Ghanatta Ayaric

The New Masim Rice-Mill in Fumbisi (2022)

Bulsaland has hardly enjoyed a real success story in recent years. It is therefore with joy that BULUK, Journal of Bulsa Culture and Society, brings the positive news about MASIM RICE, a rice brand produced by Achaabwen Enterprise and which aims at providing high quality and tasty rice to the Ghanaian consumer.
Based in Fumbisi, in the Bulsa South District of the Upper East Region, one of the company’s main objectives is to get Ghanaians to shift from the consumption of imported rice to rice produced on their own soil. This will considerably reduce pressure on Ghana’s currency as a result of unbridled importation, especially in times when the Ghana Cedi is on a free fall against the US Dollar, as the case is at the moment.
MASIM RICE incorporates all the phases of production and distribution of its product in one whole, from the very first stage of growing the crop in the fertile Fumbisi Valley to harvesting, milling and packing it ready for the Ghanaian market. And all that takes place in the Bulsa South District where the company is located. It is worth noting that job and wealth creation goes hand in hand with the supply of high quality rice to the Ghanaian. Production started in 2022. At full capacity the factory mills 30 metric tons of paddy rice in 24 hours.

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