi Derrick in BMY/Facebook) Musah Lansah, a native of Doninga, a savannahonline reporter, who doubles as a radio host on Tanga radio in Bolgatanga, has been nominated for the ‘radio personality of the year for the Northern sector’. Musah has worked with many FM stations in the past, including Radio Builsa in Sandema.

September 28 – October 12, 2013
Buluk co-editor Ghanatta Ayaric spent about two weeks in Ghana and used the opportunity to intensify contacts with fellow BMY members. He also met with the North Bulsa District Chief Executive, Bonaventure Adangabey, and the two shared and exchanged views on a number of development issues: education, sanitation, environmental protection, internal revenue…|
In addition, Ghanatta visited FC Wiaga United at their training grounds, collected new data and materials for BULUK 8, and distributed 30 copies of BULUK 6 and 7 to various influential people, institutions and libraries. A highlight of his visit was an audience with Sandem-naab Azagsuk Azantilow II in the company of Evans Akangyelewon Atuick in which the new chief outlined his views on a number of issues relating to the development of Buluk.
(See audience with Azagsuk in BULUK 8, 2015: 17-19)

October 16, 2013
Lawyer James Agalga (MP for Bulsa North and Deputy Minister for the Interior) initiated a community library project in Wiaga and donated computers and text books to the SHS (Senior High School of Wiaga).

October 19, 2013
Dr. Akinkang Benjamin Adebasui, a medical doctor, reported in Bulubisa Meina Yeri that Dr. Prosper Akanbong has been appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer of Tamale Teaching Hospital.

November 24 – 30, 2013
BMY organized symposia at the following institutions in the two Bulsa districts: Sandema Secondary High School, Sandema Secondary Technical School, Sandema Youth Leadership Training Institute, Wiaga Senior High School and Fumbisi Senior Secondary School. The following BMY resource persons gave talks, shared and exchanged information with the students and young people: Messrs. Evans Atuik, Robert Asekabta, Anthony Akum-Nyemi, Martin Akandawon, Cornelius Adumpo, Frederick Adiak and Miss Simona Apaabey. The topics treated included the following: ‘Power in Unity’, ‘Teenage Pregnancy’, ‘Alcohol and Substance Abuse’ and ‘The Role of the Student in Averting the falling Standards in our Schools’.

December 2, 2013
Hon. James Agalga (MP) inspected ongoing construction and irrigation work at the new Kori Dam. Similar dams are being constructed at Tankangsa, Zuedema and Siniensi.
Other projects under construction are: a six unit classroom block at Sandema Preparatory School and repairing the broken-down Chuchuliga town water system.

December 12, 2013
Chief Azagsuk Azantilow II was confirmed the new Sandemnaab and Paramount Chief at Sandema on the Durbar grounds. All Bulsa chiefs, except the Chuchuliganaab, many non-Bulsa chiefs and important politicians of the Bulsa districts and from outside, e.g. the President of the Upper Regional House of Chiefs and the Commissioner of the Upper East Region greeted the Sandemnaab. Lawyer Amoak Afoko represented the other contestants of the July election, and Robert Asekabta functioned as the master of ceremonies.

December 2013
Pre-Fiok Football Tournament organized by Radio Bulsa and Bulsa football clubs. Uwasi emerged as champions.

December 18, 2013
Celebration of the Annual Fiok Festival

December 19 – 21, 2013
APRIDEC Medical Group, an organization which specialized in undertaking obstetric operations, conducted a three day free medical outreach programme in Sandema. The group works on cases such as the removal of fibroids via of laparotomy, which involves the opening of the abdomen to examine its contents. The leader of the group, Dr. Joseph Yorke, thanked the management and the staff of the Sandema hospital for their support during the outreach programme.


January 3, 2014
(Daniel Jeremy Amoatika) Miss Buluk 2014
The Election of Miss Buluk 2014 took place at Conifah Guest House in Sandema. The event was sponsored by Bulsa Community Bank Ltd (BUCOBANK), Good Family Enterprise, No-Hurry-in-Life Enterprise and several individuals.
The first of its kind, the contest was initiated, planned and organized by Daniel Jeremy Amoatika and MOTION CREW, an entertainment oriented group of university graduates and students who feel the need to bring the youth together to share ideas about the challenges facing Buluk, using entertainment and the exchange of information as platform.
Prominent Bulsa who attended the contest included Mr. Thomas Alonsi, a lawyer and former DCE of Bulsa District under the Kufour administration, the manager of BUCOBANK, Mr Issah Awudu Hayatudeen, and a representative of the current Bulsa North DCE, Mr. Bonaventure Adangabey. Judges of the contest were Mr. Simon Ampassa, a journalist with The Accra Times, Mr. Lansah Musah, a journalist and Upper East Regional Correspondent for Radio XYZ FM and Miss Herta Alhassan, an Accra-based Bulsa model.
The contestants were required to identify a major problem in Bulsa and come up with SMART solutions, SMART here standing for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.
The following topics were featured and treated by the candidates:
1. Falling standards of education
2. Female genital mutilation
3. Drug abuse
4. Alcoholism
6. Sectionalism (disunity in the district)
7. Widowhood rites
8. Illegal abortions.
Miss Sabiana Asianab from Wiaga won the contest, focusing on “falling standards of education” as her main subject. A symbol of youthfulness and charm, the newly crowned Miss Buluk 2014 finds enthusiastic acceptance among the youth and is expected to assist the district administration in its efforts to improve the quality and standard of education in our districts. She will also be active in promoting entertainment and cultural display programs as well as helping Bulsa firms to market their products. Mr. Bonaventure Adangabey has already sought the assistance of the beauty queen for the propagation of his “One Child, One Tree” project in the area of environmental protection.

January 2014
(taken from Musah Lansah’s BMY Facebook entry of January 24, 2014) Thanks to the activities of Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, District Chief Executive (DCE) of Builsa North, Zogsa, a section in Siniensi, now has potable water after its borehole pump was repaired. The village still regrets the absence of a school, health facilities and a road linking it to Sandema.

January 4, 2014
(According to Luther King in BMY/ Facebook) Bulsa Paramount Chief and Sandemnaab Azagsuk Azantilow II issued a ban on the sale of liquor in Bulsa compounds. Currently in nearly every house there is somebody who sells strong alcoholic drinks, and unchecked sales to all kinds of persons including minors often occur. The situation encourages people who are fond of alcohol to drink more since they don’t have to walk the distance to the next bar. The ban certainly will help enforce a similar law prohibiting the sale of strong alcoholic drinks without a licence which had been in force before.

January 31, 2014
On behalf of BMY, Evans Akangyelewon Atuick and Cornelius Adumpo donated books including novels and textbooks on Economics to the Sandema district library. The occasion formed part of BMY’s quest to mount and stock up special shelves in the various libraries across Buluk and name these after Bulsa heroes and heroines. The first of these shelves will be named after the first Bulsa female Member of Parliament, Madam Lydia Akanbodiipo (read her portrait in Buluk 7). BMY hopes that with time similar shelves will be stocked in other libraries in the two Bulsa districts.

April 2014
Maaka, the German-based charity group sponsored the provision of a borehole in Gbedema. It played an intermediate role on Peter Visher Primary School in Dortmund, whose pupils donated money for the provision of two computers for Gbedema primary school (See BULUK 8, 2015: 24).

April 12, 2014
Paul Afoko, son of Francis Asianaab Afoko, was elected National Chairman of the NPP at a congress held in Tamale, polling 2,032 votes to beat his closest contestant, Stephen Ntim (1,500 votes). See article in BULUK 8: Paul Afoko elected NPP Chairman, p. 70-71

April 4 – May 11, 2014
F. Kröger and Yaw Akumasi, his assistant, conduct research on the history of the Bulsa in the Ghana Archives (Accra). Moreover they revise the first edition of the Buli Dictionary.

April 20, 2014
On Easter Sunday, the Reverend Pastor James Agalic passed away peacefully after a long illness. He will be remembered as a loving father, a remarkable social anthropologist who wrote several articles on Bulsa culture, a respected pastor of the Presbyterian Church and an efficient District Chief Executive of the Bulsa District.
(We have published a more detailed obituary in BULUK 8, 2015: 74-77).

June 8, 2014
Facebook Group ‟Buluk in Fokus‟ founded; 2021: 4,700 members; group of the internet journal ‟The Road to Sandema‟.

June 9 – 22, 2014
Accompanied by his Bulsa wife, Sarah Akambasi, and his father, Uhuru Watson, Dr. Marcus Watson from the University of Wyoming in the USA came to Buluk to continue the research he introduced to the readership in BULUK 7. Dr. Watson’s research project is focussed on digital media and the impact the media is having on how Bulsa experience communication, relationships, and society. With research assistance from Sarah and Sarah’s brother from Takoradi, Gilbert Ambaba, Dr. Watson interviewed families from urban and rural settings in Sandema and Wiaga to collect information about the use and views of digital media from a diversity of individuals and households. Evans Atuick, also joined them on occasion to help with interviews. The research team had success in its project and a great time socializing with many friends who feel more like brothers and sisters. Even Dr. Watson’s father had a marvelous time jogging up and down the Sandema-Wiaga road and greeting everyone he could meet along the way. Dr. Watson has made research findings available to the BULUK journal in the past and will do so again in the near future.

June 15, 2014
Mr Abu Gariba, the former headmaster of Sandema Boarding School, expired in Tamale at the age of 85 years. (See obituary in BULUK 8, 2015: 78-79)

June 28, 2014
(from a BMY post: Bulaalah Chop Skuul Feez) A gang of well armed-robbers stormed Fumbisi market in the afternoon on one of their sporadic robbing escapades. Only one business venture popularly known as ”Good Family Enterprise” was affected. It’s reported that no one was injured but they made away with some of the daily proceeds of the shop.

July 21-25, 2014
Ms Christiana Akpilima-Atibil, doctoral candidate in Philanthropic Studies at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, USA, attended the 11th conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) in Münster (Germany). On this occasion she visited her “sister” Margaret Lariba Arnheim (nee Bawa), and both paid a one-day visit to Dr. Franz Kröger in Lippstadt.

July 29, 2014
The compound owners (yeri-nyam) of Gbedembilisi elected Mr Ignatius Atirekpere the new chief of Gbedembilisi. After his election (63 of 75 votes) his full name and title is: Chief Amalugsi Atirekpere III (See BULUK 8, 2015: 34-38)

September 2, 2014
Dr. Prosper Akanbong, Acting Chief Executive of Tamale Teaching Hospital, has been confirmed the substantive Chief Executive Officer of Tamale hospital.
This was announced in Tamale by the Minister of Health, Dr Kwaku Agyemang Mensah who was on working tour of the three northern regions to familiarize himself with measures being taken at hospitals in the area in the event of the Ebola disease spreading to Ghana. Speaking to Joys News after his confirmation, Dr. Akanbong said he was ready to work hard to make the regional hospital one of the best in the country.
Dr. Akanbong is a Bulsa from Doninga, and follows in the footsteps of his father, Mr. Atuidem Akanbong, who was the first Bulsa to head Sandema Health Centre as Chief Medical Office in the 1970s /1980s. The news of his promotion was received with pride and joy by many Bulsa who sent him congratulatory messages via Facebook.

September 5, 2014
A documentary film about the Bulsa Fiok Festival of December 2012 was transmitted on Ghana TV (Gtv). Azagsuk Azantilow II, the Chief of Sandema and Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, is not only the main chairperson of the festival, but also the main speaker in the film. Through his commentary the viewer learns details about the history of the Fiok Festival and of the Bulsa. According to him, Fiok was founded by his father, the late Sandemnaab Azantilow, in 1972 and has since become one of the greatest and best known festivals in North Ghana. Two episodes of Bulsa history are dealt with in detail: the origin of the Atuga-bisa, the descendants of Atuga, the best known among the first ancestors of the Bulsa, and the slave raids by Babatu. Apart from scenes of the festival, for example, war dances, people dressed in old traditional costumes, pictures of the Bulsa chiefs and visitors from other parts of Ghana there is also an interesting presentation about of the Sandema tanggbain Azagsuk, whose name the Sandemnaab himself bears.
Other traditional and political personalities in the two Bulsa districts were interviewed and they contributed valuable information:Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, DCE of Bulsa North
Hon. Elizabeth Jane Afiuc, DCE of Bulsa South
Conrad Seidu, presiding member of the Bulsa South Assembly
Paul Afoko, a member of the royal family.
The producer of the 26-minute-film was Abibata Mahama, the production manager Chris Puplampu and the editor Patrick Y. Amegede. In the acknowledgements, at the end of the film, articles of the BULUK Journal (no 7) were recognized as one of the sources for the historical data.

September, 2014
(From: Vincent Amenuveve: Ensure environmental cleanliness – Bulsa South DCE. In: Daily Graphic: Thursday, 11 September 2014, abridged; photo: Daily Graphic)
Cleaning-up in the two Districts: The Bulsa South District Assembly in the Upper East Region, in collaboration with the District Health Directorate, have embarked on an intensive clean-up campaign and public education programme on the prevention of the Ebola and cholera diseases in the district.
Led by the District Chief Executive, Madam Elizabeth Afiuc, residents of Fumbisi came out in their numbers to clean the environment and clear choked drains of silt. In a move to revive communal spirit and awareness for environmental cleanliness, promote good sanitation and prevent diseases caused by filth and poor hygienic conditions, the assembly has set aside the first Saturday of every month for cleaning-up exercises. Talking to the correspondent of the Daily Graphic newspaper during the exercise, the DCE announced that the assembly had placed a temporary ban on the sale of bush meat. She urged residents to comply with the directive so as to prevent the possible outbreak of the Ebola disease in the area, a disease linked to bush animals as carriers.

end of September, 2014
Deadline for DCEs and District Assemblies to name the streets of their settlements (see BULUK 9, 2016: 30-33 and BULUK 10, 2017: 61).

October 1 and 4, 2014
Radio Bulsa held two different programmes with the District Chief Executives of Bulsa North and South (See BULUK 8, 2015: 25-26).

November 4, 2014
Twelve communities will participate in this year’s Fiok Football Games in order to determine which community has the best soccer players.
• FIRST ROUND (Knock out stages): 1st Match: 28th November, 2014; 2nd Match: 30th November, 2014; 3rd Match: 2nd December, 2014.
• SECOND ROUND (All play all): 1st Match: 4th December, 2014; 2nd Match: 6th December, 2014; 3rd Match: 8th December, 2014.
• SEMI FINALS: 1st Match: 10th December, 2014; 2nd Match: 11th December, 2014.
• THIRD PLACE MATCH: 14th December, 2014.
• FINAL MATCH: 15th December, 2014.

November 29, 2014
Until the establishment of The Builsa Community Development Bank in 1996 all private and official financial transactions of the then Bulsa District were done in Navrongo. People had to travel there to make savings or withdraw money. Government employees’ salaries also had to be transported from Navrongo to Sandema by treasurers of the various offices to pay their workers. That security risks were very high in these cases was not to be underestimated. Access to bank loans for business ventures by people living in Bulsaland was also restricted by the absence of a bank in the district. Today, BUCOBANK has not only eliminated these hurdles, but has become a bank that offers excellent services to its customers. In acknowledgment of this fact, the bank was adjudged the best Community Development Bank in the Upper East Region (2013) by the Efficiency Monitoring Unit of the ARB Apex Bank for the year 2013 and was honoured with an award to that effect. The Citation reads as follows:
…In recognition of these remarkable achievements at contributing to the rural banking industry, the Association of Rural Banks – Ghana, confers on BUILSA COMMUNITY BANK LIMITED, BEST REGIONAL BANK OF THE YEAR (UPPER EAST REGION) – 2013.”
The detailed report of the bank is available in the following link:’sreport.html


John B. A. Agandin published the booklet ‟The Adventures of Asuom. Folktales from Northern Ghana‟

January 1, 2015
Miss Akumasi Augustina Awonle, a nursing student from Sandema, was elected Miss Buluk at the Conifah Guest House (Cf. BULUK 8, 2015: 33)

January 9, 2015
Fumbisi Celebrates its 6th Annual Feok Festival.
In a welcome address, Chief Clement Anyatuik Akanko expressed his gratitude to the central administration under President John Mahama for giving them their own district and for all the developmental projects that are brought to the area, e.g. the community centre, which is under construction now.
Mr. Yanick Noah Agboado said government intends to carry out a number of development project in the Bulsa South District. He said a rice mill will be established in Fumbisi to serve as a source of income to the women.
In an exclusive interview with radio Bulsa news, Mr. Akuku Kofi, Non Formal Director for the Bulsa South District, said a numbers of instructional centres across the district have been opened and they are giving functional literacy training to people in both English and Buli. He therefore encourages people to get themselves enrolled onto the programme.

February 19, 2015
(F.K.) Eighty copies of the 8th edition of BULUK (Journal of Bulsa Culture and Society) were printed.

February 26, 2015
Linus Angabe founded the “Bulsa Kaniak” (later named “Buluk Kaniak”) Facebook group with John B. Agandin and Fidelis Landy as administrators;  Group of Bulsa Heritage and Cultural Society; 2021: 5,700 members.

March 3, 2015
Death of Monica Adzagbil (see Obituary in Buluk 9)

March 21, 2015
Bulsa South Holds a One-day Educational Forum
The Bulsa South District Directorate of education in collaboration with the Bulsa South District Assembly today held a one-day education forum at the Fumbisi Senior High School to deliberate on issues that gave rise to the falling standards of education in the area.
The forum brought together head teachers of the basic schools, chiefs, educated citizens from the district, circuit supervisors as well as other stakeholders of education.
Giving the detailed analysis of the District’s Performance in the 2014 BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination), Mr. Charles Adama, the facilitator of the forum, said the statistics further revealed that in the Bulsa South District, 408 students took part in the BECE and out of that number two students, a boy and a girl had made grade 19; 49 candidates made grades between 20-30. Out of the 49 only 15 candidates passed in the core subjects and were qualified for admission into the senior high school.
There was an open forum session for participants to ask questions or to make contributions. Some of the concerns raised include: poor supervision, recruitment of unqualified personnel and the lack of commitment on the part of circuit supervisors to deal drastically with recalcitrant teachers.

April 4, 2015
The Paramount Chief speaks on various subjects
The paramount chief of the Bulsa Traditional area, his royal highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow, sounded a strong warning in Buli to people who are destroying shea trees. They should desist from this act or face the rigours of the traditional authority. The paramount chief added that there are indications that the shea trees will bear a lot of fruits this year but it has always been the practice of some people, especially women, to harvest the fruit for their selfish gains while they are pre-matured. He said drastic sanctions will be imposed on such persons if they are caught and brought before him.
Nab Azagsuk Azantilow also cautioned against the cutting of shea trees for either fuel wood or for charcoal purposes. He said trees are a gift from nature hence no one has the right to cause any form of destruction to them. He said any person who is caught destroying shea trees in any part of Buluk should be reported to the chief palace of that community. He called on the divisional chiefs to impose heavy punishments on such persons.
The paramount chief also dispelled rumours that the traditional authority has extended the deadline for the performances of funeral rites in Buluk. It should be recalled that the traditional council last year issued a directive that no one should perform the final funeral rites of a deceased relative after the month of March but there are rumours making rounds that the March ending deadline has been extended to 15th April.
He reiterated his placement of the ban on the sale of alcohol in households. He said the traditional council is having the full backing of the law and central government as such. If someone is caught defying the order, that person will be sent to court and fines will be imposed on the fellow.

April 13, 2015
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Wiaga got a new roof.

May 21, 2015
Ninety-two objects of Prof. Schott’s collection of Bulsa material culture were incorporated in the main collection of Dr. Franz Kröger (See also July 22, 2015).

May 25, 2015
Seven concerned citizens of the Bulsa South District residing in Tamale have donated food items and a cash amount of thousand Ghana Cedi to support the organization of a district wide mock examination for all the BECE candidates of Bulsa South.
The Bulsa South District Assembly in collaboration with the education directorate is organizing a district wide mock examination for 413 BECE candidates. The examination will start on Monday, 1st June, 2015, and it will take place at two centres in Fumbisi and Kanjarga respectively.

May 30, 2015
Death of Mr Ben Agalga, the father of Hon. James Agalga, MP and Deputy Minister for the Interior (see obituary in BULUK 8, 2015: 81)

June 9, 2015
(Facebook) The NDC-candidate for the general election in 2016 was elected for the Bulsa North constituency. In the primary at Sandema 3632 votes were cast on the incumbent MP James Agalga and 930 votes on Mr Timothy Ataboadey.
In the Bulsa South constituency Dr. Clement Apaak won the election over Dr. Chrys Anab Anyuisa as his contestant.

June 13, 2015
Mr. Kofi Alonsi won the NPP-primary in the Bulsa North constituency over Listowell Bukarson as his contestant. The winner of the Bulsa South primary was Mr. Daniel Kwame Gariba with Mr. Daniel Kojo Akachobili as his contestant.

June 29, 2015 BUCOBANK
The deputy regional minister for the Upper East Region, Hon. David Syme Awonwie, has lauded BUCOBANK for spending a total amount of GHC 21,943 on key development sectors such as Agriculture, Health, Sports, and Culture during the past year.
He said the average percentage of banks lending to the agriculture sector is just about 6% compared to 65% and 34% for the service and industry sectors respectively. The deputy minister stated that banks are reluctant to lend to the agric sector because of the low market potential of the produce and the high risk in the sector owing to an unpredictable rainfall pattern.
Mr David Achaw, the new entrant on the Board of Directors of BUCOBANK, stated in an interview to Radio Bulsa that he is bringing his expertise as professional marketeer on board to project the image of the bank high in the corporate world.
Reacting to allegation always levelled against BUCOBANK for always trying to deny other banks the opportunity to open branches in the Bulsa land, Mr David Achaw said Ghana operates a free economy hence it cannot be true that BUCOBANK is preventing other banks from opening agencies in the Bulsa Districts. He said the success chalked by the bank is what is rather scaring the banks away because when the other banks conduct market assessment they always realize that they will not make much capital if they open branches in Buluk.
The election was conducted to fill vacancies left by three board members who were retiring. Two of the retiring board members sought for re-election while the other one, the outgoing board chairman, Mr Pascal Ayaric, stepped down voluntarily.
One of the retiring members who sought for re-election, Nab Akanab Apoomween, chief of Wiesi, had his nomination granted by popular acclamation while the other person, Mr Robert Asekabta Atong, had to battle for his re-election with three other persons. At the end of the polls Mr David Achaw, an Accra based professional marketeer and contractor, polled 2,415,844 votes to pick one of the two slots left while his closest contender, Mr Robert Asekabta Atong, picked his re-election slot by polling 1,397,120 votes. The rest, Mr Charles Amang Azong, the regional internal auditor for GES, and Mr Denis Ankang Abasiwie, an accountant, polled 911,245 and 231,811 votes respectively.
The poll voting system was used where an individual’s vote is equated to the number of shares owed by him or her.

July 5, 2015
The PTA [Parent Teacher Association] Executives of the Fumbisi Senior High Agricultural School has cut the sod for the construction of three projects works that include a story building dormitory each for both the boys and girls and an ultra modern administration block with ICT centre and a library.
Speaking during the ceremony Mr. Clement Apaak, a presidential staffer at the office of the president, said the three projects which are about to start are among the few projects which government intend to execute at the school to facilitate teaching and learning and also ease the accommodation challenges facing the school.
He added that government in order to execute the projects in the shortest possible time has awarded three different contractors to work hard to complete the projects to meet the time line.
Mr. Clement Apaak made the statement during a PTA executive meeting and sort cut ceremony held at the Fumbisi senior high school premises on Saturday.

July 5, 2015
The Bulsa North Assistant District Director of Social Welfare, Mr. Samuel Apuuchogi, said that all funds that were released for the payment cycle of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) have been distributed to its beneficiaries across the Bulsa North.
According to him, the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, last month released an amount of GHC 5.5 million to be disbursed to beneficiaries across the LEAP operational areas in the country to improve the living conditions of the poorest.
The LEAP is a social cash transfer program which provides cash and health insurance to extremely poor households across the country to alleviate short-term poverty and encourage long term human capital development. LEAP started a trial phase in March 2008 and then began expanding gradually in 2009 and 2010. In July 2013, the program had reached over 70,000 households across Ghana with an annual expenditure of approximately USD 20m. The program is funded from general revenues of the Government of Ghana (50 percent), donations from DFID and a loan from the World Bank. It is the flagship program of Ghana’s National Social Protection Strategy and is implemented by the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

July 15/16, 2015
The Chief of Wiaga, Naab Akanfebanuyeta Asiuk, in collaboration with the Bulsa North District Assembly, handed over 77.39 hectares of land for the construction of a Community Senior High School in Wiaga.
The land is located in Wiaga Sinyangsa, along the Wiaga-Fumbisi Road. The project is supposed to last for 18 months, which according to the authority would create jobs among the youth in the area.
The handing over ceremony brought together dignitaries from the Ministry of Education in the Greater Accra Region, the District Chief Executive, and staff of the Assembly, as well as the Chief of Wiaga and his entourage.
Mr. Wong Li, the project manager’s assistant, who spoke on behalf of the China State Hualong Ghana Limited, said the commencement date of the project has not been decided due to mobilization funds which have not been released to the company by the Ministry of Education.
According to him, the company, dedicated to the construction of government facilities and individual projects, has been in the country for over 20 years. He promised to engage the youth in the community to complete the project within the 18 months period.
The headmaster of the Wiaga Senior High School and sub-chief of Wiaga Sinyangsa, Mr. Daniel Alabadek, said that the school is very grateful to the President Mahama administration for awarding a four storey building to be built at the Wiaga Senior High School to help facilitate teaching and learning. The school has acquired a new site at Sinyangsa for the construction of the four unit storey building.
The headmaster who doubles as the sub-chief of Sinyangsa added that as a sub-chief of the Sinyangsa community the welfare of the farmers and houses that would be affected were very paramount, therefore authorities had to show interest in compensating the affected people for a resettlement before the project commences.

July 16, 2015
The regional police command has launched investigations into the vandalism of the DCE’s car.
The Bulsa North District Chief Executive, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, has expressed his sincere gratitude to the people of Bulsa for the solidarity that was shown him during his difficult times in the Talensi by-elections.
According to him, the actions of the various political parties in the Talensi constituency during the Talensi elections do not auger well for Ghana’s democracy.

July 17 – August 22, 2015
Ghanatta Ayaric, living in Hamburg (Germany) spent his holidays in Ghana. Among other important activities he founded the “Top Gong Fitness and Sports Club” (see BULUK 9, 2016: 27-28, and Event, August 1, 2015).

July 17, 2015
DCE presents learning materials to best basic school
The District Chief Executive of Bulsa South, Hon Afiuc Elizabeth Jane, presented some educational materials to the Fumbisi English and Arabic Junior High School on Thursday. The donation was a follow up to a promise she made to award the best performing school in the District in the 2014 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).
The items donated included 340 exercise books and 344 ball point pens worth 600 GHC and a desktop computer and its accessories to aid in the teaching and learning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Receiving the items on behalf of the pupils and staff, the head teacher, Mr. Adocta Ben, expressed his gratitude to the chief executive for the kind gesture and assured her that the items, especially the computer, would be put to good use to enhance the teaching and learning process in the school. Mr. Adocta mentioned the low enrollment of pupils, lack of tables for teachers and furniture for pupils as some of the major challenges facing the school and appealed to the District Assembly to urgently come to their aid.

July 18, 2015
Muslim Community Marks Edul-Fitre
The Sandema Muslim Community has joined the entire world to celebrate the Edul-fitre after 30 days of fasting. The Edul-fitre is an Islamic festival celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, a month long fasting period for Muslims.
Speaking during the celebration, the district chief Imam, Jamaldeen Seidu Seinu thanked the Muslim community for committing themselves to the Islam religion and abiding the rules and regulations governing the region (religion?) throughout the fasting month period.
The MP for Bulsa North Constituency, Hon. James Agalga, who joined the Muslim community during the Edul-fitre celebration, was full of praise to the Muslim community for their prayer support during the country’s hard times. According to him, it was during the fasting period that the cedi recovered against the dollar. Therefore it is believed that the 30 days fasting of all the Muslims across the country have been accepted by the Almighty.

July 18, 2015
Sandema Senior High school held their annual PTA meeting at the school.
The purpose of the meeting is to review all activities undertaken by the school, deliberate on the challenges the school is facing and find appropriate measures to solving them.
Speaking at the occasion, the headmaster of the school Mr. Patrick Tangonyire expressed his satisfaction with the frequency of visits paid by parents to the school to check their performance and to dialogue with the school authorities to shape the behaviours of the students, especially deviant ones.
He said in 2014 the school presented a total of 724 students to sit for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Out of this number, 59 qualified for entry into tertiary institution. Also 659 students passed whiles 70 failed the examination.
The Chairman of the PTA, Mr. Vesper Akanyiti, called on parents to put efforts together to get bungalows for the teachers to stay on campus.
He said the school within the years paid for teacher incentives and over GHC 2000 for the light bill of the school. It was agreed by the parents who attended the meeting to levy GHC 15 [per child?] to start a Teachers’ bungalow project.
He urged parents to pay their wards’ school fees for the school to be able to run the school effectively.

July 19, 2015
The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the Sandema Senior High School handed over GHC 75,694.20 to the school for one office and a three-room store to help protect food stocks from going bad due to poor storage condition.
The Board Chairman of the school Nab John Akisibadek Adangabe, chief of Kadema, used the occasion to urge parents to begin to see their children as an investment that will bring good returns to them and the country as a whole.

July 21, 2015
318 out of 620 litter bins distributed in Bulsa North
The Bulsa North Assistant District Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Simon Abdulla, said that 318 out of the 620 litter bins received from the Regional Coordinating Council have been distributed. According to him, the distribution is in phases and the first phase has been completed. He added that the Environmental Department will collaborate with the sanitation company Zoom Lion Ghana to empty the bins. He said they have not reached an agreement yet and that is the reason why the bins get full without prompt disposal of refuse.
Mr. Simon Abdulla also mentioned that the office has adequate staffing to clean the gutters to avoid flooding in Sandema township ahead of expected heavy rains.

July 21, 2015
Donation of Fertilizer
About 20 farming groups received NPK fertilizer [containing the chemical elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K)] from BUCO Bank and MOFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration] initiative.
The Bulsa Community Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has distributed 400 bags of NPK fertilizer, operating under the Northern Rural Growth Program.
…The farmers are expected to pay back with interest after harvesting their crops in the next 3 months. Mr. Steven Degbor said the supply of the NPK fertilizer to the farming groups has come at the right time because farmers still have the opportunity to farm maize and other crops, as more rains are expected. He advised farmers not to default on their loan payment because defaulters will be dropped from the program next year.

July 22, 2015
The collection of Bulsa material culture, which up to this time had been exhibited at the Institute of Ethnology of the University of Münster, was transferred to the Museum FORUM DER VÖLKER at Werl (Westphalia, Germany) where it is open to a general public (see March 10th, 2016).

July 25, 2015
Girls in the Sandema Senior High School, sponsored by Camfed [Campaign for Female Education], have organized a clean-up exercise in the Suwarinsa Community as part of their social contribution to community development. The girls numbering about 240 under the supervision of some teachers cleaned the Sandema Old Primary School premises, the Sandema Senior High School premises and the residential area of some district assembly officers.
The students later converged at the Sandema Old Primary school where they staged a drama at a community sensitization durbar to educate the community members on the benefits of female child education and the activities of Camfed.
The teacher mentor at the School, Madam Nancy Atuick, disclosed that Camfed is sponsoring about three million girls in Ghana in 31 operational districts. In the Bulsa North district, Camfed operates in 25 basic schools and one Senior High School.
She encouraged the community members to enroll their girls in the Sandema Senior High School in order for them to benefit from the Camfed education support programme. She lamented that a quota of 20 girls needed to be sponsored in the MasterCard Foundation programme; only three met the criteria of aggregate 18 or below.

July 25, 2015
Bulsa South District Chief Executive handed over some complete projects to beneficiary communities in the district. The projects include a community library at Kanjaga, a kindergarten in Jiningsa-Yipaala and a 3-unit JHS Classroom block for Gbedem-Jagsa-Guuta.

July 29, 2015
The Management of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority Millennium Village Project (SADA-MVP) has organized a two day capacity building workshop for all heads of department in the Bulsa South District.
The workshop, held at the Fumbisi Senior High Agriculture School, started on July 28th and ended July 29th. The workshop was aimed at equipping heads of department with knowledge on monitoring, evaluating, and proposal writing.

July 29, 2015
The Bulsa North District Assembly held its mid-year review meeting at the District Assembly Conference Hall in Sandema. The meeting brought together heads of department, NGOs, as well as staff of the Assembly.

August 1, 2015
The Top Gong Fitness and Youth Boxing Club [Top Gong Fitness and Sports Club] started work out activities at the Feok durbar grounds. The work out activities which started at 6am include fitness drills and boxing training. The keep-fit-activity was attended by youth and middle aged males and females.
The participants of the activity were very thankful to the organizers and trainers for establishing a fitness and youth boxing club for helping them to exercise. Most of the participants had not undertaken any form of keep-fit exercise for a long period and were grateful to be part of the Top Gong fitness training (See BULUK 9, 2016: 27-28).

August 4, 2015
(Source: myjoyonline et al.) Mr. Francis Asianab Afoko died in Tamale and was buried in Sandema. He was the head of the Ayieta Royal Family in Sandema, but had lived many years of his life in Bolgatanga as a businessman and the owner and manager of the Central Hotel.
In 2001 Asianab Afoko was elected (and re-elected in 2005) to represent the Upper East Region in the Council of State, where he advised President John Agyekun Kufuor, whose close confidant he was said to have been. He was the father of Paul Afoko, then the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).
Less known than his commercial and political achievements is Asianab’s writing a history of the royal house of Sandema (The Ayietas. Unpublished typescript, 1970). Although this work had been copied with his permission by Rev. James Agalic and transcribed by Prof. Rüdiger Schott in 2005, it would be worthwhile printing at least a paperbound edition to enable educated Bulsa to read and discuss Asianab’s historical report and personal views.

August 18, 2015
Floods Destroy Crops in Wiesi.
Some flood victims in the Wiesi Community in the Bulsa South District are still counting their losses as water submerged their farms causing havoc to their crops.
The flood which occurred on last Friday came as a surprise to many of the farmers as their farm produce were not ready for harvest.
Due to the high level of the water, the Bulsa South District National Disaster Management Organization Coordinator, Mr. Jonas Azantilow, navigated the area in a canoe to assess the extent of damage caused. He reported that about 974 acres of maize and more than 200 acres of watermelon farms have been destroyed by the flood.

August 29, 2015
Tsunami sweeps incumbent assembly members in the Sandema.
Provisional results trickling in on the District Assembly Elections from the various electoral areas in Sandema indicate that almost all the incumbent assembly members except those who went unopposed have lost.
In the Longsa/Kobdema electoral area, Hon. Grace Abaayiak lost to young Edward Atuiri.
In the Nyaansa/Fiisa/Electoral area George K. Amaana flawed Solomon Akokti.
In the Kori electoral area Mr. Dennis Abasiwie lost to new entrant Evans Adochim.
In Diborinsa/Akuri-yeri Kandema electoral area one of the four women in the last Assembly, Madam Gladys Akanaamwie lost to Stephen Issaka alias Kunzus.
In Balansa, young Clement Akampaabadek beat the incumbent Azong Adaakok.
In the Bilinsa Electoral Area, Godwin Akandebaning ‘Atomtebanya’ polled 369 votes but still lost to Acheampong Aguuta who won with 405 votes.
In Awusiyeri-Achogyeri, the only contested incumbent, Hon. Joe Asuok, maintained his place against John Akumasi.
In the Abiliyeri Electoral Area, Alhaji Rauf Avade aka Akruu beat incumbent Madam Victoria Mahama Aganalie.
All four women of the previous assembly will no longer represent their electoral areas in the next assembly.
155 persons filed nomination to be members of the 31 unit committees. Out of this number 13 were females and 142 males. 11 females and 171 males were elected, putting the total number elected at 182. The unit committee election recorded 32% turn out in the Bulsa North District.
In the Bulsa South District, 51 persons filed for nomination in the 20 electoral areas. Out of this number 4 were females and 47 were males. Only 1 female managed to win whilst the remaining 19 assembly positions were won by men. Total turnout in the assembly election was 54%.
In the unit committee elections, 111 persons filed for nomination to be members of the 20 unit committees. 15 were females and 96 males. 10 females and 78 males were elected to represent their communities at the unit committee level at the next Assembly.

September 7, 2015
The Asam-bisa Youth Association was on Saturday revamped at the Teachers Hall in Tamale. The association is made up of citizens of Sandema residing in Tamale.
The ceremony which was characterised by lots of fun and comradeship brought together indigenes of Sandema both within and outside Tamale as well as other Bulsa who hail from others parts of the Bulsa land.
In a welcome address, the chairman for the Association, Mr Atiimbisa Francis, said the association has been in existence for a good number of years. Hence it was necessary to make it active as it used to be. He said the main reason behind the rebirth of the association is to foster unity among citizens of Sandema based in Tamale and also to contribute their quota towards the development of Buluk.
Speaking as the guest speaker, the District Chief Executive for Bulsa North, Hon Bonaventure Adangabe, said since he assumed the office of the DCE, there have been a number of developmental projects carried out by government, the assembly and the MP for Bulsa North. Some of the projects he catalogued include: the extension of the maternity ward of the Sandema hospital, the building of CHPS compounds dotted around the district, the drilling of boreholes by the MP among others. He also mentioned that, street lights will soon be mounted from the Sandema Senior High/Technical School to the Azuelie link junction and from there it will be extended beyond Radio Bulsa.

September 8, 2015
Flood in Kanjarga: Water submerged farms and roads.

September 10, 2015
Incumbent M.P. for Bulsa North filed nomination
The incumbent Member of Parliament for the Bulsa North Constituency and Deputy Minister for the Interior, Hon. Lawyer James Agalga, has filled his nomination form to re-run on the ticket of the national democratic congress NDC in the Bulsa north for the 2016 parliamentary and presidential elections.
He was emphatic that any contender who attempts to contest him in the November 7th parliamentary and presidential primaries in the constituency would be beaten miserably.
He added that the primaries will be held on the 7th of November as proposed by the NDC party’s national executives; therefore aspirants should desist from politics of insults so as to elect the best candidate to lead the party to victory in the 2016 elections.
In a related development, the former member of parliament for the Bulsa north constituency Hon. Timothy Ataboade has urged the NDC party members in the Bulsa constituency to give him a second chance to lead the party in the coming presidential and parliamentary elections.
According to him, he is ready to correct the mistakes he made during his time as the MP for the constituency. Hon. Timothy Ataboade called on the party sympathizers in the constituency to strengthen the peace and unity that had existed within the party for the past years, adding that any party supporter or executive who has any grievances should channel them to the appropriate authority for redress.
Honourable Timothy Ataboade after filing his nomination later with his entourage toured the Sandema Market to exchange pleasantries with the market women and to announce his second coming.

September 18, 2015
Celebrating the Late Naab Azenaab Ateng
The Chief and people of the Wiaga Community celebrated the 68th anniversary of the death of late Nab Joseph Azenab Ateng who was the first chief of the Wiaga community.
The celebration took place at the forecourts of the Wiaga Chief’s Palace and the St. Francis Xavier Parish and was under the theme: Unity and Development.
Nab Joseph Azenab Ateng was born in the second half of the nineteenth century to Nab Ateng Aboama and Madam Akannagayire from Kadem. He became the chief of Wiaga in the year 1909 after succeeding his late father. The late Nab Azenab is remembered not only by the people of Wiaga but the entire Buluk for his active role in supporting Christianity in the area.
In the year 1927, when the white missionaries arrived in the Wiaga community and asked for land to settle for evangelism, Nab Azenab accepted them with the vision that in future, the missionaries would contribute significantly in areas such as education, health and agriculture that would lead to the transformation of the Wiaga community and Buluk.
Nab Azenab died on Wednesday, 17th September 1947. He was baptized on his sick bed and given the name Joseph. In 1956 the family and the entire people of Buluk thought it wise to annually celebrate him as a late hero, on the 17th of every September.

October 29, 2015
The headmaster for the Sandema Senior High School, Mr. Patrick Tangonyire, stated that the improvement of the water situation in the school has influenced the performance of the students in the 2015 West African Certificate Examination (WACE). He said previously students used to spend judicious hours in search of water to the detriment of their studies but now the situation has received a massive improvement. He said the school presented 579 students in the 2015 WACE of which no student registered a complete failure.
Mr. Patrick Tangonyire made this known on Wednesday in a speech during the commissioning of two mechanized boreholes provided to the school by the Living Word United Methodist Church in the United States of America. The headmaster therefore expressed gratitude to the church and promised that the taps would be properly maintained to serve their intended purpose.

October 31, 2015
Two students have received a total amount of GHC 1,400 from Hon. Agalga, the MP for Bulsa North, for attaining distinctions in the 2015 BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination). Each of the students took home GHC 750 for the cost of their admission fees.
The Students, Miss Afulang Carolina from Success International School and Master Asiak Nathanial from Sandema Preparatory who had aggregate 7 and 8 respectively, thanked the MP for the support.
Six other students also benefited from the same quantum of money from the MP for obtaining distinctions in the 2015 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

November 18, 2015
A seven member steering committee has been inaugurated to oversee the Ghana’s Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms Project- GSAM. The GSAM project is a five-year USAID-funded project that seeks to strengthen citizens’ oversight of capital projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance.
CARE International Ghana, IBIS Ghana and the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) are working together as a Consortium with the Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (FISTRAD) as one of their implementation partners. The project which started in 2014 will end in 2019 and will cover 100 districts in the country. In the upper east region, six districts are captured under the project, these include: the Bulsa North and South Districts, Kasena-Nankana Municipal, Pusiga, Bawku West as well as the Garu district.

November 27, 2015
Farmers’ Day
The Bulsa North District Assembly in collaboration with the District Agric Department has organized this year`s district farmer’s day to honour gallant farmers who in diverse ways contributed to the growth of the country.
In the Bulsa North district the overall best farmer of the year was Mr Abombisa Adung from the Kandema community. He took home a Hoajin motor cycle

December 18, 2015
Feok Festival
The Chiefs and people of the Bulsa Traditional area have climaxed the 2015 Feok Festival celebration.
The week long celebration successfully ended on Friday (December 18) with a grand durbar of chiefs, people of the Bulsa Traditional Area, other Paramount Chiefs within the Upper East Region, people from the sister traditional areas, DCEs for Bulsa North and South and other sister districts, the Upper East Regional Minister and his Deputy, the two Members of Parliament for both Bulsa North and South and His Excellency Adanzi Kangah Member of Council of State.
The annual Feok Festival is to commemorate the victory over Babatu, the slave raider, who was defeated in the 19th century by Bulsa warriors. Delivering his key note address, the overlord of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Naab Azaksuk Azantinlow II, thanked all dignitaries who travelled from far and near to witness the festival.
According to him, bush burning and indiscriminate felling of trees contribute to the shorter rains as witnessed within the area lately thereby reducing agricultural production. Naab Azaksuk Azantinlow further noted: It is important to plant and grow trees adding that the late venerated overlord [Azantilow I] showed the way and took the lead by planting trees along the roads and the principal streets of Sandema.
Speaking on the health of the people the paramount chief appealed to the district Assemblies to cease issuing licence for the sale of Akpeteshie. He said there are better ways of generating and increasing the internally generated funds of the Assemblies than the imposition of Akpeteshie fees
The Upper East Regional Minister, Hon. James Zuugah Tiigah, commended the Chiefs and organizers for sustaining the celebration of the Feok Festival for the past 41 years. He said culture has become a rich business because of its inextricable link to tourism and creative arts as it is the 4th highest foreign exchange earner in Ghana.
He added that a research conducted by the coalition of NGOs in health in 2014 ranked the Upper East Region as the most alcohol consuming region in Ghana adding that the narcotics control board also established that the three regions of the north account for 60% of all drugs abuse cases in Ghana which captured the young people between the age of 18 to 35 years.
The Member of Parliament for the Bulsa North Constituency and Deputy Interior Minister, Hon. James Agalga, assured the Paramount Chief of their support in the fight against the high consumption of the locally manufactured drink popularly known as Akpeteshi.
He said through the initiative of both the Bulsa north and south MPs they will be providing 100 toilet facilities to help address the sanitation challenges facing the two districts.

December 18, 2015
The Community Base Rehabilitation CBR in Sandema organized a four day’s intensive training on Shea butter for soap production for twenty women with disabilities in the Bulsa District.
The training is aimed among other things to equip Women with disabilities in the district with the necessary knowledge and employable skills on how to produce quality Shea butter to meet the demand of consumers and buyers.
Among the speakers were Mr Maxwell Akandema, Coordinator Director of the Community Base Rehabilitation, Madam Rita Dampson, the training instructor and some of the participants.

December 20, 2015
Installation of Queen Mother in Buluk.
The installation of a queen mother in Buluk has been received with great excitement from the citizenry especially the women. On Friday 18th December, 2015 during the climax of the annual Feok Festival, her royal ladyship Poknab Atebalie Azantilow was introduced as the first ever queen mother in Buluk.
Discussing her installation on the Radio Bulsa Weekend Review talk show on Saturday evening, panellists on the programme expressed commendation to the chiefs of the traditional area for the selection of a queen mother. They said women issues will now be given much prominence because she will serve as the mouth piece for women at the traditional council.
Mr. Richard Alando, who appeared on the programme with Mr. Matin Akandawon, Mr. Denis Abasiwie as well as Mr. John Acheampong suggested that an office space should be created for her to fully function. He expressed delight in the fact that FISTRAD played a part in advocating for the installation of the queen mother.

December 29, 2015
Chief of Wiesi celebrates 10th anniversary of kingship
The Chief and people of the Wiesi Community in the Bulsa South District have celebrated the 10th anniversary of the noble kingship of the Chief of Wiesi.
The main aim of the celebration was to highlight the numerous achievements, challenges and the way forward in strengthening peace, unity and stability among the people in the area for total development.
Delivering his key note address, the Chief of Wiesi, Nab Akanab Apoom-ween, said his ten-year reign has experienced tremendous transformation in terms of material and in the human and spiritual domains.
He noted that during his ten-year rule as chief of Wiesi his biggest achievement, and which he treasures most, is the tree planting initiative on the main road in the Wiesi community where he attributed it to the collective efforts of all. According to him, his kingship will continue to give credit to the youth in the area for their total commitment in ensuring the success of the tree planting project.
Nab Akanab Apoom-ween said the challenges facing the community are enormous, paramount among them is bush burning which poses a serious threat to every member of the community. He urged every member of the community to be vigilant in order to crack down the perpetrators of this unacceptable practice which hinders development.
Touching on the progress of education in the Wiesi Community, Nab Akanab Apoom-ween lamented that dropping out of school continues to be a serious problem associated with the youth in the area, adding that this has resulted in early and forced marriages as well as child labour. He therefore called on parents and community leaders to help fight the practice in their communities.
Nab Akanab Apoom-ween urged the village community to continue their hard work in the area of agriculture which is the main source of income and livelihood in the community, adding that farmers in the area should channel much of their energy into more cash crops cultivation in order to alleviate poverty in the area.

December 29, 2015
DHMT (District Health Managing Teams) organize a one-day orientation workshop.
The Bulsa North District Health Directorate has organized a one day orientation workshop for some health personnel on the registration and distribution of long-lasting, insecticide-treated-nets.
Speaking to Radio Bulsa News on the sidelines of the workshop, the district health director, Mr Edward Nellic Nyawura, said the training aims at helping the volunteers ensure that every household in the district receives the treated net.
He added that through the distribution of the long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in the district for the past three years, malaria cases have been reduced drastically.
Mr Edward Nyawura noted that in order to reach every household in this year’s mass distribution exercise, pragmatic measures have been taken to issue coupons to registered members for identification during the collection period.
Madam Aba Baffoe Wilmot, a principal medical entomologist and a representative from the national office of the Ghana health service used the platform to admonish the trainees to put in their best during the distribution exercise to avoid wrong data submission to the national office.
She added that the nets would not be given to people who intentionally fail to register their names with volunteers that would be visiting their communities and homes during the period.
Madam Baffoe stressed that all registrants are assured of receiving their nets when the time for distribution comes. She used the opportunity to call on households, sub-chiefs, family heads and all well meaning citizens of Buluk to ensure that their families are duly registered.

December 29, 2015
PNC targets 20 parliamentary seats in 2016 elections
The People’s National Convention (PNC) is targeting 20 out of the 275 parliamentary seats in the 2016 general elections as it prepares to select candidates.
It currently holds one seat in the Upper East region, the Bulsa seat represented by Alhassan Azong.


January 26, 2016
(ghanaweb, News Archive) A delegation from the Builsa Traditional Council led by the outgoing Deputy Regional Minister, Mr Daniel A. Syme, called on the President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr. John Dramani Mahama at the Flagstaff House (Accra). The delegation included chiefs, Members of Parliament, government appointees and some high-ranking public officials and private personalities from the area.
The President spoke about efforts the government was making to elevate some divisional chiefs to paramount status. He also stated that the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) was working with other partners to create an irrigation project in the Fumbisi Valley that would cover 10,000 hectares of agricultural land.
Naab Azagsuk Azantinlow II, who was introduced to the President as the new Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, commended the President for the numerous development projects, but he also drew the President’s attention to some Bulsa roads to bring relief to the people.

February 1, 2016
Christ-the-King Catholic Church in Sandema inaugurated as a parish
At a colourful ceremony to inaugurate the parish on Sunday 31st January, 2016, the Bishop of the Navrongo Bolgatanga diocese, His Excellence Right Reverend Dr. Alfred Agyenta commenced the ceremony by handing over the keys of the church to the first Parish priest, Father Sebastian Aduko, as symbol of authority entrusted onto him to shepherd the congregation.
In a sermon the Right Reverend bishop Alfred Agyenta said the parish is for the entire membership and not only for the parish priest. He added that, before the parish continues to grow, the parish priest needs to serve the people with diligence, hence the entire members of the church have a role to play to sustain the parish.
The Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional area, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, who also graced the occasion together with the chiefs of Siniensi and Wiaga in a brief statement, commended Bishop Alfred Agyenta and the Catholic faithful for the impact the church has made in the lives of people in Bulsa. He said as Father of the land, his doors were opened to work with everyone without discrimination.
The parish priest, Fr. Sebastian Aduko, thanked the people of the Bulsa land for the warm reception he has been enjoying since he was posted to head the church in Sandema. He thanked Bishop Alfred Agyenta for installing him as the first parish priest and promised to serve diligently in the work of God.

February 17, 2016
Uwasa gets a new chief
Mr Anmanya Abiako was elected as the new chief of Uwasa in the Bulsa Traditional area on Wednesday 17th February, 2016. Mr. Anmanya Abiako, an Accra based mechanic, is 52 years old and a son of the late chief of Uwasa.
The event which was generally described as peaceful, saw a younger brother of the 52 year old mechanic merging votes with him to beat their two other contenders.
Mr. Anmanya Abiako polled 138 votes to beat Mr. Banasco Atinang, a security officer at the Methodist University who polled 131 votes. Mr. Apasugbey Akumasi, a 37 year old teacher by profession went home with 8 votes.
The chief-elect expressed gratitude to the people of Uwasa for the confidence reposed in him to continue the good works of his predecessor. He promised to rule the community with an open heart and therefore urged his other contenders to synergize with him to develop the community.

February 23, 2016
Three vehicles loaded with red wood impounded at Fumbisi Police Station
Some Assembly Members in the Bulsa South District in collaboration with the District Police Command have impounded three vehicles fully loaded with red wood by timber loggers. The wood was illegally felled in some communities in the Bulsa South District.
Speaking to Radio Bulsa news during a visit to the area, the presiding member of the Bulsa South District Assembly and Assembly man for the Wiesi electoral area, Hon. Ajuik Richard, expressed disdain for the attitude of some sub-chiefs and Assembly men who he accused of collaborating with the illegal loggers to degrade the forest.
Ajuik Richard said that he, together with some few Assembly men who are committed to fighting the problem, will not relent in their fight till the illegal activities of the loggers are stopped.
The presiding member spoke to Radio Bulsa on February 23rd, 2016, three weeks after the vehicles were impounded (See BULUK 9, 16: 23-26; Petition to the President…)

March 10, 2016
Opening of the Bulsa exhibition in Werl (Germany)
A new department containing Franz Kröger’s collection of Bulsa material culture was opened at the Werl Ethnographic Museum “Forum der Völker” (Forum of Peoples). Before, the objects had been exhibited in the Department of Ethnology of the University of Münster, where the small exhibition room had not been accessible to a general public.
The inauguration of the permanent Bulsa exhibition in Werl took place in the auditorium of the museum. After an introduction by Fr. Reinhard Kellerhoff (OSF), the director of the museum, Franz Kröger held a colour-slide speech on “The material culture of the Bulsa” and afterwards guided the visitors through the two rooms of the new department. A small catalogue was distributed to the visitors. (See BULUK 9, 16: 22)

March 22, 2016
Minister of Chieftaincy, Culture and Traditional Affairs paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Bulsa
On 22nd March, 2016, the Minister of Chieftaincy, Culture and Traditional Affairs, Dr Henry Seidu Danaa, paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azaksuk Azantilow II at his palace.
The purpose of the minister’s visits was to congratulate the Paramount Chief on his enskinment and also to brief him on some of the measures and plans put in place by the ministry to address the rising number of chieftaincy conflicts in the region and the country at large.
Dr Henry Seidu Danaa said the traditional council is the core of the Chieftaincy institution, therefore empowering the councils will help solve all Chieftaincy conflicts in the country.
He added that the ministry has rolled out plans to organized sensitization programmes and workshops that will foster unity and to also enlighten the general public on the council’s operations in the districts.
Welcoming the minister to his palace, the paramount chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area said that the Bulsa Traditional Council for the past years has not been given the needed attention by the leadership of the country, adding that he was optimistic that his visit will go a long way to address the minor challenges affecting the smooth running of the council.
The paramount chief promised the minister his continued commitment in ensuring peace, unity and harmony in the traditional area.

March 27, 2016
Chuchuliga marks third edition of Achula Home Coming
The Chuchuliga Development Association, the chief and people of the Chuchuliga community in the Bulsa North District have marked the third edition of the Achula home coming celebration. The celebration took place on March 27th at the Chuchuliga Old Primary School.
The Achula home coming is an initiative by the people of Chuchuliga to bring all sons, daughters and friends of the village together so as to reinvigorate the spirit of unity, solidarity and togetherness that appears to have been lost amongst the people over the past years.
Over the past years the leadership of the community has observed that Chuchuliga as a community had no common platform which could be used to bring all natives and friends of the area together for the purposes of planning for the development of the community.
The celebration was under the theme “Chuchuliga Community Senior High School, the concern of all”.
Speaking during the celebration, the Chairman of the Association, Mr Edmond Alagpulinsa, said since the inception of the Association the construction of the Community Senior High/Technical School is in progress with the support of the community in terms of labour.
He said the foundation of the six-class-room-block has been completed and work is progressing steadily.

April 27, 2016
Wiaga-Kpandema Youth Association construct a wooden bridge
(Source: Facebook) The bridge which was constructed behind the Wiaga Health Centre is to ensure easy accessibility to the health facility, especially during the rainy season, by the people of the area.
The construction was initiated by the Kpandema Youth in collaboration with Radio Bulsa.
In a speech the Chairman of the Kpandem Youth Association, Mr Jacob Ayombil, said that the Association, since its formation in the year 2005, has been engaged in activities that are geared towards improving the quality of life in the community. Some of these activities include preaching against the high consumption of the locally manufactured gin “Akpeteshie” among the youth and residents in the community and the payment of school fees for brilliant but needy students.
He added that the initiative taken by Radio Bulsa and the youth in the Kpandema community to construct the wooden bridge will bring a great relief to the people in the area because the Wiaga Clinic is just a stone throw from the community but they used to circumvent a long distance to get to it.

May 28 – June 6, 2016
Final Funeral Rites of Nab Dr Ayieta Azantilow, the late Sandemnab and Paramount Chief

June 17, 2016
Bulsa Union in USA donate books to District Library
The Bulsa Union in the United States of America (USA) has donated more than 500 books of all kinds to the Bulsa North District Library.
The donation forms part of a request made by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, to the Bulsa Union in the United States of America during an official visit to that country.
Presenting the books to the leadership of the Bulsa North District Assembly, Mr Philip Akumkperik, a member of the union in the United States of America, said the donation of the books will complement the efforts of the Assembly in its quest to improving education in the district, which is a collective responsibility. Therefore the union in its small way will continue to contribute its quota in that context.
He added that apart from donating books to the library, the union also intends to support all sectors of the local economy to help improve the lives of the people in the district.
Mr Philip Akumkperik urged students and parents to encourage their wards to visit the library and make use of the books.

June 17, 2016
NDC donates to Muslims in Sandema.

July 1, 2016
Senior citizens honoured in the Bulsa South District
The Bulsa South District Assembly as part of the Republic Day Celebration has honoured some senior citizens in the area for their hard work and immense contributions toward the nation-building process. Delivering her key note, the District Chief Executive for the Bulsa South District Assembly, Hon. Jane Elizabeth Afiuc, expressed gratitude to all the senior citizens who contributed diversely in that regard.
She said in order to make life comfortable for the senior citizens, Government has taken measures to register them free onto the National Health Insurance Scheme to enable them to have access to free health care any time the need arises.
Madam Jane Elizabeth Afiuc urged them to impart their knowledge onto the youth for a better generation.
Some of the senior citizens who spoke to Radio Bulsa News after the presentations called on their fellow senior citizens residing outside the district to return home and support the development of the area.
They also used the opportunity to advise their colleagues who are engaged in drinking to desist from the act and channel their little energy and resources into farming activities to ensure a better local economy.

July 21, 2016
DCE and Regional Highways Director tour some feeder roads in Bulsa North.

July 21, 2016
Newly Posted Bulsa District Police Commander cautioned motorists to make crash helmet wearing a habit.

July 21, 2016
Parts of Sandema township submerged after a heavy downpour on Wednesday
Following a heavy downpour on Wednesday 20th July, some parts of the Sandema Township and other communities in Buluk submerged in water.
The downpour saw some flooding in homes and farm lands. Vehicular and pedestrian movements were curtailed on some major roads in the district including the Sandema-Navrongo road.
Notable road networks which suffered most during the 11-hour torrential rain are the Sandema Town-Nyansa Road, the Kori Alabiyeri Road, the Sandema-Navrongo Road, the Sandema-Siniensi-Doninga-Santijan Road and the Sanwaasa Road. The rest are: the Kanjarga-Fumbisi Road, the Fumbisi-Uwasa Road, the Wiaga-Kadema Road. The banks of the Siniensi Kaasa dam also got broken and all the water got spilled out.

July 25, 2016
Source: Godwin Abonaampo et al. in Buluk Kaniak
Donations for the victims of the flood
Hon. James Agalga, MP for Builsa North constituency, and Mr Colbert Yansah from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) sympathised with the disaster victims of the recent flood in Sandema. The MP James Agalga personally donated some relief in the form of blankets, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, mats etc. to the affected area. He assured the victims of his continued support.

July 28, 2016
Bulsa North NADMO Coordinator gave account on last week’s torrential rains
The Bulsa North District Coordinator for the National Disaster Management Organization, Mr Colbert Yangsa on 28th July, 2016 disclosed that two hundred and eighty four (284) houses were affected with a victim population of nine hundred and twenty four (924) during the heavy torrential rains in the previous week. He said about eight hundred and eighty six (886) farm lands were also affected in the process.
Speaking on the states of roads after the data collection, Mr Colbert Yangsa noted that about twelve feeder roads (12) in the district were partially washed away while two are severely affected. These are the Kori and Nyansa Roads in Sandema.
The District Disaster Management Coordinator added that three (3) major dams were damaged. The most affected is the Siniensi Kaasa dam which is virtually empty. He said most of the livestock farmers who tethered their animals along river banks also lost their animals to the torrential rains.

July 30, 2016
Bulsa South MP donates generator to Radio Bulsa
The Member of Parliament for the Bulsa South Constituency and a Presidential Staffer, Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Azong has donated a KIPOR 50Hz diesel generator to Bulsa Community Radio. The donation should enable the radio station to continue its transmission during the rampant power outages.
The Member of Parliament, Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Azong, said his leadership has underscored the important contribution of the radio station to the socio-economic development of the two Bulsa districts.

August 1, 2016
Regional Health Directorate presents Certificate of Recognition to Radio Bulsa
The Upper East Regional Health Directorate through the Bulsa North District Health Directorate has presented a certificate of recognition to the Management of Radio Bulsa for providing invaluable support to health care services in the Bulsa North District.
The certificate of recognition was also aimed at encouraging and strengthening the relationship that has existed between the health sector and the community radio till today.
The District Health Director was accompanied by the District Disease Control Officer and District Health Promotion Officer to make the presentation.
The Bulsa North District Director of Health, Mr Samuel Yaw Angyogdem, said the station over the years through its health programmes has contributed immensely to health care delivery and awareness creation not only in Bulsa but in the Region at large.
He said the certificate of recognition was also to appreciate the station’s dedication and sacrifices it has made over the years in providing a three-hour-free-airtime every week to enable health workers from the various health facilities educate the people of Buluk on health issues.
Receiving the certificate on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of Radio Bulsa, the Executive Director of the station, Mr Richard Alando, thanked both the Regional and District Health Directorates for recognising the role of the station in the health care delivery system in the region.
He said the recognition will boost the morale of the staff to continue to put in their best to improve the lives of the people of Buluk.
According to Mr Alando, the health of the people of Buluk is paramount. Therefore the station in its small way will continue to use the medium to partner the health institutions within its catchment areas to discuss more pertinent health issues to enable people to live healthy lives.

20th August 2016
Buluk gets two new priests
Two sons of Buluk together with colleagues from other parts of the Upper East Region were on Saturday, 20thAugust, 2016 ordained priests at the Christ the King Parish in Sandema. The ceremony which was the first of its kind in the history of the parish attracted thousands of both Catholic and Non-Catholic faithful from within and outside the Upper East Region.
The five newly ordained priests are: Rev. Fr. Vitus A. Adiita from Sandema, Rev. Fr. Ebenezer A. Atongdem from Wiaga, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asiyuure Apalle from Brungu-Kolgo, a suburb of Bolgatanga, Rev. Fr. Richard Awosagajong Abingya from Vunania-Navrongo and Rev. Fr. Mathew Wedamdaga Banseh from Navrongo.
The ordaining bishop was the Apostolic Nuncio to Ghana His Excellency, Archbishop Jean Marie Speich while the Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, Most Rev. Alfred Agyenta played the role of a host Bishop. Over one hundred and fifty reverend Catholic priests, brothers and sisters took part in the ceremony.
Also, present were some traditional leaders, notably the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow. A government delegation was led by the Upper East Regional Minister Hon Albert Abongo.

16 September, 2016
Bulsa Traditional Council outdoors Queen Mothers
The Bulsa Traditional Council has outdoored eleven queen mothers to help steer the affairs of the council. The women were selected by the various communities to have oversight responsibilities over women issues. The outdooring ceremony, which was held at the conference room of the Traditional Council, took place on September 16, 2016.
Each queen mother is addressed with the title ‘Poknab’.
The Paramount Chief of the Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, in a speech before their introduction said having queen mothers as part of the chieftaincy system was a novelty in Buluk. He appealed to the queen mothers to work diligently and contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities. Speaking on behalf of the queen mothers, the Paramount Queen Mother, Atebalie Azantilow, pledged their fullest commitment to working with the chiefs in the various communities to bring about development.
The eleven queen mothers together with the divisional chiefs later swore oaths of allegiance and secrecy to the Paramount Chief and the Traditional Council.
The queen mothers include:
• Atebalie Azantilow (Paramount queen mother and queen mother of Sandema),
• Awaapok Anankansa (Bachonsa),
• Paulina Atenglie Azenab (Wiaga),
• Akumasilie Atong (Doninga),
• Afulanglie Ayaric (Gbedema),
• Awonalim Amoak (Fumbisi),
• Comfort Akantoa (Uwasa),
• Atamaro Adangabey (Kadema),
• Lariba Asadiok (Wiesa),
• Awon-nyoglie Marama Braimah (Gbedembilisa),
• Felicia Akanjambudai (Kanjarga).

October 1, 2016
MP for Bulsa North launches 2016 campaign
The incumbent Member of Parliament for the Bulsa North Constituency and Deputy Interior Minister, Hon. Lawyer James Agalga, launched his campaign on Saturday, 1st October, 2016 ahead of the December polls.
Speaking during the launching, Hon. James Agalga said victory always belongs to the NDC due to the level of unity within the party.
He said since he was voted to power in the year 2012, the Bulsa North Constituency has had its share of the national cake.
He said the Kori and Zuedema/Tankansa dams which have been constructed in the Bulsa North Constituency by the NDC government are aimed at affording farmers the opportunity to venture into dry season farming to improve livelihoods.
The people of the Bulsa North and South constituencies of the Upper East Region on Friday 30th September, 2016 took their turn in the Joy Ballot Box program. The Joy Ballot Box program is sponsored by Star Ghana and has been carried out by the Multimedia Group Limited owners of Joy News and their subsidiary media outlets.
The program which took place at the Rawlings Park in Fumbisi near the district fire service office brought together Chiefs, Assembly members, Party’s sympathizers and candidates vying for the various parliamentary positions in the two constituencies.
Giving his impression about the program, Joy news Editor, Head of political Desk and Host of the Joy Ballot Box, Evans Mensah said the parliamentary candidates of the various political parties have shown maturity and their willingness to develop the area if given the nod in the December 7th elections.
He said the platform was created to discuss various issues raised by the people which they say will influence their votes in this year’s elections.
He said three days before the programme a team from Joy News Desk had gone round the Bulsa North and South constituencies to collect views on key issues that will determine their votes in the general polls.
He added that after the views had been collected from 285 participants, with the most top issues being roads and bridges with 86 votes, potable drinking water with 20, jobs and employment with 30.
Three parliamentary candidates and one DCE participated in the program. They were: the PNC candidate, incumbent Member of Parliament for Bulsa South and Minister of state in charge of public sector reforms Hon. Alhaji Azong, the National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Bulsa South and Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Abasinab Apaak, the District Chief Executive for Bulsa South, Hon. Jane Elizabeth Afiuc, Mr. Daniel Gariba and Hon. Thomas Kofi Alonsi, the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary candidate for the Bulsa South and North respectively.
The Chief of Fumbisi, Nab Anyatuik Akanko, expressed gratitude on behalf of the people to the Joy News crew for giving the electorates in the area the opportunity to interact with the aspirants.
He urged politicians to eschew politics of insults and deal with real issues that will improve the living conditions of the people in the area.
He also appealed to the candidates to fix the road network in the area especially the Chuchuliga-Sandema-Wiesi road irrespective of who wins.

October 3, 2016
New Maaka Projects in Gbedema, e.g. establishing a new shea-butter-machine (See article by Christine Arnheim in BULUK 10, 2017: 64-65)

October 13, 2016
The Gutter Guys (see October 22, 2017) as part of their contribution to the education of the Bulsa North District organized a quiz competition for five Junior High Schools in Sandema. The competitors answered questions ranging from Mathematics, English to Integrated Science. The schools which took part were: Ayieta JHS, Anaamkum JHS, Sandema JHS, Sandema Preparatory JHS and Afoko JHS. The group’s branded exercise books as well as other prizes were awarded to the participating students.

October 15, 2016
Paul Afoko donates books to SANTECH
A native of Buluk, Mr Paul Afoko, donated some books to the Sandema Senior High Technical School. The donation took place on 15th October, 2016 at the school’s premises.
Speaking during the donation, Mr Paul Afoko said education was the key to every human development; therefore the donation of the books marks the beginning of his efforts to contribute to the educational growth of the school.
He added that the future of Buluk lies in the hands of education; hence he urged students to take their studies very seriously in order to become responsible citizens in future.
Mr Paul Afoko charged the management of the school to submit a list of some of the challenges affecting the day-to-day running of the institution to him for his assistance.

October 18, 2016
GES (Ghana Education Service) organized reading festival at the Preparatory School in Sandema
The Ghana Education Service in the Bulsa North and South Districts of the Upper East Region in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on Tuesday 18th October, 2016 organized a Reading Festival at the preparatory school in Sandema.
The main objective of the Reading Festival is to encourage and stimulate children’s interest in reading to enhance their learning abilities and boost parents’, guardians’ and communities’ interests in early grade reading.
It is also to showcase supplementary reading materials procured for learning and creating awareness among children on how to use or read the supplementary materials to develop literacy and numeracy skills.
The theme for the festival was “Learn to read, read to learn”.

October 18, 2016
(Facebook) A first meeting to plan the election of a new Miss Feok Ghana took place. Judges will be Agnes Chigabatia, Evans Atuick and Cornelius Adumpo.

October 22, (Bulsa North) and November, 12 (Bulsa South), 2016
Gutter Guys march for peace
As the country is approaching the December, 2016 presidential and parliamentary polls, the Gutter Guys in Sandema have added their voice to the many calls for violence-free polls by undertaking multi-party peace marches in the Bulsa North and South Districts.
The Gutter Guys whose slogan is “We Worry”, is a group of young men and women based in Sandema. Their core motive is to promote the interest of their members and Bulsaland at large. Their cardinal values are: love, loyalty, mutual respect, unity, care and equality for all.
The “Walk” in the Bulsa North was undertaken on October 22th, 2016. The group walked from Wiaga to Sandema amidst Brass Band Music provided by the Sandema Senior High School’s Brass Band while the march of the Bulsa South District took place on November 12th, 2016. It started in Kanjarga central and ended in Fumbisi town where they held a mini durbar to preach peace.
The theme of the peace campaigns was: “No! To Electoral Violence”. On both occasions, the marchers held placards with various peace messages scripted on them.

October 29, 2016
NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Bulsa South Constituency launches 2016 campaign
The Parliamentary Candidate for the ruling National Democratic Congress for the Bulsa South Constituency and Presidential Staffer at the Presidency, Dr. Clement Abasinab Apaak, has launched his campaign ahead of the December polls.
Speaking during the campaign launch at the Rawlings Park in Fumbisi, Dr Clement Apaak stated that the NDC will win both the presidential and parliamentary elections in the constituency come December 7th.
He refused claims that he had no good relationship with the party’s flagbearer, President John Dramani Mahama, saying the president was fully in support of his candidature.
He said the unprecedented developmental projects undertaken by the governing National Democratic Congress in the last four years would propel the party to victory come December 7.
Recounting some of the development projects he has brought to the Constituency, Dr Clement Abasinab Apaak said the construction of some feeder roads, the building of schools and health facilities in the constituency were some of the numerous projects that the constituency has benefited through his lobbying.
He said apart from lobbying to execute the numerous projects mentioned above, a lot of brilliant but needy students have also been sponsored to further their education in order to achieve their educational ambitions.
He said the ongoing rehabilitation of the Sandema-Chuchuliga-Wiaga-Wiesi road is one of the examples of roads being constructed in the area by the ruling governing NDC Party.
The Presidential Staffer entreated all members of his campaign team and all party supporters to work tirelessly to ensure a resounding victory for the party come 7th December.

November 9 – 25, 2016
Free Medical Surgeries at the Sandema Hospital by Dr. B. A. Akinkang
Source: Dr. Benjamin Adabasue Akinkang, a medical officer at the Nandom Hospital, organized a three-week free medical surgery program in the Bulsa North District.
The program, which saw over 120 people with different surgical needs to receive help at no cost was supported by staff of the Sandema District hospital.
Dr. Benjamin Adabasue Akinkang explained that the surgeries are a way of showing appreciation to the people of Buluk for their support during his father’s final funeral rites, which took place on 22nd October, 2016 in Fumbisi. He went further to disclose that this is the first of an initiative he intends to run every year in honour of his father to whom he owes his current status (Cf. his biography in BULUK 10, 2017: 73-74).
The program started on 9th of November and ended on 25th November, 2016.
Some of the cases handled included Hydroceles, Hernia, Vasectomy and Fibroid. Dr. Benjamin Akinkang Adabasue has, prior to this initiative, played an instrumental role as a medical officer and surgeon at the Tamale Teaching Hospital Outreach department and BMY-Network’s free medical outreach programs in Buluk.

November 9, 2016
Francis Asangalisa was elected Chief of Chuchuliga in Sandema

November 16, 2016
Hon. Martin Amidu, a Bulsa native, cleared to examine Alfred Agbeshi Woyome on GHC 51 million cash saga.

November 16, 2016
NCCE in collaboration with IPDC organized a parliamentary debate in Sandema
The Bulsa North District Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the District Inter-Party Dialogue Committee with support from the European Union has organized a parliamentary debate in the Bulsa North Constituency.
The debate which took place on November 16th, 2016 at the Azenero Social Centre in Sandema, formed part of the NCCE and its supporting partners’ efforts to promote issue based election campaigns.
The platform also aims at streamlining the campaign messages of all aspirants so as to make them focus on policy issues that affect the lives of the people in the constituency, more importantly the vulnerable and marginalized groups.
Two candidates showed up for the dialogue session, they are the NDC Parliamentary Candidate and incumbent member of parliament Hon. James Agalga and the Convention People’s Party Parliamentary Candidate Mr. William Abaayiak.
The candidates answered questions ranging from Education, Health, Agric and Economy.
The Chairman of the Bulsa North District Inter-Party Dialogue Committee and Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church, Rev. Father Sebastian Aduku said there was the need to maintain peace in Ghana during and after the elections, therefore political parties and politicians must be decorous in their utterances during their campaigns to avoid chaos during and after the elections.
Rev. Father Sebastian Aduku also cautioned political parties and politicians to desist from vote buying and personal attacks and campaign on real issues to improve the lives of the people if elected.

November 22, 2016
President John Dramani Mahama pays courtesy call on the paramount chief of Buluk
John Dramani Mahama, the President of the Republic of Ghana and Flag-bearer of the ruling governing National Democratic Congress, paid a curtsey call on the Overlord of the Bulsa traditional area as part of his campaign tour of the Upper East Region.
In his welcome address, Nab Azaksuk Azantilow II informed the president that the traditional council resolved the outstanding Chuchuliga chieftaincy conflict amicably.
He said the Bulsa are known to be peaceful; therefore the resolution of the matter will further enhance the peace and unity among the people even as the country gears towards the presidential and parliamentary polls come December 7th.
He reminded the president of his earlier request to seek for a UDS (University of Development Studies) campus in the area.
He urged the president to continue to preach peace wherever he goes to ensure peaceful elections.
Addressing the Chiefs and people of the Bulsa traditional area during a mini rally at the palace, President Mahama thanked the traditional authority in the area for their support and words of encouragement to his presidency since he assumed the office four years back.
He added that since he kick-started his campaign many Ghanaians have expressed gratitude to his leadership in view of the massive development spread across the ten regions of Ghana by his administration.
Speaking on his administration’s contribution to the growth of education in the country, President Mahama indicated that apart from the community day, all the existing Senior High Schools across the country have seen massive infrastructural development.
He added that his four-year term in office has increased water accessibility to 76% adding that many Ghanaian households now have access to potable drinking water, while electricity expansion to communities have also increased.
Touching on the Youth Employment Agency, President John Mahama said he had directed the Youth and Employment Agency (YEA) to recruit 400,000 young people between 2017 and 2021. He said the recruits will help manage the Farmers’ Service Centres which are set to start operation next year.
He said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) indicated in their 2016 manifesto that through the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), Farmers Service Centres would be established all over the country. According to him the first 50 of these centres are ready to take off. The President further indicated that the centres are set to provide farmers with mechanization support, agriculture extension advice, subsidized fertilizers, micro credit, and operate a buy-back scheme for the farmers produce. The NDC’s 2016 Presidential Candidate also urged farmers among the supporters to register and benefit from the initiative.

November 22, 2016
Newly constructed Kanjaga Community Day SHS commissioned
President John Mahama commissioned the Kanjaga Community Day Senior High School as he continued his 3-day campaign tour of the Upper East Region. He said the school would give an opportunity to several students who otherwise would not have got placement upon completion of their basic schools. The President reiterated government’s commitments to ensuring that the remaining schools were completed.
The Kanjaga Community Day Senior High School is one of the Community Day Senior High Schools being constructed by government in the Upper East Region as part of the 200 Community Day Senior High Schools across [the country]. It is the first to be commissioned in the region. The edifice is situated a few kilometres away from the Kanjaga Township.
(See also photo on the back cover and “List and Photos of Schools…” in BULUK 10: 62)

November 27, 2016
One hundred and ten girls sensitized on early and forced marriage in Bulsa North.

November 27, 2016
Bulsa North and South honoured gallant farmers on this year’s farmers day
The Bulsa North District Assembly in collaboration with the District Agric Department has organized this year’s district farmer’s day to honour gallant farmers who in diverse ways contributed to the growth of the country.
The ceremony brought together chiefs, heads of departments, farmers, the district security service as well as the district agric staff.
The programme, according to the organizers, was mainly to say “Aye Koo” to farmers in feeding the nation with their produce and contributing their quote to the nation’s development.
Delivering his key note address, the district chief executive, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, said agriculture had become the bed rock of Ghana’s economy as the majority of Ghanaians, especially the rural folks, are engaged in the sector for their livelihood.
He added that in order to achieve accelerated growth and development as envisioned in the transformational agenda being pursued by the president John Mahama, there must be deliberate and conscious efforts to increase investment in the agric sector.
District Director of Agriculture, Mr Michael Amaliba, said the northern rural growth programme is helping build formidable FBOs and strengthening the agricultural value chain actors.
Mr Michael Amaliba further noted that this year forty two groups were profiled out of which twenty eight FBOs (Farmer Based Organisations) were submitted to the Bulsa community bank for credit support, out of this number twenty one FBOs were supported with an amount of GHC 125,640.00.
A total number of 309 farmers benefited from the loan out of which 201 were males and 108 females. These beneficiaries were able to cultivate 427 acres which he said are very commendable.
He thanked the management of the Bulsa Community Bank and the Assembly for their immense contribution towards the agric sector in the district.
At the Bulsa North District the overall title of the best farmer of the year went to Mr Abombisa Adung from the Kandema community. He took home a Houjin motor cycle.

November 28, 2016
Award handed over to national best livestock farmer
The award of the national best livestock farmer of the 32nd edition of the national farmers’ day has been handed over to him at a ceremony at the Bulsa North District MOFA office in Sandema.
Mr Samuel Abiayega who was adjudged the national best livestock farmer received an AmaTrac tractor and its ancillary inputs. He was also given a certificate of honour.
Speaking during the presentation ceremony, the District Chief Executive of the Bulsa North District, Hon. Bonaventure Adangabey, who handed the award to him, expressed his satisfaction towards the selfless contributions of farmers in the district.
He said, the NDC Government was ever ready to support hardworking farmers in the district in their trade.

November 28, 2016
Sandema Local Council of Churches organize peace march ahead of general polls
The Bulsa North District Local Council of Churches on Sunday 28th November, 2016 organized a peace march through the principal streets of Sandema to proclaim the message of peace ahead of the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
Addressing participants after the peace march at the durbar grounds, the Head Pastor of the Sandema branch of the Church of Pentecost Church, Pastor Wallase Konjah, said peace is a valuable tool in every nation’s development and should not be undermined.
He said Ghanaians are known to be peaceful; therefore the need to continue preaching peace ahead of the elections is important.
The pastor urged the congregants in the various churches not to allow themselves to be used by political parties and politicians to foment troubles before, during and after the polls.

December 7, 2016
Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. James Agalga (NDC) was elected MP for the Bulsa North District (61.19%), Dr. Clement Apaak for the Bulsa South District (51.31%). The presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama scored 15,944 vote counts (68.48%) in Bulsa North, 9,802 vote counts (69.11%) in Bulsa South (See BULUK 10, 2027: 26-27).

December 16, 2016
2016 Feok Festival celebration
The Chiefs and people of the Bulsa Traditional area have climaxed their annual Feok Festival celebration on the 15th of December, 2016. The festival is celebrated every year to offer thanks to the almighty God and the gods of the land for their protection over the year and also to commemorate the attacks of the 19th centuries slave raider Babatu and his armed men.
Delivering his key note address, the overlord of the Bulsa Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II, said the wide spread of HIV/AIDS, not only in Buluk but in Ghana at large, was very alarming. For that matter it needed a collective effort to support the health institutions and professionals to curb the menace.
He also urged the people to get themselves tested of the disease in order to know their status.
Speaking on the sale of the locally manufactured gin “Akpeteshie”, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow said the health of the people is paramount and appealed to the District Assemblies to support the Traditional Council in its quest to stop the sale of Akpeteshie in the area.
The Upper East Regional Minister, Hon. Albert Abongo, who represented the President, expressed gratitude to the chiefs and people of the traditional area for their commitment in ensuring peace and unity, the resolution of chieftaincy disputes and the unwavering efforts at minimizing alcohol abuse in the land.
At this year’s festival celebration he emphasized that preserving our cultural heritage for prosperity, was timely and appropriate. Hence he called on everyone to embrace the rich culture and tradition that has been passed onto the current generation by the ancestors.
Hon. Albert Abongo said many social vices have visited our society and beyond owing to the breakdown of the moral fabric of society, leading to teenage pregnancy and school drop-out, incidence of HIV and AIDS, violence and crime.
He also said that excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco has become fashionable leading to the loss of many lives.
Hon. Albert Abongo indicated that in order to preserve the culture from the seeming invasion, there is the urgent need for a re-orientation of people; especially the youth, to enable them to appreciate the wealth of tradition instead of looking up beyond the shores of their environment for acceptance and direction.
He called on the political parties and their supporters to bury their political difference and rally round the new government and stop bickering and divisions that has the potential of hampering the country’s democracy and development.

December 20, 2016
Joseph Whittal new CHRAJ Commissioner
Sources: (20/12/2016) and (20/12/2016)
President John Dramani Mahama has confirmed Joseph Whittal (from Sandema) as the new Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), which had been without a substantive Commissioner for almost a year.
Mr. Whittal, who had been acting as the head for the human rights body before, was sworn-in at a short ceremony at the Flagstaff House.


January 4, 2017
(Source: Ghanaweb January 5, 2017; original source:
One of Ghana’s legal luminaries, Mr Justice Joseph Bawa Akamba, was honoured by the Judicial Service at a ceremony at the Supreme Court in Accra. Mr Justice Akamba served as a justice of the apex court from November 2012 until his retirement last year.
In attendance at the ceremony were the Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, some justices of the superior courts, the President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Mr Benson Nutsupkui, lawyers and some officials of the Judicial Service.
Amidst rousing applause, Mr Justice Akamba was presented with a citation of honour by the Chief Justice. The citation lauded the retired judge for his immense contribution to the country’s justice delivery system…
Mr Justice Akamba entered the Judiciary as a magistrate in 1977. Through hard work and diligence, he rose through the ranks and gained promotion to the Circuit Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. He reached the top of his career when he was appointed a justice of the Supreme Court by President John Dramani Mahama in November 2012.
Apart from his service, Mr Justice Akamba served in The Gambia as the Director of Public Prosecutions in 1994. He was later appointed a Justice of the Court of Appeal in The Gambia.
Mr Justice Akamba also served as the Director of the Judicial Training Institute, a position he still holds. He also served as the President of the Association of Magistrates and Judges, Ghana (AMJG). In 2012, as a member of the AMJG and the Judicial Council, he was instrumental in the negotiations that led to the improvement in the conditions of service of judges.

March 27, 2017
According to ghanaweb (original source.: the police at Sandema [market] exchanged gunfire with some armed robbers. They quote an eyewitness that about five armed men shot everyone they came across and that the police were able to curtail the incident. “One of the robbers has been taken to the police station and people have stormed the police station chanting that man should be released for them to kill him”.
This report has been contradicted by many other eyewitnesses who state that no robber had been taken prisoner and that the police did not demonstrate any resistance.
Robert Asekabta describes more details about the incident:
There was sporadic shooting by four armed robbers who actually attacked Adabiak’s shop [opposite Buco Bank] and made a way with some unspecified amount of money. They also attempted robbing the Builsa Community Bank but they never had access to the Bank. It was later reported that all the workers were safe. However, people ran for their dear lives as the armed robbers gave warning shots as they escaped [on their motor-bikes] through the Balansa and Nyaansa roads to save their lives. It all lasted between 10 to 20 minutes. Later some youth wanted to attack the police but reinforcement of police arrived from Chana and Navrongo. But the angry mob threw stones at them. Some of the screens of the police cars were broken. Some shots were later heard from the police to protect themselves from the angry mob.
Angaaba Atesiuk Peter, another eyewitness, disclosed that three innocent people were wounded seriously.

March, 2017
Maaka e.V. members were in Gbedema again. Besides advice on medical issues, such as nutrition and the dangers of bleaching-cremes, ongoing and former projects were visited and supported (e.g. by ear protection for the sheabutter production). Soap is being produced using sheabutter and Moringa from their own harvest.

April, 2017
President Nana Addo Dunkwa Akufo-Addo nominated Hon. David Amoabil Afoko District Chief Executives (DCE) of Bulsa North District, Hon. Gariba Daniel Kwame DCE of the Bulsa South District.

May 15, 2017
(ghanaweb 15.5.2017) Bulsa North and South District Chief Executives, nominated by the President in April 2017 (see BULUK 10, p. 25), were confirmed.
The Bulsa South District Assembly had a presiding member. Subsequently the President’s nominee, Mr Daniel Gariba Kwame, was confirmed by the assembly. He achieved 26 out of 27 votes representing 96%.
After about four hours of consultation and two rounds of elections, the Bulsa North assembly elected a presiding member. Eventually, David Afoko achieved 30 votes out of 43, representing 69,7 %.

December 1, 2017
Facebook Group ‟Buli Zamsika‟ founded; 2021: 3,400 members; posts in Buli,
administrators: Evans A. Atuick, Rebecca Akumbili, Daniel Awianab and Angaaba Atesiuk.

December 22-23, 2017
Feok Festival on the Durbar Grounds in Sandema
First day: Grand Durbar, Second Day: Archers’ Competition
See Review by Augustine A. Atano (BULUK 11, 2018: 58-59)


Main Maaka project 2018: A Biofil toilet in Gbedema, which combines the benefits of the flush toilet and those of the composting toilets (See BULUK 11, 2018: 13)

January 08, 2018
(ghanaweb: January 8, 2018) Naab Azagsuk Azantilow, the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa Traditional Area, has expressed worry at the penchant of parents in his jurisdiction to give their children local names that are alien to their ethnic group.
Speaking during the annual Fiok festival, the chief said, “… If you get into our land, you will find out that parents are giving names… like Kofi, Kojo, Kwame and the likes… This is not good.”

January 11/12, 2018
(ghanaweb 12 January, 2018) Martin Amidu (a Bulsa from Kadema, a former Attorney General and an anti-corruption crusader) was appointed the country’s first Special Prosecutor of the NPP Government of President Akufo-Addo. As a member of the NDC party he had been very critical of the then John Mahama administration.
The Office of the Special Prosecutor is one of the major ways by which the New Patriotic Party government promised to deal with corruption within government. The Special Prosecutor is expected to take legal action against past and present government officers believed to have engaged in acts of corruption while in office.

January 12, 2018, see also August 31
(Buluk Kaniak 12 January, 2018, Samari Samson Eliasu) Fumbisi Senior High Agric School is going to have the biggest dining Hall in the Upper East Region when completed… The dining Hall and a girls’ dormitory started by the NDC government and have been completed by the Nana Addo Government. Handing over and commissioning was done by the Acting Upper East Regional Minister and MP for Zebila, Hon. Frank Fuseini Adongo in Bulsa South at the Fumbisi SHS Campus. The occasion was graced by chiefs and Queen mothers, MP of the Constituency and the past DCE Hon. Elizabeth Afuick.

March 3, 2018
(Inf. John Agandin) Bulsa of Accra and its surroundings celebrate the Festival called “Bulsa Feok -Accra Chapter”. “The Accra edition of Bulsa Feok came off successfully at the Kawukudi Park. The event was organized by Buluk Bisa Club, an association of Bulsa in Accra. Activities carried out as part of the celebration included cultural drumming and dancing, and an exhibition of Bulsa cultural objects, dishes, drinks, clothing, and lifestyle. The event was crowned with the Bulsa war dance performed by a selection of war dancers from Sandema” (J. Agandin)
(See also John Agandin’s contribution in BULUK 12, 2018: 60-65 and the “Discussions in the Facebook Group Buluk Kaniak‟, BULUK 11, 2018: 25-28)

March 15 – May, 2018
Robert Asekabta visited France
Mr Robert Asekabta Atong paid a familiarization visit to Paris the capital city of France. His visit is as a result of an invitation extended to him by a long time friend, Gérard Guitet.
Mr Guitet, a former member of the order of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), had been posted to the St. Francis Xavier parish in Wiaga.
Robert Asekabta first met Rev. Fr. Guitet in 1975, when he (Robert) worked with him as a District scout coordinator and later as a regional coordinator for the then Upper Region, while Fr. Guitet was the scout manager.
In France, Mr. Robert Asekabta visited crop farms, dairy farmers and compost harvesting farms to learn the best practices of agriculture. He also visited the building industry to obtain information on how the French are constructing their houses to suit their weather. His visit also took him to many places of tourists sites where he did a lot of sight seeing.
(See BULUK 11, 2018: 14).

March 16, 2018
(ghanaweb 17 March) Gina Blay, wife of the acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, was appointed Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany.

April 23, 2018
(ghanaweb 27 April) A Bulsa Chief’s Son was accused of having abducted a 17-year-old BECE candidate of Doninga Junior High School. Schoolchildren in the Builsa South District staged a street rally in protest against this abduction. The accused person was arrested by the police.
(See also “Discussions in the Facebook Group Buluk Kaniak, and article ‟On bride capture and forced marriages…” – BULUK 11)

June 2018
Uwasi Dam completed
(Samari Samson Eliasu, in Facebook, June 19, 2018). The Uwasi dam has been completed awaiting handing over to the people. The dam was started in August 2015 by the Government under the Livelihood Support Investment Project. The project was undertaken by Messrs. Munisco Limited at a cost of GHC 8,556,450.00.

June 29, 2018
( Front Page News, GILLBT)
The Buli translation of the complete Bible was represented first in Sandema on February 4, and then in Accra on February 12. 2018. It has taken over 40 years of translating and publishing this book. Among the translators (first of the New Testament) were Ian and Claire Gray with Samson Amoak and Collins Abagme, Paul and Jean Dancy with Peter Wangara, Todd and Karla Poulter with Peter Wangara. In 2016 the Buli Translation Team completed the full Buli Bible.

July, 2018
Margaret and Christine Arnheim, members of Maaka e.V., a German NGO, visited Gbedema to check up ongoing and previous projects.
See article “Maaka Projects in Gbedema”, Buluk 11.

July 20, 2018
President Akufo-Addo visited Sandema at the end of his 2-day tour of the Upper East Region. The President said that in this year they would construct 570 dams in the three northern regions, of which the Bulsa area is getting 20 – ten for Bulsa North and 10 for Bulsa South. “There are two in Sandema, two in Yaga [Wiaga?], two in Chuchuliga, two in Sanyasi [Siniensi?] and two in Kandema [Kadema?]‟. He bemoaned the fact that far too long … farm produce rot because of the unavailability of storage facilities. “At the end of the year, when the fifty warehouses are in place, that is also going to be a thing of the past. Five of these warehouses are going to be constructed in the Upper East Region, of which Sandema will have one” he added.

August 27, 2018
(Angaaba Atesiuk Peter) On August 26, between Naadema and Kategra, a gallant mason from Naadema napped a hardened robber who ordered him at gun point to drop his motor bike’s keys or risk losing his life. In fact, the defiant brave mason dropped the keys but when the callous robber bent down to pick the keys, the smart mason pounced on him, seized the gun and matched him helplessly to the Fumbisi Police Station. The robber, who is a Fulani by tribe, revealed that he and his associates have been responsible for the series of robbery cases in Fumbisi over the years…
Is a very worrying situation and there is great fear using major roads especially in Builsa South…

August 31st, 2018 (??)
Dr Clement Apaak, MP for Bulsa South, commissioned the Dining Hall and Girls’ Dormitory at Fumbisi Senior High School.
See also January 12, 2018 (planning) and September 15, 2018

September 15, 2018
(ghanaweb 15.9.2018) GES Director handed over the keys of the new Fumbisi SHS to the headmaster. The school has a 1,500 capacity multipurpose dining hall with a modern kitchen and a one-storey 250-bed capacity girls’ dormitory. The dining-hall was awarded on contract on September 15, 2015 under the erstwhile NDC government and was scheduled to be completed in 18 months’ time at a cost of GHC 1,493,473.48. The girls’ dormitory was awarded on contract on June 3, 2015 and was to be completed in 18 months’ time at a cost of GHC 962,947.76. Both projects were funded by the Ghana Education Trust Fund.

September 2018 (first half of the month)
(Buluk Kaniak 2 Sept.) Due to the spillage of the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso in combination with heavy rainfalls, parts of the three regions of the northern Ghana were seriously flooded. Sandema and other Bulsa towns and villages suffered from this natural disaster: Several houses collapsed and many farms were destroyed by the flood. According to Patrick Aparik, for a short time it was not possible to use the road to Navrongo. In some parts of Sandema the flood blocked people from going to market, work and their farm.

September 22, 2018
Dr Bawumia mourns with bereaved families in Siniensi-Yikpieng
The vice president of the republic, Dr. Mahamood Bawumia, paid a one day visit to Siniensi-Yikpieng to mourn with the families of the two persons who lost their lives during this year’s flooding. At the durbar of chiefs and people at the Yikpieng Primary School, the president said that government will make sure through NADMO (National Disaster Management Organization) that all the affected victims are given relief items. Dr. Bawumia later presented GHC 5,000.00 to the two bereaved families. (See BULUK 11, 2018: 11)

October 5, 2018
(Facebook post of Cefelik Afelik) Mr. Jacob Adongo, a former geography teacher of SANSEC (now Sandema Senior High School) won the National Best Teacher Award (Second cycle category).

October 23, 2018 (October 18?)
( 26.10.18) Naab Azagsuk, the Paramount Chief of the Bulsa, together with Bulsa chiefs and other people paid a courtesy visit to President Akufo-Adoo, the head of state.
“The chiefs and people of the Bulsa Traditional Area… expressed satisfaction with the various programmes and policies being implemented by the Akufo-Addo administration, notably the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, the ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’ programme, One District, One Factory, On Village, One Dam, among others. …12 mechanized boreholes have also been constructed in the traditional area which we, the people of Bulsa, are most grateful to you…”
That notwithstanding, Naab Azantilow appealed to government to help complete a self-help project for the senior high school at Chuchuliga, absorb the Weiga [Wiaga] Community School into the public sector, tar the Navrongo-Sandema-Wiaga-Fumbisi Road, the Sandema-Doninga-Santejan-Wa Road, establish a tractor pool in the area, nurse or teacher school, technical institute, district hospital, among others…
The President promised to help complete the Chuchuliga Senior High and tar the Navrongo Sandema-Wiaga-Fumbisi Road, among others.

November 7, 2018
Hon. Samuel Kofi Ahiave Dzamesi, Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, visited Kadema yesterday to see first-hand damage from illegal mining activities in the area.
His visit follows a report made to the presidency by the Bulsa Chiefs during their recent visit to the Jubilee house on the menace of illegal mining in the Bulsa area. According to sources, the Kadema [mine?] was not yet known as a galamsey sight in the country and hence was not included in the places to be protected by the military Operation Vanguard unit that is patrolling illegal mining areas to stop the activity. Therefore, after the report by the chiefs, the president sent the chieftaincy minister to visit the community and to provide him with first-hand information on the extent of illegal mining in the area.

November 27, 2018
A report compiled by Joyce Bumbom about free surgical procedures by Dr. Benjamin Akinkan’s Team of Hope in Sandema (September 19 – 23, 2018) was sent to the Medical Superintendent, Sandema and the District Director of Health Services, Bulsa North. This report was uploaded in BULUK 12, 2019: 108-109).

December 19 – 20, 2018
Feok Festival: See article by John Agandin et al. in BULUK 12, 2019:23-34)
In a speech President Akufo-Addo outlined his plans for further projects in the two Bulsa districts.
(ghanaweb December 22, 2018) Responding to the requests made by Nab Azagsuk Azantilow, the President noted that he has directed the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) to ensure the completion of a self-help project currently ongoing at the Chuchuliga Senior High School.
He also indicated that the Minister for Education, Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, had been directed to look into the request by Wiaga Community School for its adoption into the public system.
On the construction of the Navrongo-Sandema-Wiaga-Fumbisi road, President Akufo-Addo noted the road is part of the national trunk road N10, explaining that 10 kilometres of this stretch of road was awarded to Messrs. Deliman Limited with 40 kilometres stretch awarded to Myturn Limited.
He indicated, however, that the Ministry of Roads and Highways was taking steps to terminate the contract awarded to Messrs Deliman for non-performance, and will be re-awarded to another contractor. Myturn Ltd, on the other hand, had returned to site and completed 13% of the road…
On the construction of a bridge at Doninga, the President noted that a contract had been awarded to Munck Engineering of Denmark at a cost of €2.2 million, and would be completed in 24 months…
In addition to the elevation of the Builsa North District into a Municipality, the President added that Government is considering the request for the construction of a district hospital at Bulsa.

December, 2018
On December 23, 2018, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Aduku, parish priest of the Catholic Christ the King Parish (Sandema), sent out a circular with an appeal for funds to build a chapel for the Kori Catholic community.
An outstation of the Christ the King Parish was opened in March 2018 in Kori. Since then the Kori Catholics have been worshipping in one of the classrooms of the Catholic Primary School at Kori, Akagre Yeri. A taskforce of six people has been set up to work towards building a chapel for the community. So far they have acquired land for the projects. Now they are hoping for more contributions.

December, 2018
(ghanaweb December 23, 2018) President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced the elevation of the Builsa North District to municipal status after he signed an executive instrument to that effect at Sandema, the municipal capital.
He said the move was part of efforts to enable the District to achieve more on its human resource development and provide quality livelihood for the development of the area.

December 26, 2018
A free hepatitis B screening took place at Sandema Township with support from Hepatitis Alliance Ghana. The coordinator was Apusiga Ayinbono Wisdom.

December, 2018
(Information by Evans Atuick, January 28, 2019) The chiefs of Gbedema, Fumbisi, Kanjaga, Siniensi and Wiaga were granted paramountcy. Many former subchiefs were elevated into the ranks of chiefs who have new subchiefs under them for assistance. The new chief of Wiaga-Sinyangsa, for example, has six subchiefs, namely those of Bachinsa, Badomsa, Goldem, Kubelinsa, Mutuensa and Sichaasa. There seem to be problems if the new chief’s section has had no subsections before, as is the case with Wiaga Longsa.
(Inf. Robert Asekabta): New chiefs of Sandema:
1) Abeok Achim – Abilyeri
2) Ameela Akanmnanuroa – Awusuikyeri.
3) Adokta Akanjaknaab – Achogyeri
4) Asukuudem Ajonaab – Kori Kanaansa
5) Anyatiimbe Awaridu Ayaakanurba – Kori Guuta
6) John Agiriwei – Balansa No.1
7) Akanyaachaab Anamsibai – Balansa No.2
8) Amaava Achaasi – Kandem
9) Anankanbiik Akannyeba – Fiisa
10) Anyebokatoa Achiba – Longsa
11) Atuire Roger – Kalibisa
12) Akaanyangsi Ajuisiboka – Kaljiisa
13) Amoak Awenkawen – Bilinsobsa
14) Atong Kofi Akavaanchoa – Bilinmonsa
15) Ayombil Ankwei – Punsa
16) Asagnaab Abaanyese – Tankungsa
17) Ayonte Adeenze – Suwarin-Daasa
18) Akanlonumpo Yaw Raynus – Suwarin-Niima
19) Joseph Amolkayam Akanpari – Kori Alabyeri
20) Abeliwan Atuik – Kobdem
21) Anbegbisa Akanfenaab – Nyaansa
22) Kori Akagyeri

December 2018
Feok Festival 2018 in Sandema; the Bulsa Heritage and Cultural Society exhibited objects of Bulsa traditional material culture (See BULUK 12, 2019: 35-41).

December 26, 2018
Miss Feok Beauty Pageant under the organization of Kandy Mega Media and T.S. Klan Entertainment. There were six contestants. The winner, Miss Anaamlie, received a brand new motorbike as her prize (See BULUK 12, 2019: 30-31).


January 2019
(Norbert Atuk in Buluk Kaniak) The Sandem-naab and paramount chief of the Bulsa traditional area, Naab Azagsuk Azantinlow, has charged the people of Sandema with coming together and finding an appropriate area for the relocation of the Sandema market since the current market is becoming too congested. He made this known when he delivered his annual New Year’s well-wishing message to his people at a non-denominational service held in his palace.

January, 2019
(hubghnews website): At Fumbisi Secondary/Agricultural School, a second year student was raped by a friend of a teacher. The latter demonstrated premeditation for this crime by making the girl drunk before carrying out his crime.

February, 2019
Sandema Post Office was reopened again.

February 2, 2019
(Abednego Salami Mohammed, January 27, 2019, in Buluk Kaniak) A new bus line, the Korea VVIP Transport Buses, will start between Accra (Kaneshi, near Big Foot Bridge) and Fumbisi/Kanjaga on February 2, on every market day in Fumbisi. The buses are air-conditioned and have ample space for luggage. Soft drinks and water are served in the bus. The fare is 110 GHC from Accra to Buluk and 100 GHC from Buluk to Accra.

February 19, 2019
(published by Angaaba Atesiuk Peter in Buluk Kaniak, February 20, 2019; delivered in Accra, by Robert Asekabta)
A statement of the Ayieta family was delivered at the International Press Centre, Accra to representatives of the media. They were told that Gregory Afoko, accused of being involved in the acid murder of Adams Mahama, the former Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, had been in detention for about four years. Only then the attorney general decided to discontinue the trial at a very late stage because they had arrested another suspect and wanted to try the two together. The Ayieta family stated that they “had taken a decision to bring this inhumane treatment… to the attention of Ghanaian and international human rights organisations…”

March 1, 2019
( and others) The President appointed Hon. Thomas Kofi Alonsi to act as the Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority. Hon. Alonsi, a solicitor with over 16 years working experience both in the private and public sections, had been District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Bulsa District 2005-2008.

March 1, 2019
Hon. Daniel Kwame Gariba (DCE of Bulsa South District) posted in Buluk Kaniak (a Facebook group): “On this faithful day, I handed over sites for the construction of a medical ward at the Fumbisi Health Centre and 17 boreholes in different communities within the District. These are part of the one million dollars per constituency projects under the Ministry for Special Development Initiatives…”

March 13, 2019
Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketiah, born June 22nd, 1921 at Asante Mampong, died on March 13th at the age of 97. The renowned Ghanaian Ethnomusicologist was given a state burial on May 4, 2019. He was the first African Director of the Institute of African Studies (Legon) and received numerous awards and medals. His research referred to songs, musical performances and musical instruments. He also published research results on Bulsa songs and instruments. Research results on Bulsa music can be found in the following publications:
1964: Traditional and Contemporary Idioms of African Music, Journal of the International Folk Music Council, Cambridge, 16, 24-37.
1994: Builsa Work Song ©. 1948), In: J.H. Kwabena Nketia (ed.): African Pianism, Twelve Pedagogical Pieces. Accra: Afram Publications, pp. 20-21
no date: The Instrumental Resources of African Music, Papers in African Studies (Legon), 3, 1-23. (p. 7: Buli names of Bulsa musical instruments)

April, 2019
Ayaric Akanvachaab Edward and others in Facebook, April 15th, 2019: Some voluntary tree planting exercise was undertaken by some of Gbedema’s youth along the main roads and other areas of the town. We are indeed grateful to them and our brothers and sisters within and without the country, namely: Mr. Ghanatta Ayaric, Mr. Abelimjo Adii, Dr. Chris Atim, Dr. James Ayegsi, Mr. Pascal Ayaric, Sister Lariba Amelimjam, Mr. Daniel Anko, Dr. Joseph Asitik and the list continues and remains long. We are very grateful to them. Our next plan is to ask children to plant trees at vantage points and care for them until they are grown. Each surviving tree will have a reward. We pray for more grace upon our lives. Good evening as we help fight the glaring, self imposed desert on our land.

May 16, 2019
(Source: Angaaba Atesiuk Peter to Buluk Kaniak) When the 1999 old students of Sandema Preparatory School visited their former school they realized that the school was still using blackboards, they decided to help by donating two marker boards and accessories. The head teacher, Mr Ayega Mathias thanked them for this initiative.

June 2019
(ghanaweb 27 June): Farmers in Tumu (Sisala) report the reappearance of Fall army worms.

July 1, 2019
( As part of activities to mark the 2018 edition of the Feok festival of the Chiefs and people of the Builsa Traditional Area, the President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, commissioned a one thousand metric tonnes grains warehouse on the Sandema-Wiaga road in the district. Outdoored in December 2018, the project, under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP) under the Ministry of Special Development Initiative (MSD), is in shambles. The project commissioned only six months ago by contractors, Grumah Twin s Co. Ltd, based in Burma Camp, Accra has been heavily destroyed by stormy rains.

July 16, 2019
(ghanaweb: 18th and 23rd July and other sources) A misunderstanding between the Cadet Corps of Sandema Secondary Technical High School and the rest of the student body occurred on July 16, at 9:08 pm when the Cadet accosted nine students on their way to their dormitories after prep and punished them for retiring to bed late. Although a teacher later freed the nine students, the rest of the student body massed up to confront the Cadet. At around 10:00 pm, upon hearing the presence of police at the school, the students reportedly came out in their numbers towards the school’s dining hall, but police allegedly fired warning shots to spread the crowd. This ignited a confrontation with the police leading to the death of Abdula Jidel Nashiru, a first-year General Arts student [by a stray bullet]. An emergency District Security Committee (DISEC), consisting of five members, meeting with stakeholders decided to close down the school to ascertain the extent of damage and put in place safety measures before students will be recalled on July 30, 2019. The committee members include a board of directors of the school, staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Sandema District Assembly representative, the Bureau of National Investigations (BHI) and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT).

July 16, 2019
Dr. Clement Apaak wrote in Facebook: “Let me use this opportunity to thank the rank and file of the Great NDC party in Builsa South for giving me the green light to contest the 2020 parliamentary elections as your candidate!”

July 31, 2019
( July 31): An investigative report by Washington DC based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is alleging that the Forestay Commission is still issuing permits to members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to export rosewood despite a ban. The report claims undercover investigator discovered that powerful Chinese and Ghanaian traffickers are still harvesting and shipping rosewood out of the country through “the help of ruling party members and complicity at all levels of government”…
According to an analysis by the EIA, since the first ban on harvesting of the endangered rosewood was announced in 2012, over 540,000 tons of rosewood – the equivalent of 23,478 twenty-foot containers or approximately 6 million trees – had been illegal harvested and exported to China.
…‟Once the logs arrive in Tema port, shipping agents help obtain – or forge – all documents required to clear customs‟, one of the traffickers told EIA investigators.
(ghanaweb 12 August, 2019): …the Head of Corporate Communications at the Forestry Commission, Joyce Ofori Kwafo says the claim is untrue. “When we are working at Forestry Commission we don’t look at party affiliation, it’s about the individual or the company. For somebody to say that we issued a permit to NPP members, in fact I don’t have any record to prove that. I haven’t seen anything like that, I don’t think it is true.”

August 4, 2019
Daniel Kwame Gariba (DCE of Builsa South) posted in Buluk Kaniak: Today in Builsa South we organized the first ever Sanitation Marketing Expo to showcase the business potentials in the sanitation area. The purpose was to bring to light some of the opportunities in that Sector to the 1. Community Technical Volunteers trained by the Assembly with the support of UNICEF and 2. the Business community about the need to start selling Sanitation materials that will be required by households to put up household toilets. The objective is to end the menace of open Defecation (OD) in the District.
It’s important to state that Builsa South has taken the sanitation subject a notch higher. Our goal is to end OD in the District by 2021. Out of 118 Communities in the District, 61 are Open Defecation Free representing 51.6% . We are poised to scaling the remaining ones to ODF status by 2021. Our biggest gratitude goes to UNICEF for helping us fight this menace.

August 7, 2019
(MTN Ghana 17/8/2019): An award well deserved! Congratulations to Dr. Benjamin Akinkang, winner of the Health Category at the grand finale of the MTN Heroes of Change Season 5 (See also BULUK 12, 2019: 13).

August 13 – 18, 2019
(ghanaweb 13 Aug.) The President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will begin a six-day tour of the Northern and Upper Regions of Ghana… [on] Tuesday, August 12, ending Sunday, August 18, 2019.
… Before viewing the ongoing construction work on the Doninga Bridge in Builsa South and the rice valleys under the Planting for Food and Jobs programme, President Akufo-Addo will make a brief stop at the Sandema chief’s palace in Builsa North. A durbar of chiefs and people at Fumbisi will climax the President’s tour of the upper East.

October 5, 2019
Builsa Cultural Festival at Accra (See BULUK 12, 2019: 42-55)

October 17-18, 2019
(ghanaWeb, 17-18 Oct.) Heavy rains in the Upper East Region began on October 1, 2019 and it rained almost every day until October 12, 2019, although, during this time of the year, when the dry season is approaching, heavy rains are usually not expected.
In the Bulsa North District, no house was destroyed, however three people lost their lives, while eight were injured. The Bulsa South District recorded three fatal casualties, one as a result of drowning and two deaths as a result of collapsed rooms.
At the end of the month, heavy new rains and storms devastated parts of the Bulsa South District, and three more people lost their lives.

October 2019
Fumbisi Secondary School was closed down, because a ghost (kok) was surmised to be staying in the school building (in the girls’ dormitory). The educated Bulsa were indignant about this message and mocked the event or were ashamed that this affair filled headlines of newspapers.

November 2019
People of the Wiaga chief’s family are preparing a festival honouring the 30th anniversary of Chief Akanfebanyueta Aloysius Asuik II. The theme of the day will be “Promoting our culture – the role of traditional leaders over the years”.
In March 1989 the chief was elected by an overwhelming majority of the Wiaga Landlords (yie nyam).

November 4, 2019
(ghanaweb 4.11.19): The Builsa North District Assembly has announced that 30 communities in the area have been approved by the Ministry of Energy for connection to the national grid… Giving the breakdown of the total number of approved communities, the DCE said Sandema had 12 communities, Wiaga 8, Chuchuliga 6, and Siniensi and Kadema had 4 [each].

November, 2019
(D. Kwame Gariba, Buluk Kaniak, Dec. 7, 2019) This year’s farmers’ day was celebrated at Gbedembilisi. Chairman of the occasion was the Gbedembilisi chief. In a colourful ceremony hardworking farmers and fishermen of the District were duly celebrated. The best farmer took home a motorking while the first and second runners took home motorbikes and other assorted items.
One motorbike was donated by the Board and Management of the Buco Bank and presented by the General Manager of the Bank, Hon. Richard Ajuik.

December 20, 2019
Archery competition as part of the Feok Festival (Sandema)

December 21, 2019
Feok Festival on the Bulsa Traditional Council durbar grounds (see articles in BULUK 13, 2020: 25-29). The Feok Festival was preceded by a football competition among the sections of Sandema. Three Afro-Americans, who were also shown the Fiisa Tanggbain with the relics of the slave wars, were honoured guests of the Festival (See BULUK 13, 2020: 26-27).
A review of the Feok Festival was written by Augustine A. Atano in BULUK 13, 2020: 28-29)

December 24, 2019
(, 24.12.20) The Case Management Conference (DMC) in the case of Gregory Afoko and Asabke Alagdi who are standing for the murder of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Upper East Region Chairman, Adams Mahama, has been adjourned again to January 15, 2020 (see BULUK 12, “Events”, February 19, 2019, p. 9).


G. Akanlig-Pare (p. 69) distinguishes three Buli dialects: Northern (with Chuchuliga and Biuk), Central (with Sandema, Wiaga, Kadema) and Southern dialect (in the whole south).

February 15, 2020
(The Road to Sandema 15-2-2020) A contractor was awarded the Navrongo-Sandema-Wiesi road contract… [before] the 2016 elections… After the elections… the contractor cannot be found on the site again although his trucks are still in the location…

March 7, 2020
(D. Kwame Gariba, Buluk Kaniak) This year the (63rd) Independence Day was celebrated in Kanjarga Park, i.e. outside the District Capital Fumbisi. In attendance were the Kanjarga Chief, Naab Akanfela Akangyianya, the Gbedema Chief, Naab Nkrumah Aparinchang, and a host of other chiefs and Queen Mothers… The occasion was used to award the four best teachers in the District for their dedicated service. Each went home with a laptop computer.

March 11, 2020
(Anthony Asikisime, Builsa South NDC Comm. Officer; Buluk Kaniak 14.3.20) Bulsa South M.P., Hon. Dr. Clement Abasinaab Apaak toured his constituency on 11/03/2020 to inspect some of his projects.
The MP’s first point of call was at Doninga, where he commissioned and handed over a six units classroom block with headmaster’s office and a staff common room to a representative of the District Education directorate…
The MP’s next point of call was at Kanjarga, to inspect an ongoing kindergarten (KG) building, Fumbisi Heath Centre and a children’s ward…
Dr Clement Abasiinaab Apaak continued to Gbedembilisa to inspect the Gbedembilisa Primary school which he reroofed due to the last years’ rain storms which ripped off the roof.
His last stop was at the District Education Office at Fumbisi where he donated 200 pieces of dual desk furniture to the district education directorate to be distributed to four selected schools in the district, notably are the Gbedem Zeng JHS, Fumbisi Preparatory JHS, Doninga JHS and Chansa JHS.

April 4, 2020
(, April 4) First case of Corona infection in Upper East Region (a 33year-old female resident of Bolgatanga)

April 11, 2020
(Davis Acham, Buluk Kaniak) The Builsa North Municipal Assembly set to commission its share of the “One District one Business Resources Center”. The Business Resources Center is one of the projects introduced by the Nana Addo administration aimed at empowering the private sector, training and resourcing individuals to own businesses at the various districts.

April 12, 2020
( Coronavirus cases in the Upper East Region jump to four (404 in Ghana).

April 27, 2020
( Upper East Region records 10 new Corona-cases, putting count to 18 (5 of them in Bolgatanga; no case in Buluk)

April 29, 2020
( Navrongo (UER) markets closed temporarily in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (two persons in the area had been tested positive).

April 1, 2020
(Buluk Kaniak) The ongoing construction of Sandema Municipal two storey police station block was started by this Government. President Nana Addo cut sod for this project when he toured Buluk. Before, the police of Sandema had used a house owned by the chief for many decades.

May 1, 2020
(Davis Acham, Buluk in Focus) Sandema Senior High School gets a new boys’ dormitory.

May 6, 2020
(James Agalga, MP, 18.5.2020 in Buluk Kaniak): Nab Akanfebanyueta Asuik at his palace in Wiaga on the 6th of May 2020: ‟I was honoured to present Land documents and a Cadastral Plan for the new site of Wiaga Senior High School to the Chief of Wiaga.
I contracted the Regional Land Survey Department to prepare the land documents for onward submission to the Ministry of Education for the possible construction of permanent structures for Wiasec at a cost of Twenty Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC25000) upon the request of the revered chief.

May 6, 2020
James Agalga (MP) in The Savanna Online, 31 May, 2020: On the day I visited Wobilinsa, Deborinsa and Sinyangsa, my team and I also visited Zuedem/Kpalinsa in Wiaga to inspect ongoing works on a six classroom block which was abandoned for a long while but for my intervention, the contractor returned to site to roof the building just before the rains set in.
I am particularly excited with the progress of work on this building as the existing structure, which serves as primary school, combines two classes in one, that’s to say primary one and two share the same space making the teaching/learning process a challenge for both teachers and pupils.

May 8, 2020
(Dichkyson Mhim, Buluk Kaniak) The youth of Wiaga-Kpandema has successfully completed the renovation of their bridge. The bridge is safe and any type of vehicle can pass through (Please, there are no politics involved in this).

May 9, 2020
(Davis Acham, Noiyeng Radio) Builsa North District gets 18 boreholes. The people of Bobulizugu in the Chuchuliga electoral have witnessed the drilling of a borehole as their share of the 18 boreholes lobbied to the Builsa North District. According to Mr James Maurice Abakisi, the selection of communities to benefit from these first 18 boreholes hasn’t been easy as there are more communities in need of potable water. The distribution of this first batch of 18 boreholes are five (5) for Sandema, four (4) for Wiaga, three (3) for Chuchuliga, three (3) for Kadema and three (3) for Siniensi respectively…

May 10, 2020
(Angaaba Atesiuk Peter in Buluk Kaniak, May 12, 2020) Kori Alap Yeri Primary School (Sandema) was affected by heavy rains, which started on Sunday at about 2:30 pm and lasted for close to two hours. It was a heavy downpour alongside with strong winds. Several homes and Kori Alap Yeri primary school had their roofs ripped off.

May 19, 2020
(, 19 May) According to Ghanaweb there are plans of clearing the mahogany trees standing on both sides of the main street in Sandema. “But with the road expansion project underway, there are concerns that the iconic trees will be destroyed. Earlier last year [1919], President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo at a durbar of the chiefs and people announced the award of contract for commencement of work on roads in the district. The President placed particular emphasis on the Navrongo-Sandema-Siniensi-Fumbisi roads. As announced, work has begun on some parts of the road. …The trees are hurdles for the contractors which would be cleared. This is a decision most people are not very pleased with.
Meanwhile, District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, David Afoko has assured that the trees will not be entirely affected by the road expansion. … Mr Afoko explained that the contractor would fell the trees on only one side of the street (cf. Buluk 13, “Events”, June 14, 2020 and Buluk 7, 2013, Ghanatta Ayaric, pp. 15-16).

May 21, 2020
(document of the [South] District Security Committee, DISEC, signed by Daniel Kwame Gariba, DCE, published in Buluk Kaniak): “Early Closure of Fumbisi Market: Following the gruesome murder of a young man who is believed to be in his late twenties on Wednesday 20th May, 2020… the District Security Committee (DISEC) held an emergency meeting on 21st May, 2020 and issued the following directives to mitigate any security threat to the general citizenry: …all participants of the Fumbisi market must wrap-up their activities and leave the market by 6 pm…
Meanwhile the President’s directive on mandatory wearing of nose masks is still in full force…

May 26, 2020
(, 26 May, 2020 via Ghana Politico 25 May, 2020) The Builsa South District Assembly has indefinitely shut down the Fumbisi market to the public. Similarly, all food vendors and drinking bar operators have also been directed to shut down their operations. The directive takes effect on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
The decision to shut down economic activities in the district follows the murder of the young man… on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, in the Central Business District.
The District Security Council (DISEC) headed by the District Chief Executive, Daniel Kwame Gariba, which took the decision at an emergency meeting held on May 21, 2020, say the measure is to mitigate any security threat to the citizenry.
In a statement dated Monday, May 25, 2020, announcing the closure of the Fumbisi Market, the Assembly assured the general public that the security agencies “are not relenting on their efforts and will soon arrest the perpetrator and his accomplices to face the full rigours of the law”.
The Assembly, therefore, called on [and] urged the public to remain calm and provide the security agencies with relevant information that will facilitate the arrest of the culprit and his accomplices.
(, 31 May, 2020) …the young man from the [Fumbisi-] Baasa community… was allegedly killed in a fight between youth of the Wiesi and Baasa communities… Reports also had it that the two groups fought over a “girlfriend”…
The youth have been advised to exercise restraint in their commentary and rather assist the security agencies with information to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.

June, 2020
The old court building in Sandema is declared a museum.

June 11, 2020
Noiyeng Radio (Davis Acham), June 11, 2020: The Government through the Ghana Army is considering the siting of a military base in the Builsa North District… to help improve the security situation in and around the Upper East and West Regions… This will attract more investment, trade and businesses to the Builsa North district in particular and the two regions as a whole… a group of soldiers visited the district with a military helicopter to survey and inspect the proposed land allocated for the military base some couple of weeks ago.

June 14, 2020
(, 14 June): Roads Minister assures Sandema: Your iconic mahogany trees will not be cut down.
The Roads and Highways Minister, Kwesi Amoako Atta, has given assurance that he will sit with the contractor [My Turn] working on the Navrongo-Sandema Highway to find an alternative way to construct and improve roads in Sandema without destroying the iconic tree lined up along the road. [He will find out] if there is the possibility to divert the road to save the trees.

June 39 [sic, June 9?], 2020
(Buluk Kaniak) A Resolution Letter by the President, Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, signed by Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II (President, Bulsa Traditional Council) was issued with the following text:
“The Bulsa Traditional Council held a general meeting on 5th May, 2020 and Members resolved that the name SANDEM NAB shall be called BULSA NAB”
I count on your cooperation Thank you.

June 2020
(Buluk Kaniak 3 June, 2020) Upper East Regional Coordinating Council: Builsa South Construction of Gbedembilisi Dam underway.

June 27, 2020
Ayieta Anaguna posted in Buluk Kaniak that the old court building has been roofed and that it is now a museum.

June 28, 2020
(Bulaala chop Skuul Feez, Buluk Kaniak) A gang of well-armed robbers stormed the Fumbisi market this afternoon on one of their sporadic robbing escapades. Only one business venture, popularly know as “Good Family Enterprise” was affected. It is reported that no one was injured but they made away with huge sums of money.

July 7, 2020
First record of Covid 19 (Corona) in Buluk, in the Wiaga Clinic; it had been imported from the Ashanti Region

July 11, 2020
(Engelbert Antomba, Buluk Kaniak 11 July, 2020, source: opera news): First Builsa District’s record of COVID-19, import from Ashanti Region.
The sample was taken 3 weeks ago from somebody who had travelled from Manpongteng in the Ashanti Region and was seeking health care from a herbalist in Wiaga. The work of the herbalist did not give the relief desired. So the person was sent to St. Lucas Hospital in Wiaga. There the clinicians suspected COVID-19. The district team was called to take the sample and results turned out positive. The information was confirmed by the DCE of Builsa North…
“Opera news” criticises that a [traditional] medicine practitioner who did not know much about the new pandemic was attended and that it took 3 weeks before they attained the results of the test.

July 20, 2020
On the passing away of Hon. Sylvester Ateteng Azantilow (born 1950) see Obituary, BULUK 13, 2020: 87.

July 20 – August 5, 2020
Discussions about the title and position of the Sandemnaab starting with a resolution letter to the president of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs of June 39 (sic) 2020 that the Sandem Nab shall be called Bulsa Nab in future (See BULUK 13, 2020: 17-24).

August 5, 2020
Letter to the President of the Regional House of Chiefs…see June 39, 2020 (See also BULUK 13, 2020: 17-24)

August 11, 2020
(Buluk Kaniak, 21 September 2020) We regret to announce the passing away of Hon. Norbert Awulley from Wiesi, the former Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive. He died at the age of 66. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

September 7, 2020
Martin Akandewen in Buluk Kaniak: Drone delivery of essential medical products is happening in Buluk.
[the project started already in August or before]
Excerpts of discussion in Buluk Kaniak:
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence) Sure, I am aware of Fumbisi.
(Alirimbey Alhaji Elvis, anaesthetist at Sandema and Wiaga hospital:) Yeah, Wiaga at the hospital yard and Sandema at Kobdema. All requests are delivered in less than 45minutes
(Asiuk Jacob Awonnanya A.) … One time I was there when it [the drone] came to deliver some drugs and most of us were running because we didn’t know. It just came slowly and dropped the things and turned; no landing.
(Alirimbey Alhaji Elvis) … it’s a great relief to us who are working as emergency staff.
This farming season, snakes bites are rampant, we rely on blood and FFPs to save people. Most of our indigenes are farmers and will not even have enough HB to donate even if they agree to, usually after long persuasion.
The commercial donors in town charge very exorbitant prices and are no more very reliable.
Am an anaesthetist and handling at Sandema and Wiaga hospital. Any time I need blood in critical situations and the lab doesn’t have, I request from them and they deliver. Several lives have been saved already

September 18, 2020
(, 18-9-20) The Paramount Chief of the Chiana Traditional Area, Pe [Piu?] Dituudini Adiana Ayagitam III, has been elected President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs.
Pe Ayagitam obtained 19 votes out of the total number of 28 members of the house to beat two other contestants, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow, Paramount Chief of the Sandema traditional area who secured six votes and Pe Oscar Bataqbi Tiyiamu II, Paramount Chief of Kayoro who obtained three votes.
The house also elected the paramount Chief of Mirigu, Naba Anonsona Anthony Abisa III as the Vice President. He obtained 18 votes to beat the contender, Naba Clifford Abagne Asobayire V of Kologo traditional area who secured 10 votes….
Per the rules of the house, the outgoing and elected Presidents are automatic representatives to the National House of Chiefs.

September 19, 2020
( “Dr. Caesar Atuire of the Philosophy and Classics Department, a philosopher and bioethicist, has been appointed one of 20 experts selected from around the world who constitute the WHO ACT Accelerator Ethics Working Group. Among the numerous ethical issues, the Ethics Working Group will be examining the vaccine acquisition and distribution between nations as well as offering recommendations for priority setting vaccination programmes within member countries.
The Dean of the School of Arts, Prof. Michael Okyerefo, on this appointment said “I am delighted such talented and sought after experts are emanating from our School at the University of Ghana…”

October 8, 2020
(Paul Adeenze in Buluk Kaniak): A new filling station, located on the Sandema-Wiaga road (in Suwarinsa) opened to the general public.

October 9, 2020
(ghanaweb) …Residents of Sandema… have shut down shops in town in protest of rising robbery incidents in the area… Shops and businesses, especially in the district capital have been targets of bandits who have always made away with large amounts of money. The activities of these robbers have left the residents living in fear and leading to the collapse of businesses that are unable to recover from the huge losses.
(Savanna Online) … In solidarity with efforts to demand answers to a surge in theft and robberies in Sandema and its environs, shops remain shut… The Youth are gathering at the popular durbar grounds
(Aluepo Junior Muzerawa) According to Aluepo and also proved by photos the demonstration is also directed against the inefficiency and inaction of the police.

November 8, 2020
( 19.11.2021) Two armed men… attacked the Sandema district church of Pentecost, taking away a huge sum of money and other properties. The incident happened in the midday hours of Sunday, right after the service, as two leaders were counting and documenting monies received as collection. According to an eye-witness account, the robbers arrived at the premises brandishing guns and asked the leaders – a male and female, to lie face down and surrender all money and mobile phones. … The robbers jumped on a waiting motorcycle and sped off.

November 9, 2020
(…) Gregory Afoko, who was accused in 2015 of the murder of Alhaji Adams Mahama, the then UER chairman of he New Patriotic Party (NPP), has been hospitalised again and his trial adjourned. This was made known by the prosecutor in the trial of Afoko… at the Accra High Court on Monday, November 9, 2020. Ms Marina Appiah Oppong, a Chief State Attorney, said the prosecution was ready to call its first witness to testify but could not do so because Afoko was unavailable.

November 11, 2020
(Daniel Kwame Gariba in Buluk Kaniak, 11.11.20) Yesterday, 10 /11/2020, the Vice president of the Republic of Ghana, his Excellency Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia held a Durbar of Chiefs and People of Builsa South in Kanjarga. He was welcomed to the gathering by a hilarious crowd. He assured the people that the next Nana Addo Government will pay the fees of Tertiary students through the Tertiary Education loan scheme. He also announced that Builsa South will get a 100 bed capacity hospital soon. Quite apart from that, he informed the Chiefs and People that the president will put up a very big rice processing factory in Builsa South in addition to the ones coming up. At the Kanjarga Chief’s Palace he assured the Kanjarga chief that he will make sure that the contractor who gets the job through the ongoing procurement process commences work immediately.

November 17, 2020
( 17.11.2020). Martin Amidu has resigned from his position as Special Prosecutor. According to Mr Amidu, he is resigning because he does not feel that President Nana Akufo-Addo has done enough to safeguard the independence of his office… Mr Amidu was nominated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo–Addo as Special Prosecutor on January 11, 2018 and was subsequently approved by Parliament.

November 30, 2020
( 30.11.2020) Dr. Benjamin Akinkang, the Founder of the Team of Hope, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based at Sandema in the Builsa North District… has expressed worry about excessive alcohol consumption among some residents of Sandema.
He described as a worry, the high level of alcohol intake in the District, saying “Alcohol destroys the liver, if you go to the ward right now and meet 10 patients on admission because of liver problems, three or four patients are likely to have gotten it through alcohol.”
Dr. Akinkang, who led a team of health professionals to perform free surgical procedures for residents of Sandema and beyond, noted that apart from the negative health implications alcohol had on the people, it had caused several road accidents in the District over the years.

December 18, 2020
( 18.12.2020) The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has projected a population of about 31 million people to be counted during its 14-day Population and Housing Census (PHC) scheduled for 2021.
Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, Government Statistician, made the call at the closing of eight-day training for 108 Master trainers at Winneba. The last phase of the face-to-face training… was to prepare them to train enumerators, supervisors and many others for commencement of the PHC next year.

December 27, 2020
( 28.12.2020) According to reports, Sandema has become a fertile ground for armed robbers for some time now. Armed robbers have repeatedly taken over the Sandema township. Sounds of sophisticated guns ranged through the town on Sunday, 27 December when traders were about finishing up trading activities. It is unclear if casualties have been recorded… Meanwhile the district Police command says the incident has not come to their attention.


January 14, 2021
( 14.1. 2021) Builsa North District had been elevated into a municipal status [2019?]. The municipality appealed to government to establish a tertiary institution in Buluk land.
Mr David Amoabil Afoko, the Municipal Chief Executive, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sandema, the Municipal capital.
“It was upgraded into a Municipality through a Legislative Instrument (LI) 24222. So Builsa North is no more a District, but a Municipality” he said.
“The President was here in 2018 to take part in the Feok festival and told us that he signed a document to upgrade the District to a Municipality”, he added. He said the upgrade would speed up development, and open up job opportunities for the teeming youth in the Builsa land.

January 31, 2021
( 1.2.2021) Coronavirus: President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has reintroduced restrictions on funerals, weddings, theatrical performances and parties until further notice.
In his 23rd Coronavirus address to the nation on Sunday, January 31, the President indicated that private burials with no more than twenty-five people can take place, with the enforcement of social distancing, hygiene and mask-wearing protocols.
„Beaches, night clubs, cinemas, and pubs continue to be shut. Our borders by land and sea remain closed”, he stressed.
“Restaurants should provide take-away services, and should… avoid seated services. The National Sports Authority and the Ghana Football Association should ensure compliance with the twenty-five per cent capacity rule in our stadia, with spectators respecting the social distancing rule and wearing of masks”.
He advised leaders of the various religious organisations that they should enforce “to the letter, the protocols relating to attendance, [namely] the two-hour duration, one-metre distancing, mask-wearing, use of sanitisers and the presence of Veronica buckets, liquid soap, and rolls of tissue paper.”

February 13, 2021
( 14.2.2021) An early robbery attack on the Katiu-Sandema road has resulted in the death of a livestock trader… The incident happened in a thicket on the stretch near Katiu where the victim who was on his way to do his cattle buying business was shot in the chest as he tried to get away. According to details the man left his home at Kobdem in Sandema just before daybreak… The robbers managed to flee with the booty and left the man in a pool of blood with his motorcycle lying beside him.

April 12, 2021
( 15.4.2021) Some alleged thieves on Monday, April 12, 2021 at midnight invaded the private residence of the Builsa North Municipal Chief Executive, David Afoko in Sandema, and made away with his laptop, mobile phones, and other important documents.
Confirming the incident on DayBreak Upper East show on A1 Radio, Mr. Afoko said he suspects he was a target because of his efforts to end crime-related incidents in the area.

May 12, 2021
(Ghanaweb May 12, 2021) A rainstorm destroyed two dormitory blocks at Sandema Sec-Tech School. It destroyed the Rawlings and Azantilow low houses which are coined in a single storey and also brought down some concrete beams and blocks… Akogni Solomon, the Headmaster of the school said the disaster struck in the night when students were in the dormitories preparing to go to bed.

May 20, and June 10, 2021
(Robert Asekabta 28.5.21  by e-mail) The Bulsa North Municipal Assembly met on the 26th May, 2021 to elect a Presiding Member but none of the candidates had the two third percentage (32 votes) required. The number of members present were forty five (45) out of a total number of forty six. The following members offered themselves for the voting:
1) Hon. Anaamuning James (10 votes)
2) Hon. Dominic Asukuubisa Atibil (28 votes)
3) Hon. Isaac Ayeriwie (also Regent for Kadema Regency, 7 votes)
Also in the second round the other two could not make the percentage: Anaamuning James had 14 votes, Dominic Asukuubisa Atibil had 31 votes.
According to the law the election was to be reheld within ten days period.
E-mail of June 11th, 2021 (R.A.) At a meeting of the Bulsa North Municipal Assembly held on the 10th June, 2021 Hon. Dominic Asukuubisa Atibil was finally elected Presiding Member of the Assembly. His contestant Hon. James Anaamuning stepped down for him. In the vote cast thirty eight (38) members voted YES and five (5) voted NO.
The Municipal Electoral Commissioner then declared Hon. Dominic Asukuubisa Atibil the Bulsa North Municipal Assembly Presiding Member. Mr. Mumuni Baba Mohammed, the Municipal Coordinating Director, in a short speech expressed his delight at the success of the election. He mentioned that the swearing in will be done later since the Municipal Magistrate was not in town.
They later formed Sub-Committees of the Assembly.

June 11, 2021
(Westfälische Nachrichten June 11, 2021) Christine Arnheim (daughter of Margaret Lariba from Gbedema) set up her own dental practice in the centre of the large city of Münster during a hot phase of the Corona pandemic. She is known to many Bulsa through her dental check-ups in Gbedema primary schools.

June 21, 2021
(GhanaWeb 21.6.21) Two Fulani men suspected to be highway armed robbers have been arrested at Fumbisi by the Upper East Regional Police Command… According to the statement on June 18, 2021, at about 19.30 hours the police received information that the two men who robbed commuters on the Butrisa-Fumbisi road were spotted in Fumbisi Township. The victims reported that one of the two robbers was holding a locally manufactured gun and the other a cutlass, and they could easily identify them. They are suspected to have an informant in town who fed them with information to operate.

June 26 and 28, 2021
( 28.6.21) The census enumeration started on June, 28 and ended on July 11, 2021. All persons who spent the census night in Ghana were counted. All residents were urged to stay at home in the census night. During the enumeration, a census official (enumerator) visited each household and administered a questionnaire (collected some information) from the head of household or any other adult in the household.

June 29, 2021
Dr. Clement Apaak, MP (in Buluk Kaniak): Earlier today I got a call from my branch executives in Bachongsa and later, Danda, the contractor who renovated the Bachongsa teachers quarters informing me that the teachers quarters recently renovated and handed over were in flames.
Though fire tenders arrived from both Sandema and Fumbisi, and the firemen and women did their best, the damage was severe. Thankfully, no life was lost and no injuries sustained by the teachers, students or community members in the vicinity. I thank God almighty for that.
I thank the Fire Service for their swift intervention, given the distances from both Fumbisi and Sandema.

August 14, 2021
After a thorough revision (thanks to Alfred Agyenta!) and many additions, the Buli-English Dictionary was prepared as an app for android smartphones and tablets (not for i-phones!) by Urs Niggli (working for SIL, living in Burkina Faso) and F. Kröger. It was warmly welcome by many educated Bulsa, who expressed their approval in Bulsa Facebook groups and e-mails/messages to the author (F.K.)

September 22, 2021
(Ghanaweb 22.09.21) More than ten mud houses [in Nyandema, Kalaasa and Daburinsa] in the Builsa South District… have collapsed as a result of heavy rains and flooding, leading to over one thousand residents being displaced and currently seeking shelter in school buildings in the communities.

September 27, 2021
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence in Buluk Kaniak): Finally the president has nominated his representatives at the district level to represent him after many months of anxiety from across the country. For the Bulsa North, Mama Vida, popularly called madam Vida has been nominated and Daniel Kwame Gariba has been renominated for the Bulsa South District. Congratulations to them! Unfortunately, David Afoko has not been renominated, but we have to thank him for the service he rendered onto Buluk and may God bless him in his next endeavours.
Now in the coming days/weeks our assembly men/women shall have the mandate to approve these two nominees and even though it is their right to either approve or reject a nominee, I am using this medium to urge our assembly men/women to unanimously approve these two nominees.

October 1, 2021
(A1 A letter… signed by the Director-General of the Ghana Education Services (GES), Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankw, indicates that the Sandem Senior High Technical School in the Builsa North Municipality of the Upper East Region is to be renamed after the late Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional Area, Naab Azantilow… with effect from 2022 academic year.

October 1, 2021
( Sandema Preparatory JHS wins quiz competition.
The Sandema Preparatory Junior High School (JHS)… has won a quiz competition organised by the Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education. The school competed with the Success International JHS in a Constitution Quiz Competition intended to inculcate in the pupils the habit of reading the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Of all the three rounds of the contest, the Sandema Preparatory JHS constantly led their counterpart, the Success International JHS and finally had 94 points, with the Success International JHS scoring 67 points.
… The three pupils who competed and won the quiz fro their school are Master Gatine Afiako, Ms Elsie Achaw… and Ms Hanifatu Yahaya.

October 2, 2021
(Radio Fumbisi, report by Gerard Awombadek Asagi): Members of the Builsa South District Assembly have elected Hon. John Peter Apaabey as their Presiding Member following a third attempt. The elected PM polled 27 “YES” votes and 2 “NO” votes out of 29 valid vote casts and members present. Two Hon. members were absent. The number of “YES” votes represented 98% of total votes cast.
The election was conducted and declared by the Electoral Commissioner, Madam Judith Atika. …The Hon. Member was duly sworn in by the District Magistrate present.

October 2, 2021
(Source: Godfrey A. Polikuu) Madam Vida Akantagriwen Anaab, the newly confirmed Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Builsa North Municipality… was overwhelmingly confirmed by all 42 Assembly Members present.

October 2, 2021
(Radio Fumbisi, report by Gerard Awombadek Asagi): Members of the Builsa South District Assembly have elected Hon. John Peter Apaabey as their Presiding Member following a third attempt. The elected PM polled 27 “YES” votes and 2 “NO” votes out of 29 valid vote casts and members present. Two Hon. members were absent. The number of “YES” votes represented 98% of total votes cast.
The election was conducted and declared by the Electoral Commissioner, Madam Judith Atika. …The Hon. Member was duly sworn in by the District Magistrate present.

October 5, 2021
(Daniel Kwame Gariba, DCE) Today myself and the Builsa North MCE Hon. Vida Anaab paid a courtesy call on the Overlord of the Builsa Traditional Area, Nab Azagsug Azantilow II.

October, 2021
(Radio Fumbisi, Report by Gerard Awombadek Asagi) Members of the Builsa South District Assembly have confirmed the President’s nominee Hon. Daniel Kwame Gariba to serve in the capacity of District Chief Executive.
Hon. Gariba was renominated by the President on 19th September, 2021 following a very long wait. He pulled 19votes out of 28 valid votes cast during the confirmation election. This represented the 2/3 majority required to be sworn in as DCE…The Hon. DCE was sworn in by the District Magistrate.

October 5, 2021
Daniel Kwame Gariba, DCE: Today myself and the Builsa North MCE Hon. Vida Anaab paid a courtesy call on the Overlord of the Builsa Traditional Area, Nab Azagsug Azantilow II.

October 5, 2021
( Police in Sandema have arrested a former military officer and a dismissed staff of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) over an alleged robbery attack. The suspect (name withheld by F.K.), who is also a chief (kambonnaab?) of a community in a Builsa North Municipality, was arrested at the wee hours of Monday 5, 2021 at Azim-Azim on the Sandema-Chuchuliga road after he refused to adhere to signals by a police night patrol team to stop and attempted to bolt away with an unregistered motorbike. An immediate search conducted on him following his arrest led to the retrieval of a pump action gun, seven live cartridge and one empty cartridge, a jack knife, a handcuff and a talisman.

October 9, 2021
(GhanaWeb 9.10.21) Physical construction works of the Ghana-Burkina Faso railway line, which spans a distance of about 1,2000 kilometres, is to commence in the first quarter of 2022.
The Joint Committee of Experts and two countries have targeted to complete the preparatory phase of the project the end of this year to pave way for the construction of railway interconnectivity between the Port of Tema and the capital city of Ouagadougou…
In Burkina Faso, the project will begin in Ouagadougou, passing through Komissiri, Manga, Béguédo, Garango, Tenkodogo, Bagré-Pôle, Zabré, Pô, to the Dakola-Paga border link, a total distance of about 320 km, while in Ghana, it starts at the port of Tema, through the eastern part of the country towards the river port of Akosombo to serve Ho and Yendi in the north.
The line then joins Tamale to cover the central region of the country and continue to Paga via Walewale, Bolgatanga, and Navrongo, for a total distance of 782 km. It will have a total of 55 stations, ten of which will be in Burkina Faso.

November 15, 2021
Richard A. Akanko was elected Paramount Chief of Fumbisi (See article “Electing a new chief”)

November 17, 2021
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence, Buluk Kaniak) This morning, the Municipal Chief Executive, Bulsa North, Madam Vida Anaab Akantagriwen in the company of the Municipal Education Director, Bulsa North, Madam Victoria Aganalie Mahama, toured some BECE examination centres in the Bulsa North Municipality.
The MCE in addressing the candidates underscored the fact that they (Candidates) are the future leaders of Buluk and Ghana and for that matter she wished them very well in their exams…
The MCE finally admonished the students to be of good behaviour during the examination by avoiding acts of exam malpractices.
The total number of candidates sitting for the examination in the municipality are 1,121. Out of this number, 573 are males whilst 548 are females. Of the total number of 1,121, 202 candidates are from private schools.

November 26, 2021
Makarios Akanbianab Akanbong was elected new chief of Doninga (See article “Electing new Bulsa chiefs”)

December 3, 2021
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence, Buluk Kaniak) Mr Atoosigo Akaanmwami of Chuchuliga Tiedema was crowned as the Bulsa North Municipal best farmer. His price which was presented to him by the Municipal Chief Executive, Madam Vida Anaab Akantagriwen included a brand new “Motor King”, farm inputs as well as some assorted items.

December 2021
A relocation of Fulani herdsmen and their cattle to the Bulsa South District is taken into consideration. Dr. Clement Apaak (MP) comments on this: “… I assure that… it is my duty to protect and defend the interests of my constituents. The relocation of Fulani herdsmen to Fumbisi as the story claims will have dire consequences, and we cannot accept that”.

December 15, 2021
(Dr. Clement Apaak, MP, in Facebook, Buluk Kaniak): The good people of Builsa South should be assured that I’ve taken note of the story below, suggesting the relocation of Fulani herdsmen and their cattle to Builsa South. I assure that as the Member of Parliament for Builsa South, it is my duty to protect and defend the interests of my constituents. The relocation of Fulani herdsmen to Fumbisi as the story claims will have dire consequences, and we cannot accept that.

December 24, 2021
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence, Buluk Kaniak) The Municipal Chief Executive of Bulsa North, Honourable Vida Anaab Akantagriwen in the company of the Municipal Coordinating Director handed over two Police Posts in Wiaga and Chuchuliga to the District Police Commander. This will enhance police presence and visibility in the two towns, thus improving security in the communities and municipality at large. It is instructive to note that these Police Posts were the initiative of the Honourable James Agalga in 2015 together with the then IGP with SSNIT providing the funding.

December 29, 2021
(Adachaasa David, by mail) This year’s Faagu was celebrated on the 29th of December. The Municipal chief executive, Builsa North Madam Vida Akantagriwen Anaab, the member of parliament, Builsa North were some of the guests to grace the occasion. As part of the program marking the Faagu, a medical screening under the auspices of the municipal chief executive who is a retired midwife.
…Among other things the Faagu gives us the opportunity to deliberate on developmental issues, because central government alone can’t tackle our issues of development. The aim of the festival is to thank the gods for a bountiful harvest and protection over the year.

December 29, 2021
(ghanaweb 31.12.21) The District Chief Executive (sic) for Builsa North District, Vida Akantagriwen Anaab, has commended the chiefs and people of the Chuchuliga Traditional area … for the construction of six classroom blocks with its axillaries… The DCE made the commendation during the annual celebration of the 2021 Chuchuliga Festival (FAAGU)…
The facility which is christened „Chuchuliga Secondary Technical Senior High School‟ is currently being used to run the Senior High programmes including Vocational and Technical Education.
The Chief of Chuchuliga, Nab Francis Akanbegmi Asangalisa II, impressed upon the District Assembly and the Ghana Education Service to fast-track the absorption of the Chuchuliga Secondary Technical Senior High School into the Government’s mainstream.

December 31, 2021
(Dr. Apaak in Buluk Kaniak): I joined the Chief and people of Kanjarga for their annual community festival. The issues raised were: 1) Security; 2) Roads; 3) Teenage pregnancy; 4) Agricultural imputes; 5) Education; and 6) Community centre.

January 4, 2022
(Source: Samuel Abem in Buluk Kaniak, 6.1.22)
The chief of Doninga, Nab Akambiaknab Atuidem Akanbong I, his subchiefs and elders took their turn to celebrate the Feok festival at Doninga…
The event was heavily attended and well organised, giving indication that next year’s celebrations will likely surpass what happened this year. The celebration was covered by journalists and a wide range of reporters.
The occasion was used to raise funds to rebuild a deserving market of yore, which branded and gave Doninga a reputation abroad as a major trading centre. With the completion of the Santijan bridge, which links the Upper East to the Upper West Region, Doninga is on the rise again to a past glory.

January 5, 2022
A six-unit classroom block handed over to Chuchuliga Senior High Technical school
(Source:|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Chuchuliga|Ghana)
Lawyer James Agalga, Member of Parliament for Builsa North Constituency… together with community members, built and handed over a six-unit classroom block with ultra-modern toilet facilities and available potable water to enhance the teaching and learning activities of a Community Day Senior High Technical School which started in the Chuchuliga community sometime last year.
The school started in a dilapidated basic school structure with a student population of 48. It is currently running courses such as Business, Technical and Home Science/Catering.
Chuchuliga is said to be the second-largest community in the Builsa North Municipality and for the past years has never had a single Senior High School structure, unlike its neighbouring communities until now.
Speaking at a short handover ceremony held at Chuchuliga Nawaana No 1, Lawyer Agalga noted that he was happy to hear that the school focus was on only the practice aspect…
The MP appreciated the chiefs and opinion leaders of the area for their remarkable support in offering their lands free of charge to assist the initiative, adding that he will continue to support the school in any kind until any tangible support comes from the government.
Though the Chuchuliga Senior High/Technical School is yet to be absorbed by the government, opinion leaders and traditional rules in the area are hoping that more support will come from government agencies and other stakeholders in education.

January 8, 2022
The Special Anti-Robbery Squad and Surveillance team of the Upper East Regional Police Command… arrested A.I. A. [long form of Buli name withheld], a notorious armed robber at Sandema… Further details established that the suspect is responsible for the robbery in Kadema which occurred on July 24, 2021, in which a victim was severely wounded.

March 10, 2022
The planned election of a new Bachonsa failed and was postponed indefinitely (See article “Electing new Bulsa chiefs”).

March 14, 2022
(Dr. Apaak in Buluk Kaniak) Comrades, I write to inform you that on Tuesday March 15th, 2022 at 10:30 am the 2 No 4-unit 2 bedroom masters quarters project I got for FUMSEC via GETFUND to help address accommodation challenges facing the teaching staff will be handed over. Chairman Caesar will represent me.

March 22, 2022
Emos Amuuribadek Ayuekanbey Adangabe was elected Chief of Kadema (See article “Electing new Bulsa chiefs”).

March 30, 2022
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence, Buluk Kaniak, March 30, 2022)
Today, the MCE of the Bulsa North Municipal, Madam Vida Anaab Akantagriwen together with the Municipal Development Planning Officer and Municipal Engineer went on a field tour to monitor and inspect completed and ongoing projects in the Municipality…
The tour took the team to Achanyeri-Goiyie to access the progress of work on a three classroom block with ancillary facilities. From there the team went to Nanjuepuing to inspect how a CHPS compound, completed and handed over to the community, has been put to use. Thereafter, the team moved to Awulansa to see the condition of the 1V1D initiative done in the community. From there, the team proceeded to Awenaguuk to inspect a plantation of cashew for that community. All these communities are from Chuchuliga.
Subsequently, the team came to the Azantinlow Senior High Technical School to inspect progress of work on a girls dormitory and classroom block to cater for the Double Track System. The team finally went to the 1V1D initiative in Bilinsa Sandema where it was observed that there was still some sizable amount of water in the dam compared to Awulansa in
Chuchuliga where the dam was almost dry.

April 11, 2022
(Builsa Community Bank Ltd.) Builsa Community Bank Limited has finally commissioned its long-awaited Navrongo Branch and it begins operations today. This will increase visibility and allow us to reach as well as serve more customers with top.notch banking and financial services.

April 15-19, 2022
(Internet Advertisement) The funeral of the Hon. Sylvester Ateteng Azantilow took place from April 15 to April 19, 2022.

August 16, 2022
Source: University of Ghana ( …)
Dr. Caesar Alimsinya Atuire, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Classics, has won a 5-year grant worth 3.2 million Pounds (4 million USD or 33 million Cedis) by the Wellcome Trust Discovery Awards.
The grant which is the first by the Trust is to finance academics from any discipline who can present a creative project to deliver significant understanding to improve human life, health and well-being.
Dr. Atuire’s Project titled, Moving Beyond Solidarity Rhetoric in Global Health: Pluriversality and Actionable Tools, seeks to explore how understandings and practice of solidarity in global health can play an active role in increasing equity and justice. He will lead a global team with co-investigators from Costa Rica, Canada, Austria, South Africa, India, and Australia.
The project will also design metrics and produce a solidarity index and ranking to measure the practice of solidarity among global health actors. Despite appeals for solidarity, during the Covid -19 pandemic, equity was lacking in the allocation of resources. This research could improve the theory and practice of global health and ensure all affected communities benefit. The Wellcome Trust Discovery supports innovations that could transform understanding of health and its social and political contexts.

September 28, 2022
Mrs. Helga Schott, née von Notz, wife of Prof. Rüdiger Schott, the anthopologist who conducted research in Buluk between 1966 and 1989, died in Berlin (Germany) at the age of 90. She had accompanied her husband on his research visits among the Bulsa and was a great help to him in his work.

October 3, 2022
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zwernemann, a famous German anthropologist, died at the age of 93 years. In his work he had specialised on West Africa, especially on the Kasena in Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana. For many years he had assisted the work of F. Kröger.

November 2022
(Source: Radio Bulsa 24.11.22)
Christ the King Junior High School Sandema emerged victorious at the Upper East Regional Girls Club Quiz Competition in Bolgatanga.

December 15, 2022
Source: ghanaweb 15 December, 2022
Some second-year students of Sandema Senior High School… have burnt down portions of their school dormitory in protest over the seizure of their mobile phones…
In the process of the violent protest the students went ahead to burn down a building that houses the cadet accroutements of the school. The fire then escalated to other rooms including the school’s dormitary where the District Fire Service team came to the rescue…

August 12, 2022
Dr. Caesar Alimsinya Atuire, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Classics (University of Ghana), has won a 5-year grant worth 3.2 million Pounds (4 million USD or 33 million Cedis) by the Wellcome Trust Discovery Awards.
The grant which is the first by the Trust is to finance academics from any discipline who can present a creative project to deliver significant understanding to improve human life, health and well-being.
Dr. Atuire’s Project titled, “Moving Beyond Solidarity Rhetoric in Global Health: Pluriversality and Actionable Tools”, seeks to explore how understandings and practice of solidarity in global health can play an active role in increasing equity and justice. He will lead a global team with co-investigators from Costa Rica, Canada, Austria, South Africa, India, and Australia…
Congratulations Dr. Caesar Atuire!

March 7, 2023
The vetting committee of the NDC in the Upper East Region has affirmed Hon. Clement Apaak as its parliamentary candidate for Builsa South for the 2024 elections.

April 27, 2023
(Source: Phoenix via Buluk Kaniak) Gregory Afoko acquitted after 8 years
An Accra High Court presided over by Justice Afua Merley Wood, a Justice of the  Court of Appeal, has acquitted Mr. Gregory Afoko and Asabke Alangde over the murder of the former Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The trial which lasted for eight years, saw Justice Afia Merley Wood… summing up the whole trial which lasted for about four hours on Thursday, April 27, 2023. The seven-member jury panel hearing the murder case… had retired to return their verdict of not guilty on all [charges].
(Source: Hanson Agyemang, “Citi Newsroom” April 27, 2023): The High Court in Accra has ordered for a retrial of Gregory Afoko who has been on trial for eight years…
[Council for Alangdi, Andrew Vortia] wondered how the jury could have found Alangdi guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and then found Afoko not guilty of the same charge of conspiracy… “I am, therefore, going to start an instant appeal,” Mr Vortia said.

October 5, 2023
Christiana Ankaasiba Akpilima-Atibil in Buluk Kaniak
On November 2, All Souls Day on the Catholic calendar, we (the Charles Atibil Memorial Project (CHAMP)) had the pleasure of inaugurating our second Polo Reading Club in Wiaga, in memory of our beloved Charles Apolikawen (Polo) Atibil, at the St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory School. The first Polo Reading Club was established at the Bishop Agyenta Academy, also in Wiaga, on October 5, the 6th anniversary of Polo’s return to his Maker. Polo was an avid reader and loved kids so we know a reading club for kids would gladden his heart.
The reading clubs are supported by a mobile library that I run, making the books accessible to as many kids as possible. Rather than put the books in one location for kids to struggle to have access, I take the books to them. These pictures show a fraction of the books and some of the kids at St. Thomas Aquinas borrowing their books happily after the inauguration of their club; some borrowing a book for the first time.
This is an opportunity for me to express my own deepest gratitude (and that of the pupils enjoying the mobile library, their parents, and teachers), to all my friends, family members, and Polo’s loyal friends, who contributed towards the purchase and shipping of the books from the US to Ghana. Of particular mention are Dr. Miles Schroeder, Dr. Geralyn Schroeder and their wonderful staff at Schroeder and Schroeder Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, without whose very generous support I could not have paid for the shipment of the books. Thank you so much Schroeder and Schroeder, my long time oral health provider and friends.

December 26, 2023
(Robert Asekabta 28.12.23: Election of Miss Feok 2023
Miss Albright Asekabta Ayietalie was crowned Miss Feok 2023 on 26th December, 2023 at Lakeside hotel in Balansa, Sandema. This was one of the events that marked the annual Feok Festival of the Bulsa people to signify the bumper harvest and the conquest of Babatu a notorious Zambarama slave raider.
The contestants were seven in number… At the end Albright Asekabta Ayietalie emerged first with 23,980 votes. Her award was a motorcycle and three certificates on most Eloquent, Star performer, Highest Voter and a certificate of participation.
The first runner was Celina Afellie with twenty thousand, two hundred and forty eight votes and she was awarded with a double door refrigerator and a Miss Culture certificate.
The second runner was Shelli Abangkaniaka. She had an award of a mini refrigerator.

February 16, 2024
Christine Arnheim, daughter of Margaret Lariba Arnheim from Gbedema, has been a dentist in Münster with her own practice since 2021 (see Buluk 14, p. 12). After a year of regular training weekends, she successfully obtained an  additional qualification in Aesthetic Dentistry at the Zahnärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe. Congratulations!


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