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Who on Earth Is Interested in the Bulsa?

The Bulsa Internet Websites 2018-2020

Over the last year, the number of visitors to the old website ( has decreased as expected. Apparently, the counter also has great difficulty now in determining the country of origin of visitors, resulting in the data losing relevance. Nevertheless, it is evident that most visitors still come from the USA, followed by Germany and Ghana.
From now on the focus of our examination will be on the new website ( for which a Matomo counter has been working since August 8, 2018. The time span for analysing the number of visitors will therefore be August 8, 2018 – August 8, 2020 (2 years).
It goes without saying that BULUK number 11 with about 872 visitors (visiting 3135 articles) and number 12 with 600 visitors (visiting 3008 articles) attracted the greatest attention of all issues, probably because numbers 11 and 12 do not appear on the old website. On August 8, 2020, articles not tied to a specific issue of BULUK received their highest number of visitors. These articles were:

Bulsa History: 1625 visitors
Bulsa Bibliography: 932 visitors
Index BULUK 1-12: 810 visitors

In BULUK 11 the following articles were frequented most:

J. Agandin: “The Bulsa Feok – Accra Chapter”: 446 visits
Events: 369 visits
Chr. Arnheim: “Maaka Projects in Gbedema”: 300 visits
Discussions in the Facebook Group “Buluk Kaniak”: 280 visits
F. Kröger: “Bulsa Cultural Heritage and the Possibilities of Tourism”: 238 visits
Editorial: 235 visits

In BULUK 12 the following articles were frequented most:

J. Agandin: ”Report on BHCS Exhibition of Bulsa Material Objects at Feok 2018 in Sandema”: 588 visitors
F. Kröger: “List of Plants for Medicine and Other Purposes”: 530 visitors
F. Kröger: “The Medical System of the Bulsa”: 483 visitors
J. Bumbon: “Free Surgical Procedures by Dr. Benjamin Akinkang’s Team of Hope”: 244 visitors

For the editors of BULUK, the question arises whether readers are more interested in descriptions and analyses of Bulsa culture or in contemporary topical information from everyday life (festivals, social and political events, successes, failures, etc). A listing of all articles of BULUK 12 shows that, in both categories (culture: 1340 visitors; events: 1418 visitors), the readership is roughly equally represented. This encourages the editors to continue considering both areas in an appropriate way.
With regard to the countries of the world from which readers accessed the new website, some changes have taken place. The readership from Russia has shrunk considerably while the number from Great Britain and African countries has grown. The visitors (August 2018-Aug. 2020) are divided up as follows:

United States 979
Germany 550
United Kingdom 328
unknown 138
Ghana 57
Nigeria 23
Canada 21
France 13
Netherlands 7
South Africa 5
Australia 4
Brasilia 4
India 4
Iran 4
Norway 4
Portugal 4
Korea, South 4
Russia 3
Beligium 2
Italy 2
New Zealand 2
Sweden 2
Spain 2
Uganda 2
American Overseas Islands 1
Jamaica 1
Cameroon 1
Philippines 1
Zambia 1
Sierra Leone 1
Tanzania 1


Visitors of the new website (map: F.K.)













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