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November 2019 – October 2020


Gbedembilisa Farmers’ Day

Motorbike donated by Buko Bank

November, 2019
(Source: D. Kwame Gariba, Buluk Kaniak, Dec. 7, 2019) This year’s farmers’ day was celebrated at Gbedembilisi. Chairman of the occasion was the Gbedembilisi chief. In a colourful ceremony hardworking farmers and fishermen of the District were duly celebrated. The best farmer took home a motorking while the first and second runners took home motorbikes and other assorted items.
One motorbike was donated by the Board and Management of the Buco Bank and presented by the General Manager of the Bank, Hon. Richard Ajuik.

December 20, 2019
Archery competition as part of the Feok Festival (Sandema)

December 21, 2019
Feok Festival on the Bulsa Traditional Council durbar grounds (see articles pp. 25-29 of this issue). The Feok Festival was preceded by a football competition among the sections of Sandema.

December 24, 2019
(, 24.12.20) The Case Management Conference (DMC) in the case of Gregory Afoko and Asabke Alagdi who are standing for the murder of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Upper East Region Chairman, Adams Mahama, has been adjourned again to January 15, 2020 (see BULUK 12, “Events”, February 19, 2019, p. 9).

February 15, 2020
(The Road to Sandema 15-2-2020) A contractor was awarded the Navrongo-Sandema-Wiesi road contract… [before] the 2016 elections… After the elections… the contractor cannot be found on the site again although his trucks are still in the location…

March 7, 2020
(D. Kwame Gariba, Buluk Kaniak) This year the (63rd) Independence Day was celebrated in Kanjarga Park, i.e. outside the District Capital Fumbisi. In attendance were the Kanjarga Chief, Naab Akanfela Akangyianya, the Gbedema Chief, Naab Nkrumah Aparinchang and a host of other chiefs and Queen Mothers… The occasion was used to award the four best teachers in the District for their dedicated service. Each went home with a laptop computer.

Kanjaga Kindergarten

March 11, 2020
(Anthony Asikisime, Builsa South NDC Comm. Officer; Buluk Kaniak 14.3.20) Bulsa South M.P., Hon. Dr. Clement Absinaab Apaak toured his constituency on 11/03/2020 to inspect some of his projects.
The MPs first point of call was at Doninga, where he commissioned and handed over a six units classroom block with headmaster’s office and a staff common room to a representative of the District Education directorate…
The MP’s next point of call was at Kanjarga, to inspect an ongoing kindergarten (KG) building, Fumbisi Heath Centre and a children’s ward…
Dr Clement Abasiinaab Apaak continued to Gbedembilisa to inspect the Gbedembilisa Primary school which he reroofed due to the last years’ rain storms which ripped off the roof.
His last stop was at the District Education Office at Fumbisi where he donated 200 pieces of dual desk furniture to the district education directorate to be distributed to four selected schools in the district, notably are the Gbedem Zeng JHS, Fumbisi Preparatory JHS, Doninga JHS and Chansa JHS.

April 1, 2020
(Buluk Kaniak) The ongoing construction of Sandema Municipal two storey police station block was started by this Government. President Nana Addo cut sod for this project when he toured Buluk. Before, the police of Sandema had used a house owned by the chief for many decades.

April 4, 2020
(, April 4) First case of Corona infection in Upper East Region (a 33year-old female resident of Bolgatanga)

The new Business Resources Center

April 11, 2020
(Davis Acham, Buluk Kaniak) The Builsa North Municipal Assembly set to commission its share of the “One District one Business Resources Center”. The Business Resources Center is one of the projects introduced by the Nana Addo administration aimed at empowering the private sector, training and resourcing individuals to own businesses at the various districts.

April 12, 2020
( Coronavirus cases in the Upper East Region jump to four (404 in Ghana).

April 27, 2020
( Upper East Region records 10 new cases, putting count to 18 (5 of them in Bolgatanga; no case in Buluk)

April 29, 2020
( Navrongo (UER) markets closed temporarily in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (two persons in the area had been tested positive).

May 1, 2020
(Davis Acham, Buluk in Focus) Sandema Senior High School gets a new boys’ dormitory.


The Wiaga Chief (sitting) is given the documents

May 6, 2020
(James Agalga, MP, 18.5.2020 in Buluk Kaniak): I was honoured to present Land documents and a Cadastral Plan for the new site of Wiaga Senior High School to the Chief of Wiaga, Nab Akanfebanyueta Asuik at his palace in Wiaga on the 6th of May 2020.
I contracted the Regional Land Survey Department to prepare the land documents for onward submission to the Ministry of Education for the possible construction of permanent structures for Wiasec at a cost of Twenty Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC25000) upon the request of the revered chief.

May 6, 2020
James Agalga (MP) in The Savanna Online, 31 May, 2020:
On the day I visited Wobilinsa, Deborinsa and Sinyangsa, my team and I also visited Zuedem/Kpalinsa in Wiaga to inspect ongoing works on a six classroom block (see photo) which was abandoned for a long while but for my intervention, the contractor returned to site to roof the building just before the rains set in.
I am particularly excited with the progress of work on this building as the existing structure, which serves as primary school, combines two classes in one, that’s to say primary one and two share the same space making the teaching/learning process a challenge for both teachers and pupils.

May 8, 2020
(Dichkyson Mhim, Buluk Kaniak) The youth of Wiaga-Kpandema has successfully completed the renovation of their bridge. The bridge is safe and any type of vehicle can pass through (Please, there are no politics involved in this).

Chuchuliga borehole

May 9, 2020
(Davis Acham, Noiyeng Radio) Builsa North District gets 18 boreholes. The people of Bobulizugu in the Chuchuliga electoral have witnessed the drilling of a borehole as their share of the 18 boreholes lobbied to the Builsa North District. According to Mr James Maurice Abakisi, the selection of communities to benefit from these first 18 boreholes hasn’t been easy as there are more communities in need of potable water. The distribution of this first batch of 18 boreholes are five (5) for Sandema, four (4) for Wiaga, three (3) for Chuchuliga, three (3) for Kadema and three (3) for Siniensi respectively…

May 10, 2020
(Angaaba Atesiuk Peter in Buluk Kaniak, May 12, 2020)
Kori Alap Yeri Primary School (Sandema) was affected by heavy rains, which started on Sunday at about 2:30 pm and lasted for close to two hours. It was a heavy downpour alongside with strong winds. Several homes and Kori Alap Yeri primary school had their roofs ripped off.

May 19, 2020
(, 19 May) According to Ghanaweb there are plans of clearing the mahogany trees standing on both sides of the main street in Sandema. “But with the road expansion project underway, there are concerns that the iconic trees will be destroyed. Earlier last year [1919], President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo at a durbar of the chiefs and people announced the award of contract for commencement of work on roads in the district. The President placed particular emphasis on the Navrongo-Sandema-Siniensi-Fumbisi roads. As announced, work has begun on some parts of the road. …The trees are hurdles for the contractors which would be cleared. This is a decision most people are not very pleased with.
Meanwhile, District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, David Afoko has assured that the trees will not be entirely affected by the road expansion. … Mr Afoko explained that the contractor would fell the trees on only one side of the street (cf. Buluk 13, “Events”, June 14, 2020 and Buluk 7, 2013, Ghanatta Ayaric, pp. 15-16)

Photo: Ghanaweb

May 21, 2020
(document of the [South] District Security Committee, DISEC, signed by Daniel Kwame Gariba, DCE, published in Buluk Kaniak):
“Early Closure of Fumbisi Market: Following the gruesome murder of a young man who is believed to be in his late twenties on Wednesday 20th May, 2020… the District Security Committee (DISEC) held an emergency meeting on 21st May, 2020 and issued the following directives to mitigate any security threat to the general citizenry: …all participants of the Fumbisi market must wrap-up their activities and leave the market by 6 pm…
Meanwhile the President’s directive on mandatory wearing of nose masks is still in full force…

May 26, 2020
(, 26 May, 2020 via Ghana Politico 25 May, 2020) The Builsa South District Assembly has indefinitely shut down the Fumbisi market to the public. Similarly, all food vendors and drinking bar operators have also been directed to shut down their operations. The directive takes effect on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
The decision to shut down economic activities in the district follows the gruesome murder of a young man believed to be in his late 20s on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, in the Central Business District.
The District Security Council (DISEC) headed by the District Chief Executive, Daniel Kwame Gariba, which took the decision at an emergency meeting held on May 21, 2020, say the measure is to mitigate any security threat to the citizenry.
In a statement dated Monday, May 25, 2020, announcing the closure of the Fumbisi Market, the Assembly assured the general public that the security agencies “are not relenting on their efforts and will soon arrest the perpetrator and his accomplices to face the full rigours of the law”.
The Assembly, therefore, called on [and] urged the public to remain calm and provide the security agencies with relevant information that will facilitate the arrest of the culprit and his accomplices.
(, 31 May, 2020) …the young man from the [Fumbisi-] Baasa community… was allegedly killed in a fight between youth of the Wiesi and Baasa communities… Reports also had it that the two groups fought over a “girlfriend” …
The youth have been advised to exercise restraint in their commentary and rather assist the security agencies with information to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.

June 11, 2020
Noiyeng Radio (Davis Acham), June 11, 2020: The Government through the Ghana Army is considering the siting of a military base in the the Builsa North District… to help improve the security situation in and around the Upper East and West Regions… This will attract more investment, trade and businesses to the Builsa North district in particular and the two regions as a whole… a group of soldiers visited the district with a military helicopter to survey and inspect the proposed land allocated for the military base some couple of weeks ago.

June 14, 2020
(, 14 June): Roads Minister assures Sandema: Your iconic mahogany trees will not be cut down.
The Roads and Highways Minister, Kwesi Amoako Atta, has given assurance that he will sit with the contractor [My Turn] working on the Navrongo-Sandema Highway to find an alternative way to constructs and improve roads in Sandema without destroying the iconic tree lined up along the road. [He will find out] if there is the possibility to divert the road to save the trees.

June 39 [sic, June 9?], 2020
(Buluk Kaniak) A Resolution Letter by the President, Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, signed by Nab Azagsuk Azantilow II (President, Bulsa Traditional Council) was issued with the following text:
“The Bulsa Traditional Council held a general meeting on 5th May, 2020 and Members resolved that the name SANDEM NAB shall be called BULSA NAB”
I count on your cooperation Thank you.

June 2020
Buluk Kaniak 3 June, 2020) Upper East Regional Coordinating Council: Builsa South Construction of Gbedembilisi Dam underway.


June 27, 2020
Ayieta Anaguna posted in Buluk Kaniak that the old court building has been roofed and that it is now a museum.

The old court building


June 28, 2020
(Bulaala chop Skuul Feez, Buluk Kaniak) A gang of well-armed robbers stormed the Fumbisi market this afternoon on one of their sporadic robbing escapades. Only one business venture, popularly know as “Good Family Enterprise” was affected. It is reported that no one was injured but they made away with huge sums of money.

July 11, 2020
(Engelbert Antomba, Buluk Kaniak 11 July, 2020, source: opera news): First Builsa District’s record of COVID-19, import from Ashanti Region.
The sample was taken 3 weeks ago from somebody who had travelled from Manpongteng in the Ashanti Region and was seeking health care from a herbalist in Wiaga. The work of the herbalist did not give the relief desired. So the person was sent to St. Lucas Hospital in Wiaga. There the clinicians suspected COVID-19. The district team was called to take the sample and results turned out positive. The information was confirmed by the DCE of Builsa North…
“Opera news” criticises that a [traditional] medicine practitioner who did not know much about the new pandemic was attended and that it took 3 weeks before they attained the results of the test.

July 20, 2020
On the passing away of Hon. Sylvester Ateteng Azantilow see obituary, Buluk 13, p. 87.

August 5, 2020
Letter to the President of the Regional House of Chiefs..

. (see pp. 20-24)

August 11, 2020
We regret to announce the passing away of Hon. Norbert Awulley from Wiesi, the former Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive. He died at the age of 66. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
(Source of photo: “Call to Glory…Hon. Norbert Garko Awulley”, Buluk Kaniak, 21 September 2020)

Ch. Dittrich emptying her donation box

August 2020
When the demand for nose masks increased after the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic in Germany, Mrs. Charlotte Dittrich (Bochum) decided to produce masks herself on her sewing machine. The net proceeds are entirely intended for charitable purposes, mostly for Maaka e.V., an NGO whose field of activity is mainly in Gbedema.

September 7, 2020
Martin Akandewen (Buluk Kaniak): Drone delivery of essential medical products is happening in Buluk.
[the project started already in August or before]
(Abakisi Akangagnang Lawrence) Sure, I am aware of Fumbisi.
(Alirimbey Alhaji Elvis, anaethesist at Sandema and Wiaga hospital:) Yeah, Wiaga at the hospital yard and Sandema at Kobdema. All requests are delivered in less than 45minutes
(Asiuk Jacob Awonnanya A.) … One time I was there when it [the drone] came to deliver some drugs and most of us were running because we didn’t know. It just came slowly and dropped the things and turned; no landing.
(Alirimbey Alhaji Elvis) … it’s a great relief to us who are working as emergency staff.
This farming season, snakes bites are rampant, we rely on blood and FFPs to save people. Most of our indigenes are farmers and will not even have enough HB to donate even if they agree to, usually after long persuasion.
The commercial donors in town charge very exorbitant prices and are no more very reliable.
Am an anaesthetist and handling at Sandema and Wiaga hospital. Any time I need blood in critical situations and the lab doesn’t have, I request from them and they deliver. Several lives have been saved already

September 18, 2020
(, 18-9-20) The Paramount Chief of the Chiana Traditional Area, Pe Dituudini Adiana Ayagitam III, has been elected President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs.
Pe Ayagitam obtained 19 votes out of the total number of 28 members of the house to beat two other contestants, Nab Azagsuk Azantilow, Paramount Chief of the Sandema traditional area who secured six votes and Pe Oscar Bataqbi Tiyiamu II, Paramount Chief of Kayoro who obtained three votes.
The house also elected the paramount Chief of Mirigu, Naba Anonsona Anthony Abisa III as the Vice President. He obtained 18 votes to beat the contender, Naba Clifford Abagne Asobayire V of Kologo traditional area who secured 10 votes….
Per the rules of the house, the outgoing and elected Presidents are automatic representatives to the National House of Chiefs.

September 19, 2020
( “Dr. Caesar Atuire of the Philosophy and Classics Department, a philosopher and bioethicist, has been appointed one of 20 experts selected from around the world who constitute the WHO ACT Accelerator Ethics Working Group. Among the numerous ethical issues, the Ethics Working Group will be examining the vaccine acquisition and distribution between nations as well as offering recommendations for priority setting vaccination programmes within member countries.
The Dean of the School of Arts, Prof. Michael Okyerefo, on this appointment said “I am delighted such talented and sought after experts are emanating from our School at the University of Ghana…”
The editors of BULUK congratulate Dr. Caesar Atuire on this appointment.

October 8, 2020
(Paul Adeenze in Buluk Kaniak): A new filling station, located on the Sandema-Wiaga road (in Suwarinsa) opened to the general public.

October 9, 2020
(ghanaweb) …Residents of Sandema… have shut down shops in town in protest of rising robbery incidents in the area… Shops and businesses, especially in the district capital have been targets of bandits who have always made away with large amounts of money. Th activities of these robbers have left the residents living in fear and leading to the collapse of businesses that are unable to recover from the huge losses.
(Savanna Online) … In solidarity with efforts to demand answers to a surge in theft and robberies in Sandema and its environs, shops remain shut… The Youth are gathering at the popular durbar grounds
(Aluepo Junior Muzerawa) According to Aluepo and also proved by photos the demonstration is also directed against the inefficiency and inaction of the police.

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